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									Procera AVH - Unforgettable Advice On Improving Your Memory Retention

Over time and during the natural aging process you may begin to lose your memory or realize that it is
not as good as it used to be. The article below includes tips you can use to improve your memory and
possibly even get it back to where it was before.

If you are one of the hundreds of people who have problems with your memory, then you do not need
to fret. There are lots of ways to improve your memory easily, and one of the best ones is to practice
doing puzzles. This helps, especially as you get older.

A good tip to help improve your memory is to be more social. Studies have shown that our brains
respond much better to socializing than if we were alone. People who socialize regularly will enjoy the
benefit of a slower memory decline. Try being more social to improve your memory.

The more difficult the information is, the harder it's going to be to retain, so you have to break down
tough information into smaller tidbits. Breaking the whole down into segments and then reassembling
them in your mind not only allows you to retain the memory, but it also creates a road map to allow you
to recall the memory.

If you find yourself needing to remember the facts and information that you come across on a daily
basis, it is extremely helpful to carry a small pocket notebook to store in your pocket or in your handbag.
This way, you can record the information as it comes and be able to reference it at a later point, with no
discrepancies. You can do the same with the calender function in your cell phone.

Putting information into categories will help you to remember it later! Everything has a category and
compartmentalizing things in your memory by category can give you much greater recall. For example,
chicken and hot dogs on your grocery list go into the category of meat and milk and water into
beverages and so on.

Keep your self organized. It is important that you don't waste your time trying to remember simple
things, like where you put your car keys. Just make sure to keep them in the same spot every day until it
becomes habbit. Being organized will actually work to enhance your memory.
The human brain has the natural ability to remember words put together with rhyme. This is why you
are able to remember rhyming poetry and song lyrics. When you need to retain information, make
rhymes with it. This will help you to remember it and the process of remembering it will benefit your
mind's fitness.

Eat more onions to improve your memory. A few studies have isolated fisetin to be of great benefit in
improving the long term memory. You can find beneficial levels of fisetin in onions, strawberries,
mangos and other plants. It also is a strong antioxidant so it will deliver other benefits to your body as

One thing that has been proven to help maintain your memory and brain function over time, is
socialization. Having a strong social group and lots of interaction and conversation with family and
friends will help to keep your memory flowing freely both now and as you age too.

The best way to keep your memory sharp is to make sure that you stay mentally active. Physical exercise
keeps your body in shape, and mental exercise keeps your mind in shape. Doing crossword puzzles,
reading complicated passages, playing board games, or learning a musical instrument can all help you
keep your mental edge.

Losing your memory or having memory problems is something that is natural and happens during the
aging process. Using the tips provided in the article above you will be able to have some control over
your memory. These tips will help you improve your memory when you use them.

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