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Archive fungction value according to the experts:

1. According to The Liang Gie, to the value of the archive is:

1. Uses the value of the administration

A leader should be able to administer or resolve any problems faced by so far so good

and make decisions accordingly. To be make the right decision with the need for the records

the events that have occurred. With the availability of letter needed to get things matter, means. The
script can have the common use of the administration.

2. Uses the value of law

When problems arise and need to be resolved according to law

then something slips can also be used as legal evidence

3. Value of Financial Uses

Slips having financial usefulness value if something script that may cause or a result of financial concerns

4. Uses the value of the bow of the organization

Something slips may be useful as a basis for

a policy or course of anything the organization in achieving its goals.

5. Utility value of the organization

Something slips can also be used for the basic implementation of an employment

6. Usefulness of historical value

Script can also be useful as a material for history letter to explain the events that happened in the past.

7. Uses the value of research

DAPT script is useful as an ingredient for the development of science

further knowledge or research materials

8. Utility value of illumination

Script can be useful as a material to provide information to the public.
2. According to the Encyclopedia of administration

In essence, something slips has four different uses:

1. To informative, ie, giving something a description about things or events

2. Juridical order, that is the subject of proof in the process something

3. Historical order, which is a portrait of the situation or event

in the past so as not to forget all time as a historical event

4. Scientific order, ie, as a record of the results of thought

one degree or something inventions of scientific experiments.

3. According to the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia

Judging from the interest of the use of archival value to the archive

pad based utility values for primary and secondary use-value.

1. Value to primary

The primary use value, which is based on archival

usefulness of the tasks and functions of institutions / agencies

creator of the archive. The primary use value include:

a) The value to the administration, that is of value to archives

based on the usefulness of the tasks and

functions of the agency or agencies aarsip creator

b) The legal order, which has a value to law if contains the evidence has the power

legal rights and obligations of citizens and government

c) The value of the financial order, which has a use value

finance, containing all particulars relating to the financial

d) The value to science and technology, that is valuable to the scientific
containing the scientific data and technology and technology

as a result of pure or applied research.

2. Secondary use value

Secondary use value, the archives that have a sense

or as a measure of whether the files, records or documents of value to the state's interest in science and
Later, secondary to value include:

a) The order of proof, ie when the facts contained

and information which can be used remedy explain

about how the agency was created, developed, set of functions and activities.

b) Values for informational, the archive that has a value

to be determined by the informational content or information that

contained in the file for the usefulness of various

the interests of historical research and without associated

with the institution or agency creators, such as

about people, places, objects, phenomena, issues and the like.

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