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Methods Of Internet Marketing


Discover 8 proven methods of internet marketing that you can use on a daily basis to start making money with your business, these proven methods of internet marketing will increase your income,sales and sign ups dramatically.

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									April 24th, 2012                                                                                                 Published by: johns14

johns14's eBook
                                                                     The price depends on the keyword related to the ad, if you don’t
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  ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.
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                                                                     will create a back link to your site which will improve your
                                                                     ranking on the search engines.

8 Methods Of Internet
Marketing                                                            These ads can be a very effective way of generating traffic that
                                                                     you target and along with the others it is only one of the top
April 24th, 2012
                                                                     effective methods of internet marketing

                                                                     4. Banner Ads. These ads are very colorful, have graphics,
                                                                     animated and catch peoples eyes very quickly, they can be
                                                                     placed either at the top or on the bottom of a webpage.

                                                                     You can also place vertical banner ads on either side of a web
                                                                     page, these are called sky scrapers, so whichever type of banner
                                                                     ad appears on someone else’s page they always link to another
Because of the internet the way we do business has changed           website which will be yours in this case.
dramatically, in this article I am going to explain 8 methods
of internet marketing..
With the internet and email we can now show our products and         You should try to avoid animated ads, according to statistics
services worldwide, and it gives us a way to keep in consistent      these type of ads don’t work as good as the ads that have no
contact with our customers.                                          motion.

1. SEO. Search engine optimization is a fantastic way to drive
traffic to your site, with SEO you try to get your site ranked       5. Online Newsletters. This is a very good way of forming a
high on the search engines through finding keywords and              relationship with your potential customers, with this method
writing rich content around them keywords on your site or            you can keep them up to date about new products, services and
blog and then promoting that contacting with backlinks and           changes.
social media votes.

                                                                     On the bottom of the newsletter there should be an opt in and
2. PPC. Pay Per Click allows you to create ads that are linked       an opt out form, if you wanted to you can always have an opt
to high traffic keywords, with PPC you can make as many ads          in form on your website which is very effective as well.
as you wish and both Google and Yahoo have programs that
allow pay per click.
                                                                     6. Online Magazines. This method is very like a print
                                                                     magazine where you would purchase ad space for a certain
Basically with pay per click programs you decide how much
                                                                     fee, and depending on the traffic that the magazine gets this
you are willing to pay for people to click on your ad, and
                                                                     determines the fee you pay.
the more you are willing to pay per click the higher on the
search engines your ad will be, the price varies from pennies
to hundreds of dollars.                                              7. Website Lead Generation. With this method there are
                                                                     services which provide you with leads that are qualified and
                                                                     you will pay a price per lead.
3. Google AdSence. The way this works is you have ads from
other peoples websites on your website, every time someone
else’s ads get clicked on you will make money.                       The way it works is that these certain companies locate
                                                                     possible leads in different ways which include cold calling,

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                             1
April 24th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: johns14

I would love to go into more details on all these different
methods of internet marketing but it would take more than just
this one article.

8. Online Directories. With this method of internet marketing
you have loads of different kinds of online directories and city
guides and you also have the online yellow pages, you can get
yourself listed under the category which relates to what you
are doing.

With nearly all of the directories they have a general listing
which is free and you can also pay for adverts if you wish too.

So there you have just 8 methods of internet marketing and
there are a good few more you can use too, but remember that
you do not have much of a chance to interact with potential
prospects with internet marketing apart from the phone so
make you portray the right message online.
To Your Success,
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