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					                              Stealing Hearts
You need the 13 hearts cards from a deck of cards.
The 13 cards of another suit also.
Need 2 prizes – I use 1 tealight and 1 votive

You’ll be handing out 1 heart card for each question or answer a guest shares
until they are all handed out.
Once all 13 are handed out – you pick up the other 13 cards. Pull out one –
let’s say it’s a 5, and ask who has the 5, she picks a prize. Then pull out the
next, that person can steal the first prize or pick the second prize. Then pull
out the each card, one by one and the person picks one of the 2 prizes until
you are out of cards then the prizes are theirs.

Here’s what I am currently doing to pass out the 13 hearts cards…

Intro – Let’s play stealing hearts. Everyone loves this game. It’s called
Stealing Hearts because I love what I do with PartyLite. I love
______________ about it.

First 5 cards (I’m a little flexible on this # depending on their responses as it
varies with the # attending but don’t use more than 6 for this part.)
----- Review the hostess program for what your hostess will get that night.
Then “If you were lucky enough to be the hostess tonight, you’d be getting a
free shopping spree and all those great discounts. So if you could get
anything for free from what I have here tonight, what would you pick free?”
As they pick you give them a card and demo that piece. Here’s where you
get your candle tips in. Pass around every product picked that you
can…getting it in their hands is valuable. Always highlight the hostess
special items here and end with I’d love to give that to you free. So who
would pick something else and go on to the next product.

Next 2 cards…
At the last PartyLite training I went to, we were talking about all the different
reasons people start PartyLite – list some, try to personalize those reasons
for your group, saving credit card debt til last – and another reason is to pay
off Credit Card Debt and one consultant shared some information she heard
from Suzie Ormond, a financial advisor, that the average person in the United
States is $8,000 in credit card debt. This 1 card is for the person who can
guess the closest, paying the minimum payments, how long will it take this
average person to pay off that debt? Let anyone guess who wants to and
give the card to the closest. (52 years)

Now next card, if that same person gave PartyLite a try for 2 shows a week
and used all the profits to pay off that debt, how long would it take to pay off
that same $8000 in debt? Let them guess and give the card to the one that is
the closest. (10 months)

So I didn’t share that with you to depress you if you or someone you love is in
debt but to share the power of the income you can earn with PartyLite! $900
a month for 6 hours a week doing 2 shows can be huge. It is most mortgage
payments, 1 or 2 car payments, a couple months paying for a good vacation,
several months pays for an incredible vacation.

So the last cards I have here you can earn by asking me any question you
would want to know if you were considering trying PartyLite to pay off debt,
buy a new car, or whatever you want to do…

Have them ask your income questions for the rest.

They will probably ask…
How much to start? (NOTHING!)
What’s in the starter kit? (point out what’s on your table that’s in the kit and
share that there’s a picture on the back of the catalog)
How much do you make? ($100 a night about – so for 2 shows a week $900
a month but you can make lots – there are consultants at our training making
$2000 to $3000 a month)
How many hours do you work? (3 hours per show about – so it’s up to how
many shows you want to hold)
Do you really like it?
Are there trainings? (yes and they are so fun – we have 2 free each month)
Other benefits? (50% discount, trips, free gifts – product and logo items for

Keep your answers short and simple. It’s more fun that way and they will
keep asking if it’s quick. You want to get out the no cash investment and
$100 a night. Those 2 are the most important – the rest you are trying to wet
their appetite so they will ask for more information on your door prize slip.

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