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					April 24th, 2012                                                                                                   Published by: johns14

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                                                                     you to put links to your site or where ever you want to link to
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                                                                     They will also get targeted traffic that is valuable and they can
                                                                     then try to convert that traffic to sales.
Article Marketing Domination
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To Boost Your Traffic —                                              What authors can do is provide a link to a certain page on their
Internet & Network Marketing                                         site or blog that has content related to what they have wrote
Success With John Birney                                             in the article, this can result in interested readers converting
                                                                     into paying customers.
April 24th, 2012

                                                                     To get your articles in front of a wider audience, you will need
                                                                     to get backlinks.

                                                                     You can submit your articles to hundreds and hundreds of
                                                                     article directories to gain more traffic, but a big mistake that
                                                                     authors make is they submit their article to as many directories
                                                                     as possible thinking that it will gain them more traffic.

What i am going to explain here is about article marketing
                                                                     It does not work this way and the search engines do not like
domination and how you can use articles to give you a major
                                                                     duplicate content, so just putting the same copy of your article
boost in generating traffic to your site or blog which will
                                                                     on all them directories is a waste of time.
result in you making more sales.

                                                                     A better way to do this is just to write a top quality article and
Using articles as a marketing tool has long been involved in
                                                                     submit it to 1 or 2 authority directories rather than hundreds
internet marketing and it is constantly growing.
                                                                     of directories.

I am going to explain to you the main ways you can use articles
                                                                     You should use unique content in your quest for article
for the mass of traffic that is online everyday and it will make
                                                                     marketing domination.
your business be more visible and profitable.

                                                                     You first thing you need to decide is what kind of article are you
Once you understand these main points and use them
                                                                     going to write because this determines what kind of audience
correctly it will lead you to article marketing domination.
                                                                     are going to read your article.

Okay let’s start off with what exactly is article marketing and
                                                                     Let’s just say for example that you are looking for more
how does it work.
                                                                     exposure, well then it would probably wise to write an article
                                                                     that is interesting and has information in it.
You write articles, then submit them to article directories so
that you can capture traffic and potential customers.
                                                                     With this kind of content in your article it will draw people that
                                                                     are looking for information as opposed to buying something.
What article directories do is allow people to submit their
articles their for free and they host them for you, they allow

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April 24th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: johns14

Remember that these authority directories want you to write
quality articles and if you promise the reader something in the
title they will want you to deliver that in the article body.

They also will not allow you to advertise something in the
article, this must be kept for the resource/signature box at the
bottom where you can also put your link if not 2 links.

Once you provide quality articles to the readers, along with
using the tips I gave you here it will not be long before you
achieve article marketing domination.

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Description: Discover article marketing domination tips that will drive your articles to the first page of the search engines, these proven article marketing domination tips will increase traffic to your articles and lead to more sales and sign ups.