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					      Let’s Look at Science!!
    According to Wildlife Biology:
1) Hunting cannot permanently reduce the size
   of a deer herd.
2) There are non-lethal cost-effective methods
   to reduce the size of a deer-herd.
3) Deer car collisions peak whenever hunting
   takes place
4) Science shows that deer density is not a
   cause of Lyme Disease
5) Bow hunting is least effective in deer-herd
   reduction and the most cruel form of
Wildlife Management
 The Root of the Problem
Wildlife Mismanagement
    The Root of the Problem
Can Hunting Control Wildlife Populations?
 Killing some deer increases the browse for
                the survivors
                                  An abundance of
                                     browse increases
                                     the fecundity of
                                     does in several
                                     ways among them
                                  1) Does will come
                                     into estrus more
                                  2) Chance of multiple
                                     birth increase from
                                     18% to 43%
                                  3) Yearling does will
                                     go into estrus
             Can Hunting Control Wildlife Populations?

                   Operative Deer Management Principle:
The optimum sustained yield is that harvest level where the population is
kept below carrying capacity.
     Wildlife Management to reduce deer populations (where needed) can be
accomplished using Immunocontraception (The use of the body’s natural
    immune defense mechanisms to provide protection against a pregnancy.)
            Lyme Disease -- What does Science Say?
    Actually the deer ticks main host is the white footed mouse, and mice are
everywhere. The infected tick bites mouse, then another deer tick bites the mouse
                     and that's how the bacteria are spread.

                                   …There was no apparent effect of the deer
                                   culling program on numbers of questing
                                   I. scapularis subadults in the culling areas, and
                                   the overall numbers of host-seeking ticks in the
                                   culling areas seemed to increase in the
                                   second year of the program. The Lyme
                                   disease incidence rate generated by both
                                   passive and active surveillance systems
                                   showed no clear trend among years, and it did
                                   not seem to vary with declining deer
                                   density. …

                                   Journal of Medical Entomology 44(5):752-
                                   757. 2007
                                   Robert A. Jordan, Terry L. Schulze,
                                   Margaret B. Jahn
          Car-Deer Collisions
Caused by Hunting & Hunting Management

                        Erie Insurance operates in 11
                         states and the District of
                         Columbia - Pennsylvania,
                         Maryland, New York, Ohio,
                         Virginia, West Virginia,
                         Tennessee, Illinois,
                         Wisconsin, North Carolina,
                         and Indiana.

                        In Pa., the 2-week hunting
                         season in late November and
                         early December is also a time
                         when a large number of deer
                         claims occur, particularly on
                         opening day (Monday after
                         Thanksgiving) and the first
                         Saturday of the season. In
                         2001, ERIE had 184 deer
                         claims on opening day and
                         200 claims on the first
                         Saturday of the season
Bow Hunting is the least effective
and the cruelest form of hunting
                  The crippling rate for deer is 50%
                  About half of the deer that are hit
                  by arrows are never recovered.
                  They die days, weeks or even
                  months later from infections.
                              Who says so?
                  The Departments of Natural Resources of
                  and Missouri
                  As well as scientific studies in:
                  South Carolina
                  South Dakota
                  Several other Midwestern states
 Other Stakeholders in he use of public recreational areas are
          deprived of the opportunities to use them

Wildlife watchers, hikers, bird-   Hunters comprise less than 5% of
  watchers comprise over 30%                 the population
         of the population

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