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									                               Casa de la Esperanza

                      Summer Group Visitation Questionnaire
We look forward to your upcoming visit to Casa de la Esperanza with great anticipation. We trust
that those of you who have visited with us before will be pleasantly surprised with the progress
that continues to be made here at Casa. At present, 16 churches are scheduled to visit Casa this
spring break and summer and we continue to receive inquiries from others for the first time. God
is blessing the work in many ways, especially in the ever improving care and progress we
evidence in the development of the children.

In preparation for your visit, please take a few minutes and respond to the following questions.
Your answers will help us in our planning as well as in our ability to assist you in which ever way
possible. We realize that some of your responses are going to be approximations and/or your best
guest; however, they will be very helpful to us in this early planning stage. We would like for you
to return this questionnaire by March 1st for Spring Break visitors and by April 1st for our summer
visitors. Thank you for your timely response.

1. Congregation Name______________________________________________

2. Address___________________________________ State________________

3. Office Phone _______________ Email Address________________________

4. Name of coordinator/primary contact person __________________________

5. Contact person primary phone number _______________________________

6. Cell Phone from which the contact person can be reached while traveling in the
   El Paso or Presidio area ____________________________________________

7. Border Crossing in; El Paso______ or Presidio______

8. Estimated date/time of Arrival at border crossing ____________________

9. Form of transportation_____________________________

10. Will you require assistance with border crossing, documentation, and traveling to
    Casa? Yes_____ No_____ (Assistance with related expenses including gas, tolls, etc.
    is requested).

11. How many do you estimate will be visiting Casa in your group?
    Adult Sponsors ________, Youth___________

12. The success of any given mission trip rest largely in the amount of preparation and
    orientation taking place before hand. Preparing the heart to serve and creating a willing spirit
    is paramount. Please describe your endeavors to prepare you group for mission work.
13. Departure date to Casa ___________ Arrival date at Casa_____________

14. Arrival time at Casa_________________

15. Will you be conducting any of the evening devotionals with the children and if so would you
    need translation assistance? Please be as specific as possible, i.e. which nights you would be
    conducting devotionals; will you require any tables, props or other set up requirements. We
    want to assist as much as possible and will inform you of any limitations we might have
    given our resource limitations.

16. Meal Plan
    Meal Prices at Casa (per person) are as follows: Breakfast-$3.75; Lunch-$4.25; Dinner-$4.55.
    Please let us know which days and which meals you are planning on eating with us.

    Meal Cost Estimator
    Breakfast $4.25 x (#people)__________x (# days)_____________ =__________
    Lunch     $4.50 x (#people)__________x (# days)_____________ =__________
    Dinner $4.75 x (#people)__________x (# days)____________ _=__________
                                                             Total   _______
Meals      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday                          Saturday Sunday

    Groups larger than 40 will eat in 2 sessions. The Casa children will also eat in two sessions in
    order to accompany the visiting group member during the meal.

17. Motel / Camp Casa Information

                      How many 3   Approx. $     How many 2     Approx. $     How many 1     Approx. $
  Hotel               bed rooms?   for 3 beds    bed rooms?     for 2 beds    bed rooms?     for 1 bed

  Tarahumara                       $610 pesos                   $570 pesos                   $N/A

  Del Camino                       $400 pesos                   $350 pesos                   $290 pesos

Camp Casa / English Center Accommodations
An alternative to staying in a hotel in town is to stay on Casa campus in the Larry English
Center. Bring your own sleeping bag. The facility provides a kitchen, bunk bed sleeping
accommodations, separate bathrooms and showers, a large central dinning/meeting area,
an outdoor cooking area and a large gazebo in front.

Adults                        ________ x 5.75 x Nights__________ = _________
Children (under 12 years old) ________ x 3.00 x Nights _________ = _________

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