marketing for teams (Excel) by huangyuarong


									Marketing Tactical Plan                                                                                          NOTES

Instructions: Use this template to track the marketing tactics you need to complete as you carry out your marketing strategy.
Status key:
On track

Minor glitches that need attention but will not
delay the deliverable

Major glitches that need attention and will (or
most likely will) delay the deliverable
Item                                              15-Feb             22-Feb           29-Feb             7-Mar             14-Mar   21-Mar   28-Mar
1. Your Target Audience
Questionnaire - This was the
questionnaire I gave you last year.
The complete document must be
filled out. NOT written on but typed. It
must make sense so please proof
2. Your Team Display - This is your 3
sided board. Do you have everything
in place? Nice pictures?

3. Redesign your product - Have you
redesigned your packaging or
product? Where is the mock-up?

4. Brochure for company - You should
have a color brochure for your
company. You will need to make at
least 50 copies of these brochures to
give out at the marketing fair on
March 30th. 2010.
Item                                     15-Feb   22-Feb   29-Feb   7-Mar   14-Mar   21-Mar   28-Mar
5. Marketing Tracking Sheet - Track
your work until the day of the
marketing Fair. Where is this sheet? I
need to see all the work you say you
have done for this marketing fair and
product work. Remember you are
paid $25 per hour and thus, you must
have the complete amount you would
of made.

6. Labels and Stickers - Labels and
stickers are a great way for
companies to advertise. It is
inexpensive yet it gets the word out!

7. Business Cards - Where are your
business cards? You must have no
less than 25 at the table on the 30th!

8. Flyers - The flyer is to advertise
your product? How will you advertise
your product?

9. Marketing Flyer - The marketing
flyer advertises the event. Do you
have them ready? You will need to
send them to your contact person at
your company. They will need to
advertise in their bulletins to their
employees and request that if they
send out a flyer or new release that
they also please announce the Market
Item                                       15-Feb   22-Feb   29-Feb   7-Mar   14-Mar   21-Mar   28-Mar
10. Business Invitation - Did you invite
your business contact person and
other staff people? Who is coming?

11. Thank you Letter - Did you send
out a thank you letter by email or
USPS? Let me see the letter. If you
did not then complete now.

12. Survey for Trends. Have your
researched this trend yet? What do
you have for your survey?

13. Your commercial - You will need
to have the commercials DONE
March 19th. 2010. We need to make
sure that all commercials will work
properly, that each one represents the
company in a fair and professional
manner, and that you have an over all
enlightened video.
Item                                     15-Feb   22-Feb   29-Feb   7-Mar   14-Mar   21-Mar   28-Mar
14. Any other thing Marketing.- What
else have you done to make sure
your display and marketing fair
section is the BEST? How will your
table be displayed? Are you serving
anything at your table like pie, have
cups, plates, forks? What about
WEST MARINE have displays?
Starbucks? Coupons? Mystery Spot-
coupons and free admissions for a
raffle? What else people? Did your
brothers, cousins, dads, moms come
through with information and
15. Did you get the WHITE table cloth
for your display?
16. Dressing for the event? What will
you wear that will match your partner?

17. Business Report Completed and
placed in both partners binders.
18. Tactical Marketing Plan - Pre-set


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