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									Tips to save money

Saving is a good habit. Some of the people practice seen childhood and enjoy the saving pleasure. But
some people treat saving as a painful punishment. In fact, you can see savings as a game, once you
realize that it's full of intellectual challenge, you will succeed. Try one of the following methods, will help
you to achieve the savings target.

Reduce the usage of credit card. Reduce and cancel the number of card in your wallet and left only
maximum 2 cards. Apply for a new deposit account at the bank that do not have credit card. Do not
apply for credit card. Always check credit card statements and monitor monthly cards spent. If possible,
reduce the monthly amount to spend from a credit card every month.

Before buying a thing, think before you buy. Distinguish it is a need or a want. Reduce to buy what you
want and only buy what you need. Do not change hand phone or buy electronics gadget frequently. This
will be save a lot from your monthly expenses.

Deposit on a regular basis from the payroll into the new saving account. Practice as a habit for some
period of month and allow yourself some time to adapt to this habit. 2-3 months later, gradually
increase from the initial amount to a higher amount. Start from small savings. Is recommending saving
10% of income monthly. Develop good savings habits, rather than the deposition occasional of a large
sum of money at one time. Set a goal and persevere it.

Small tip: Keeps $ 1 a day into an envelope and accumulated a certain amount and deposit into the
saving account. Save $ 1 per day, $ 30 per month, and is to $ 360 a year.

Set a savings goals. Savings is not the ultimate goal, financial management is to make the best use of
money and achieve your life goals, such as a buying a house, buying a car, fund for further study or for
investment. List down the goals and posted on the refrigerator door, or your desk to remind you often
to think of the goals. This will motivates you to save more.

Once you have developed good savings habits, and after persist for several years, you may need to
select one or more suitable way to get higher returns on investment. Then investment will be the next
step to learn.

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