Kanye Turns Heads By Wearing A Skirt

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					Kanye Turns Heads By Wearing A Skirt

Kanye West caught a lot of attention when a picture of him wearing a very weird costume in one of his
   performances pops up on the internet. The eye catching pictures, that has put the rapper into the
  spotlight once again was shot of him wearing a kilt, or like what bloggers and comments called it, a
 dress. It has really been the talking point of the town for a lot of people, like how many people talked
           about the controversial DePuy hip recall that has caused trouble to a lot of patients.

   Because of Kanye’s odd choice of costume, there are even some internet users, who have seen the
picture who have questioned the rapper’s masculinity. However, he seemed to have a defense system,
like how the patients of the hip recall found defense with the expert DePuy hip recall lawyers, through
              Ariel Kaiser, Yahoo! Shine’s resident wardrobe stylist, and a lifestyle blogger.

 Although a lot of people havegive not so good reaction about the rapper’s fashion sense, he said that
                                                             there is really nothing wrong about the
                                                           costume choice Kanye. Kaiser said that the
                                                           way Kanye looks in the viral internet photo
                                                         does not really show the rapper looking like a
                                                          woman. He said that Kanye wasn’t wearing a
                                                          pink dress and wore heels; instead, he thinks
                                                           that what he wore is something that would
                                                         resemble an ancient warrior’s clothing. Which
                                                             can be possible since some of her songs
                                                                pertains to him being a pharaoh.

                                                             Despite the bad comments about the odd
                                                           costume, Kaiser has even called the costume
                                                           cool, and says even though there are a lot of
                                                            people who are not used to seeing straight
                                                         guys in this costume, it really happens. He adds
                                                         that there are a lot of straight guys around the
                 globe who wear skirts, most particularly, those in the eastern culture.

 Kaiser, who was also not surprised about the stir that Kanye has made, not like how the patients of the
 DePuy recall was surprised to know that they are facing grave danger and have to take legal measures
like filing a DePuy hip lawsuit, has said that there is a possibility that Kanye has done this thing because
   of his wanting to set himself apart from the normal things that we see. He even compared it to Lady
     Gaga, who dressed oddly because of a certain reason which is more likely to get more attention.