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Description: Variable Interest Home Loan: Most common home loans available in the market are variable home loans, as the name suggests the interest rate here is not fixed and keeps fluctuating during the tenure of the loan. Rate of interest can increase or decrease depending on the financial year. Fixed Rate Home Loan: They are different from variable home loans in the sense that the rate of interest remains fixed here. Though the name suggests that the rate of interest remains fixed in reality it is a different story. The interest rate remains fixed only for a short period of time and varies later on. Line of Credit Home Loan: Very few people are able to use this type of home loan as they are less popular. Generally big investors with big budget use it. They are very much similar to variable home loans with the only difference that here the rate of interest charged is higher but the loan is more flexible.Recipient does not have to pay any fix amount towards repayments and can redraw money at any given time without cist.