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									Installing the Samsung SRP7xx Windows Printer Driver Software
The Samsung SRP7xx Windows Printer Driver Software provides you a great deal of flexibility in creating your own

custom labels from any Windows based program. Just follow these a few simple steps and you will be ready to go!

    Before installing the driver software, we recommend that you make a backup copy on a separate disk. See your

     Windows manual for more information about copying disks.

    You will now have two ways to use your Samsung SRP7xx Label Printer. One way is to use the Quick-Label

     Software package with label templates which is issued with your printer. The second way to use the Samsung

     SRP7xx is with any program based Windows. These programs will use the Samsung SRP7xx Windows Printer

     Driver. The different programs will automatically access their appropriate drivers.

The Installation – Windows ’95, ’98
    1) Start your computer and access Windows. When you are in Windows, close all applications.

    2) Insert the Samsung SRP7xx Windows Pinter Driver Diskette in your A: flopy diskette Drive.

    3) Press the Start Button and select the Settings Menu.

    4) In the Settings sub-menu, click on Printers. A window will appear with your current printers listed on it. You will

      also see an icon labeled “Add Printer”.

    5) Double click on the “Add Printer” icon. You will now be in the Add Printer Wizard.

Add Printer Wizard
    1) At the first introductory Wized screen click on Next.

    2) “How is the printer attached to your computer?” Select Local printer. Click on Next.

    3) At the select Manufacturers and Printers Dialogue screen you will click on Have Disk…

    4) The Install from Disk Window appears. The Copy Manufacturer’s File from: window should read A:\, if your disk is

      in the A:\ drive you may click on OK. If it is in a different drive, key in the correct drive information and then click

      on OK.

    5) In the Printers box click on Samsung SRP7xx Label Printer. Then click on Next.

    6) You are prompted for a port. Select the appropriate COM port. (NOTE: The Samsung SRP7xx will only work with

      COM1 through COM4, it will not work with disk files or LPT ports.)

    7) Before clicking on Next, click on the Configure Port button.

    8) Correct Port Settings:

      Bits per Second: 38400     Data Bits: 8   Parity: None     Stop Bits: 1   Flow Control: Xon/Xoff.

      Make any necessary changes, click on OK, and then click on Next.

    9) You are prompted for Printer Name and Default Printer Setting. We suggest you leave the name as it appears. You

      will probably choose not to have the Samsung SRP7xx as your default printer. If you choose “Yes”, the Samsung

      SRP7xx will be the default printer setting for all of your programs.

    10)    The next dialogue box asks if you want to print a test page. Select NO. (the print test is too big for your

      Samsung SRP7xx)

    11)    Click on Finish and your printer will be installed.

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