Earn $50,00 for 10 Minutes by lanhtsang


									Earn $50,00 for 10 Minutes

I'm Tang - Welcome to my Fast First Fifty Dollars Training Guide!

I am glad you decided to take advantage of this offer ONLY for Fast First Fifty Dollars Training
Guide members.

This is a 'hands on' training guide where I will walk you through your first trade and then pay you
$50 once you have completed it. It is your fast-track to earning as quickly as possible. Don't worry
- this is something that virtually anyone can do.

I've helped thousands like you in the past when I worked for Fast First Fifty Dollars Training
Guide managing their support team. I know the things that people need help with and what the
most common frustrations are - and I will make sure I cover those here. With this new training
program, I make money when you make money, so it is in my interest to help you succeed!

If you need more help please do not reply to the email address that sent you this training
guide. Email me at tnxpdng@gmail.com If you want to watch a video version of this training
document click here.

A Few Notes
        Because this is "Fast" training, I focused on the "How" and not the "Why." For those of
           you who prefer more detailed or background information, you can either go back to
           Project Payday and read the training material there or I have included links throughout
           this email to an FAQ web page with additional information on key subjects.

        I strongly encourage you to read the entire guide from start to finish prior to actually
            performing the steps that are outlined. That will give you the entire picture and I think it
            will make the process go as quickly and easily as possible. It may look like a lot, but in
            reality it is pretty easy.

        You should be able to complete the training exercise and earn $50 in 20 to 40 minutes.
           Once you get through this trade, from then on it will only take you 10 minutes to work
           with others as often as you would like.

        You will get paid the $50 the following business day after completing the exercise. I make
           payments once a day. Like most people I take weekends off, so if you earn your $50
           on Friday, it will be Monday before you receive payment.

        This training and our trade exercise together is between you and me, not Project Payday.
           It will prepare you do the same with many others.

Terms and Definitions
When you are in the IFW, you will usually find from 20 to 100 offers or more to choose from.
When picking which sponsor offers to do, there are some things to look for:
        Cost - Some offers are free, some require shipping and handling, and some provide
           discounts and you have to buy the product. The offers available on an IFW change
           almost               on                a               daily               basis.

           The best deal is when you find an offer that you were going to buy anyway or that you
           really want. The next best thing is a free trial with no upfront cost. Trials with a shipping
           fee are a good deal. Paying $2.95 shipping to make $50 is good deal any way you look
           at it.

        An Important Note About Trial Offers - A common question is "can I cancel the trial
           before it is over and still get credit?" Joining to cancel is considered "offer fraud" by the
           IFW and the sponsors. It is a fine line, but a good general rule to follow is that you
           should try to join trials that you might really be interested in, and if you end up not
           being interested in it, do not cancel until most of the trial period has past. By joining the
           trial you are agreeing to at least try it for the trial period, and you should.

        Activation time - Activation time, also known as Credit time, is the amount of time it
           takes the sponsor to verify to the IFW that you did indeed complete the offer to the
           degree required to count for a commission to the IFW. Many activate instantly, some
           take hours, others days or even weeks. It is always listed on the offer. Activation time
           is important because you do not go green until all of the offers you have taken have

        Credit Value - Most IFWs require more than one offer to green, so they make each offer
           worth a certain number of credits and you have to complete multiple offers (100
           credits) to go green. The higher the credit value, the fewer offers you will have to
           complete so I recommend doing two 50 credit offers instead of four 25 credit offers.

Trade - IFWs need people to complete sponsor offers. People like me refer people like you to the
IFWs where you then complete some sponsor offers. The IFW pays me for referring you if you
complete a certain number of offers. Payment for referring someone is called a Gift or Prize on
the IFW sites. The 'trade' is between you and I, meaning that I 'trade' part of the money I get from
the IFW to you to incent you to participate. For example, I might get paid $60 from an IFW for
referring you there, and agree to pay you $50 of that money if you complete the required number
of offers. Later you will learn how to be the referrer and find people to trade with.

Green or "Going Green" - The term used when someone (you in this case) goes to an IFW
completes the required number of sponsor offers, and the sponsors confirm those transactions
completed. It is the point in most trades that triggers payment. In our trade, it is the point that I will
pay you $50. It is called "Going Green" because Green is usually the color your name becomes in
your referrers IFW stats page after you have completed the requirements.

Bringing It All Together - In our training trade that we are about to do together the IFW is called
FreeFactor, the member referring people is me, and the person being referred is you, and you will
be the one Going Green. Got it? If no, read the above again, or drop me a note with your
questions, or read the FAQ.

General Preparation
A little bit of preparation will go a long way towards making the whole process as fool-proof as
possible. Investing a few minutes now will pay off well beyond our training exercise.

       1. Set Up a New Yahoo or Hotmail Email Address
                 a. For working with IFWs and sponsor offers, the email service you use makes
                    a big difference in how smoothly the whole process goes.
                 b. It takes two minutes to set up and is totally free.
                 c. This will allow you to keep all your IFW email in one place and not get mixed
                    with your personal email.
                 d. Sign up at http://mail.yahoo.com or http://www.hotmail.com

      2. Set up a PayPal account with your new Yahoo or Hotmail email address.
         PayPal is the standard payment method when trading, so you will use it beyond just
         this training exercise.
                 a. If you have an existing PayPal account, simply add your new Yahoo or
                     Hotmail address to your PayPal account. You can have multiple email
                     accounts pointing to one PayPal account. Simply login to your PayPal
                     account, click Profile, and then click Add Email.
                 b. If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up for one
                     athttps://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_registration-run.       Use
                     your new Yahoo or Hotmail email address when you register.
                 c. Choose a Personal account, not a Business or Premium account. Business
                     and Premium accounts charge a transaction fee, but Personal accounts are
                     fee-free or charge very low fees and provide all the functionality you need
                     for trading.
                 d. If you are unsure regarding anything in the PayPal sign up process, there is
                     an excellent seven minute video on the PPD site that visually walks you
                     through the sign up process. http://videos.projectpayday.com/paypal
                 e. For this training trade, it is important that you use your PayPal address to
                     join the IFW that I send you to. If you don't want to set up your paypal
                     account right now, you can do it later.

The Training Trade
Now we are ready to make our training trade!

      1.      Click         on      this     link       to      go      to       the         FreeFactor
           IFW: http://gaming.freefactor.com/?id=172854
           That link will take you to the IFW to join as my referral.

      2.      Look at the prizes on the front of the site and select one. This part only applies if
           you refer other people to FreeFactor so it has NOTHING to do with the trade between
           you and I. It is not critical which one you choose -- you can change it anytime.

      3.      When you arrive at the IFW the text above the login box at the bottom of the
           page should say "You are being referred by user 172854."

           If it doesn't, then you need to clear your cookies and click on the link again.

      4.     At the bottom of the page under Step Two, enter your email address in the E-mail
           Address field in the form at the bottom of the page, then click Next Step.

      5.       On the page that appears next, complete the information by filling in ALL the
           blanks with your REAL personal information. In the paypal email address box, if you
           haven't created your paypal account yet just put your regular email address. You can
           set up paypal later. For Birthday they are just validating you are over 18, so if you want
           to fake your birthday that's no big deal.
6.      Click the I agree to the Terms and Conditions check box (you can read them if
     you want...there is nothing surprising or anything weird), then click Next Step.
     The "Next Step" button does not appear until you have completed the steps above.

7.       You should now be looking at a list of offers to choose from (scroll down past the
     sorting options). If not, click the "Offers" tab to browse the offers. Find some that
     interest you, then click on them and complete enough of them to earn 100 credits.

     Your best bet is the Featured section at the top of the list of offers because those are
     the offers the most people are successfully completing and being credited for. Those
     are also typically FREE or very low cost compared to the credit value.

     Usually there are at least 200 credits worth of FREE offers at any given time. To see
     only the free offers, there is an Offer Cost section at the top of the list of offers. Just
     select the Free option and click the Refresh button to see them all.

     When you get to the confirmation page or final page of the sign up process for each
     offer, wait a few seconds for background processes to work before you move away
     from that page. I usually print this page to remember what offers I joined. You will also
     get a confirmation email; make sure you save that email. Look in your SPAM folder if
     for some reason you don't get it.

     Depending on what offers you choose, the credit for them may show up instantly or it
     may take a few minutes to a few hours or even days. The approximate credit time is
     listed in the offer description. Even offers advertised as instant credit can sometime
     take 10 minutes to 2 hours to show up as credit in the IFW.

     When 100 credits worth of offers have credited, your name and email will turn green in
     my statistics page for that IFW. Then once a day I will pay everyone that turned green
     $50 to their PayPal account. Now you have done your first trade!

     If you go to your stats page within FreeFactor, you can see your referral link. If you
     have a friend that wants to join with that link, and do the same thing that you just did,
     then you will qualify for the $60 referral prize (or whatever prize you selected) from
     FreeFactor, and will be able to pay your friend whatever you agree on - as I agreed to
     pay you $50. About half of the prize amount is typical.

 This testimonial just came in to prove it:

 "Dear Mr. Martin,

 I got an email from Paypal today saying that $50 had been deposited to my account. I
 checked in my Paypal account and sure enough $50 had been added to my account
 today. That is more money than I have ever earned online in all the years I have tried to
 make money on the Internet. I'm still somewhat in shock that it was so easy and quick.
 Now I realize that I am only one referral away from earning even more money.
   T. Wayne" (I took out his first name for his own privacy)

   ps. here is yesterday's payment file of people who earned $50:

Making More Money
   Most people who read this far into the training guide DO earn the $50. Why shouldn't you
   be one of them? You wouldn't believe how many people I am sending $50 to every day.
   Be one of them. This is the first step in your journey to earning extra income every month.
   This stuff works. I've only shown you one way to earn money online, but there are many
   more. Start with the FreeFactor trade, earn the $50, and then I will be back in touch with
   you on the next steps.

   Good luck!

   Tang Van Lanh

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