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      Potato Handy

      Product Description : It has been manufactured with the Latest Technology, Auto
      Pressure System, without Pulley Belts, cut's without extracting oil from Products.
      Buy Potato Handy in India. Get best and cheap prices with installation guide.
      Know the features, application, technical specification, certificates and product
      comparison for Potato Handy.

                                Atcomaart Product Code          : BQR016
                                Price                           : Price On Request
                                Brand                           : Krishna
                                Mfg. Model No.                  : Potato Handy
                                Min Sell Qty.                   : 1.00 Pcs
                                Min Ship Qty.                   : 1.00 Pcs
                                Shipping Weight                 : 26.00 Kg
                                Ship. Dimension(L x W x H)      : 330 x 228 x 241 mm
                                Pcs Per Carton/Pckg             :1
                                Dispatched In                   : 20 Days
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Product Applications :
    To make slice of potato and others.

Product Features:
      It is made of Aluminum & Iron

Technical Specification :

Parameters       Values

Motor Hp            0.25 H.P. Single or Three Phase
Capacity            Kgs20Kg. to 30Kg. Per Hour

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