The Holocaust Introduction to The Diary of Anne Frank

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					The Holocaust
      Introduction to
  The Diary of Anne Frank
           Who is Adolf Hitler?
   He lived in Austria
   Dropped out of High
   Moved to Vienna to be
    an artist
   After being
    unsuccessful and
    unemployed, he
    joined the army
    during WWI.
   Received several
                 Hitler Continued
   When Germany lost the war, they needed
    someone to blame…
   The Jews were blamed.
   1923, Hitler spent time in prison for failed
    attempt to take over the government. He wrote
    Mein Kampf or My Struggle.
   Hitler revealed his political and anti-semitic
    feelings.(Anti-semitic views originated long before
    Hitler. Christians (dominant religion in Europe) hated
    Jews because they were a different religion, and like
    Hitler, horrible, untrue lies were told about them.)
   The irrational prejudice and hatred of
    the Jewish people. It is often
    manifested as outright
    discrimination, sometimes in the
    form of violence.
   Prejudice- a negative judgment
    about a particular group of people
    based on stereotypes
   A famous anti-Semitic lie was that Jews killed
    Christian children and used their blood for
    religious services. So many people believed
    these lies that it was difficult not to believe.
   Read page 22. How would you feel if harsh
    words were said about you and your history?
   If you hear a rumor in school, it sometimes hard
    to believe and harder to pass it on, right?
   In old anti-Semitism, Jews could convert to
    Christianity, but Hitler changed that. He
    believed they were an evil race and couldn’t be
   Hitler believed and told the Germans that they
    were superior and called that race Aryans.
   Technically, Aryans are the people
    speaking an Indo-European
    language. Nazis used this term
    specifically for Caucasian Gentiles,
    especially of the Nordic type. (Blonde
    hair, blue eyes.)
         The Final Solution
The Nazi plan to exterminate the
 Jewish people and remove them
 from society.
Punishment on the basis of race,
 religion, sexual orientation, or belief.
   Behavior that shows prejudice.
    Failure to treat people equally
    because of a bias based on
    characteristics such as race, religion,
    sex, gender, national origin, sexual
    orientation, and disability.

   Security Police ordered that
   all Jewish persons over the
   age of six were to wear a
   yellow badge, "Star of
   David" to distinguish them
   as Jews.
      How did Hitler get power?
   After WWI, Germany was suffering
    economically because they had to
    pay repercussions to the winning
   In 1929, the stock market crashed
    and led to the great depression.
   This was the third time that Germany
    had economic problems.
   People began to believe the posters
    that “Hitler, Our Last Hope.”
The Nazi’s
                The Nazi’s
   The Nazi’s, group lead by Hitler, slowly
    took over parliament (government in
   In 1929, 12 seats/ 1930, 107/ and 1932,
   Hitler became Chancellor of Germany
    (head of government) in a few months.
   Democracy was soon destroyed and Nazi
    dictatorship took over.
        How Hitler won power
   Hitler was a powerful speaker and
    convinced the Germans to blame
    their problems on the Jewish people.
   The Nazi’s also beat up anyone who
    opposed them. Book burning was a
    warning. Books were burned by
    Jewish authors or those who opposed
    the Nazi’s.
          “The night of
           broken glass” It
           was the turning
           point in German
          German mobs
           rampaged and
           attacked Jews’
           homes and
         Kristallnacht continued
   1,000 synagogues
    were burned
   At least 96 Jews were
    killed, 100s were
   7,500 business were
   30,000 Jews arrested
    and sent to
    concentration camps
              Nazi Police
In German, Schutzstaffel. Protection Squad.
  Units formed in 1925 as Hitler's personal
  bodyguard. The SS was later built into a
  giant organization by Heinrich Himmler. It
  provided staff for police, camp guards,
  and military units (Waffen-SS) serving
  with the German army.
  In German, Geheime Staatspolizei. Secret
  State Police
   Areas of cities and
    towns in Eastern
    Europe where Jews
    were forced to live in
    conditions, subjected
    to disease and
    starvation. Beginning
    in 1941, ghetto
    inhabitants were sent
    to concentration
        Concentration Camps
   Nazi prisons which held Jews,
    Gypsies, political and religious
    opponents of the Third Reich,
    resistance fighters, homosexual men
    and women, and others considered
    enemies of the state. Many of these
    prisoners died of starvation, slave
    labor, and disease.
Inside Concentration Camps

Inside Women’s Barrack

             The Holocaust
   Holocaust is a Greek work meaning
    “a sacrifice” by burning or “total
   Genocide is an attempt to wipe out
    an entire people or nation. Jews
    were the first group singled out for
    total destruction (although not the
    first genocide-other groups were
    considered inferior and enslaved).
   Jewish business were boycotted.
   They were then searched out and
   Families were separated-young, very old,
    ill sent to death camps-healthy adults
    became slave laborers.
   Their hair was shaved and a number was
    tattooed on their arm.
   They were worked to death (unlike slaves,
    Nazi’s didn’t care if Jews lived or died)
   Ways in which they were killed: gas
    chambers (deception of showers with real
    shower heads, even given soap. Poison
    gas came through the floor) Horrible
    screams were heard of people gasping for
    air. Bodies were burned or buried in mass
   Jews also died from starvation, disease,
    malnutrition, and exhaustion.


   Some of these pictures are graphic.

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