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   Acha Taku
  Adolfo Anaya
  Ravyn Brooks
 Angelica Barnes
   Isabel Felix
               Main Idea
• Taking material at the end of its use and
  turning it into useable material to make a
  new product.
• Most daily items are produced in factories
  and with the more items recycled the less
  toxin is released in the air.
• Products made from recyclable material
  require less energy in the process.
           How to Recycle
• You can create separate bins and label
  them for separate recyclable items to
  avoid confusion with the trash
• Rinse things before you recycle them
• Keep recycling bins inside to avoid bad
  smell and animals from digging through it
• One of the biggest factors of recycling
• When you recycle you have the
  opportunity to save some money
• There are some recycling centers in every
  state that will pay you for items you
•   Aerosol cans
                           Recyclable Items
    (completely empty) oil
•   oil filters
•   oil bottles (empty)
•   car batteries
•   rechargeable batteries (cd-ni, cd-metal hydride, etc)
•   appliances/white goods, which accounts for approximately 6 percent of the wastes
•   tires
•   cardboard boxes
•   yard debris; accounts for approximately 20% of waste generated
•   latex paint (usable)
•   Aluminum cans
•   Aluminum foil, clean
•   Beverage cans
•   Brochures
•   Cardboard Cereal boxes
    (remove lining)
•   Computer paper
•   Junk mail
•   Paint bottles
•   refrigerators
•   computers
•   TVs
•   cell phone
•   stereos
          More Recyclable Items
•   Coupons
•   Cardboard Egg cartons
•   Food cans
•   Glass bottles and jars
•   Glass cosmetic bottles
•   Laundry bottles
    (remove caps and lids)
•   Ledger paper
•   Magazines
•   Newspaper
•   Paper
•   Paper tubes
•   Phone books
•   Plastic bottles
•   Tin cans
•   Tissue boxes
•   Used envelopes
•   Wrapping paper
            And Many More
    List Of Non Recyclable Items
•   Animal waste
•   Carpet
•   Cigarette butts
•   Dirt/cement/rock
•   Flooring
•   Food boxes
•   Mirrors
•   Plastic toys
•   Toothpaste tubes
•   Waxed paper
•   Carbon paper
•   Cat litter
•   Dishes
•   Disposable diapers
•   Food waste
•   Glass
•   Old clothes/shoes
•   Rags/sponges
•   Soiled paper plates
•   Window glass
         For more information
•   Call 520-791-3171

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