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									Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar                                              Pre-
If you are within
10 years of retirement...
This seminar is for you!
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 Denver, CO


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Fire & Police Pension Association

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5290 DTC Parkway, Suite 100

                                    You’ve worked hard toward
                                    your retirement - now learn        Saturday, April 28th
                                    how to make the most of it.          9 am - 3:30 pm

                                    Look inside to nd out more
                                    about the topics and the          Thornton Civic Center
                                    presenters we’ve assembled        Police Training Room
                                    for this free full day seminar.
Seminar Agenda & Special Presenters                                                                                              Seminar Details

           Harley Look
           Harley is an owner and partner in the law rm Katz, Look & Onorato,                           Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:30 - 9am
           P.C. specializing in estate, business and tax planning. He will focus                                    Seminar 9am - 3:30 pm
           on wills, estate planning, avoiding probate and saving on estate                                Lunch (on your own) 11:45am - 1:00pm
           taxes. He will explain why wills are not just for the wealthy and
           why it is important to have an estate plan in place. He makes this
           complex issue very interesting and easy to understand!                                          Thornton Civic Center Police Training Room
                                                                                                                 The facility is located just o I-25 / Thornton Parkway (Exit #220).
           Danny Talley                                                                               Turn left on Civic Center Drive. The police training room is located o the main lobby.
           HUB International Insurance Services Inc.
           Danny is a Senior Vice President and Senior Consultant with HUB
           International Insurance Services Inc. His presentation will cover                    
           the insurance options available to FPPA members prior to and
           during Medicare eligibility. In addition, he will discuss the health                               A con rmation letter will be mailed upon receipt of your registration.
           care provision of the Pension Protection Act and federal health                                As with all FPPA seminars - you will NOT be solicited for any product or service.
           care legislation.                                                                       These seminars are conducted for the information of FPPA members and their families only.
                           Lunch on your own.                                                             For more information visit or call
           Lisa Macneir                                                                                        (303) 770-3772 or (800) 332-3772.
           Long Term Care Insurance
           As a nationally accredited long term care specialist, Lisa specializes                       Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar Registration
           in assisting individuals protecting their life savings from the costs
           of long term care. Lisa will focus on the importance of planning to                                              Please complete this form and mail to:
           protect your assets, your independence and your peace of mind
           in retirement.
           Break                                                                              member name
           Dr. John Nicoletti
                                                                                              spouse or guest name (if attending)
           Dr. John Nicoletti received his Ph D. in Counseling Psychology from
           Colorado State University and has worked as a police psychologist                  address
           for over 25 years. He specializes in dealing with individuals who are
           either currently in law enforcement, entering retirement, or have
           recently retired.                                                                  city / state / zip
           The focus of this session will be to provide information about the
           psychological issues which may develop prior to, and during the
                                                                                              home phone
           initial months of retirement. Dr. John will also explore possible
           coping strategies for dealing with these issues.                                   email address
Join FPPA in going green! We invite you to bring your own co ee mug and/or water container.
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