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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pennsylvania


Laser hair removal is a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair. To achieve the full benefits of laser hair removal, the patient should have a good skin condition.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pennsylvania

Is it Safe to Undergo Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women feel uncomfortable with the unwanted hair growth in
their body. This often reduces their self confidence and self respect.
Frequent shaving and waxing will not give the results you expect and may
sometimes cause damage to the skin. So a growing number of individuals
are now choosing laser hair removal treatment in Pennsylvania as an
efficient and safe way to permanently get rid of unnecessary hair.

Understand the Procedure

As the name suggests, laser hair removal treatment utilizes intense light
pulses of varied wavelengths, targeted to fall on the specific body area. The
light waves are then absorbed by melanin – a pigment in hair follicles that
gives colour to the hair. The heat emitted from the light beam causes
permanent damage to the follicles and it considerably reduces the re-growth
of hair in the treated area. The duration of the treatment session depends on

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how large the treated area is. Multiple sessions might be needed to achieve
better results. Around three to six sessions are required in a 4 - 6 week
duration. However, the number of sessions may vary based on the body area
that you choose to treat. Frequent treatments are often needed for the facial
region than for the legs or under arms.                               For long lasting results, most
surgeons recommend maintenance treatment sessions at least once in a year.

Laser hair removal is safe, so it can be used even on sensitive and delicate
skin. This worthwhile treatment can be effective for men and women alike.
Most men prefer to undergo this cosmetic procedure to remove undesirable
hair from ears, back, legs and chest. When you consider laser hair removal
for women, it is an ideal treatment procedure for the face, bikini area, and
under arms.
Ways to Determine Your Candidacy

An ideal candidate is one who possesses a fair skin with dark hair. Dark hair
has more pigment content which can easily absorb the light energy. If the
hair is red in colour or blonde, then the laser beam will not be properly
absorbed. Often, people with diabetes, lupus or other skin problems are
discouraged from the treatment procedure.

Associated Risks of Laser Hair Removal

Even though laser hair removal is considered an effective procedure, it is
sometimes associated with mild side effects. Temporary redness and
pigmentation around the treated area might occur.

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 Discomfort such as itching, swelling and pain might persist for 1- 3 days
after the procedure. In some individuals, side effects such as infection,
hypopigmentation, purpura, and scab formation may occur. Infrequently,
scarring and blistering can occur.

These are some of the points to consider regarding laser hair removal in
Pennsylvania. Find a reliable cosmetic surgery center with professional and
experienced surgeons who can provide customized treatment.

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