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					• Legend of Shangri-La

• Company History

• Corporate Philosophy

• Guiding Principles
                 The name Shangri-La
          was inspired by the imaginary land
     featured in James Hilton's legendary novel,
                   “Lost Horizon”.
             Although mythical in origin,
     the name perfectly encapsulates the serenity
and service for which Shangri-La Hotels are renowned
              Asia and around the world.
•   Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts established by Kuok Group of Companies.
•   The Head office is located in Hong Kong.
•   The regional office in Beijing supports hotels in China
•   The first Shangri-La hotel opened in Singapore in 1971
•   23,500 staffs / 20,000 rooms at 41 hotels in 10 countries.
•   Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts was bought by Shangri-La Asia in September 1997
• Delight customers by providing quality and value
  through distinctive service and innovative products.
• Have an understanding of what our customers want.
• Define quality standards.
• Strive to provide guests and employees alike with accepted
  international standard.
• Expect each hotel to be financially successful.
• To render a return to the investors.
• The core values of Asian hospitality are respect, sincerity,
  helpfulness, courtesy and humility.
• Remain conscious of responsibilities to the communities that our
  hotels are located.
• A founding member of the “Asia Pacific Hotel Environmental
  Initiative” (APHEI)
• Ensure leadership drives for results and work together as one team -
  one way.
• Make customer loyalty through
   – Consistency in delivery of service.
   – Delighting customers in every customer contact.
   – Executive having a customer contact role.
• Enable decision making at customer contact point.
• Commit to the financial success of company both short and long term.
• Create the appropriate working environment
• Demonstrate honesty, care and integrity.
• Ensure our procedures are customer and employee friendly, enabled by
• Be conscientious in environment, safety and security.
• Viewed its individual hotels as internal customers
  and business associates.
• Centralise operational and market facilities.
• Hong Kong head office and Beijing regional office
  provide support through qualified specialist located
  in individual hotels and regional offices.
                                 Marketing            Engineering
                                Global sales,       •Finance
                               Distribution & Yield
• Major Disciplines for        Management
  the benefit of the hotels.    Public relations &    Central &
                               Group Advertising     Regional
                                E-business           •Group rooms
                                 Human Resource       Group Food
                               Training &            & Beverage
                               •Technical Services    Internal
                               & IT Support          Auditing
     Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts

• Acquisition
• Management Contract
• Shangri-La Hotel and
Resort Brand

• Traders Hotels Brand
 Frequent Flyer Programme
 Golden Circle
 Global Sales Network
 Central Reservations
Shangri-La Asia Limited
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

HKEx Stock Code                     :    69
SGX Stock Code                      :    Shang Asia 2kHK$
ADR                                 :    SHALY
Shangri-La Hotels (Malaysia) Berhad, Malaysia
(listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange)

 KLSE Stock Code                       :       5517
Shangri-La Hotel Public Company Limited, Thailand
(listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand)

SET Stock Code                             :    Shang
•Commodity Trading
•Food & Beverage
•Hotels and Property Development
• Best Asia Pacific Hotel Chain, Travel Bulletin (UK)
• Superbrands Asia 2002, Reader’s Digest (Asia)
• Best Hotel Chain in Asia Pacific, Global Finance (USA)
• Best Business Hotel Brand in Asia Pacific, Business Traveller (Asia
• Best Business Hotel Chain in Asia Pacific, Business Traveller (Europe)
•   Best Asia Pacific Hotel Group, Travel Weekly (UK)
•   Best Regional Hotel Chain, Travel Trade Gazette (Asia)
•   One of Asia’s Best Hotel Chain for Business, Asiamoney
•   One of Asia’s Best Hotel Chain for Leisure, Asiamoney

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