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									Protection for Your Vehicle

Finding the best vehicle for you is an important decision and investment. Protecting the vehicle
is important, but after buying your vehicle, you probably have better things to spend money on
besides replacement of the car and medical bills in the event of an accident. Auto insurance can
do that, and is a requirement in nearly every state if you own or operate a vehicle on the road.
For businesses, commercial auto insurance is just as important, whether you have one vehicle
or one hundred in your fleet.

In the United States, auto insurance is required to have a minimum amount of liability coverage
to pay for damages caused in an accident. If you are deemed liable, your auto insurance will
pay for both property damage and medical expenses up to a certain limit to spare you the brunt of
the costs. Each state has its own minimum liability auto insurance requirements. Limits can
either be expressed as combinedlimit coverage or split limit coverage for property damage and
bodily injury. Auto insurance can be upgraded to a full coverage auto insurance policy, which
is made up of collision and comprehensive auto insurance. Collision auto insurance covers
damage caused in a collision with another object regardless of fault and comprehensive auto
insurance covers damage caused by anything other than a collision (such as fire, theft, weather,
or other “Acts of God”).

Commercial auto insurance has many of the same options as personal auto insurance but is
written for a business setting. Some businesses own multiple vehicles and have multiple drivers,
and these factors are taken into account for a commercial auto insurance policy. For large
vehicle fleets, commercial auto insurance can be written as fleet insurance, so individual
policies do not have to be written for individual vehicles or drivers. Commercial auto
insurance also looks at the driving records of individual drivers, so business owners need to look
closely at the driving history of their employees.
There are other types of auto insurance policies and riders that cover unique situations.
Uninsured and underinsured motorist auto insurance protects you when the party at fault has no
insurance or insufficient insurance to cover the damages. As many as one out of every three
drivers does not have enough auto insurance coverage, making this type of auto insurance
more appealing. Loss of use auto insurance covers the cost of a rental car when your vehicle is
being repaired due to insured damage.

Auto insurance has many variables and is offered by many insurance providers, making
shopping for auto insurance potentially very time consuming. Fortunately, independent
insurance agencies can do much of the work for you by shopping for auto insurance at the
insurance providers they represent. Contact your local independent insurance agency today for a
fast, competitive auto insurance quote.

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