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Dennis Bangerter                                                               Tel : 813-679-1209
10729 Dalton Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33615                                             e-mail :

Results-oriented Mechanical Design Professional with over 10 years experience orchestrating the development,
strategic planning, budgeting and day-to-day operations of Engineering Drafting and Document Control
Departments. Responsible for the design and drawings (CAD) of all department engineers, as well as the
evaluation, design, drafting and implementation for personal assigned projects, assuring that all deadlines were
met, and completed projects were in compliance with all specifications and drafting standards.

 Qualifications:              Aerospace and Tire Manufacturing Industries
                              Drafting / Document Control Department Manager
                              Mechanical / Machine Designer & Mechanical (CAD) Drafter
                              Extensive Internet Research proficiency
                              Aircrew Egress Systems Technician / Supervisor / Manager (military aircraft)

     Strengths:      Detail Oriented – Self Directed - Analytical – Conscientious – Versatile – Multi-tasking.

Key Computer Skills
Proficient or familiar with a vast array of computer and software programs and technologies, including:
           Windows O.S.                           AutoCAD               Front Page (Web dsgn)       Technical Writing
 M.S. Office (Word, Excel, Access)         (2D, 3D, Solid Modeling)   Paint Shop Pro (Image dsgn)   E-Book Creation
Equipment Proficiency: Large & small scale scanners, digitizers, printers, plotters, blue print machines & copiers.

Education and Technical Training
      9/92 – 6/94            Mechanical Engineering Technology – (22 courses)
                             International Correspondence School (ICS) – Scranton, Pa.
      1/86 – 6/87            Associate in CAD and Mechanical Drafting
                             Bay Valley Technical Institute – Santa Clara, Ca.
           1987              Architectural Drafting Course
                             San Jose City College – San Jose, Ca.
      1976 - 1983            U.S.A.F. – Supervision and Aircraft Repair Technician Courses
                                    Supervisors O.J.T.
                                    Supervision and Leadership
                                    Non-Commissioned Officer (N.C.O.) Orientation
                                    Numerous certificates and re-certifications: Aircrew Egress Systems Technician

Notables, Achievements and Certificates
      1976 - 1983            “Secret” Security Clearance – U.S.A.F.
      1989 - 1990            “Secret” Security Clearance – Ford Aerospace
           1987              Academic Achievement Award – Bay Valley Technical Institute
           1981              Junior Technician Award – U.S.A.F.
           1982              Master Technician Award – U.S.A.F.
           1998              Fundamentals of Vibration – C.S.I. (certificate)
           1998              Basic Vibration Analysis – C.S.I. (certificate)

Activities and Interests
                  Website design, E-book creation, Hobby Handyman, Bicycling, Swimming, Traveling
Work Experience
 Hillsborough Area Rapid Transit - Tampa, Fl.
 Bus Operator                                                                                    2008 to 2011
      Operated city buses; provided excellent customer service; consistently met crucial and demanding

 Transworld Quality Engineering Services – Tampa, Fl.                                                       2008
 Transport Driver
     Transported and delivered various types of automobiles as required.

 Weight Loss Plus – Tampa, Fl.                                                                       2007 to 2008
 Self Employed – Sub-contract – Coordinator
      Coordinated the disposition, transfer, delivery and storage of office furniture, machines and client files
        due to company downsizing.
      Consolidated and re-organized existing file systems into one unified system at a newly designated
        centralized center.

 Contract Mechanical Design & Drafting Services (self employed)                                    2000 to 2007
 (Business website and portfolio online at
     Services provided to local and internet businesses included: Overflow Drafting, Prototype Design
        Drawings, CAD Conversions, E-book Creation, and Technical Writing services.
     Drawing types included: 2D, 3D, Detail, Layouts (machine, plant / factory, office, room, yard etc.),
        Fabrication, Solid Modeling, Rendering, CAD Models for Stereolithograhy, prototypes, reverse
        engineering, special projects and more.

 Today’s Treasures (Retail - Party Supplies & Novelties)                                           2002 to 2003
 Owner / Operator
     Designed the business concept, store layout and managed all aspects of operations.

 Pirelli Tire North America Corporation                                                             1990 to 2000
 Machine Design Engineer
      Managed the Drafting and Document Control department.
      Provided machine design and mechanical drafting for the Manufacturing Engineering department.
      Evaluated processes and equipment for improvements.
      Ordered parts, selected vendors, monitored for compliance to drawing specifications and standards,
          prepared bid requests, authorization requests for spending (AR’s), and work orders.
      Designed and implemented a LAN based database system which allowed searching and tracking of all
          engineering documents and drawings (digital and hard copy). I also provided the added benefit of
          viewing digital versions of drawings and documents via this system from any computer on the LAN.

 Ford Aerospace                                                                                  1989 to 1990
 Design Drafter (CADD)
     Hired to manage the drafting department and provide all drafting functions to department engineers for a
        large government classified project. Secret Security Clearance held.

 ASR / Engineering Plus                                                                           1987 to 1989
 CAD Services Representative
     Provided CAD drafting services for local businesses, which included: overflow drafting, CAD
        conversions, digitizing of topographical maps utilizing large scale digitizing equipment.

 Air Cargo Delivery                                                                                1984 to 1985
 Warehouse Foreman / CDL Shuttle Driver
      Supervised all functions of a shipping and receiving warehouse, to include the loading and unloading of
        semi-trucks, proper staging of freight, and preparing items for shipment.
      Trained and supervised a staff of 7.
      Shuttled and operated as necessary, semi-trucks w/ 27 & 48 foot trailers. (CDL licensed)
      Forklift experienced
U.S. Air Force                                                                                1976 to 1983
Aircrew Egress Systems Technician – Non-commissioned officer in charge (NCOIC)
     Managed the Egress shop at Castle A.F.B. Atwater, Calif. – Aircraft type: B-52’s
            o Assigned maintenance duties to personnel.
            o Monitored for compliance to standards, procedures and safety regulations.
            o Coordinated staff, equipment, tool and parts.
            o Conducted on the job training (O.J.T.).
            o Planned, coordinated and implemented “time compliance technical orders” (T.C.T.O.’s – Fleet
               wide, system critical design changes).

      Supervised subordinate personnel at Homestead A.F.B. Homestead, Fl. and Clark A.F.B. Philippines –
       Aircraft type: F-4’s, T-33’s, T-37’s and F-5’s.
           o Supervised and assisted personnel with all repair and maintenance duties of Aircrew Egress

      Functioned as a maintenance technician on Aircrew Egress systems at MacDill A.F.B. Tampa, Fl. and
       Kunsan A.F.B. S. Korea. – Aircraft type: F-4’s.

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