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Sub: Bad Credit? The solution is you!
Dear ABC,
I am writing this letter to make you aware of a major concern for people like you. Yes, it
is a major problem these days-“ Bad Credit”? How grave Bad Credit is! - At least once
in lifetime might have undergone its turmoil. Many people have to run pillar to post to
get a loan, a credit card or a car on lease, as their Credit Rate is so bad. Obviously none
deliberately does it. Unfortunately, bad credit is a growing concern. No doubt.
You may agree with me?
Yes, I am talking about Bad Credit. How long one can live with a bad credit?
Remember, if you have some insight and a little planning you can easily sail across a Bad
credit. Since I am talking about bad credit, being a consultant if I won’t tell about its
consequences I will be doing injustice to you and to my profession.
Let us come to the point. Here I am going to discuss about the impact of Bad credit!
Well, let us start with Credit Score!
These days lending institutions and insurance companies use credit score to predict your
repayment capacity of any loan or insurance premium. If your credit rate is poor you call
it bad credit.
Poor credit record can hamper you from qualifying for borrowing money, getting a credit
card or financing your dream home or a car.
You may boast! Even if your credit score is not satisfactory the lending institution may
consider you for a loan or a credit card. But, the interest rate may vary.
“Worse is your credit score higher will be the interest rates” simple…!
Let us take an example.
If you want to buy a car worth of $ 20000 and you need a loan or get it financed.
For a customer with good credit score can get it financed for as low as 5% interest rate
while some one with bad credit will get the same amount of loan will have to pay 11%
interest rate, worst among all, if the credit history is so bad, you will end up paying
22% interest.
See the difference! Where has your bad credit history taken you?
I am sure this is not what you expect when looking for a loan or a credit card.
Unfortunately your bad credit history can cause you such damage and financial loss.
I am sure you don’t need this to happen to you…
It doesn’t stop there. You may find problems in renting a car, flying, even booking a
hotel, which generally requires a credit card. The credit card with lower limit may be
really a problem for you.
Prime Rate- is the rate of interest banks charges from its best clients. If your credit
history is bad interest will be much higher.
     For a home loan normal rate for the best customers is just 6% rate while the worst
         credit score can force you whopping rate of 12%. If you take a loan for $100,000,
         at 12% interest rate - $1,028.61/month in interest - cost
         of bad credit over the life of the loan: $154,461.60 for 30 years.
Remember- A credit report is prepared by Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs)’ Equifax,
Experian and Transunion gathering information from your past lenders.
Your bad credit causes havoc…!
Not only you even your spouses, siblings and colleagues may due to your bad credit.
Huge debt is financially damaging and threatening as it could limit your purchasing
power, choosing a good school for your children, unable to save money for your
children’s college education, forcing them to do part time jobs while in university.
There can be a situation you are unable to clear your medical bills, late in paying rent,
forgot to pay some installments of credit card and even if you pay just pay the minimum
installment…in such eventualities the lenders can complain to CRAs.
Some of you may take fresh loans to remit or settle previous loans incurring further debts.
It can be Refinancing, take out equity line of credit and applying for additional credit card
force you from bad credit to very bad credit.
For job applicants- bad credit is sad news as it can hamper their chance to be hired. These
days many prestigious institutions seek credit history of the applicants as it can avoid
corporate theft, bribe and unwanted manipulation in strategic negotiation of any business
What about saving?
A bad credit holder may not be able to pay 401(k) and saving at least 15%… I am sure.
The debt collection letters and collection agents knocking at your door are not a
comfortable seen, followed by a lawsuit from creditors. Your family members will start
trying to avoid their friends, attending parties and other social functions that they never
missed before. The phone rings off time while you are having dinner to catch you. The
lender can even contact your references to take your alternative phone number. Your car
and van may be towed away.
 Eventually you will have to file for bankruptcy.
To get your vehicle back you hire a lawyer to file for Chapter 13. Form the following
months your pay cheque may shrink due the withholding being sent to the chapter 13
trustee. Trustee may have come out with a number of objections on your proposal of
repayment plan.
Loss of identity, self esteem, confidence and even attempt to shelter in narcotic or the
ultimate step to commit suicide is going to be the outcome.
Do you want this? I am sure you don’t….
Don’t put up with bad debt. Start right now…get out of bad credit. Declare
your freedom from the nightmare of Bad Credit.
Start Today.
We are here …just a call away!!!
"Place holders"

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