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Macau info sheet


									                                                       Information Sheet
     Project           Macau International WorkCamp
     Date              20 Apr 2012 to 29Apr 2012 (10 days)
     Location          Hac-Sa, Coloane, MacauSAR, China
     Type              UNESCO Heritage
     Organizers        VYA Taiwan, Macau New Chinese Youth Association ( Macau)
     Volunteers        15-28pax
     Registration Fee: Free of charge
     Leader                   2 Leaders from Macau New Chinese Youth Association ( Macau)

     1) If you haven’t received “Acceptance Letter” and Macau Travel Guide for 2012”, you should ask
        your sending organization for these documents! They are very IMPORTANT for your

     2) You should prepare travel insurance and visa by yourself before departure!

                                                                    Contents 目錄
1.          Meeting Point and Time.....................................................................................................3

2.          Background of Location.....................................................................................................3

3.          How to get there?........................................................................ ......................................4

4.          Project …………………………………………………………………….…..8

5.          Schedule………………………………………………..……………………..9

6.          Your stay in Hac-Sa………………………………...…………………………9

7.          What to bring?..................................................................................................11

8.          Other notes……………………………………..…………………………….11

9.          Enquiry contacts………………………….…….…………………………….12

10.         Emergency Contact…………………………….…………………………….12
1) Assemble Place and Time

PLACE:          Macau Airport Arrival Hall

TIME:           17:00 on 20 APR 2012

2) Background of Location
Background of Macaui1                                                       Macau Peninsula

Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of                           (澳門半島 Aomen Bandao)

China. The following is a geographic diagram of                             The northernmost region connected to the Chinese

Macau. Besides the city itself, Macau includes the                          mainland. It is the center of most tourist activity and is

island with Taipa and Hac-Sa, which are connected by                        densely crowded.

bridges and a causeway.                                                    Taipa (氹仔 Tam Chai)

                                                                           The island south of the peninsula, accessible via three

                                                                           bridges. It is a major residential center and is the location of

                                                                           Macau's International Airport.

                                                                           Cotai (路氹 Loutam)

                                                                           A strip of reclaimed land between Cheoc Van and Taipa,

                                                                           with vast new casinos rising up (such as The Venetian, the

                                                                           largest casino in the world).

                                                                           Coloane (路環 Louwan)

                                                                           Coloane (路環) is an outlying island located at south of

                                                                           Macau Peninsula (澳門半島).

                                                                           The most southern island, it is considerably less developed

                                                                           than the other regions due to its mountainous terrain. It

                                                                           does have two beaches, several hiking trails and a resort. It

                                                                           is also the location of Macau's first golf course; a second

                                                                           one is on the Cotai Strip.

Macau preserves many historical properties in the urban area. The Historic Centre of Macau, which includes some twenty-five
historic monuments and public squares, was officially listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on July 15, 2005

Coloane Island, Macau, China is quieter among the two Macau islands. She has an area of 8.07 km² (4-km long) and is 5.6 km
from the Macau Peninsula.The most famed among the Macau popular destinations ColoaneIsland is connected to the Taipa
Island by a 2.2km long dual Causeway, built in 1969.

Hac-Sa Tourist Attractions
A Ma religious shrine and the cultural village, facilities for adventure tourism attract tourists to Coloane tour. Two beaches,
Hac-Sa Beach and Hác-Sá Beach are always crowded by a large number of swimmers and sunbathers. The Water Sports
facilities, mini golf courses, Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic and camping areas, and an array of snack
stands, cafes, and restaurants dotting the beach add to the tourist attractions in Hac-Sa.

Hac-Sa , Macau, China offers two amusing hiking trails. She is an islet full of pine trees, eucalyptus woods and farming land.
picnics, and purely enjoy the riches of nature. There is not only Macau Golf and Country Club. This 18-hole, par-71 course
winds itself transversely at the top of a mountain but the Seac Pai Van Park natural retreat contains vast collection of diverse
trees and shrubs, a playground, a picnic spot, the Balichão eatery, and a botanical laboratory

Coloane is linked by several roads, including the main Taipa-Hac-Sa Isthmus Causeway, to Taipa, which in turn is linked by
bridges to Macau Peninsula. The roads go through Cotai, the reclaimed area between Hac-Sa and Taipa.


Get in Worldwide
By Plane to Macau Airport
Macau International Airport (MFM) is off the shore of Taipa Island There is one way to reach Hac-Sa from the Macau
International Airport. That is by road transport: Bus Mop$4.2 per trip in Taipa 2or Taxi starts at Mop13.

From Macau Airport 3to Hac-Sa
You may take bus no.214 or taxi to Hac-Sa (We will pick you up with a car if you are waiting at our assigned meeting point
and time.)

Departure Lobby of Macau International Airport                                 The Arrival lobby of Macau International Airport


4 21 - Ponte a Horta to Cheoc Van Village via A-Ma Temple, Macau Tower, Taipa City, Macau International Airport

                                        The Bus stop outside Macau International Airport

From Hong Kong Airport to Macau Ferry Terminal
In nearby region, Hong Kong is one of the Asian Hubs. Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG; ICAO: VHHH) which
is also known as Chek Lap Kok( 赤鱲角).

After you landed Hong Kong, There are two ways to reach Macau from the Hong Kong International Airport (香港國際機
場).You can reach Macau by a Ferry. There are 2 types of ferries; one is from Airport Express Ferry which connects you
directly from HKIA to Macau Ferry Terminal.            The schedule is as follows:

       Hong Kong International        Macau to Hong Kong
           Airport to Macau            International Airport

         8S191        10:00▲         8S2117     07:00*

         8S522         11:00          8S210     07:30

         8S121         12:15          8S211     08:30

         8S527         13:00*         8S212     09:30

         8S122         13:15          8S213     10:30                                Macau Ferry – Turbojet

         8S123         14:00          8S214     11:30

         8S124         15:00          8S215     12:30

         8S125         16:00          8S216     13:30

         8S126         17:00          8S217     14:30

         8S523         18:00          8S218     15:45

         8S524         19:00          8S912    16:30▲
                                                                                     Macau Ferry Terminal
         8S127         20:00         8S2110     17:15

         8S525         21:00         8S2111     18:30

         8S128         22:00         8S2112     19:30

                                     8S2113     20:15

                                                                        Hong Kong Ferry Terminal
▲   The embarkation /disembarkation terminal will be Macau Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal

                                                          Hong Kong to Macau                                    Macau to Hong Kong

                                                 VIP           VIP                                   VIP           VIP
                                                                          Super        Econ.                                   Super      Econ.
                                               Cabin         Cabin                                  Cabin         Cabin
                                                                           Class       Class                                   Class      Class
                                              (6 seats)    (4 seats)                               (6 seats)     (4 seats)

                                              $ 1,746       $ 1,164        $ 291       $ 151       $ 1,680       $ 1,120       $ 280      $ 140
              (Day Service)

          Weekends & Holidays
                                              $ 1,866       $ 1,244        $ 311       $ 163       $ 1,800       $ 1,200       $ 300      $ 152
              (Day Service)

 Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays
                                              $ 1,978       $ 1,319        $ 330       $ 185       $ 1,912       $ 1,275       $ 319      $ 174
             (Night service)

                                          Hong Kong International Airport <--> Macau

                                                                                   Child                                     Child
                                                                         (2 to below 12 yrs old)                     ( below 2 yrs old)

         Economy Class                     HK$233                                  HK$178                                    HK$126

          Super Class                      HK$362                                  HK$270                                    HK$181

Note :

The above fares include HK$50 passenger handling fee

Fares for Macau to HK International Airport include HK$20 departure tax and fee

From Hong Kong International Airport to HK downtown
The other type of ferry connects HK downtown (North Point Ferry Pier / Central Pier) to Macau Ferry Terminal.
If you would like to get to Macau from Hong Kong ferry terminal instead of going directly from HKIA to Macau Ferry
terminal, you may take City Buses A11, E11, Airport Express and Transit Railway (MTR).
                                                 Route No. A11                                                 Route No. E11
Bus fare                                               HK$40                                                      HK$21
Route direction              From Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) to                        From AsiaWorld Expo to Airport
                                            Hong Kong Ferry Pier
Bus schedule                      Daily operated during 06:10 - 08:40 at                    Daily operated during 05:20 - 00:00 at 12 to
                                 25-minute intervals and 08:40 - 00:00 at                                  20-minute intervals
                            20-minute intervals, with the last bus leaving the
                                               Airport at 00:30

Travelling time                        About 45 minutes                                     About 60 minutes
Remark                      Get on at the 1st station, Airport (Ground         Get on at the 2nd station, Airport (Ground
                          Transportation Centre) and get off at the 6th       Transportation Centre) and get off at the 16th
                           station, Jardine House, Connaught Road in           station, Jardine House, Connaught Road in
                                             Central                                             Central
The Airport Express takes passengers to Central (中環) in just about 24 minutes. Trains depart at 12-minute intervals from
05:50 to 01:15 daily, with the last train leaving the Airport Station at 00:48. The fares of the Airport Express between Airport
Station and Hong Kong Station (香港站) are HK$100 and HK$180 for single trip and round trip respectively. Airport Express:

Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)                                    Connaught Road in Central

From Macau Ferry terminal to Hac-Sa,Coloane
Buses, Taxis, Shuttle buses are the main public transport which links Hac-Sa and the urban area of Macau.
You may take Bus No. 26a and bus no.25
                                                                    Bus No 25
Bus fare               MOP$6.4
Route direction        From Macau ferry Terminal to Hac-Sa
                       (starts at Border Gate Station, get off at Hac-Sa Barbeque Park station)
                       The ending station is in Hac Sa
Bus schedule           Daily operated during 06:05-2350 at 15-minute intervals
Travelling time        About 30 minutes
Remark                 After leaving Macau Ferry Terminal, turn right.

                                                                   Bus No 26A
Bus fare               MOP 6.4
Route direction        From Macau ferry Terminal to Hac-Sa
                       (starts at Border Gate Station, get off at Hac-Sa Barbeque Park station)
Bus schedule           Daily operated during 06:10 - 23:16 at 5 to 20-25minute intervals
Travelling time        About 30 minutes
Remark                 After leaving Macau Ferry Terminal, turn right.

For more information of bus routes:

The Station where you have to get out from the bus

REMARK: Fares and schedules of all transportation above may vary with time, so be ready for it and prepare coins or IC
Card when you get on the bus!


(A) Background

The project is co-organized by Vya Taiwan and Macau New Chinese Youth Association (Macau). Since 2002, Vya had
organized 5 international volunteer exchanges program between Taiwan and U.S.A. And over the years, in total, VYA
had planned over 11 different types of voluntary service projects. Two of them were very short term community service
projects from one day to one week and the others were from at least one week to three weeks. Cooperating with the local
community Macau Chinese New Youth Association, one of the most active youth organizations in Macau, this will be a very
good opportunity to work along with local people; you will get involved with the unique experience and the “East meets
West” culture of Macau.

(B) Aim
1.      Introduction and promotion of Macau as a UNESCO world heritage city.
2.      To teach volunteers’ ways to appreciate and preserve UNESCO heritage
3.      Enhance cross-national friendship, understanding and solidarity among the volunteers.
A lot of of people are not very clear with the UNESCO world heritage, this a a very precious opportunity

(C) Work
The Historic Centre of Macao” adopted on 15 July 2005 by The 29th Session of the World Heritage Committee is a living
representation of the city’s historic western settlement, comprising architectural legacies amongst the original urban fabric
illustrating the first and most lasting encounter between China and the western world. 6The camp is a very precious
opportunity to educate the world why and how to appreciate the world heritage. To promote the meaning of UNESCO and
widen one’s horizon is the main aim of the camp.

The aim and camp would be carried out in different forms to ensure interaction between volunteers. Such as:
1.      Heritage courses,
2.      workshops
3.      UNESCO tour
4.      hiking

(D) Leisure activities in Macau
Macau is well-known for her Portuguese, Macanese food, UNESCO World-heritage, show-biz and gaming.
1.      tour and excursion (on free day)
2.      Go shopping for souvenirs
3.      Sight-seeing in world heritage and casinos
4.      Hiking or cycling in Hac-Sa
Although gaming is a well-known activity is Macau, we highly recommend you to take into account the consequence you
may bare after you place the first bet.


            Date              Morning                    Afternoon                     Evening
          20 Apr 2012                                                                   Arrival
          21 Apr 2012         Orientation         Sight-visit – UNESCO sites        Dinner (Camp)
                             Sight-visit –
          22 Apr 2012                             Sight-visit– UNESCO sites          Cultural Night
                            UNESCO sites
          23 Apr 2012         workshop                    workshop                      Dine outside
          24 Apr 2012         workshop                    workshop             International cooking night
          25 Apr 2012                        Outdoor workshop                  International cooking night
          26 Apr 2012                                               Free Day
          27 Apr 2012        Introduction to Macau Drunk Dragon Dancing               Dine outside
          28 Apr 2012           Participation the Drunk Dragon Parade                Farewell Party
          29 Apr 2012         Departure                         -                           -

1.   Schedule: The schedule is subject to changes. Our work can be flexible. We can take a rest if we
     can finish the tasks for the day earlier!

2.   Free Day: On free days, you need to pay for your own expenses (e.g. transportation, meals, etc.).
     For your reference, the average meal cost for lunch or dinner is about US$4 per person.

3.   Cultural Night: You will be invited to present the unique feature and culture of your countries to
     other volunteers and the local people during the international night. Please get prepared and use
     your own creative way to present! We highly recommend you to bring some photos, props and share
     one of your country's cultures. You may also prepare some music, games, performances, customs or
     art and cultural stuffs.

4.   International Cooking: You will be the chef for all of us. Bring along your secret recipe and even
     special ingredients from your country to share with us your favorite home country dishes!

5.   Introduction to Macau Drunk Dragon Dancing :Introducing the history of Drunk Dragon
     Dancing to the participants.

6.   Participation in the Drunk Dragon Parade: Each participant will help the preparation of the
     Drunk Dragon Parade.

6) Your stay in Hac-Sa Youth Hostel

               Room for 4 pax                            Room for 2 pax                             Public area 1

(A) Accommodation
Volunteers will stay in the Hac-Sa Youth Hostel. The environment is simple and basic! You will sleep in the dormitory and
sleeping bag/mat is not necessary!

(B)Facilities of the hostel includes:
Air-conditioning is available. Supply of warm water is ready 24 hours. Mosquitoes are commonly found. Do remember to
bring mosquito repellent!       You will also need to take some time before getting to the hostel, so backpack may be the best
choice for your luggage. There is only dim lighting along the walkway to the school. Please bring your torch!

(C) Meal
Food materials will be provided but meals will be cooked by turns among volunteers.       A small kitchen is available for daily
cooking at the Hac-Sa Youth Hostel, which is just about 10-minute walk from the Hac-Sa Beach. Sometimes, you may
prepare breakfast or some simple meals at the school. To save our Earth and be environmental friendly, please bring along
with your own eating utensils to the Workcamp.

(D) Bath & Toilet
You will need to use the public bathing facilities at the Hac-Sa Youth Hostel. Toilets will be available inside the hostel but
there is also another public toilet near the beach.

(E) Laundry
Washing machines are available at the hostel. Please bring your washing powder and clothes drying utensils if necessary.

(F) Currency
Patacas is the official currency in Macau. The exchange rates for USD and Euro are approximately:
                                                        1 USD = MOP$8
                                                        1 Euro = HK$11
(G) Internet
No internet connection is available. However, there are 2 computers with internet available in the youth hostel.


         Category                                            Item
Eating utensils                Fork / chopsticks / spoon
                               Lunch box / bowl / plate
                               Water bottle / cup
Personal items                 Blanket
                               Mosquito repellent
                               Personal medicine
                               Sun block lotion
                               Bathing set
                               Working / disposable clothes
                               Working / disposable shoes
                               Raincoat / umbrella
                               Travel adaptor
                               Washing powder
Others                        Recipe and special ingredients of your country
                              Photos, props, music, games, performances or art and
                              cultural customs or stuffs for sharing

   The lifestyle of Hac-Sa is more relaxing and with slower pace than Macau peninsula and Taipa Island, which may
    be quite different from the Macau lifestyle you expected. Just come and feel the other side of Macau.
   Volunteers will be divided into teams (e.g. cooking team, laundry team, cleaning team, etc.) to carry out the daily work
    by turns. Let’s discuss it on the first day and fix the role of each volunteer.
   You should prepare travel insurance and visa by yourself before departure!
   Please take care of all facilities at the Hac-Sa Youth Hostel and all other public facilities during the camp. Any loss or
    damage is subject to compensation of your own responsibility!
   There is hardly any currency exchange shop in countryside like Hac-Sa. Please bring cash for your own expenses
    during the camp. You may exchange Hong Kong dollars at the exchange stores at airport or in the Macau or Taipa
    downtown. You may also withdraw from automated teller machines (ATM). However, money withdrawal by overseas
    credit or debit cards may incur handling charges. You are advised to consult your bank in advance.

9) ENQUIRY (Before the camp)

If you will be late or some troubles happen, please call the camp leaders, Mr Tony Lai +853 66870647,      Mr Wilson Wong
+853 62938172     During office hour 9:00-18:30, please also feel free to call Macau office +853-28358963

REMARK : Beware of the time difference!

10) EMERGENCY CONTACT (During the camp)
In case of any emergency events in Macao where immediate aid should take place, please dial 999 to ask police for assistance.
Be reminded not to abuse dialing 999 unless there is very urgent and emergency cases.

For other queries and request, please to call the staff from staff from Macao New Chinese Youth Association.

                                                         ~ END ~



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