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					April 24th, 2012                                                                                                  Published by: johns14

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ProvisionRx Review – Is This
Company Right For You?                                               The         ProvisionRx               Compensation
April 24th, 2012                                                     Plan

                                                                     All ProvisionRx Independent Business Owners will save 10%
                                                                     to 75% on their own personal prescriptions by using their
                                                                     own pharmacy discount card. You can also earn $.50 to $1.00
                                                                     (which depends on your rank) per discounted prescription
In this ProvisionRx Review you will get a third party opinion        from any of the cards you personally hand out. As a
from me, in this unbiased look at the company we will go             ProvisionRx IBO you can earn additional income by moving
over what ProvisionRx are about, what they market, their             up in rank and qualifying for other various bonuses.
enrollment options, compensation plan and at the end i will
give you my opinion on weather they are a good business
opportunity for you and just so you know i’m not a ProvisionRx       Is ProvisionRx A Good Business
distributor so you can rest assured that this review will be an      Opportunity?
honest third party one.

                                                                     Overall i would say yes because with the compensation plan
Who Are ProvisionRx And What Do They                                 they are offering it could be very lucrative to the right person
Offer?                                                               and let’s be honest who would’nt want to save 10% to 75% on
                                                                     their prescriptions.
                                                                     But with what ProvisionRx are offering, this alone will not be
ProvisionRx are a network marketing company in the U.S. who
                                                                     enough for you to succeed, the vast majority of your success
offer free pharmacy discount cards and benefits through its
                                                                     will depend on your ability to sponsor other distributors and
network of independent business owners. The free pharmacy
                                                                     sell the ProvisionRx pharmacy discount cards to customers. So
discount card that ProvisionRx offers is accepted in over
                                                                     in order to market correctly and generate a constant flow of
54,000 pharmacies throughout America and it can save
                                                                     leads, what i would recommend is that you use a proven online
consumers 10% to 75% on most short-term, acute care
                                                                     Attraction Marketing system along with some good offline
prescriptions like painkillers and antibiotics, the pharmacy
                                                                     marketing methods.
discount card that ProvisionRx offer is not insurance.
                                                                     If you were able to combine both the online and offline
Their pharmacy card does not have an expiration date and
                                                                     methods, then who knows how big you could grow your home
you can use it unlimited times,ProvisionRxhave an Online
Drug Price Check which gives you the ability to find the price
of a certain prescription at all the participating locations. The
participating pharmacies include national, independent and           Interested In Generating Leads For YourProvisionRx
regional branches throughout the U.S.                                Business?

What Are Their Enrollment Options?                                   Then take a look at this Proven Attraction Marketing
                                                                     system, which lets you brand yourself, helps you generate a
                                                                     constant flow of leads and get paid even if people say no to your
All ProvisionRx IBOs can start of by purchasing an Rx                business opportunity
Pack for $199.95 which includes an online virtual office

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April 24th, 2012                                                                                          Published by: johns14

To Your Success,
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Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                      2

Description: Are you trying to decide weather ProvisionRX are the right company for you? Before you make any harsh judgements, read this honest ProvisionRX review.