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Acne Treatment begins with a Change in Your Diet:

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If you suffer from acne, here is a ‘letter’ from a former Acne patient to you to offer the most effective yet
common sense acne treatment to “zap those zits!”

Acne, Acne Treatment

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Dear Friend,

As the Father of Medicine; Hippocrates once stated: “Let your foods be your medicine, and your medicine
your food”

It will be an understatement to say he is correct and had I known of this during my close to a decade of
marring acne and sheer waste of money on so-called acne products, perhaps my life-at that time-would have
been much happier.

Well, now that I do know, with the staggering number of acne patients left (last time I stumbled on the
number, we are talking 50 million plus people folks!), I feel the least I can do is inform or better still remind
the public of this simple discipline towards acne treatment, naturally and permanently.

I can boldly say, starting today, if you suffer from acne and want to see it gone, like I did so many years
back: You have to stop eating acid-forming/disease forming foods. In lay-man terms: Junk and processed
foods and drinks. How did I figure this out? Well, at the time I was a Michael Jackson fan and had read in
some books on him that he as well as Jermaine, his brother, suffered from severe acne as teens but were able
to control it with a change in their diet, from the Standard American diet to a healthier vegetarian one.

Needless to say, I swore off junk food as the first step towards a successful acne treatment and started doing
my own research to validate this claim and indeed, that suggestion is correct. “You are what you eat!” is a
saying known all over the world, and what you consume has arguably the most effect on your overall health.
Now since the skin, according to Dr. Stanley Burroughs, is the second most important eliminating organ, it
only makes sense that what is consumed should not leave a detrimental residue to aggravate skin eruptions.
Moreover, all processed and junk foods and even foods of the animal kingdom, tend to not only constipate
the visceral organs, but they poison the blood, which my friends aggravates the other causes of poor health
like stress, insomnia and the like. Remember, blood DOES flow through the brain. No one is saying that
other factors like losing a job, death and the like don’t still exist. Far from it, but from an internal point of
view, you have to make the effort to change your diet for not only acne treatment but overall improved
health and fitness.

That said, herein lies a suggestion for a successful treatment of acne conditions. No, I’m not a religious
fanatic but hey the Creator cannot be wrong folks: “Every herb bearing Seed and ever fruit bearing see in it
shall be yours for food. Gen 1: 29”
Okay, I’ll break it down, for a successful acne treatment, eat more (if not exclusively)
Fruits and vegetables. Of course they are best enjoyed raw AND organic (if possible), but can be also
relished properly cooked. (So don’t steam with excess water AND by all means AVOID THE
MICROWAVE-trust me I know what I’m saying)

Also, for external acne treatments ensure that you change the pillow-case nightly if possible, sleep on the
right side (face clearly off the pillow), avoid harsh chemicals, avoid positioning your face underneath a
shower (especially when it’s hot)…this for 2 reasons-doing so introduces harmful chlorine into your lungs
and from my experience, aggravates acne by drying out the skin and consequently suggesting to the dermis
that it needs to produce more oil than needed to lubricate the skin.

You may want to pick up facial massaging or simply washing the face with cool water.
In addition, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally steam your face. Try using boiled DISTILLED water though for
the same reasons on avoiding Chlorine inhalation above.

Now, you try this for a week and I bet you, you will see a drastic improvement in your skin condition via
this superior, yet common sense method of acne treatment.


Foras Aje

It’s been fun writing this, but I wanted to add…throw in a fast or a restricted fruit diet of a seasonal Juicy
fruit for just 3 days with the external factors above. You will thank me that I told you this…trust me.


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