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									April 24th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: johns14

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                                                                     Here is a point for you to think about and remember
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                                                                     about Twitter is that “Everybody is trying to sell something”,
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Using Twitter For Marketing                                          What you need to do is just relate to people and don’t try sell to
                                                                     them and you will have much more success whenUsing Twitter
Can Make You A Huge Income                                           For Marketing.
April 24th, 2012

                                                                     Use attraction marketing principles and provide good content
                                                                     that has value.

                                                                     Tweet some motivational quotes to share with people and
                                                                     now and then you should upload some fun pictures with the
                                                                     program “”

                                                                     Think about all the free traffic that’s on Twitter everyday, and
                                                                     when you are in conversations with people try make it a habit
                                                                     that you invite them to go take a look at your blog, the benefits
What I am going to share with you here are some top                  of having a blog are unbelievable.
tips that the industry leaders are using to generate leads and
make very nice incomes and that’s why you should be using
twitter for marketing.                                               Your blog is a great place for people to see a bit more about you
                                                                     and it helps them understand what kind of person you are, it
                                                                     helps builds trust between you and your potential customers
The benefit you get from using Twitter is that it is a perfect       or prospects.
place for you to promote your opportunity, product or service
If you are going to start using Twitter for marketing there          When using Twitter for marketing purposes you should always
is 1 tip i am going to give you first and you should always          remember that it is a social media site and they want you to
remember this because it is very important,“You should make          be offering value and to be conversational, you definitely don’t
your promoting tactics conversational”.                              want to be responding to people with hard sales tactics all the
                                                                     time, these social media sites don’t tolerate this so you must
                                                                     abide by there rules.
Remember that people are on Twitter meet other people,
interact and chat with them, so whatever it is that you are
promoting you should never just shove in peoples face’s,             You should offer value and solutions to other peoples
because they won’t even be the least bit interested in what you      problems, most of the time people will re-tweet and refer your
have to offer.                                                       links, and this is very good because the people who follow them
                                                                     will be able to check out your links and who knows hundreds
                                                                     maybe even thousands will get the opportunity to see your
They will just think to themselves that it is just another waste     links.
of time promotional link and they won’t even look at it twice.

                                                                     Remember that the more people that you follow who you think
What you should instead is try and fit your tweet into subjects      maybe interested in your opportunity, service or product the
that people are talking and slowly but surely introduce your         better, the more you follow who follow you back creates a
opportunity or product to them.                                      bigger crowd of people who will see what you have to offer.

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April 24th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: johns14

And there it is folks, now you know why using Twitter for
marketing is a super way of getting a very large audience to
see what you have to offer and if you use the correct tactics you
can make that huge income that you deserve.

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To Your Success,
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