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					INDIA is a land of master pieces to visit for a traveller. There are a lot to visit here, so it’s better
to have a tour guide who can take you through the all places to be visited, but you can also select
your own places to visit and create and customize your own itinerary to roam around. India was
once known as a Golden Bird because the land is so beautiful and gorgeous that it is hard to
compare even a single point with any other place. Like the fusion of different religion, tourism
and culture is also a very smooth blend of different colours.

India has such a variety that you name one and you will find it here. You can’t see diversity like
here is anywhere. From the high ranges of The Great Himalaya to the Great and vast Thar
Desert, the diversity is simply incomparable. Lush green tea gardens, picturesque landscapes,
golden and white palm and coconut fringed beaches with mesmerizing blue green sea water, the
gigantic and massive forts and palaces, the colourful history and culture, the rituals, festivals and
amazing and unique wild life make India an ideal hub for tourists and will sure make your
vacation in India memorable.

India has an exotic flora and fauna. The land is home to number of animals and some of them are
endangered species. The Wild Life Parks and National Sanctuaries are the most important
approach to protect its animal treasure. The main National Parks and Wild Life Sanctuaries here
are Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha Wild Life Sanctuary,
Kaziranga National Park etc. Kaziranga National Park houses One-horned Rhinoceros. It is the
only place in India where you can see this animal. Also, if we talk about flora of the country, it
serves us in many ways like as medically, ecologically etc. The flora also describes the amazing
and breath taking lush green landscapes of the country. The place is like a heaven for Nature
loving tourists.

If we have to discuss the buildings and architecture of the country, it is matchless and endless.
As India is the home of one of the oldest civilization in the whole world, the country houses
great and oldest monuments and constructions. The exotic and beautiful temples of Khajuraho,
Taj Mahal, Gate Way of India, India Gate, Red Fort, Agra Fort and Charminar etc are to name a
few. All these places are worth visit. They are designed in that incredible manner that just the
glimpse of these places will take you to the era of their designing. Their charm, their beauty,
their fascination and their appeal is so very bizarre and incredible that it will surely spell bound
you to come back and experience the charm again.

India is truly an implausible country who’s every single feature is really unmatchable, be it the
beaches, be it the water sports, be it the landscapes, be it the valleys, the sea, the mountains, the
rivers, the culture, the festivals, the pilgrimage, the tradition, the wild life, the monuments, the
sight scenes or the people. These entire features make the place a worldwide recognised
wonderful tourist place, which really lures more than thousand of foreign visitors every year.
You should also be a part of it. Welcome to Incredible India!!
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