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Palm Sunday Of The Lord Passion

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					                                      Palm Sunday
                                  Of The Lord’s Passion
                                            April 1, 2012

 St. Damian Parish                                                       St. Bernard Parish
                                                                             Founded 1908
     Founded 1861
                                                                       202 N. Broadway—Box 10
  One West Main Street
                                                                         Albers, Illinois 62215
Damiansville, Illinois 62215
                                                                         Phone: (618) 248-5112
  Phone: (618) 248-5134
                                                                           Fax: (618) 248-5595
   Fax: (618) 248-5134

                  Bishop of Belleville: The Most Rev. Edward K. Braxton, Ph.D., S.T.D.
                                            Pastoral Staff
  Pastor: Fr. Jack Joyce                       DRE / Pastoral Associate: Sr. Joan Stoverink
  Email:                    Email:
  In residence at St. Bernard                  Office at St. Damian
  Deacon: Deacon Glenn Netemeyer              North Central Deanery Hispanic Minister: Roberto Rapp
  Email:                   Email:
  Cell Phone: 618-772-9343                    Cell Phone: 314-780-2795
  Address: 3609 Court Road                    Office / Residence at St. Damian
            Germantown, IL 62245
  Secretary: Jeanne Langenhorst              Email:
        Hours: Monday (8 am to 5 pm) @ St. Bernard; Wednesday (8 am to 5 pm) @ St. Damian;
                    Thursday (after 1 pm) @ St. Bernard; Friday (OFF) on April 6th.

                                          MASS SCHEDULE
 Monday             2 April       D-Ville     7:45 am    + Ella Mae Voss
 Tuesday            3 April       Albers      7:00 pm    + Mary Eilering
 Wednesday          4 April       D-Ville     NO EUCHARISTIC ADORATION
 Thursday           5 April       Albers      NO AM MASS
      Holy Thursday               D-Ville     7:00 pm    + For All Parishioners
 Friday             6 April       Albers      2:00 pm    Good Friday Service
      Good Friday                 D-Ville     7:00 pm    Good Friday Service
                                  Albers      7:00 pm    Hispanic Prayer Service
 SATURDAY          7 April        Albers      NO RECONCILIATION
     Easter Vigil                 Albers      7:00 pm    + For All Parishioners
 SUNDAY            8 April        D-Ville     8:30 am    + Rose Kalmer
     Easter Sunday                                       + Robert, Dorothy & Ken Kalmer
     Resurrection of the Lord     Albers     10:00 am    + Doris Kloeckner
                                                         + Elmer & Margaret Kehrer
                                  D-Ville    12 Noon     Mass in Spanish
                              PLEASE NOTE: Holy Week & Easter Schedule
 LITURGY FOCUS: In today’s first reading, one of the prophet Isaiah’s “Songs of the Suffering
 Servant of the Lord”, Christians see a portrait of Jesus. In the second reading, Saint Paul describes Him
 as “emptying Himself” and “taking the form of a slave”, embracing even death in self-sacrificing love
 for us. The Passion according to Mark portrays, in especially stark and dramatic way, the failure of
 Jesus’ disciples and the profound sense of abandonment that surrounded His faithful witnessing “even
 unto death on a cross”. May Jesus’ example move our hearts to draw closer to Him and to make the
 centurion’s profession of faith our own: “Truly this man was the Son of God!”

          GENERAL CONCERNS:                                      HAPPENINGS/MEETINGS:
BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE: History of the                       Sunday, April 1st
Diocese of Belleville books, pre-ordered last                 ONE MASS – 9:00 am @ St. Bernard Church
August, are now available. Cost is $35. Contact               St. Damian Youth Choir Practice
the St. Bernard or St. Damian parish offices.                     10:30 am @ St. Damian Church
                                                              St. Bernard Preschool Sunday School
PRAYER BLANKETS ARE AVAILABLE for                                 10:00 am @ Albers Elementary
those needing comfort and healing in body, mind           Tuesday, April 3rd
or spirit. Request one from St. Bernard Parish                RCIA 7:00 pm @ St. Mary, Trenton
by contacting Pat Erlinger, 248-5915;                         Mass - 7:00 pm @ St. Bernard Church
From St. Damian Parish, contact Darlene                       St. Bernard Parish Council Meeting
Billhartz, 588-4732.                                              Following the 7:00 pm Mass
                                                          Wednesday, April 4th
TORNADO RELIEF is being collected by Faith                    NO Eucharistic Adoration:
Formation classes until April 2. If anyone would          Holy Thursday, April 5th
like to contribute, put donations in the container            NO School
next to the gigantic baby bottles in church. Thanks           NO AM Mass
so much.                                                      Mass of the Lord’s Supper
                                                                  7:00 pm @ St. Damian Church
FAITH        FORMATION          REGISTRATION              Good Friday, April 6th
PACKETS were sent home recently with the                      NO School
children. Information and fees are due by May 1               NO AM Mass
to qualify for an Early Bird Drawing!                         Passion of the Lord’s Services
                                                                  2:00 pm @ St. Bernard Church
                                                                  7:00 pm @ St. Damian Church
                                                              Hispanic Prayer Service
This will be a joint-parish celebration! A special
                                                                  7:00 pm @ St. Bernard Church
Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, May 27 at
                                                          Holy Saturday, April 7th
2 pm at St. Bernard Church followed by a reception
                                                              NO 5:00 pm Mass
of hors d'oeuvres in the Parish Center. More details
                                                              Easter Vigil Mass
to follow. Anyone interested in planning, contact
                                                                  7:00 pm @ St. Bernard Church
the parish office. Save the Date!!
                                                          Easter Sunday, April 8th
                                                              Resurrection of the Lord Masses
                THANK YOU:                                        8:30 am @ St. Damian Church
Parishioners of St. Bernard & St. Damian:                         10:00 am @ St. Bernard Church
The people of God of St. Joseph, Ridgway & St.                Mass in Spanish
Mary, Harrisburg, express sincere gratitude for your              12 noon @ St. Damian Church
prayers and generous contributions to assist with
cleanup and other expenses related to the deadly
tornado that struck on Feb. 29. Please continue to
remember the people of Ridgway and Harrisburg in
prayer in the weeks and months ahead.
       CATHOLIC YOUTH MINISTRY:                                 ST. DAMIAN MINISTRY SCHEDULE
2 Annual FLASHLIGHT Easter Egg Hunt!                         Holy Thursday, April 5th, 2012 @ 7:00 pm
7th through 12th grade youth are invited to attend our       Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer, Helen
2nd Annual FLASHLIGHT Easter Egg Hunt on THIS                     Billhartz, Alice Toennies, Arlene Korte
Sunday evening, April 1 from 7 to 9 pm on St.                Reader — Anita Rakers
Damian church grounds. All you need is a flashlight          Ushers — Gary Fuehne, Franny Billhartz
and a basket!                                                Servers — Bryce Jansen, Jimmy Fuehne,
                                                                  Jennifer Heimann, Lucas Wobbe
                                                             Organist — Geri Varel
                                                             Good Friday, April 6th, 2012 @ 7:00 pm
  CHURCH SUPPORT: March 24/25, 2012                          Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer,
  Envelopes: $1,608.00 + Loose: $120.25                           Arlene Korte
  + Mass in Spanish: $200.00 =           $1,928.25           Readers — Rosann Horstmann, Darlene Toennies
  Budget for week                        $2,230.80           Ushers — Gary Fuehne, Volunteer
  Fiscal year-to-date collected:        $85,773.64           Servers — Jimmy Fuehne, Ben Heimann,
  Fiscal year-to-date budget:           $87,001.20                Luke Goebel
  Over (under) year-to-date budget      ($1,227.56)          Organist — Geri Varel
  Fiscal year (7/11-6/12) budget       $116,000.00
                                                             Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2012 @ 8:30 am
  Catholic Service & Ministry Appeal (CSMA):                 Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer, Sharon
  Total: 29 households                  $5,236.00                 Kalmer, Mech Toennies, Gary Fuehne,
  Goal: 57 households                   $9,855.91                 Darlene Billhartz, Deb Santel
  End of Month Totals:                                       Reader — Denise Luitjohan
  Bldg./Maint. Fund: $720.00      Total: $16,141.87          Ushers — Garry Kalmer, 3 Volunteers
  Sister Parish:                           $360.00           Servers — Savanna Luitjohan, Heather Toennies,
  Catholic Relief Service                  $278.00                Caleb Gonsalves
  Central/Eastern Europe Churches             $5.00          Organist — Chris Brandmeyer
  Black & Indian Missions                    $15.00          Collection Counters — Anita Rakers, Kristy
                                                                  Richter, Jan Mank, Mel Toennies
  Thanks for your faithful and generous support!

                    CHOIR NEWS:
Youth Choir – Practice on April 1 (Palm Sunday) will
be delayed until 10:30 am due to the mass schedule
changes at St. Damian and St. Bernard. The Youth               ST. BERNARD PARISH CONCERNS:
Choir will sing for Holy Week services on Holy
Thursday (April 5 at 7:00 pm) and Good Friday (April 6       CHURCH SUPPORT: March 25, 2012
at 7:00 pm). Please be there! If you have any questions,     Envelopes: $2,387.00 + Loose: $26.00
please contact Jackie Toennies at 248-5588.                  + Picnic Donation: $100.00 =             $2,513.00
Adult Choir will be holding its final practice on            Budget for week                          $2,967.30
Tuesday, April 3. Please plan on attending this              Fiscal year-to-date collected:        $100,239.75
important session as we prepare to sing on Saturday,         Fiscal year-to-date budget            $115,724.70
March 31 and Easter Sunday at 8:30 am.                       Over (under) year-to-date budget      ($15,484.95)
                                                             Fiscal year (7/11-6/12) budget        $154,300.00
           HOLY NAME WURSTMARKT                              Catholic Service & Ministry Appeal (CSMA):
Raffle Winners:                                              Total: 24 households                    $ 3,295.00
Half Side of Beef or $500.00 – Allen Spihlmann               Goal: 82 households                    $14,013.88
Front Quarter of Beef or $250.00 – Chris Brandmeyer
Hind Quarter of Beef or $200.00 – Al Somodi                  End of Month Totals:
Thank You to everyone who participated in any way            Sister Parish:                             $134.00
with the Wurstmarkt!! 859 dinners were served. Your          Catholic Relief Service                    $105.00
assistance and team work is what makes the event a           Central/Eastern Europe Churches             $20.00
success. A full report will be given when all expenses are   Black & Indian Missions                     $10.00
paid.                                                        Thanks for your faithful and generous support!
 Good Friday, April 6th, 2012 @ 2:00 pm                        Damiansville Chamber of Commerce - Ham
 Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer                         Raffle Drawing will be held THIS Sunday,
 Readers — Glenn Netemeyer, Sr. Joan Stoverink                 April 1 at 12:00 noon @ Fuehne's Tavern.
 Ushers — 2 Volunteers                                         Tickets can be dropped off up till 12:00.
 Servers — Josh, Jordan & Jacey Wieter                         National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows
 Holy Saturday, April 7th, 2012 @ 7:00 pm                      We Were There a FREE dramatic presentation
 Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer, Lee                    with time of intimate reflection and prayer based
 Love, Liz Nussbaumer, Vicki Pittman, Kathy                    on Pope John Paul II’s Scriptural Way of the
      Engelmann                                                Cross on Tuesday, April 3 at 7:30 pm in the
 Readers — Sr. Joan Stoverink, Elaine Behrmann,                church. For more information call 618-397-6700
      Jackie Toennies                                          ext. 6276.
 Ushers — Ken Nussbaumer, Pete Toennies                        Albers American Legion will be holding an
 Servers — Ryan Gill, 3 Volunteers                             Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7 @ 1 pm.
                                                               Held rain or shine! Children will be divided into
 Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2012 @ 10:00 am                     age groups: 0 - 2; 3 - 4; 5 - 6; 7 - 8; & 9 – 10 with
 Eucharist Ministers — Glenn Netemeyer, Steve
                                                               prizes awarded in each age group. Each child
    Schomaker, Kristen Templin, Leo Litteken,
                                                               will receive a bag of Easter treats. Please bring
    Melissa Netemeyer, Lynn Athmer, Michelle
                                                               donations of non-perishable canned goods for the
                                                               needy of Clinton County.
 Reader — Kevin Templin
 Ushers — Ron & Pat Erlinger, John & Linda                     St. George Ladies Altar Sodality in New
    Majchrzak                                                  Baden – Old-Fashioned Quilting Bee on
 Servers — Oceana Templin, Michael Majchrzak,                  Monday, April 9 from 3-9 pm & Tuesday,
    Alyssa Winkeler, Sydney Irazarry                           April 10 from 6-9 pm @ St. George Elementary
 Collection Counters – Janel Zurliene, John                    School. Dinner will be served on Monday at 5
    Majchrzak, Ron/Pat Erlinger, Sean Kennedy                  pm with refreshments and desserts on Tuesday
                                                               and attendance prizes given away.
R.I.P. – Our prayerful support and sympathy are with           HELP NEEDED – Donate Your Old Car
the family and friends of Antoinette Engelmann from            Cars For Help, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, is
St. Bernard; and David & Joseph Casson (father and             working to strengthen individual churches and
nephew of Rick (Sharon) Casson).                               various Catholic charities through vehicle
                                                               donations. The process is fast, easy, and requires
              E-WASTE COLLECTION:                              just a phone call or visit to our website. If you
  E-Waste is being collected to help the Violence              would like to donate a vehicle in any condition,
  Prevention Center Women’s Shelter in Belleville.             even severely broken or crushed, or just have
  VPC shelter is a United Way funded enterprise and            questions, please call us directly at (630) 595-
  needs a new roof and other capital improvements.             9272. You can also donate your vehicle at
  Unfortunately the shelter is always full of battered
  women and their children, so the need is obvious in
  the culture/society we live in today. E-Waste consists               Mater Dei Fathers & Friends
  of: laptop computers, used/broken cell phones, used              March Drawing Winners
  ink cartridges from printers, toner cartridges from              $225 Don Boeser, Aviston
  photocopiers and used/broken digital cameras. A                  $ 50 Meghann Talkington, Grayslake
  container is available at the entrance of the churches           $ 50 Harold Maue, Damiansville
  to place your items.

                                                 Good Friday Collection
           Christians around the world are united in a special way during Lent, Holy Week and Easter.
           On Good Friday, April 6, a collection to support Christians in the Holy Land will be taken.
           The collection allows for care of Christianity’s holiest sites and for God’s people living in the Holy
           Land. Our hearts, minds and prayers are also especially aware of the Holy Land. Envelopes are
           provided in your envelope packet. Please be as generous as possible.

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