Persuasive messages-sales by huangyuarong


									Persuasive Messages: Sales

   Openings

   To bring out the point of getting
    attention effectively by holding out the
    prospect of a reader benefit, let's
    compare and analyze some beginnings.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      a. Did you know that now you can
       own a boat that stores neatly in
       your closet, fits into your car trunk
       for transporting, and can be set up
       and launched almost anywhere?
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      b. You can now own a boat that
       stores neatly in your closet, fits into
       your car trunk for transporting, and
       launches almost anywhere.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      c. Our Zodiac Simplex sells
       complete with floorboards,
       oarlocks, outboard motor bracket,
       and a transom assembly.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      In just ten minutes, without help
       you can have your boat out of your
       car trunk and launched.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      e. Would you like to keep your
       boat in your clothes closet?
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   Psychological Description

   To show the points of using you-
    viewpoint and guarding against stark
    physical product description, analyze
    the following paragraphs:
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      a. As you step on the secure
       floorboards that stiffen the fabric
       bottom for stability, you'll feel
       secure. If you hoose to row, you
       have oarlocks; or if you choose to
       motor, you have a bracket that
       hooks your motor securely.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      b. You can set your Simplex up on
       a riverbank, a beach, or a boat
       dock with equal ease. Imagine the
       convenience--no trailer to pull,
       park, or worry about while you're
       away from your car, and no boat
       slip to pay rent on every month.
Persuasive Messages: Sales
   References to Prices

          a. And the price is the best of all! At
           only $531, it includes the floorboards
           and outboard motor bracket. You'll save
           a good part of that the first year alone in
           slip rental fees (or avoid crowding your
           car out of the garage)--and take your
           convenient Zodiac Simplex wherever you
           want to go for years.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

      b. Where else can you get a 3-
       passenger boat for $531? That
       price covers floorboards and the
       outboard motor bracket.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   c. For around $1.50 a day for a year,
    you can own a 3-passenger Zodiac
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   d. For $531 (about $1.50 a day for a
    year), you can own this inflatable
    dinghy. This per-day charge is probably
    less than your gas while hauling it.
Persuasive Messages: Sales
   References to Enclosures

   a. As you can see by the attached
    brochure, fishermen all over the country
    have testified to the convenience and
    capability of the Zodiac Simplex, You'll
    be proud to own a boat with its
    features at such a reasonable price.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   b. We have enclosed a brochure
    picturing the inflatable dinghy that is
    tested and approved by the U.S. Coast
    Guard in all types of waters.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   c. Turn to page 4 of the enclosure and
    read what the U.S. Coast Guard says
    about the test it ran on the Zodiac
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   d. You can set up your Zodiac Simplex
    (as shown on page 4 of the enclosed
    brochure on a river bank, a beach, or a
    boat dock with ease in ten minutes.
Persuasive Messages: Sales
   Action endings

   a. Just complete the attached postage-
    paid card and return it to us today.
    We'll send you complete information on
    the benefits and convenience of owning
    the new Zodiac Simplex the same day
    we hear from you.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   b. By checking the box on the reply
    card, you will authorize us to send you
    complete information on how to order
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   c. To have your Zodiac Simplex ready
    for early-morning fishing trips, just fill
    out the attached order card, charging to
    Visa or Master Charge if you like. Then
    sit back and dream of the five-pounders
    you will soon be boating.
Persuasive Messages: Sales

   d. If you should wish to order the
    Zodiac Simplex, write us a letter
    authorizing us to do so. You can send a
    check, money order, or pay for it on
    your Visa or Master Charge cards.

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