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									Bring The Fresh Review - Everything You Have Wanted To Know
About Bring The Fresh
Bring The Fresh has caused a significant amount of buzz in the internet marketing community and is
being recommended by some of the top online marketers. Bring The Fresh is a step by step blueprint
for building a successful online business on a shoe string budget. The creators Mike Long and Kelly
Felix have put together an incredible video series that teaches Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate
Marketing, Research, Video Marketing, Copywriting, Pay Per Click advertising, Product Creation, E-
bay and E-commerce, Licensing, Product Launch and much more.
Newbies and seasoned pros are asking what Bring The Fresh can do for them and why they should
listen to Mike and Kelly?
1. Bring The Fresh is a breath of fresh air for people who want to learn a PROVEN blueprint that has
withstood the test of time and NOT some theoretical business model that has never been tested.
Mike and Kelly will show you everything from purchasing a domain name to setting up hosting and
getting your website to rank in Google. Every single detail is shown as they really want you to do well
and increase your chances of success.
2. Mike Long and Kelly Felix possess a high level of intellectual capital when it comes to building an
online business. Kelly is the creator of the The Rich Jerk (which has grown to become an 8 figure
business) and Mike is the mastermind behind StomperNet (which had a 14 million dollar day). This is
a very rare opportunity to tap into their intellectual capital and ask them whatever you like.
3. You are learning from two successful IM's that have been successful outside of the make money
online market. Did you know that Kelly's credit repair site ranked 1st for the extremely competitive
"bad credit" keyword and Mike created a million dollar business (in the dating niche) from a single
Youtube video. This is why Bring The Fresh is so much more than some Guru course that you see
4. This is not a get rich overnight scheme. It's so much better than that! You are actually going to
learn something that is highly valuable. The good thing is that they make it so simple that anyone can
learn this. However, even a seasoned pro will have a chance to learn something new. If you
experience the slightest difficulty, just send them an email and they will be glad to answer it. There
are no employees and nothing is outsourced. You can call it one on one support if you like.
5. Bring The Fresh is diverse. While it has an emphasis on search engine optimization, you can learn
how to do other things. If you want to create your own product and get affiliates to sell it, you can
learn how to do that. If you want to get traffic from highly competitive keyword searches, Bring The
Fresh will show you how to do that with pay per click. If you love to make videos, you can learn how
to monetize that and turn it into a business. If you want to learn how to start an E-bay business, you
will learn strategies that can give you an advantage over the competition.
6. As a member of Bring The Fresh, you are seen as a customer rather than a demographic, figure,
statistic, or number. Kelly and Mike have dedicated themselves to creating a culture of success. They
want to know that what they are doing is working for their customer. This is displayed through their
actions rather than their words.
While there are other benefits of being a member of Bring The Fresh, these are the most important
for becoming successful online. If you have tried making money online before and failed, you are
definitely not alone. Some people have been scarred from past experiences and this is why Bring The
Fresh comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That is how confident they are about their
If you are still looking for an overnight miracle that does not require any work, you may be wasting
your time. However, if you are willing to put in the work and follow a PROVEN step by step blueprint,
then Bring The Fresh is that breath of fresh air you have been seeking for.

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