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The thought of making a speech will strike fear into the hearts of most people. Even the most
competent and knowledgeable person will have some hesitation when it comes to public speaking.
But if you master the art of public speaking, you will be considered to be an expert in your field.
When you are considered an expert, then your business will skyrocket. When given the choice,
who would you prefer to do business with? Would you prefer someone who has a nice web site
and sales pitch or someone who is an expert? This article will give you a few great tips on how to
become a master in the art of public speaking.

The first thing that you should concentrate on is preparation. A well prepared speech is a great
speech. Know your material inside and out. Anticipate what type of questions you may be asked
and be prepared with answers. Practice your speech several times and be able to deliver it in a
conversational manner. It is always a good idea to have additional backup material just in case
you have some time left over.

It is important that you don't memorize your speech. Memorizing your speech word for word and
quoting it to your audience is pretty boring. Your audience will lose interest by the end of the first
paragraph. An effective speaker will prepare by knowing the material, developing a passion for it
and deliver it in that way. You need to memorize key facts, key points to cover and examples. Try
to avoid using dull bullet points and dull power point presentations.

It is a good idea to start small. Deliver your speech in front of a small audience of family and
friends and ask for feedback. Make any changes that you feel are necessary. Then you can
deliver your speech to smaller audiences and as you become more comfortable, increase the
audience size. You will soon realize that the audience size really does not make a difference if you
know your topic and can deliver it effectively. It is important that you take a moment before each
speech to visualize yourself delivering a great speech. Picture in your mind your audience and
their overwhelming positive reaction to your speech. Positive thinking can have a huge impact on
your speech delivery.

Another good way to reduce the speech jitters is to introduce yourself to a few members of the
audience that are seated in the front row. Get to know them a little and when it is time to give your
speech, make frequent eye contact with these people. This little trick can help ease your nerves.

It is also a good idea to have an interaction with your audience. Encourage questions and
audience participation. This will make your speech less boring.

Mastering the art of public speaking can be done with a little practice. The more you deliver your
speech the easier it will become.
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