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					                                 Marc R. Ilgen, Ph.D.
                             Prior Art Pro Research Services
                              270F N El Camino Real, #157
                                   Encinitas, CA 92024
                                     (760) 828-8123

   Prior art research scientist with broad technical experience in computer science,
    ecommerce, search engines, wireless technologies, online financial services and
    trading (currencies/forex, commodities, stocks, options), computer games, control
    systems, aerospace, defense, and energy technologies.
   Chief developer, founder and owner of two search engine optimization networks,
    including Neurolinker and 1WayBlogLinks.
   Expert level Java developer for enterprise, desktop, and wireless handset applications
    with extensive experience using J2EE, JDBC, XML, MYSQL, Swing, Tomcat,
    Apache and J2ME. Expertise and extensive hands-on experience in Java, C/C++, and
    PHP in both Unix and Windows environments
   Chief developer and commercial publisher of wireless games and applications using
    BREW, J2ME, WAP/WML and SMS, and some development experience in IPhone
    (Objective C) and Android.
   Entrepreneurial experience as founder of a software development company in
    business for the past 10 years.
   Experienced online currency trader, passed Series 3 exam for commodity trading.
   Experienced developer of forex expert advisor software systems and trader tools
    using Java, MQL4, and C/C++ in Windows environments.
   Technology development leadership experience as Senior Staff Scientist and Director
    of Exploratory Research and Development for a major software company
   Principal Investigator for eight competitive U.S. Government research and
    development contracts between 1995 and 2001.
   Spacecraft systems, guidance and controls engineer for 7 years (1987-1994). Nuclear
    Engineer for 3 years (1984-1986).
   Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, UCLA, 1992. M.S. Nuclear Engineering, 1986. B.S.
    Physics, 1983.
   Award winning performance: selected as MVP of HNC Advanced Technology
    Systems group, 2000.
   Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
   US citizen


                Prior Art Pro Research Services, Nov., 2011 - present
Prior Art Research Consultant
Conducted prior art research to support patent litigation in the area of search engine
algorithms. Clients include Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Microsoft Inc.
                    West of Pluto Software LLC, Oct., 2001 - present
Chief Developer, Owner, Entrepreneur and Consultant
Developed, published and sold a wide variety of commercial software systems in several
different industries. These included the following:
 Created, developed, and ran two search engine optimization backlink networks
    (Neurolinker and 1WayBlogLinks) using a combination of PHP, J2EE, and MYSQL.
    Developed and implemented algorithms for maximizing client search engine rankings
    as a result of using these networks. Developed software for integration of Paypal and
    Clickbank payments for these products. Successfully marketed and sold these SEO
    services to small business owners and affiliate marketers.
 Currently developing a Java Swing based forex testing tool allowing forex traders to
    test automated trading algorithms in a realistic environment. Also developing a
    commercial forex trading account duplicator for MT4 using MQL4 and C/C++.
 Developed and published seven commercial cellphone games in both BREW and
    J2ME. Ported these games to multiple handsets and deployed the games on major
    world carriers including Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, NexTel (USA), and Vivo (Brazil).
 Developed novel system for manipulating the bytecode of existing J2ME applications
    in order to wrap advertising and server interaction code around the games.
 Served as contract CTO for a small wireless development company involved in
    IPhone productivity app development. Performed hands-on development and
    modification of IPhone apps for movie tickets and internet radio and supervised
    development activities of two other developers. I left this position when the company
    ran out of funding.
 Performed contract development on a BREW based fingerprint authentication project
    that will serve as the basis for a mobile payments system to be embedded within the
    operating system for a major cellphone manufacturer. Repaired the mess created by
    the original developer and made the project a big success for my client.
 Performed contract development on a J2ME based workforce tracking application
    that used the Motorola iDEN Location Based Services/GPS API. Developed simple
    web server process to test the HTTP-based client server interactions for this app.
 Developed E-commerce websites in PHP with MySQL and Paypal integration to
    support the development of a web portal for distributing J2ME games.
 Developed a multiplayer game server using Java servlets and EJB (JBOSS) to
    support WAP and SMS based games.

                          HNC Software Inc., 1994 - Jan., 2002
Sr. Staff Scientist and Director, Exploratory Research and Development
Lead all technology development activities for Government funded research group.
Activities included algorithm development, hands-on software development, technical
management and supervision, proposal generation, new business development, customer
interfacing. Specific projects included:
 Agent-based modeling: Developed a Java based simulation platform using fuzzy
    logic agents for modeling multi-agent systems in military, political, economic, and
    social domains.
 Multilingual information retrieval. Developed novel algorithms for cross-lingual text
    retrieval using the HNC Context Vector retrieval technology. Implemented a text
    processing toolset in C for handling multibyte character sets (e.g. Asian languages) in
   Multimedia information retrieval. Designed and supervised development of a system
    for content-based image and video retrieval using unsupervised neural network
    feature detection models.
   Internet shopping agent: Designed and developed a shopbot in Tcl for real-time
    comparative shopping for books, videos, and other information/entertainment
   Intelligent Internet search agents: Designed and supervised development of client-
    server system of Internet search agents that scour the Web and other online
    repositories for information of interest to users. System was written in C++ and
    Tcl/Tk. Personally developed FTP and NNTP agents using Tcl/Tk and Expect.
   Text content exploitation. Designed and developed an early version of HNC’s named
    entity recognition system using a variation of Hidden Markov Models. Wrote code in
    Tcl and supervised subsequent development in C.
   Neural networks for information visualization: Designed, developed and supervised
    development of text content visualization algorithms using unsupervised neural
    network models in conjunction with the HNC Context Vector text representation
    technology. Wrote and supervised development of software in C/C++ and X-Motif.
   Bioinformatics: Supervised research work in bioinformatics, including the
    application of statistical clustering to RNA sequence recognition and the application
    of stochastic modeling techniques to obtaining robust DNA probes for organism
   Automated fingerprint identification. Designed and developed a system for
    prefiltering fingerprints in a very large database using Context Vector technology and
    a novel, fast search technique for high dimensional vector spaces.


   1991-1994. Senior Member of Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation.
    Developed software simulations and guidance algorithms for orbit transfer.
   1993. Lecturer, UCLA. Taught a Junior/Senior level class in Orbital Mechanics
   1986-1991. TRW Space and Defense. Developed control systems for spacecraft.
   1984-1986. UCLA. Research Assistant in the Fusion Engineering program

   Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, UCLA, 1992. Focused on research in spacecraft
    guidance and control. GPA: 3.6.
   M.S. Nuclear Engineering, UCLA, 1986. Focused on research in plasma physics and
    controlled fusion. GPA: 3.6.
   B.S. Physics, Haverford College, 1983. GPA: 3.6.
   Certificate, UCSD Leadership and Management Program for Scientists and
    Engineers (LAMP), 1997. Member of winning team for final project. Grade: A.
   Numerous on-site and UCSD extension courses in optimization theory, signal
    processing, advanced Java programming, orbital perturbations, computer graphics,
    molecular modeling.

   Outstanding software development skills. Highly competent in Java (J2EE, J2SE,
    J2ME), C/C++, PHP.
   Enterprise and distributed computing software skills with HTTP, HTML, sockets,
    Internet protocols, XML, Java Servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB and full range of J2EE
   Strong knowledge of Unix environments (Sun-OS, Solaris, HP-UX, DEC) and
    Windows (Vista, XP, Win98)

   HNC Advanced Technology Solutions MVP Award, 2000.
   US citizen
   References provided upon request.

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