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                             PRE-EMPLOYMENT CHECKS
                         COMPANY REGISTRATION & PRICE LIST
Pre-employment checks are a valuable management tool. They provide data to assist in hiring
decisions. Reitman Personnel Services (RP) manages pre-employment checks. This added value service
is provided with the understanding and agreement that any hiring decision (or action taken by your
company) regarding the individual candidate checked or tested is solely the decision of your company.
In the event that your company requests credit checks, your signature confirms your receipt of the Fair
Credit Act and that your credit check requests are within the act. Reitman Personnel assumes no
responsibility for determining appropriateness of credit checks.
Your company agrees to hold Reitman Personnel totally harmless for any claims arising from action
your company requests or takes regarding any individual candidate.

Company Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________

Contact: __________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________

Phone: _________________________________ Fax: ________________________________________

Authorized User(s): 1) ________________________________ 2) ______________________________

3) _______________________________________ 4) ________________________________________

Please select a confidential 4 character company user id                ____ ____ ____ ____

_______________________________________________               __________________________________       ___________
Client Name & Title (please print)                            Signature                                Date

    Pre-employment Check(s)                                                            Cost
    Instant Drug Test (performed by certified lab)                                    $37.50
    (2-3 hours, 48 hours for out of norm results)

    National Criminal Records Check (instant-same day)
    (Includes Social Security number verification)                                    $15.00
    (CA & MA do not participate in background checks)

    Credit Check: (same day - next day)                                               $25.00
    Confirmation of Education: (7-10 work days) *                                     $10.00 per school
    Confirmation of Employment: (7-10 work days)*                                     $15.00 per job
    DMV (CT- same day)                                                                $35.00
    (Cost and results time may vary by state)

   *Individual Institution(s) and employer(s) responses vary greatly.
    Other pre-employment checks available upon request.                                                Rev’d 1/11

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