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COMPUTING SERVICE – LIBRARY IT                                                                            01.03.04


The Computing Service provides support for open access PCs in the Library, for specialist software and
databases on open access and staff machines, and for Library servers.

Microsoft utilities and a limited range of applications software are maintained on the open access PCs.

As far as is possible all the PCs in a given area within the Library have the same hardware configuration. In
addition there is a single operating system and utility software image, shared with the PCs in the Computing
Service open access laboratories.

Every morning when a Library open access PC is started up there is an automatic housekeeping operation and
security, run from a central server. Reports are generated automatically and emailed to systems group staff.
There is a web-based fault reporting procedure for users of open access laboratories, which forwards reports to
an email group within the Computing Service.

The hardware and software in the Colchester laboratories is maintained by Computing Service engineers and
systems programming staff.

All major up-grades to hardware or software are done out of term time whenever possible.

The Computing Service mounts software on request from the Library. Requests are made on “Request to Mount
Application Software” form, which specifies details of the package, including the license agreement. Software
with a site license is rolled out to all the Library open access machines, using Winstall. Software with only a
single machine license is installed on a stand-alone machine located by in the Library for that purpose.

The Computing Service also mounts CD-ROMs on request from the Library. The contents of the CD-ROMs are
cached to disk on a Computing Service servers, and the physical media held as backup.

The Computing Service also provides first-line support for Library servers.


Open access PCs in the Library are available during Library opening hours.

Technical support is provided from 0900 to 1700 on working days.

Library servers are in general available at all times, subject to scheduled maintenance and interruptions due to
emergencies. Support is provided from 0900 to 1700 on working days.


The Computing Service aims to provide a reliable service for Library IT, and to correct problems and failures
promptly. Hardware faults on open access PCs are dealt with by the PC maintenance operation, and covered by
that Service Commitment. Systems staff act promptly on fault reports automatically generated by the
housekeeping and security check processes. Faults reported through the web-based procedure are dealt with
according to priority; the Computing Service aims to make first contact and assessment on the lowest priority
faults within one working day.

Library staff also check equipment regularly and report faults to the Computing Service. Staff from the
Computing Service inspect the open access areas weekly to identify any unreported faults.

Closures of open access areas are minimised and adequate notice is given, along the lines described in above.


The fault reports automatically generated overnight by the housekeeping and security check processes are used
by systems staff to monitor the state of the laboratories, together with frequent physical daytime checks.

Maintenance, and faults and the subsequent recovery action, are recorded in the Computing Service Systems
Group systems log. Serious problems are monitored closely by the laboratory coordinator, the Systems Manager
and the Director of Information Systems.


There are no charges for Library IT services.


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