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									Permanent makeup, nice and easy
Permanent makeup has long been in its infancy, but now we can say that the technology is
getting better and better and decency can be used for various things in the face. More and more
people it is worth the investment to no more extended in the mirror every day having to sit.

Differences permanent makeup and tattooing?

 To eliminate misunderstanding, but immediately, permanent makeup is not a tattoo. It is much
less deep than the tattoo and the skin is properly viewed, before treatment begins. The aging
skin is getting thinner and you have to adjust the needle, you can see this not happen with the
creation of a tattoo.

Yet it still sometimes get it wrong and is the permanent make-up too hard. Except that it is
usually not more beautiful, is also much harder to correct.


 Permanent makeup is still a few years down and it is therefore important that you know what
you do. First with regular makeup lines up the way you want them, maybe some different lines
and put on what you definitely want a picture. That gives the person the makeup goes up, the
best guidance and the risk of disappointment is the smallest.

What is suitable for permanent makeup

 Strictly speaking, all of your permanent make-up design, but not everything makes the face
beautiful. Some of the best known and which will progress.


 The eyes are a highlight for many people a fresh and sparkling eyes helps. If you do not have
naturally, we all know the mascara to the lashes. And if you find that too difficult then you paint
the lashes. But besides mascara eyeliner your eyes look more open the business. And a slightly
heavier line, the sultry eyes just communicated. The eyeliner was also one of first things as
permanent makeup applied. But you can also think of the intensification of the eyelashes. The
eyelashes eyes just a little fuller.

 If you've picked a lot in childhood because it was coincidence mode, and you have now not
much more eyebrows if you've never had a lot of eyebrows, then the permanent make-up a
solution. It is important that they are pretty thin lines that resemble hairs. This permanent
makeup can have the most impact on a face, eyebrows are so critical for the face. Here too, the
natural line as much as possible try to follow.


 Lips almost overflowing in the normal facial skin, uneven lips or aging lips, all reasons to think
that permanent makeup in the form of a lip liner as a solution can be.

Natural on the skin

With the newer natural colors with your permanent makeup also corrections in the face. The
stippling, as this technique is called, makes a slightly different color such as a deep groove less
deep. This is a correct shade fitting or removing too much. In addition, with this technique, the
production of collagen stimulated.


 It is certainly not dangerous, but make sure you go to a skilled professional (note that in
accordance with the hygiene regulations are applied), voice properly what you want and what is
not. Furthermore, it is advised in diabetes and serious heart problems, not to proceed with
permanent makeup.


 It's not cheap, but so is good makeup. The cheapest treatments such as intensifying the lash line
starting soon at around 140 euros. The entire eyebrows hands to take double or eyeliner, costs as
rapidly from 350 to 400 euros. Question is whether the treatment is included.


 Permanent makeup is well established, nice and easy in the early morning and can give the face
a more emphatic look. Furthermore, also ideal if you are allergic to makeup. Reasons enough to
think about the possibilities, but take the time to be there.

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