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									Retail Shelving And Racking - Key Things To Consider
You may think that choosing the best shelving and racking for your store will be a simple task, but
when you are faced with the vast array of displays on offer, you could find it is more difficult than you
first imagined.
This is why it is important to have a clear idea about the shop fittings you would like to feature in your
outlet before you begin the process of ordering all the right units.
The first thing to do when you buy any display stands is to measure your shop and decide whether
wall-mounted or freestanding units are the best choice - or if you can use a combination of the two.
Generally speaking, freestanding shelving will be better suited to large retail spaces, ensuring your
customers still have plenty of room to move around as they browse.
However, shelving islands can be the perfect focal point for stores - large or small - and as they have
a tiered structure, you can create innovative product displays that will really catch the attention of
If space really is at a premium, you may want to consider a wall-mounted unit with half-moon shelves,
which is comprised of a central pillar to which the shelves are attached.
Choosing glass shelves is a great option for this kind of display stand because it allows you to make
use of interesting illuminations to highlight particular items - such as uplighting or backlighting.
Wall-mounted racks are a popular choice because they save space and can be incredibly versatile.
Gridwalls are ideal for this purpose because their mesh construction will allow you to swap and move
components as you choose. So, one day you may have three layers of shelving set up, while a week
later you could change this to incorporate rails or hooks to display different items.
Slatwalls work in a similar way, but their design means that shelves, rails and hooks are slotted into
the grooves cut into panels that are then attached to the walls.
These can be ideal for shoe shops, because small Perspex shelves are a good way to showcase
individual items of footwear clearly.
In addition to these small shelves, you can also purchase hooks, literature holders, baskets and
larger shelves that fit into this particular fixture.
While wall-mounted racks and shelves may be versatile in one way, there are some standalone units
that can be equally useful on the shop floor.
Shelving units that are fitted to wheels can be the perfect way to ensure that your shop displays never
get boring
Being able to move them quickly and easily will enable you to change the layout and appearance of
your outlet with minimum fuss and could prove especially useful if you want to make alterations in the
short term, such as for a new product launch.
When you are thinking about the type of shelving you want in your store, you should also consider the
material from which they are made.
Metal, wood, glass, acrylic and plastic are the main materials available to you and if you choose one
for use throughout your shop, you may want to ensure your other display stands also match.
Items such as glass display cabinets are the ideal accompaniment to glass shelving units and taking
the overall appearance of your outlet into consideration when you are choosing your fixtures and
fittings will result in a well-designed and attractive environment for shoppers.
If you are looking for something a little different and quite contemporary, you could consider
suspended shelving units.
These are typically made with glass shelves and are held together with strong wire, which is attached
to the ceiling with durable clamps.
Such units will generally give a contemporary touch to a retail space and there are plenty of
opportunities for innovative lighting with such a fixture.
Another option open to you for something a little out of the ordinary is an acrylic cube unit.
Comprised of individual cubes, these stands are incredibly versatile as you can build them up as
much - or as little - as you like.
Because of their simple construction, you can arrange them in any way you see fit, allowing you to
get creative with your shop displays.
What's more, because each cube can be purchased individually, you can add to your unit anytime
that you want without having to go to the expense of ordering a whole set of blocks.

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