Master Agreements- PVAMU Campuswide Agreements by huangyuarong


									                                    PVAMU Master Agreements

Commodity                           Vendor                          Reference #                       Contact Name                       Contact E-mail                    Contract Term Buyer
                                    Amazing Awards
Plaques, Trophies, Awards, Embroidery                               715-11-Promotional Supply         Mary Gilmore        713-866-6240                  12/15/11-8/31/13   Jim Nelms
Graphic Services                    Blank Canvas                    B900020                           Molly Murphy        936-615-8397                                      1/5/09-8/31/12
                                                                                                                                                 Lashunda Watson
Office Supplies                     Brenham Office Supplies *       715-11-Office Supply              Karen Bartkowiak    800-257-2677      9/1/11-8/31/13     Lashunda Watson
Feed                                Buxton Solutions Group          B200008                           Odell Winn          832-390-2370          11/4/11-8/31/12    Richard Hamilton
Fertilizer                          Buxton Solutions Group          B200007                           Odell Winn          832-390-2370          11/4/11-8/31/12    Michael Simms
Promotional Items                   C&E Specialties                 715-11-Promotional Supply         Cynthia Cormier     281-550-1160             12/15/11-8/31/13   Jim Nelms
Charter Bus                         Coach USA                       B900061                           Rachel              713-670-3229     9/1/09-8/31/12     Michael Simms
Computers                           Commonwealth Computers          DIR-SDD-890TX                     Bill Broadus        210-698-3825                 1/14/09-1/13/13    Michael Simms
Crushed Concrete                    Curtis Materials                B100016                           Michael Curtis      832-309-5092        2/1/10-8/31/12     Richard Hamilton
Vehicle Rental                      Enterprise Rental Car           TX715X                            Bryce Hulett        281-256-2594              3/31/04-5/31/12    Richard Hamilton
Booth Rentals                       Events Plus                     B00007                            Barbara Hardin      936-321-3450           1/19/10-8/31/12    Lashunda Watson
Paper, 30% Recycled Content         Globe Office Products           B900013                           Philip Soni         713-932-7822               1/1/09-8/31/12     Jim Nelms
Stationary, Business Cards          Marfield *                      B000033                           Lee Ann Packard     972-245-9122        10/1/10-8/31/12    Lashunda Watson
Sharp and Cannon Copiers            Marimon Business Systems        Copier Services Agreement         Mike Good           713-856-2060               9/1/09-8/31/14     Richard Hamilton
Office Furniture                    Office Design Concepts          TXMAS-8-71IIK010                  Joseph Sylvan       713-484-7762                 5/5/11-3/30/16     Richard Hamilton
Promotional Items                   Office Effects                  715-11-Promotional Supply         Ellen Elam          713-957-4700            12/15/11-8/31/13   Jim Nelms
HP Laser Jet Printer and HP Toner   Pante Tech                      715-10-Printer/ Toner Agreement   Marquette Wilkins   832-310-0797             5/18/10-8/31/12    Jim Nelms
Special Event Rentals               Party Time Rentals              B00007                            Amanda              979-696-5555         2/1/10-8/31/12     Lashunda Watson
Medical Supplies                    Products Unlimited              715-11-Medical Supply             Janey Cooper        800-865-4683     11/1/11-8/31/11    Jim Nelms
Outdoor Furnishings / Furniture     Resource Consultants Services   B100017                           Patricia Calhoun    972-492-2428                5/1/11-8/31/13     Michael Simms

* Denotes a PVAMU specific web ordering page

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