Immigration Symposium 2012 by SJStateUniversity


Symposium 2012
king library | Thursday, april 12 | Friday, april 13

This evenT is sponsored by
san José sTaTe UniversiTy’s
silicon valley cenTer
for Global sTUdies.
                       8 – 8:30 am registration
                       8:30 – 9 am opening ceremonies
                                 ✪ MEETIng suITE 225/229

                                 mike conniff

                                 SJSU Silicon Valley Center
                                 for Global Studies

                                 opening remarks

 Symposium                       mark novak

                                 and Extended Studies
                                 sheila Bienenfeld
                                 College of Social Sciences

Thursday, april 12      9 – 10 am keynote address

                                 beyond legal vs. illegal:
                                 telling the stories of
                                 immigrant america
                                 Andrew Lam
                                 Author and Editor of
                                 New America Media
                                 matt spangler
                                 Communication Studies
                                 San José State University
                     10 – 10:15 am Break

                                 king library, second floor
             ✪ meeting suite 225/229      ★ lecture room 255/257                       ✪ meeting suite 225/229            ★ lecture room 255/257
10:15 – 11:30 am sEssIon 1:               sEssIon 2:                    11:30 – 12:45 pm lunch                            lunch
                 immigrant workers        asian and mexican
                                                                           12:45 – 2 pm sEssIon 3:                        sEssIon 4:
                                          immigrants: health
             rights in theory, rights                                                   international                     state immigration
             in practice: barriers        and domestic
                                                                                        migration                         policies
             to claims-making for         violence
             immigrant workers                                                         ethnic online communities:         beyond the steelers, eagles,
                                          the effects of social                        impact on migration trends         cheesesteaks and rocky:
             shannon gleeson              support on the recovery
             Latin American                                                                                               the resurgence of nativism in
                                          of immigrant asian women                     maria gioga                        pennsylvania, 2005 – present
             and Latino Studies           in a domestic violence                       UN Information Centre
             UC Santa Cruz                shelter                                      Bucharest, Romania                 Justin d. garcía
             day laborers working          iris dinh                                                                      Millersville University
                                          ’11 Social Work                             independent north -south
             in uncertain times                                                       child migration in ghana:
                                           San José State University
             daniel melero malpica                                                    economic or environmental           the impact of municipal
             Chicano and Latino Studies   meekyung han                                phenomenon?                         and state policy on
             Sonoma State University      Social Work                                                                     transnational mexican
                                                                                      Bogumil terminski                   immigrants: comparison
                                          San José State University                   The University of Warsaw            of indiana and alabama
             work, bread and border
             enforcement: contingency     immigration relief for                       migration and integration          lynda d. nyce
             employment and latino        the battered spouse: why                     policies in europe:                Sociology
             immigrant workers in         it does not help the most                    rethinking culture to avoid        Bluffton University
             new mexico                   vulnerable?                                  fears
             cesar g. abarca              Zakia afrin                                                                     the forgotten history
                                                                                      aude Jehan                          of european immigration
             Social Work,                 Maitri, A Bay Area Domestic                 The Center for
             CSU Long Beach               Violence Organization and                                                       to california
                                                                                      Transatlantic Relations
                                          School of Law, Golden                       Johns Hopkins University            glen gendzel
                                          Gate University                                                                 History
                                                                                      analysis of “perception”            San José State University
                                          mental health-seeking                       among immigrants in
                                          behaviors amongst asian                     canada and its implications
                                          american junior college                     on public policy
                                          students: impact of
                                          stigmas, cultural barriers                   arti nanavati
                                          and acculturation                            Economics and The Centre
                                                                                       for Canadian Studies
                                           helen pong                                  M.S. University of Baroda, India
                                          ’11 Social Work
                                           San José State University
                                                                                      the flow of people under
                                          meekyung han                                chapter 16 of nafta and
                                          Social Work                                 across the canada-u.s.
                                          San José State University                   border in a
                                                                                      post-2008 economy
                                          the health paradox and                       kathrine richardson
                                          the selectivity of mexican                   Geography
                                          migrants to the u.s.                         San José State University
                                          Jose n. martinez                  2 – 2:15 pm Break                             Break
                                          University of North Texas
             ✪ meeting suite 225/229       ★ lecture room 255/257

2:15 – 3:30 pm sEssIon 5:                  sEssIon 6 :                                          8 – 8:30 am registration
               politics, voting            immigrant youths                                     8:30 – 9 am opening ceremonies
               and immigrants              and families                                                   ✪ MEETIng suITE 225/229
             political rights in the       parentification and                                            welcome
             age of migration: the case of juvenization of immigrant                                      mike conniff
             immigrant voting in the u.s.  family members                                                 Director
                                                                                                          SJSU Silicon Valley Center
             ron hayduk                    rebecca lópez                                                  for Global Studies

             Political Science             Social Work
             City University of New York   CSU Long Beach
                                                                                                          opening remarks
                                                                                                          mark novak

             political socialization        undocumented, unafraid &                                      Dean
             patterns among                 unapologetic: articulatory                                    International
             second -generation             practices & migrant youth                                     and Extended Studies
             americans                     “illegality”

                                                                                                          sheila Bienenfeld
             melinda Jackson and           genevieve negrón -gonzales                                     Dean
             karthika sasikumar            Mexican American Studies                                       College of Social Sciences
             Political Science             San José State University
             San José State University                                                           9 – 10 am keynote address

             consolidating movements,
                                           welcoming policies,
                                           unwelcomed guests: latino
                                                                           friday, april 13               amnesty or abolition?:
             spatializing presence: the    immigrant families in                                          felons, illegals and
             ford foundation and the       new mexico                                                     america’s unfinished
             institutionalization of                                                                      abolition movement
             oakland latino nonprofit      cesar g. abraca
                                           Social Work                                                    Kelly Lytle Hernández
             organizations, 1967 – 2004                                                                   History
                                           CSU Long Beach
             Juan herrera                                                                                 UCLA
             Comparative Ethnic Studies                                                                   Moderator
             UC Berkeley                                                                                  matt spangler
3:30 – 3:45 pm Break                       Break                                                          Communication Studies
                                                                                                          San José State University
  3:45 – 5 pm sEssIon 7:
                                                                                              10 – 10:15 am Break
              role of congress in
              illegal immigration

             immigrant rights
             and lessons from irca
             martha d. escobar
             Chicana/o Studies
             CSU Northridge

             the role of congress in
             illegal immigration policy—
             the case of irca
             huiyun tang
             The University of Virginia

             latino racialization
             and immigration policy                                                                       king library, second floor
             preferences in orange
             celia lacayo
             Ethnic Studies
             UC Berkeley
               ✪ meeting suite 225/229        ★ lecture room 255/257                   ✪ meeting suite 225/229       ★ lecture room 255/257
10:15 – 11:30 am sEssIon 1:               sEssIon 2:                         2 – 2:15 pm Break                       Break
                 the indian diaspora      documentary film
                                                                           2:15 – 3:30 pm sEssIon 5:                 sEssIon 6:
                                          on the Bracero
              the indian diaspora project                                                 workshop on                poster session
               sharvari dixit                                                             immigration from
                                                                                                                     cultural humility and
               Psychology                     harvest of loneliness                       yugoslavia: history,       confianza: gifts and
               San José State University                                                  foreign policy and         challenges of deeply
                                          gilbert g. gonzalez
                                          Chicano Latino Studies                          social implications        engaged relationships
               sikh diaspora: development UC Irvine                                                                  between multicultural
               and transnational                                                       Presenters                    college students and local
               integration                                                             andrej grubacic               immigrant families
               Baltej singh mann                                                       San Francisco Art Institute   kathleen roe
               Punjabi University, India                                               and California Institute      Salud Familiar en McKinley
                                                                                       for Integral Studies          and Health Science
11:30 – 12:45 pm lunch                        lunch                                                                  San José State University
   12:45 – 2 pm sEssIon 3:                    sEssIon 4:                               minina Jovanovic
                                                                                       Dispute Resolution            poster #1:
                immigration and the           workshop on latino                       and Immigrant Relations       salud familiar en mckinley:
                new Black diversity           perceptions on                           and Integration Services      dreams, actions and
                in the united states          ethnicity and race                       Santa Clara County Office     commitments for a healthy
                                                                                       of Human Relations            latino community
                                              in the 2010 census
              1.the impact of u.s.
              immigration laws on                                                      Facilitator                    poster #2
                                              michelle pelayo-osorio                                                 “there’s a place for me” :
              african immigration             Office of Supervisor                     teresa castellanos
              to the u.s., 1965-1990                                                   Immigrant Relations            fears, discovery, and “ahas”
                                              Dave Cortese                                                            from multicultural college
                                                                                       and Integration Services
              2.the family unification        Joaquin parra Jr.                        Santa Clara County Office      students engaged in service-
              act in the post-9/11 era:       Youth Empowerment Services               of Human Relations             learning with a mexican
              the ideal and the               with Catholic Charities                                                 immigrant community
              reality for east african
              immigrants                      teresa castellanos                                                      poster #3
                                              Immigrant Relations                                                    “they eat cilantro, too???”
              3.gender, culture,              and Integration Services                                                risks, “ahas” and insights
              ethnicity and work: u.s.        Santa Clara County Office                                               from mexican immigrant
              immigration policy and          of Human Relations                                                      families through deep
              the struggle for a living                                                                               engagement with multi-
              wage among east african                                                                                 cultural college students
                                                                                                                     the influence of the accent
              4.contributions of east                                                                                of a hypothetical teacher
              african immigrants to the                                                                              on passage comprehension
              silicon valley economy:                                                                                and evaluation
              immigration policies that
              help and hurt                                                                                          megumi hosoda
                                                                                                                     and dana raynolds
              Panelists                                                                                              Psychology
              ruth wilson                                                                                            San José State University
              African American Studies
              San José State University
              Jacqueline copeland-carlson
              The African Women’s
              Development Fund
              ahmed dirie
              The Bay Area Somali Community
               iris m. Jerke
               San José State University
keynote Biographies
                     andrew lam is co-founder of New America Media,
                     an association of over 2,000 ethnic media organizations.
                     For a decade, he was a regular commentator on
                     National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. His
                     essays have appeared in dozens of newspapers and
                     magazines across the country. A three-time winner of
                     the Professional Journalist Award, Lam was also John S.
                     Knight Fellow at Stanford University.
In 2004, Lam was featured in the documentary My Journey Home, in which a
film crew followed him to his homeland Vietnam. His book, Perfume Dreams:
Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora, won a Pen American Award in 2006.
His new book, East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres, was published in
September 2010. Lam’s collection of short stories, Birds of Paradise, is due
out in 2013. He is currently working on a novel.

                     kelly lytle hernández is associate professor in the
                     Department of History at UCLA. Her book MIGRA!
                     A History of the U.S. Border Patrol (University of
                     California Press, 2010) is the first scholarly study of the
                     U.S. Border Patrol’s rise in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.
                     It received the 2010 Clements Book Award from
                     Southern Methodist University’s Clements Center for
                     Southwest Studies.
 Hernandez has numerous other publications, including “Persecuted Like
 Criminals: The Politics of Labor Emigration and the Problems of Illegal
 Immigration in Mexico” (forthcoming article), and the prizewinning article
“The Crimes and Consequences of Illegal Immigration: A Cross-Border
 Examination of Operation Wetback, 1943 – 1954.” Currently, Hernandez is
 examining the history of race and incarceration in Los Angeles during the
 twentieth century. She received a bachelor’s degree in ethnic studies from
 UC San Diego and a doctorate in history from UCLA.

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