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									“HR Policies In BSES Power Corporation Delhi For
         Wage & Salary Administration”



BSES in Delhi
Following the privitisation of Delhi’s power sector and unbundling of
the Delhi Vidyut Board in July 2002, the business of power
distribution was transferred to BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL)
and BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL). These two of the three
successor entities distribute electricity to 22.6 lakh customers in two
thirds of Delhi. The Company acquired assets, liabilities, proceedings
and personnel of the Delhi Vidyut Board as per the terms and
conditions contained in the Transfer Scheme

BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL)

BYPL distributes power to an area spread over 200 sq kms with a
population density of 4230 per sq km. It’s 10.4lakh customers are
spread over 14 districts across Central and East areas including
Chandni Chowk, Daryaganj, Paharganj, Shankar Road, Patel Nagar,
G T Road, Karkardooma, Krishna Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Mayur Vihar,
Yamuna Vihar, Nand Nagri and Karawal Nagar.

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL)

BRPL distributes power to an area spread over 750 sq. km with a
population density of 1360 per sq km. Its’ over 12.2 lakh customers
are spread in 19 districts across South and West areas including
Alaknanda, Khanpur, Vasant Kunj, Saket, Nehru Place, Nizamuddin,
Sarita Vihar, Hauz Khas, R K Puram, Janakpuri, Najafgargh, Nangloi,
Mundka, Punjabi Bagh, Tagore Garden, Vikas Puri, Palam and

Since taking over distribution, BSES’ singular mission has been to
provide reliable and quality electricity supply. BSES has invested over
Rs 3500 crore on upgrading and augmenting the infrastructure which
has resulted in a record reduction of AT&C losses. From a high of
63.1 % AT&C losses in BYPL area in 2002 the losses have come
down      to   23%      a     record    reduction     around     40%.

Similarly, in BRPL area AT&C losses have been reduced from 51.2%
to 20% - a record reduction of 31%

BRPL distributes power to an area spread over 750 sq. km with a
population density of 1360 per sq km. Its’ over 12.2 lakh customers
are spread in 19 districts across South and West areas including
Alaknanda, Khanpur, Vasant Kunj, Saket, Nehru Place, Nizamuddin,
Sarita Vihar, Hauz Khas, R K Puram, Janakpuri, Najafgargh, Nangloi,
Mundka, Punjabi Bagh, Tagore Garden, Vikas Puri, Palam and

Since taking over distribution, BSES’ singular mission has been to
provide reliable and quality electricity supply. BSES has invested over
Rs 3500 crore on upgrading and augmenting the infrastructure which
has resulted in a record reduction of AT&C losses. From a high of
63.1 % AT&C losses in BYPL area in 2002 the losses have come
down         to    23%     a          record      reduction      around        40%.

Similarly, in BRPL area AT&C losses have been reduced from 51.2%
to 20% - a record reduction of 31%.

                                           BYPL           BRPL
SN Particular                  Unit        (East        & (South     &
                                           Central)       West)
1. Area                        sq. km      200            750            950
2. Customer density                        4230           1360           1964
     Total        Registered
3.                             Lacs        10.4           12.2           22.6
4. Peak Demand                 MW          900            1420           2320
     Consumption         per
5.                             MU          5000           8000           13000
Board of Directors

Board of Directors - BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL)

As On 22.10.2009

1.   Shri Lalit Jalan

2.   Gen. V. P. Malik (Retd.)

3.   Shri Anthony Jesudasan

4.   Shri Arun Kanchan

5.   Shri V.V.Bhat, IAS

6.   Shri D.M.Sapolia, IAS

7.   Shri Rajendra Kumar, IAS

Board of Directors - BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL)

As On 22.10.2009

1.   Shri Lalit Jalan

2.   Gen. V. P. Malik (Retd.)

3.   Shri Anthony Jesudasan

4.   Shri Arun Kanchan
5.   Shri V.V.Bhat, IAS

6.   Shri J K Dadoo (IAS)*

7.   Shri Rajendra Kumar, IAS

*Shri J.K.Dadoo has been transferred from Government of Delhi,
letter for change of nomination from Govt. of Delhi/DPCL.awaited.


To be amongst the most admired and most trusted integrated utility
companies in the world.

To deliver reliable and quality products and services to all customers
at competitive costs, with international standards of customer care-
thereby    creating    superior    value    for    all   stakeholders.

To set new benchmarks in: standards of corporate performance and
governance, through the pursuit of operational and financial
excellence, responsible citizenship and profitable growth.
To attain global best practices and become a world-class utility.

To provide: uninterrupted, affordable, quality, reliable, safe and clean power
to our customers.

To achieve excellence in: service, quality, reliability, safety and customer

To earn: trust and confidence of all customers and stakeholders by exceeding
their expectations, and make the company a respected household name.

To work: with vigour, dedication and innovation keeping total customer
satisfaction as the ultimate goal .

To consistently achieve: high growth with the highest levels of productivity.

To be: a technology driven, efficient and financially sound organisation.

To be a responsible corporate citizen nurturing human values and concern
for society, the environment and above all, people.

To contribute: towards community development and nation building.
To promote a work culture that fosters: individual growth, team sprit and
creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals.

To encourage: ideas, talent and value systems.

To uphold the guiding principles of: trust, integrity and transparency in all
aspects of interactions and dealings.

Corporate Governance

We believe in proactive initiatives in ushering in good governance practices
and procedures. We have reviewed our governance practices in accordance
with existing code of governance and the recommendations made for
amending the code.

As a result, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has awarded
BSES for achieving the highest standards of good governance practices.
Additionally, the Indian Institute of Directors has also awarded the Golden
Peacock Award for pursuit of excellence in corporate governance to BSES.

We are committed to practicing sound governance principles in order
to further improve our company’s performance, with a view to
maximising value for all our stakeholders, including shareholders,
customers and employees.
         Customer Profile

Load      Domestic        Commercial      Industrial   Consumer Total
0-10 kw 751925 937092 228826 170057 35120 18171 1295 2555 1017166 1127875
          10729 40905 8358        14041 6593 6807 1377 3254 27057            65007
          87      96      195     230     407    587   2200 3721 2889        4634
>100 kw 0         0       0       0       0      0     348    1247 348       1247
Total     762741 978093 237379 184328 42120 25565 5220 10777 1047460 1198763

         Initiatives Undertaken

         Setting up Customer Help Desks (CHD’s) in all the 33 divisions for
         online registration of consumer complaints.         Setting up of 2
         Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums in Kakardooma & Pushp
         Vihar in compliance with D.E.R.C Mandate Commercial Call Centre
         to address Consumer Complaints. •In-house developed CRM
         software (CAS) which provides the facility of Single Window
         resolution of complaints. Setting up of a 24 Hour Control Room at the
         C.M.’s office to provide immediate information on faults/breakdowns.
Bifurcation of the existing 21 districts into 33 Divisions Centralised
Helpline Numbers for the following have been created for all queries
related to

Power    Supply/Meter/Billing    /Anti-corruption/Vigilance/Anti    Power
Theft/Enforcement BYPL - 3999 99 808 BRPL - 399 99 707 and
additionally down load a duplicate bill from the website click here for
Duplicate Bill

The entire Billing Cycles has been automated; starting from bill generation
to bill printing. Starting of “BAM: Bill Amendment Module”: a billing
software module through which customers’ complaints are rectified on the
spot. Total curbing of “Provisional Billing” cases. Facility of raising one
composite bill for bulk consumers like MCD, DJB, etc for convenient
payments. Meter Reading is now being conducted by Meter Reading
Instruments (MRIs). Location of a BSES office in 3 KM radius from each
point. Consumers can frequent any of the 143 BSES’ offices. The following
facilities for Key Consumers have been created:

Creation of a Special Cell for customers having a load of over 45 KW.

Single Window ease and preparation of Composite Bill for Bulk
Consumers like DJB, MCD, etc, for convenient payments. Bill
Dispatch by e-mails and special couriers. SMS alerts. Launch of
IVRS AMR facility provided to 1500 customers.
Supply & Street Lighting Related Approx. 100 Breakdown vans & cable
restoration on a 24X7 basis. Online Connectivity between Technical Call
Centre, System and Circle Control. 25 Genset vans & Mobile Transformers
are readily available all round the clock.

A special drive “Roshini” was undertaken in which uninterrupted
illumination was provided during the entire festive season

Metering Related Comprehensive survey of meters of all consumers was
conducted to ensure proper functioning/housing and reading of meters.
Mass Meter Replacement drive is being undertaken for all Large Industrial
Power (LIP) consumers. Electronic Meters have also been introduced for
Domestic Consumers. Faulty Meters are being replaced on a priority basis
with tamper-proof electronic meters. A “Special Meter Testing Drive”
was undertaken in accordance. Only 0.01% meters electronic meters were
found beyond limits. A month long Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS)
was undertaken.

Payment Related: 120 cash collection centres across BSES 150
skypak drop boxes across BSES 1050 Easy bill outlets across BSES
150 Drop boxes installed at RWA premises Cash collection centres
at Circle Offices are open all days from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. except
Second Saturdays and National Holidays. Point-of-Sales (POS)
machines are installed at the cash collection counters with bar code
scanners for speedy service. Tie-ups with collection agencies like
Easy Bill and Skypak for cheque payments and with Bill Desk and Bill
Junction for online payments.

Energy Conservation

Don't keep Electrical Gadgets "ON" in idle condition.

Always provide doors & windows to admit natural light ( Sunlight ) to avoid
using electricity in homes or offices during the day.

To avoid leakage always use Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker / Residual
Current Circuit Breaker in circuit.

Always buy fewer bulbs of higher wattage rather than many of lower

Always buy electrical gadgets with capacity according to your needs & not
of much higher rating e.g.larger refrigerators consume more electricity.

Use Compact Fluorescent Lamps to reduce electricity consumption

Ensure proper Earthing in your premises.

Use electronic regulators for ceiling fans. Avoid storing hot / warm food in

Turn-off decorative & non-essential lights especially in unoccupied areas
Do's and Don'ts

Do's                                        Don'ts

Do plug power equipment into wall Do not drape power cords
receptacles with power switches in the over hot pipes, radiators
OFF position.                               or sharp objects.

Do unplug electrical equipment by Do not plug equipment
grasping the plug and then pulling. Do into defective receptacles.
not pull or jerk the cord to unplug the

                                            Do not use non standard
                                            plugs,       extension   cords
Do check the receptacle for missing or
                                            with         junction      box
damaged parts.
                                            receptacle ends or other
                                            unsafe equipment.

                                            Do     not    use   consumer
Do check for defective cord clamps at
                                            electrical     equipment    or
locations where the power cord enters
                                            appliances if not properly
the equipment for the attachment plug.

Maintenance personnel should know Do not store materials
the location of electrical circuit breaker temporarily                  or
panels that control equipment and permanently within 3 feet
lighting   in   their   respective   areas. of any electrical panel or
Circuits and equipments disconnects electrical equipment.
must be identified.

Use a danger tag on any electrical
equipment which causes shocks or has
high leakage.


Use proper conductor for house wiring by calculating actual load.

Don't expose electrical appliances & bare wires to wet conditions.

Use the correct size , ISI make of fuse & never replace the burn-out
fuse with other materials.

Avoid the use of Extension Chords & don't leave them dangling or
trailing on the floor.

For households :

(a) Never allow your children to touch any electrical point or insert
any part of their body into it.

(b) Allow only licensed Electricians to handle electrical problems.

(c) Always ensure that you are properly insulated from getting
electrical shock.

(d) Avoid " Octopus Connections " as overloading might occur due to
the same which can cause burning of sockets.
Educate the children about 'Electrical Signs' & dangers of electric
shock .

Always switch off the Current from the mains in case of short circuit
in a portion of premises & insulate yourself.

Ensure proper earthing in your premises.

Never insert bare wires in the socket & always remove the plug from
the socket when not in use.


           Venue    &
S.No                     Events                                                      Photographs


1.         New Delhi,
                         Power Cup 2010 T-20 tournament BYPL team
           Feb     01,
                         declared Runner’s up CEO – Ramesh Narayanan
                         declared           “Man      of       the        Series”

                         Delhi, Delhi Transco Limited (DTL) organized an apex
                         level Cricket Tournament - “Power Cup-2010”. The first
                         of its kind tournament, spanning several weekends,
                         saw the senior management of the power utilities (Delhi
                         Transco    Ltd.,    Indraprasthra   Power    Generation
                         Company Ltd., BSES Rajdhani Power Limited., BSES
                         Yamuna Power Limited., North Delhi Power Limited and
                         New Delhi Municipal Council) battle it out on the cricket

                         The finals were played between DTL and BSES
                         Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) on Sunday, 31 January
                         2010, at the Ramjas Sports and Mountaineering
                         Institute, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi. While Dr.
                         Pawan Singh Director (Finance) led the DTL team, Mr.
                         Ramesh Narayanan, CEO, BYPL led the latter team.

2.         New Delhi,
                         BYPL team won the toss and elected to bat.
           Feb     01,
                         Coasting along at 84 for no loss by the 12th over,
                         the team finally made 112 for the loss of 2 wickets
                         in their stipulated 20 over. DTL’s team made 113
                         runs, losing seven wickets, two of which were run
                       outs in 19.4 over’s. A nail biting finsh to a well
                       fought match.

                       For BYPL the highest run getter was Mr. Surender
                       Kumar who scored 43 runs. Mr. Ramesh Narayanan
                       scored 31 runs retired hurt and also took 2 wickets.

                       Mr Ramesh Narayanan, CEO BYPL, was declared
                       "Man of the Series" for remaining not-out in the finals,
                       scoring 63 runs, taking 5 wickets and a catch in the

                       Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Secretary (Power) GNCTD &
                       CMD DTL was the Chief Guest and presented the
                       awards       to the teams. Other       dignitaries    present
                       included, Mr. Raj K. Saxena, Director (HR) DTL, Dr.
                       Pawan Singh, Director (Finance) DTL, Mr. Viney Kumar
                       Director (T) IPGCL, Mr. Gopal Saxena CEO BRPL, Mr.
                       R.K. Gaur, MD IPGCL & PPCL and other senior officers
                       of the power companies.


1.        New Delhi,
                       Delhi Chief Minister inaugurates BRPL’ 66/11 KV
          Jan    23,
                       Dwarka                      Grid                Substation

                       Keeping pace with Delhi’s development in wake of the
                       2010     Commonwealth         Games,   BRPL     has     been
                       continuously sprucing up its distribution infrastructure.
                       In a simple but an impressive ceremony today, the
                       company’s newest Grid Sub Station – its 4th in Dwarka
                       and 71st in its licensed area spanning 750 sq Kms -
                       was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi,
                       Smt                         Sheila                    Dikshit.

                       Others present on the occasion included Shri Mahabal
                       Mishra (MP, Lok Sabha), Shri Somesh Shokeen (MLA),
                       Smt Ganapati Galhot (Councillor), Shri Rajendra Kumar
                       (Principal     Secretary,     Power,   GoNCTD)         senior
                         Government and BRPL and BYPL officials led by CEO
                         Shri Gopal Saxena and Shri Ramesh Narayanan.

                         This next generation and state of the art 66/11 KV Grid
                         Substation, has been constructed at a total cost of over
                         Rs 14 crore, keeping in mind the present and future
                         requirement of this fast developing sub city. The Grid
                         will have an initial capacity of 40 MVA (2 x 20 MVA),
                         which will be expanded to 65 MVA over the next few

2.         New Delhi,
                         "BSES reaches out to the underprivileged, donates
           Jan     06,

                         For the third edition of the ARPAN initiative, senior
                         BRPL and BYPL officials distributed hundreds of
                         articles of clothing and woollens to the needy and the
                         underprivileged             on              6-Jan-2010.

                         While BRPL partnered with "Freedom Trust", BYPL
                         partnered with "Shama Educational and Polytechnic
                         Society" - both NGOs working with the underprivileged
                         and the needy in South Delhi's Tigdi village and East
                         Delhi's Seelampur area respectively.


           Venue    &
S.No                     Events                                                     Photographs


1.         New Delhi,
                         BYPL’ "National Energy Conservation Day" offer to
           Dec     14,
                         electric   vehicles    owners     1st     Charge    Port
                         inaugurated at I P Extension – more to follow

                         On   "National    Energy   Conservation    Day",   BSES
                        Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) launched a first of its
                        kind initiative to recognize and facilitate those who use
                        electric vehicles.

                        Under the initiative, BYPL will offer free charge facility
                        to owners of REVA – the electric car – at its various
                        locations in Central and East Delhi. An agreement to
                        this affect has been signed between REVA (the
                        company that manufacturers electric car) and BYPL.

                        The first Charge Port location was inaugurated at
                        BYPL’ 66KV Grid Store (near Hasanpur Depot) in I P
                        Extension, in a simple but an impressive ceremony
                        today. Those present on the occasion included Mr
                        Ramesh Narayanan, CEO, BYPL, Mr Pavan Sachdeva,
                        Head Marketing REVA, and senior officials from Delhi
                        Government, REVA, BYPL and BRPL.


1.         New Delhi,
                        BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) has been
           Nov    17,
                        awarded the prestigious India Power Awards 2009 for
                        greatly reducing its AT & C Losses by the Council of
                        Power Utilities. In a glittering ceremony at Delhi’s India
                        Habitat Centre yesterday, the award was presented to
                        the BYPL CEO Mr Ramesh Narayanan and BRPL
                        CEO Mr Gopal Saxena by Mr Bharatsinh Solanki,
                        Hon’ble     Union      Minister   of    State      for   Power.
                        The    award     was     presented     for   "Overall     Loss
                        Reduction in Urban Segment" under the category
                        "Overall    Utility   Performance      –     Non     Agriculture
                        Dominated utility". BYPL won the award amidst still
                        competition. Only four utilities apart from BYPL
                        (APGENCO, SJVNL, PGCIL, UGVCL) made the cut in
                        this category from among the 25 nominations that were
                        These awards were selected by an eminent jury
                        consisting of stalwarts from the power sector. It
                        included      Mr     H.L.Bajaj,     (Member      (Technical),
                        Appellate          Tribunal       for   Electricity),     Mr
                        V.Raghuraman, (Former Senior Advisor, Energy
                        Deptt.      CII)    Dr.H.R.Sharma,      (Chief     Technical
                        Principal, Hydro Tasmania Consulting India), Mr
                        P.Abraham,           Former         Secretary       (Power),
                        Dr.C.R.Prasad,        (Former     CMD    (GAIL)     and   Mr
                        C.V.J.Varma – Member Secretary & President, CPU.


1.         New Delhi,
                        The Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Mr Anurag
           Mar    13,
                        Goel conferred upon BRPL the 6th National Award for
                        Excellence in Cost Management – 2008 instituted by
                        Institute of Cost and Works Accounts of India (ICWAI),
                        at a glittering function at Vigyan Bhawan. BRPL won
                        the first prize in "Private – Service Sector – Large"
                        This prestigious recognition by ICWAI was won by
                        BRPL amidst stiff competition in the form of 7 different
                        categories and more than 80 leading corporates vying
                        for top honours. Mr Amal Sinha, Chief Financial Officer-
                        BSES, and Mr Amarjeet Singh, Senior Manager
                        Finance accepted the award on behalf of the company.
                        BRPL was chosen for the top honour by an eminent
                        Jury headed by Mr J S Verma, former Chief Justice of
                        the Supreme Court of India, other jury members
                        represented government, regulatory bodies, industry,
                        chambers of commerce, academia and management


1.         New Delhi,
                        The second edition of BSES’ grueling Bijli Gyan
           Feb    19,
                        Abhiyan initiative for schools in South and West
                        Delhi culminated on February 19, 2009 at award
                        ceremony held at the Delhi Secretariat. Amidst loud
                        cheers and applause from fellow students, teachers
                        and parents, Smt Sheila Dikshit, the Hon’ble Chief
                        Minister of Delhi gave away prizes to the six
                        winners. She also handed over special prizes to the
                        two students coining the best slogans on energy
                        conservation. Others present on the occasion
                        included parents of the winners, their school
                        Principals,     Shri     Ranjendra     Kumar,    Principal
                        Secretary Power, GoNCTD, senior government
                        officials and BSES officials, led by its CEO, Shri
                        Arun Kanchan.


1.        New Delhi,
                        Gearing up for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi
          Jan     17,
                        Chief Minister lays the foundation stone for BSES’
                        Rs 40 crore ‘Akshardham’- 66/11 kV ‘Akshardham
                        Grid’. Shri Lalit Jalan, Chairman, BSES, welcomed the
                        Chief Minister - Smt Shiela Dikshit, Dr A K Walia,
                        Hon’ble Minister for Finance and Urban Development,
                        Delhi, Shri Sandeep Dikshit, Hon’ble Member of
                        Parliament (Lok Sabha), Shri Rajendra Kumar, Power
                        Secretary, GoNCTD, senior Government and important
                        Resident      Welfare    Association   members     to   the
                        foundation stone laying ceremony. Also present on the
                        occasion marking the countdown to the Commonwealth
                        Games      2010    was     Olympian    Gurbachan    Singh
                        Randhawa, who is also an Arjuna and Padma Shri
                        Awardee. This grid will cater exclusively to the power
                        needs of the upcoming Commonwealth Games Village
                        Complex. The Akshardham Grid will be BSES’ 121st
                        and will be commissioned in a record time of 12


          Venue    &
S.No                    Events                                                        Photographs

1.          New Delhi,
                         Afghanistan’s Deputy Energy Minister Mr Ahmed Wali
            Dec     5,
                         Shairzay. leads delegation to visit BSES locations.The
                         Afghanistan    Deputy     Minister    for     Energy    was
                         accompanied by Mr Eng Abdul Malik (Deputy of Kabul
                         Electricity Department), Mr Hajji Shir Ahmad (President
                         of Herat Electricity Department), Mr Taj Mohammad
                         (Director of Junction Station), and Senior USAID’ South
                         Asia Regional Initiative / Energy (SARI/E) officials.


1.          New Delhi,
                         A five member delegation including Mr. Morshed Alam
            Nov 27-28,
                         Khan, Ms. Ferdousi Begum, Ms. Jesmin Ahmed, Mr.
                         Belayet Hossain, and Ms. Syeda Fersousa Ara from
                         Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) on the
                         invitation of Public Services International, Global
                         Unions Federation visted BSES facilities in New Delhi.

2.          New Delhi,
                         Energy Conservation: BSES partners with Delhi School
            Nov    11,
                         children to engage Delhiites

3.          New Delhi,
                         Vishisht Sahyogi interactive organised at Conference
            Nov    10,
                         Hall,   BSES    Bhavan.    Seventy    Vishisht      Sahyogis
                         attended the function and shared their views.


1.          New Delhi,
                         The foundation stone for BSES’ next generation 66 kV
            Sep    30,
                         Bakkarwala     Grid   station   was    laid    by    elected
                         representatives of the area – including Shri Mukesh
                         Sharma, MLA, Shri Nand Kishore, area councilor,
                         senior government and BSES officials led by its CEO
                         Shri Arun Kanchan.

2.          New Delhi,
                         BSES Employees donate Rs 50 lakhs towards Prime
         Sep    16, Minister's Relief Fund for Bihar Flood victims. Mr H C
         2008         Sharma,      Sr   Vice     President,   and   Mr   Shripad
                      Chinchansurkar, AVP along with Mr Rishipal and Mr
                      Kuldeep Kumar (President and General Secretary of
                      Delhi State Electricity Workers Union), Mr VD Arya and
                      Mr Ajay Sharma (President and General Secretary of
                      DESU Technical Staff Association), presented two
                      cheques of Rs 25 lakh each to Shri Sushil Kumar
                      Shinde, Hon’ble Union Minister for Power, for the Prime
                      Minister’s Relief Fund.

3.       New Delhi,
                      "BSES bags 2 coveted awards for IT…..CIO 100 Award
         Sep     6,
                      for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) & AMD Athlon’ for
                      Project BUN (BSES' Unified Network)"

4.       New Delhi,
                      BSES joins the league of modern tech-savvy banks….
         Sep     4,
                      Rolls out ATM type Bill Payment kiosks


1.       New Delhi,
                      "BSES’ Bijli Gyan Abhiyan: Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit & 2
         Aug    30,
                      Cabinet Ministers felicitate winners of the inter-school
                      Quiz Competition"

2.       New Delhi,
                      "Delhi Floods: BSES lends a helping hand……,
         Aug    19,
                      Distributes around 20,000 of food packets to the

3.       New Delhi,
                      BSES’ GIS effort gets International recognition -
         Aug     6,
                      Reliance     Energy      Limited   /   BSES   receives   the
                      prestigious ESRI "Special Achievement in GIS" award
                      in San Diego, USA


1.       New Delhi,
                      Ramon Magsaysay recipient Dr Kiran Bedi launched
         Jul    19,
                      ‘BSES Vishisht Sahayogi’ - a partnership initiative with
        2008           Eminent Citizens and Opinion Makers


1.      New Delhi,
                       High powered Pakistan Delegation, led by Mr M Ismail
        Jun      25,
                       Qureshi, Secretary, Water and Power visited BSES

2.      New Delhi,
                       Dr A K Walia, Hon’ble Minister for Power and Finance,
        Jun      27,
                       in presence of Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and Shri
                       Haroon Yusuf, Hon’ble Ministers for Education and
                       Transport, launched BSES' unique initiative addressing
                       two of the current priorities – energy conservation and
                       safe disposal of CFLs. The initiative has been launched
                       in association with Finolex.


1.      New Delhi,
                       BSES has launched new Call centre numbers -
        May      17,
                       39999808 (for BYPL) and 39999707 (for BRPL). This
                       one number - one each for BRPL and BYPL is
                       equipped to handle all types of queries / complaints
                       related to Bill, Meter, Enforcement, Corruption, Power
                       Supply and KCC.

2.      New Delhi,
                       BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) organised
        May      24,
                       "BSES Apke Dwar, its 10th, for its domestic and
                       commercial customers of Janakpuri (Blocks B, C and
                       D), Rajouri Garden and Hari Nagar.

3.      New Delhi,
                       BSES partnered with elected representatives (MPs &
        May      30,
                       MLAs) - to work in tandem to resolve consumer issues -
                       relaunches BSES Aapke Dwar in a daily format.


1.      New Delhi,
                       BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) increased the
                       number of "Circles" from the original two to four.
                        Consequently, "South" Circle was split into two – "South
                        I", based out of Adchini and "South II, based out of
                        Nizamudin. Similarly, the "West" Circle was split into
                        "West I", based out of Hari Nagar and "West II" based
                        out of Punjabi Bagh.


1.        New Delhi,
                        Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, Hon’ble Minister for
          Mar     03,
                        Education, launched BYPL’ Bijli Gyan Abhiyan at the
                        Delhi Secretariat During the function, Dr A K Walia and
                        Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely,Hon’ble Ministers for Power,
                        and Education released BSES’ Bijli Gyan CD – an
                        educative Audio Visual on energy conservation and an
                        integral part of Bijli Gyan Abhiyan.

2.        New Delhi,
                        BSES launched its novel online "Duplicate Bill" service
          Mar     10,
                        – for all categories of its customers, including Domestic
                        and Commercial (KCC) customers.


1.        New Delhi,
                        Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated BYPL’ Project
          Jan     14,
                        Tatkal - an initiative to provide connections to the
                        Economically Weaker Section within 24 hours…….at
                        their Doorstep.

2.        New Delhi,
                        BSES enlists Vasant Vihar’s Upras Vidyalya to share
          Jan     22,
                        the message of Energy Conservation.

3.        New Delhi,
                        BSES launched "Bill on E Mail" and "SMS" - two
          Jan     28,
                        innovative and revolutionary customer initiatives adding
                        a new dimension to customer convenience.


          Venue    &
S.No                    Events                                                      Photographs

1.          New Delhi,
                         BYPL organized its 7th "Aapke Dwar"…..for the
            Dec     1,
                         residents of Dilshad Gardens

2.          New Delhi,
                         To celebrate the occasion of the National Consumer
            Dec    24,
                         Day, BRPL organised "BSES Aapke Dwar", its second,
                         for the residents of Saket,


1.          New Delhi,
                         BSES launches Project Parivartan – the Rs 8 crore
            Sep    17,
                         initiative to reduce AT & C losses in high power theft
                         areas of South Delhi


1.          New Delhi,
                         BSES to gift CFLs to those who help check power theft.
            Aug    31,
                         This innovative scheme will initially run as a pilot project
                         in BRPL areas and depending on the response, will be
                         rolled out in BYPL areas also


1.          New Delhi,
                         Hundereds of BRPL and BYPL employees planted
            July   24,
                         2000 saplings during its week-long Vanmahotsav Week

2.          New Delhi,
                         BSES' Buy One, Get one Free CFL scheme extended
            July    1,
                         till September 30, 2007.


            New Delhi,
1.                       BRPL gets a CISF Company ….to aid its efforts to curb
            May    15,
                         power theft


1.          New Delhi, BSES' Buy One, Get one Free CFL scheme extended
            Apr    20, till June 30, 2007 in keeping with the need of the hour.

2.         New Delhi, Mr Lalit Jalan appointed Chairman of BRPL and BYPL,
           Apr     19, is also appointed Director on the board of BRPL.


1.         New Delhi, BSES' Buy One, Get One Free CFL scheme extended
           Mar     05, till March 31, 2007 on popular demand.


1.         New Delhi, BYPL organised the first BSES Aapke Dwar for
           Jan     24, Industrial and Bulk customers of Jhilmil, Friends Colony
           2007          (East Delhi), Dilshad Gardens and Patparganj Industrial

2.         New Delhi, BSES' Buy One, Get One Free CFL scheme extended
           Jan     02, till March 31, 2007 on popular demand.


           Venue     &
S.No                     Events


1.         New Delhi,    National Consumer Day was celebrated by BRPL by
           Dec     24, launching BSES Aapke Dwar for the customers of South
           2006          and West Delhi.The first Aap ke Dwar was organised for
                         Saket residents.


1.         New Delhi,    Third Special Court (and second for BRPL area) to
           Nov     27, adjudicate power theft cases inaugurated at Malviya
           2006          Nagar by Hon’ble Mr Justice Vijender Jain, Acting Chief
                         Justice, Delhi High Court. Others present on the
                         occasion included Hon’ble Dr Justice M K Sharma, Mr
                         Justice V B Gupta, District Judge, Mr Rakesh Tiwari, Mr
                         S C Rajan, Special Court Judges, senior government
                         and BSES officials.

            New Delhi,   BSES unveils new look Electricity Bill Incorporating
            Nov     22, International practices, Customer priority and wish list.

1.          New Delhi, BYPL conducted the second BSES Apke Dwar for the
            Nov     13, residents of Shankar Road and Patel Nagar. Those
            2006         present on the occasion included Shri Purachand Yogi,
                         Shri Ramakant Goswami, Shri Surendra Pal Ratwal,
                         Shri Rajesh Lilothia, MLA’s, Shri Harsh Vardhan
                         Sharma, Councilor, RWA representatives and BSES


1.          New Delhi,   BRPL and BYPL have tied up with Indo Asian Fusegear
            Oct     24, Limited tolaunch an innovative CFL scheme for their
            2006         regular paying customers. Under the offer, a BSES
                         customer, buying a CFL, will get another of the same
                         wattage - absolutely free. The scheme was formally
                         inaugurated by Shri Haroon Yusuf, Hon'ble Minister for
                         Power, GoNCTD at the Delhi Secretariat Auditorium .
                         Others present on the occasion included Shri Rakesh
                         Mehta, Principal Secretary (Power), GoNCTD, Shri S R
                         Sethi, Director Operations DTL, RWA representatives,
                         senior BSES and Indo Asian officials.

2.          New Delhi, Shri      R    Krishnamurthy,   Hon'ble   Member     DERC
            Oct     27, inaugurated the first BSES Apke Dwar for the residents
            2006         of Mayur Vihar - I and II. Others present on the occasion
                         included Shri Brahmpal, Shri Amrish Gautam, MLA’s;
                         Smt Vidya Devi, Smt Praveen Massy, Shri Shyam
                         Sunder Goel, Shri Anil Kumar Choudhary, Councilors,
                         RWA representatives, and BSES officials.

1.       New Delhi, A Special Court, dedicated for power theft cases was
         Sep     01, inaugurated at Patparganj. The court will deal with
         2006        power theft cases in the BYPL area.

2.       New Delhi, A Special Court, dedicated for power theft cases
         Sep     02, inaugurated at Vikaspuri. The court will deal with power
         2006        theft cases in the BRPL area.

3.       New Delhi, Lok Sabha MP Shri Sandeep Dikshit inaugurated the Rs
         Sep     05, 100 crore Mass Network Modernisation Program


1.       New Delhi, BYPL became the first discom in Delhi to get the
         Aug     01, services of CISF. A simple but an impressive function
         2006        was organised to welcome the Central Industrial
                     Security Force (CISF) personnel.


1.       New Delhi, BRPL and BYPL released their 4 months (June to
         Jun     07, September) load shedding schedule

2.       New Delhi, Lok Sabha MP Shri Sajjan Kumar inaugurated the
         Jun     11, electrification of Kotla Vihar-II. Others present on the
         2006        occasion included MLA Shri Mukesh Sharma and
                     Councilors Shri Satpal Sethi and Shri Harfool Singh

3.       New Delhi, BSES launched SCADA Darshan - an innovative
         Jun     13, program to showcase SCADA to RWA's and students.

4.       New Delhi, Lok Sabha MP Shri Sajjan Kumar inaugurated the
         Jun     18, electrification of Baprolla Vihar colonies. Others present
         2006        on the occasion included MLA Shri Mukesh Sharma and
                     Councilors Shri Satpal Sethi and Shri Harfool Singh


1.       New Delhi, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi Smt Sheila Dikshit
         May     26, inaugurated the state-of-the-art SCADA Centre at Balaji
         2006        Estate, Kalkaji

1.         New Delhi, Mrs      Asha   Mehra,    Delhi    Electricity   Ombudsman
           Apr    07, inaugurates      BYPL's    newly     renovated     office   at
           2006         Karkardooma

2.         New Delhi,
                        Shri Sajjan Kumar, Hon’ble Member of Parliament
           Apr    16,
                        inaugurates the Rs 12 crore 33/11 KV Paschim Vihar
                        Grid to the residents of West Delhi

3.         New Delhi,
                        Shri Haroon Yusuf, Hon’ble Minister for Power and
           Apr    28,
                        Transport dedicates the Rs 15crore 66/33/11 KV Jasola
                        Grid to the residents of South Delhi


1.         New Delhi,
                        Mr Lalit Jalan takes over as CEO of BSES
           Mar    23,


1.         New Delhi,
                        BSES    launches    PayByPhone         –   allowing   BSES
           Feb    07,
                        customers to pay their electricity bills through SMS,
                        Phone, Internet and Auto Debit

2.         New Delhi,
                        BSES signs up with Intrex India Limited to facilitate its
           Feb    10,
                        23 lakh customers to pay their electricity bills online by
                        using the Itz Cash Card – a pre paid cash card

3.         New Delhi,
                        BSES participates in the one day annual Bhagidari Mela
           Feb    25,
                        at the pragati Maidan

4.         New Delhi,
                        Shri Babu Braham Pal, Hon’ble MLA of the Delhi
           Feb    25,
                        Assembly inaugurates the 46th Customer Complaint
                        Centre in BYPL (119th in BSES). Shri Shyam Sunder
                        Goel was the Chief Guest at the function.

1.        New Delhi,
                          New Customer Care Helpline Numbers for BYPL and
          Jan      02,
                          BRPL launched.

2.        New Delhi, LPSC scheme extended – till February 6, 2006
          Jan      07,

3.        New Delhi,
                          BSES launches Project Nikat - under which BSES is
          Jan      10,
                          installing cheque drop boxes at convenient places in the


         Venue &
S.No                    Events


1.       New
                        BSES contributes Rs 25 lacs towards Tsunami relief
         Mar      28,


2.       New
                        Yamuna Vihar 66 KV grid sub station inaugurated by Delhi
                        Chief Minister Mrs Sheila Dixit.
         Apr      26,


3.       New
                        Vasant Vihar Customer Care Center inaugurated by R K
                        Puram Legislator Mrs Barkha Singh.
         May      18,

4.       New
                        Jama Masjid Customer Care Center inaugurated by Matia
       May      19, Mahal legislator Mr Shoaib Iqbal.

5.     New
                      BSES' First Mobile Cash collection van flagged off by
                      Gen. (retd) Mr. V P Malik..
       May      20,

6.     New
                      First O & M Customer Care Center at Rajendra place
                      inaugurated by Patel Nagar legislator Mr. Rama Kant
       May      20,

7.     New
                      Radio City & Red FM air BSES radio jingles to popularise
                      Help-Line Numbers.
       May      20,


8.     New
                      BSES announces new ‘Power Supply’ numbers
       Jun      23,


9.     New
                      Introduction of a unique Rs 35 crore project for the
                      installation   of   Distribution   Transformer   Management
       Jul      06,
                      Service (DTMS) in all 8700 BSES transformers spread
                      across the licensed area.

10.    New
                      Week-long 'Tree Plantation Drive' with a target of planting
                      over 2000 saplings.
       Jul      11,

11.    New
                      Declaration    of    Saturday's    as   'Consumer     day'     for
                      consumers      to   get   on-the-spot    resolution   of     their
       Jul      12,
12.      New
                        Power Minister Haroon Yusuf inaugurates Rs 5 crore 33
                        KV Motia Khan Grid substation.
         Jul      16,

13.      New
                        BSES launches Interactive Voice Response System
         Jul      18,

14.      New
                        BSES bags the prestigious 'Network Innovation Award' in
                        Information Technology, conferred by Hughes Escorts
         Jul      25,
                        Communication Ltd (HECL).


15.      New
                        BSES appoints a separate PRO for each of its 33
                        divisional offices.
         Aug      02,

16.      New
                        Over eight hundred consumers who applied for the testing
                        of their respective electricity meters by CPRI satisfied with
         Aug      07,
                        the results of the tests.

17.      New
                        Nehru Place Division Office shifted to a newly built office
                        at East of Kailash. The division office also accommodates
         Aug      08,
                        a new Customer Care Center.

18.      New
                        Launch of a drive to resolve meter and cable related
         Aug      12,

19.      New
                        Power Minister Mr. Haroon Yusuf inaugurates the 66 KV
                        Shastri Park Grid sub station, which has been built at a
         Aug      17,
                        cost of nearly Rs. 14 crores.

20.         New
                           Arun Kanchan appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for
                           BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL)
            Sep      06,

21.         New
                           On-the-spot resolution of over 6000 customer complaints
                           over eight consecutive 'Consumer Days'.
            Sep      08,


22.         New
                           Functioning of BSES bifurcated along the lines of BSES
                           Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Ltd
            Oct      08,
                           (BYPL) - in order to provide better facilities and services to

23.         New
                           A Rs 19 crore state-of-the-art BSES' High Voltage
                           Distribution System (HVDS) energised at Hastsal to
            Oct      11,
                           provide quality and reliable power to over 4, 000 residents
                           in the resettlement colony and help curb power theft.


24.         New
                           BSES launches a training program on "Essentials of
                           House Wiring" to train neighbourhood electricians ,
            Nov      26,
                           particularly those nominated by the RWAs.

25.         New
                           BSES participates in the 14 days trade fair at IITF Delhi,
                           where the theme was "Power and Communication"
            Nov      14,


26.         New
                           Khanpur Customer Care Center and Division office
           Delhi,         inaugurated by Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, Hon'ble member of
           Dec      01, the Legislative Assembly of Delhi. Nearly 60, 000
           2005           consumers living in the Outer Delhi areas will benefit from
                          this division and Customer Care Centre.

27.        New
                          BSES launches online bill payment facility for its
                          customers. The facility allows customers to log on to the
           Dec      02,
                          BSES website www.bsesdelhi.com and pay their electricity
                          bill using their credit cards or through their net banking

28.        New
                          Late    Payment    Surcharge   Payment    (LPSC)   Waiver
                          Scheme launched.sss
           Dec      07,

29.        New
                          Mr Rakesh Mehta, Principal Secretary (Power), GoNCTD
                          flags off BYPL's Customer Care Mobile Van at the
           Dec      30,
                          Karkardooma office.


S.No       Venue & Date          Events


1.         New        Delhi,
                                 BSES DISCOMS launch customer support service centre.
           Jan 29, 2004

           New        Delhi, BSES’ special enforcement drive to curb power theft
           Jan 31, 2004

3.         New        Delhi,
                                 Golden handshake thrills BSES employees
           Jan 02, 2004

4.         New        Delhi, Reliance to set up world’s largest gas based power project in
           Jan 27, 2004          Uttar Pradesh, India.


5.         New        Delhi,
                                 Reliance decides on Dadri to set up world’s largest gas based
            Feb 2004          power project


6.          New      Delhi,
                              BSES All Set To Start Consumer Redressal Forum
            May 29, 2004

7.          New      Delhi,
                              BSES launches hi tech outage management system for quick
            May 15, 2004
                              resolution of telephonic complaints


8.          New      Delhi, BSES initiates a special meter testing drive
            July 17,2004


9.          New      Delhi, BSES refurbishes and rededicates 66KV Batra Grid Station to the
            Aug 27, 2004      residents of South Delhi


10.         New      Delhi,
                              BSES refurbishes and rededicates 33/11KV Madipur Grid Sub
            Sep 13, 2004
                              Station to the residents of West Delhi

11.         New      Delhi,
                              BSES refurbishes and rededicates 33/11 KV Geeta ColonyGrid
            Sep 21, 2004
                              Sub Station to the residents of East Delhi


12.         New      Delhi,
                              BSES Launches "Roshni" Drive
            Oct 12, 2004

13.         New      Delhi,
                              BSES’s Special Enforcement Drive to curb power theft
            Oct 24, 2004

14.         New      Delhi, BSES’s Special Enforcement Drive nets Rs One Crore
            Oct 28, 2004

15.         New       Delhi,
                               BSES CEO addresses consumer queries in a live television show
            Nov 19, 2004


16.         Mumbai,
                               Anil D. Ambani adjudged 'CEO of the Year' at Platts 2004 Global
            Dec 11, 2004
                               Energy Awards

17.         New       Delhi,
                               BSES dedicates ‘Surya Vihar Project’ to citizens of outer Delhi.
            Dec 19, 2004

18.         New       Delhi,                                                               th
                               BSES Team wins the "Knowledge Master" title at the 4             lead
            Dec 19, 2004
                               India quiz 2004

19.         New       Delhi,
                               BSES pavilion at the Bhagidari Utsav drew the maximum crowd
            Dec 20, 2004
                               and was appreciated by one and all


S.No        Venue & Date       Events


1.          New       Delhi,
                               BSES Yamuna and BSES Rajdhani Announce Meter Camps
            Jan 11, 2003


2.          New       Delhi,
                               Chief Minister Commissions 66 / 11 Kv grid substation              at
            Sep 23, 2003
                               Pappankalan, Dwarka


S.No        Venue & Date       Events


1.          New       Delhi,
                               Chief Minister commissions 33 KV grid substation at Chandni
            Jan 14, 2002

2.         New     Delhi,
                            66 Kv grid substation commission at Hari Nagar
           Dec 10, 2002

3.         New     Delhi, BSES wins Rajiv Gandhi National quality award
           Dec 17, 2002

BSES comprises of approximately 25000 highly professional,
motivated and trained manpower which helped it emerge as a
professional organization on the horizon of aviation sector. High
morale of the employee continues to boost smooth operation of its
airports towards accomplishing the objective of customer satisfaction.





1.1   These may be called the BSES (Recruitment and Promotion)
      Regulations, 2005.
1.2   These shall come into force on the date of their Gazette
1.3   These Regulations shall apply to all regular employees of the
      BSES and to all persons
      Employed by the BSES on deputation in accordance with the

      In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires -

(a)   “Abortionists” means an employee belonging to the Central or
      State Government or Public Sector Undertaking who has been
      permanently absorbed in the regular service of the BSES;

(b)   "Act" means the Airports BSES of India Act, 1994 (55 of 1994),
      as amended from time to time;

(c)   "Appointing BSES” in relation to a post means the BSES as
      specified in Col. 3 of Annexure-I annexed to the BSES (General
      Conditions of Service and Remuneration of Employees)
      Regulations, 2003;

(d)   “Apportioning” means identifying the number of posts in the
      specified disciplines by the Competent BSES within the cadre
      strength, which need to be filled up at two different levels
      depending upon the specific requirements of the organization.

3.1   The posts included in the various grades/cadres of the BSES,
      their group, level and the scales of pay on the commencement
      of these Regulations shall be as specified in Para 4 of these

3.2   After the commencement of these Regulations, the authorized
      strength of the posts in various grades shall be such as may
      from time to time be determined by the BSES.

3.3   The BSES may create posts and make additions or deletions to
      the strength of the posts in various grades as deemed
      necessary from time to time, as provided in the Note under
      Section 4(2) of BSES (General Conditions of Service and
      Remuneration of Employees) Regulations, 2003.

3.4   The Chairperson may with the approval of BSES include any
      allied posts other than those included in Para-4 of these

3.5   In exceptional circumstances and beyond delegation of
      powers, the Chairperson may with the approval of BSES
      appoint an officer to an appropriate grade in the Executive or
      Non-Executive cadres in a temporary or in a substantive
      capacity as may be deemed fit in the interest of the BSES and
      fix his seniority in the grade after taking into account his
      Continuous regular service in the analogous grade. Any such
      induction will be reported to the Board at the earliest.

3.6   Re-employment of superannuated Govt. servants/ extension of
      service of BSES employees beyond the age of superannuation
      in exceptional circumstances can be made in accordance with
      the Government guidelines.
3.7   In certain circumstances, appointments may be made on a
      consolidated salary as may be determined by the Competent
      BSES instead of regular pay-scales enumerated in Para-
      of these Regulations.


4.1   The posts in BSES are broadly categorized as Executive and
      Non-Executive and fall in
      The following groups/levels:

E-1    Junior Executive               8600-250-14600                  “B”
         & equivalent
E-2    ASSISTANT Manager 10750-300-16750                                           ,,
        & equivalent
E-3    Manager                        13000-350-18250                        ,,
        & equivalent
E-4    Senior Manager                 14500-350-18700                        ,,
        & equivalent
E-5    Senior Manager (SG) 16000-400-20800                                  ,,
        & equivalent
E-6    Deputy General Manager 17500-400-22300                                    “A”
       & equivalent
E-7    Joint General Manager                  18500-450-23900                           ,,
       & equivalent
E-8    General Manager                        20500-500-26500                           ,,
       & equivalent
E-9    Executive Director                      23750-600-28550                          ,,
        & equivalent
LEVEL DESIGNATION                       PAY SCALES (In Rs.)                  GROUP

NE-1      Junior Attendant                    4400-75-5300-90-6920                  “D”
           & equivalent
NE-2       Attendant                           4900-95-6040-110-8020                                ,,
          & equivalent
NE-3      Senior Attendant                    5300-115-6680-135-9110                      ,,
          & equivalent
NE-4       Junior ASSISTANT                   5500-140-7180-160-10060                     ,,
              & equivalent
NE-5       ASSISTANT                          5800-160-7720-180-10960                          ,,
              & equivalent
NE-6       Senior ASSISTANT                   6300-180-8460-200-12060                  “C”
               & equivalent
NE-7        Supervisor                        6500-200-8900-220-12860 ,,
              & equivalent
NE-8        Superintendent                    7200-230-9960-250-14460 ,,
               & equivalent
NE-9       Sr. Superintendent 8000-260-11120-290-16340 “B”
NE-10      Sr. Superintendent 9000-300-18000                                   ,,
              (SG) & equivalent

            SECTION – II


            CADRES :

6.1         Generally, the intake from outside the BSES through direct
            recruitment will be at the
            following levels called the induction levels:

      (i)      EXECUTIVE CADRE :

GR.         Level       Designation                         %age quota

A           E-6         DGM &Equivt.                        Upto25%


GR.         Level        Designation                        %age quota
C       NE-6         Senior ASSISTANT & Equivt.               100%

GR.     Level             Designation                         %age

C       NE-5              ASSISTANT & Equiv.             100%

C       NE-4              Junior ASSISTANT & Equiv. 100%

D       NE-1              Junior Attendant & Equivt.   100%

        Discipline &Qualifications:

        Civil, Elect, HK, Medical, Store, Ops, Pers. etc. 8th preferably
        10th Pass and knowledge of related             trade/experience
        wherever prescribed

6.2     The induction of degree holder Assistant in Communication,
        ATC, Electronics and Engg.(Civil) and (Electrical) be made
      initially as trainees with suitable stipend and after successful
      completion of prescribed training, they may be given scale of
       E-1 to be designated as Junior Executive

      in the scale of Rs.8600-250-14600. This scale will be operated
      with the sanctioned strength of Communication ASSISTANT,
      ATC ASSISTANT, Electronics ASSISTANT., Jr. Assistant etc.
      Other   disciplines   like    Technical,   Planning,   Operations,
      Personnel, Finance, Cargo, Law, Commercial, Land, Economic
      Planning etc. where professionals viz. MBA etc. need to be
      inducted may also operate at E-I scale appropriately as per

6.3   The detailed qualifications and the kind of experience required
      for posts filled through DR
      will be specified with reference to the requirement of each post.
      These are broadly
      specified in Annexure-IA and Annexure-IB..

6.4   In the course of direct recruitment to categories stated above,
      special preference may be given to eligible candidates who
      have, in the immediate preceding three years, represented
      a State in the National and Regional Tournament in any of the
      major games, namely, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Volleyball,
      Badminton, Athletics etc.
6.5   In case of any requirement for induction of professionally
      qualified people as Trainees for
      a specific period, they will be taken from Govt./Professional
      Institutes as recognized by AICTE without any commitment for
      regular employment against the sanctioned posts.


      The Job Specifications for various posts including the induction
      level posts will be broadly as per Annexure I-A & I-B and as
      may be prescribed by the Competent BSES from time to time.
      The job specifications can be amended from time to time
      considering the job demand/specialization required for each
      cadre/discipline subject to the approval of the Chairperson.


      The mode of selection to be generally observed for recruitment
      to posts at the induction levels will be as indicated below:-

GROUP `A’              E6             Screening and Interview

GROUP `A’              E3             Written Test and Interview

GROUP ‘B’              E1             Written Test and Interview

GROUP `C’              NE6            Written/Trade Test and Interview
                       NE5            Written/Trade Test and Interview
                       NE4            Written/Trade Test and Interview

GROUP `D’              NE1            Trade Test and Interview


10.    AGE:

       The maximum age limit for each post will be prescribed in the
       'Direct Recruitment' specifications which will be relaxed as per
       Govt. policy in the case of SC/ST/Other Backward Classes, Ex-
       Servicemen, compassionate appointment and the employees of
       the BSES.

      The directives of the Government concerning reservations of
      vacancies and concessions allowed to candidates belonging to
      Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/other Backward Classes/
      Ex-servicemen, Physically Handicapped persons etc. as
      notified by the Government from time to time will be strictly
      followed by the notified appointing authorities.


13.1 Certain categories      of   persons   will   be    allowed   special
      dispensation in appointments to direct recruitment posts as
      specified below :

      Individuals whose land is acquired for setting up the BSES's
      Projects and who are consequently deprived of their livelihood
      will be given due consideration in employment against the
      sanctioned posts in DR quota in any Group ‘C’ or ‘D’
      Posts provided they meet the prescribed specifications in
      accordance with the Govt. policy.

      The dependant of a deceased employee will be eligible for
      consideration for appointment in the BSES on need-cum-
      economic status basis against an available direct recruitment
      vacancy in any ‘C’ or ‘D’ Group commensurate with his/her
      qualifications and experience. Priority will, however, be given to
      dependants of those employees who die as a result of an
      accident while on duty. The broad parameters which will be
      considered in this regard are –

a.    income of the family of the deceased employee;

b.    educational qualifications of the member of the deceased
      employee seeking employment;

c.    number of dependents; and

d.    assets & liabilities left by the deceased employee.
      The    requests   for   compassionate     appointment    will   be
      considered even if the name of a dependant is not sponsored
      by the Employment Exchange or if he/she has not applied
      against any advertisement provided the applicant is otherwise
      Non-existence of an earning member in the family of the
      deceased employee will be an important criterion in this regard.

       Consistent with the BSES's objective of all round development
       of human personality and to provide encouragement to the
       activities and programmes of the
       BSES in the area of sports, sport persons of repute may be
       recruited with the prior approval of the Chairperson in respect of
       the sports in which the BSES has developed its own teams for
       participation in Public Sector Undertaking
       Sports' tournaments or other tournaments. Such recruitment will
       be made only against the sanctioned strength in DR Quota
       subject to the following terms and conditions:-

(a)    Recruitment     of   such      sports   persons   will   be   made
       commensurate with their relevant experience and possessing
       the qualifications required/specified for entry to the grade to
       which he /she is sought to be recruited.

(b)    In order to be eligible for selection under this special
       recruitment, candidates should have represented the Country
       and / or State in a recognized Championship/Tournament at
       State, National and/ or International level at least during the
       three years preceding the date of appointment.

(c)    Physical fitness of such sports persons selected for special
       appointment should be of the highest standard and the upper
       age limit shall be 25 years.

14.1 Recruitment to posts at induction and other levels will normally
      be made from the sources mentioned below.

14.2 Employment Exchanges for posts as prescribed in the
      Employment      Exchanges      (Compulsory        Notification   of
      Vacancies) Act, 1959 and/or Government directives issued
      From time to time.

14.3 Direct recruitment by advertisement in the Press/Electronic

14.4 By considering departmental candidates meeting the specified

14.5 From reputed Assistanting / Management Institutes by Campus

14.6 Deputationists from the Central/State Governments/Union
      Territories and the Public Sector Undertakings.


15.1 It will be necessary first to send a requisition to the concerned
      Employment Exchange for filling up a DR vacancy in Group ‘C’
     & ‘D’ posts in accordance with the instructions prescribed in
     Rule 4 of the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification
     of Vacancies) Rules, 1960 as amended from time to time and in
     case the Employment Exchange fails to make available suitable
     candidates within a fortnight, the post may be

15.2 Where a post is to be filled by direct recruitment, the respective
     Personnel Deptt. Will release an advertisement in the Press
     inviting applications from candidates fulfilling the conditions of
     the post. Recruitment will be resorted to only against duly
     sanctioned posts as per the requirement of the department
     concerned.    While   releasing   the   advertisement,   the   job
     specifications, the educational qualifications and experience
     required for the post and reservation details shall be clearly

15.3 All posts at E-1 level and above will be considered as
     `Centralized cadres' and recruitment to these posts will be
     made by the Corporate Office.

15.4 All posts upto NE-10 Level will be considered as Region/
     Corporate Hqrs./ Field posts unless otherwise specified in
     respect of a particular post and recruitment to these posts will
     be made by the concerned appointing authorities.
15.5 All applications for direct recruitment shall be scrutinized by the
      concerned Personnel Department. The Personnel Department
      will prepare a list of applicants who fulfill the
      prescribed qualifications and submit the same to the Appointing

15.6 With the approval of the Competent BSES, a Selection
      Committee will be constituted for selection of suitable
      candidates. The Selection Committee shall consist of not less
      than five members including the SC/ST/Other Backward
      Classes/woman representative, representative of minority
      community wherever necessary in accordance with the Govt.
      policy. Officers on the Selection Committee will be at least two
      scales above the post for which the recruitment is to be made.

15.7 The number of candidates to be considered for filling up the
      vacancies by direct recruitment will normally be five times the
      number of vacancies to be filled and where the number of such
      candidates are less than five times the vacancies to be filled, all
      the qualified candidates shall be considered by the Selection
      Committee. However, where the vacancies to be filled by direct
      recruitment are limited and the number of candidates who apply
      and fulfill the prescribed criteria are more, the criteria for
      selection of candidates may be revised with the approval of the
      Competent BSES regarding the number of candidates to be
      called for interview.
15.8 The Selection Committee shall judge the suitability of
     candidates on the basis of written examination/practical test
     where prescribed and/or interview as may be decided by the
     Competent BSES.

15.9 The Selection Committee shall submit to the Appointing BSES
     a list recommending the names of the candidates found
     suitable for appointment in the order of merit.

15.10 The Appointing BSES shall consider the recommendation of
     the Selection Committee and pass such orders as deemed fit.
15.11 Appointments will be made in the order of merit as given in the
     said list and the orders will be issued by the concerned
     Personnel Department.

15.12 After issue of appointment letters according to availability of
     vacancies, the names of the remaining candidates shall be kept
     in the said list for consideration to fill up vacancies which may
     arise in future within one year from the date of approval of
     panel by the Appointing BSES subject to its being extended for
     a further period not exceeding six months for reasons to be
     recorded in writing by the Competent BSES.


      CADRES :

a)    For promotion from Joint GM (E-7) to GM (E-8) and GM(E-8) to
      ED(E-9) The bench mark for promotions to the grade of GM(E-
      8) and ED(E-9) will be VERY GOOD. The officers shall be
      empanelled in accordance with the select list drawn by the DPC
      based on ACRs, length of service in the next below grade and
b)    For Promotion to the level of DGM(E-6) and Joint GM(E-7):
      The bench mark for promotions to the grade of DGM(E-6) and
      Joint GM(E-7) will be VERY GOOD. (This will ensure element
      of higher selectivity in comparison to promotions to the grades
      lower than the aforesaid level where the bench-mark as
      indicated below, shall be ‘GOOD’ only). The DPC, for
      promotions to the said grades/posts, will give one of the
      following overall gradings to the officers who are in the
      consideration zone : -

iii)   GOOD
iv)    AVERAGE
v)     UNFIT

       While drawing up the Select Panel for promotion, officers
       graded as ‘Outstanding’ will be placed enbloc senior to the
       officers who are graded as ‘VERY GOOD’provided they are
       within the number of vacancies for which the DPC is held.
       Since the bench-mark is ‘VERY GOOD’ for promotions to the
       grade of DGM and Joint GM the officers getting overall
       gradings lesser than ‘VERY GOOD’ will not be

c)     For promotions from the level of Junior Executive(E-1) to the
       level of Sr. Manager (E-4) :

       For promotions to the post of ENGG. Manager(E-2) up to the
       grade of Sr.Manager(E-4), the bench-mark will be ‘GOOD’. The
       DPC, for promotion to posts/grades in these categories, grade
       and UNFIT as in Para 16(b) above. While drawing
       up the Select Panel for promotion, officers graded as
       ‘OUTSTANDING’ will be placed en-bloc senior to those officers
       who are graded as ‘VERY GOOD’, and theofficers graded as
       ‘VERY GOOD’ will be placed en-bloc senior to all the officers
       graded as ‘GOOD’, provided they are within the number of
       vacancies for which the DPC is held. Similarly, for placing Sr.
      Manager (E-4) to Sr. Manager(SG) (E-5) the bench mark will be
      “GOOD” .

d)    For Promotions in the Non-Executive Grades :

      Promotion to all these grades will be on the basis of seniority-
      cum-fitness subject to the rejection of ‘UNFIT’. The DPC will
      therefore grade the officers as ‘FIT’ or ‘UNFIT’ on the basis of
      performance as reflected in their Annual Confidential Reports
      (ACRs) for the relevant period, and subject to qualifying test

17.   DPC     -    COMPOSITION        AND     METHODOLOGY          OF

17.1 The Departmental Promotion Committee will be constituted for
      selection of suitable candidates with respect to the level of
      posts and the representatives of SC/ST will be included/co-
      opted wherever applicable as per the guidelines on the subject.
      The members of the DPC will be atleast two levels higher than
      the posts for which the DPC is conducted wherever possible.
      Where the posts are to be filled up on the basis of interview, an
      outside expert will also be associated with the DPC/Selection
17.2 Each Departmental Promotion Committee should decide its
      own method and procedure for objective assessment of the
      suitability of the candidates who are in the consideration zone
      for promotion.


18.1 Wherever interviews are prescribed, the weightage would be
      given to PAR ratings, seniority and interview. In order to ensure
      greater selectivity in the matter of promotions and for having
      uniform procedures for assessment, DPC should decide its own
      method and procedure for objective assessment of the
      suitability of the candidates.


      GRADES :

20.1 So as to rationalize inter discipline promotion opportunities,
      there   will   be    an    exhaustive     annual     review     before
      commencement of promotion proceedings by Manpower
      Advisory Board consisting of Chairman and Whole-Time
      Members which will determine the number of posts required to
      be filled in various levels/clusters of different disciplines
      taking into account the operating sanctioned strength, men in
      position and number of eligible candidates in each grade.

20.2 It will be essential to qualify departmental training courses/
      examination for promotion to next higher grade wherever
      prescribed in disciplines such as ATC/Communications/Fire
      /Operations etc.

20.3 Vacancies in different categories of posts in the BSES in the
      promotion quota will be filled, as follows:
      POSTS) :

      GROUP ‘A’ POSTS:

i)    GENERAL        MANAGER         (E-8)    [Rs.20500-26500]         TO
      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            (E-9) [Rs.23750-28550] - 100%

      General Manager(E-8) with 5 years regular service in the grade
      will be eligible for promotion to the grade of Executive Director
      (E-9) subject to recommendation of the Selection Committee
      based on the interview and prescribed bench-mark of VERY

ii)   JOINT GENERAL MANAGER(E-7) [Rs.18500-23900]                      TO
      GENERAL      MANAGER        (E-8)   [Rs.20500-26500]        -   100%

      Joint GMs with 2 years regular service in the grade and a
      combined minimum service of 5 years as JGM/DGM will be
      eligible for promotion to the post of GM (E-8) subject to
      successful completion of probation period as Joint GM(E-7) and
      on the recommendation of the Selection Committee based on
      interview and the prescribed bench-mark of VERY
iii)     DY.GENERAL MANAGER(E-6) [Rs.17500-22300] TO JOINT
         GENERAL MANAGER(E-7) [Rs.18500-23900]

a)       Promotion with designation against one-third posts of DGM:
         One third posts of DGM will be operated as Joint GM as a
         functional post in the respective discipline. DGMs with three
         years’ regular service in the grade will be eligible for normal
         promotion against these posts subject to DPC recommendation
         based on the prescribed bench-mark of VERY GOOD.

       b) Placement in Joint GM scale as DGM(SG) :DGMs not
         promoted/covered against vacancies of Joint GMs will be
         placed in E-7 scale as DGM(SG) after completion of five years’
         regular service in the grade subject to the condition that there is
         no   disciplinary   case   pending   against    them   and    their
         performance is satisfactory.

iv)      SENIOR      MANAGER(SG)         (E-5)    [Rs.16000-20800]      TO
         DY.GENERAL MANAGER (E-6) [Rs.17500-22300] - 100%

a)       Senior Manager(SG) (E-5) with 2 years regular service in the
         grade will be eligible for promotion to DGM (E-6) subject to
         possessing requisite professional/specialized qualification as
         may be prescribed for each discipline viz. B.Tech/B.E/MBA or
         equivalent and DPC recommendation based on the prescribed
         bench-mark of VERY GOOD.
     In case of non-availability of suitable internal candidates for
     promotion to the grade
     of DGM(E-6), the management will have the discretion to fill
     posts upto 25% from outside, on the basis of prescribed
     qualifications and experience, as provided in Para-6.1 of these
     Regulations. Senior Manager(SG) who do not possess the
     prescribed qualification on the date of commencement of these
     Regulations will be given opportunity to undergo training and
     will be considered for promotion in the manner prescribed
     above after qualifying departmental written test.

b)   Placement in Senior Manager(SG) (E-5) [Rs. 16000-20800] :
     Senior Managers with 3 years of regular service in the grade
     will be placed in the selection grade as Senior Manager(SG)
     (E5) provided that no disciplinary case is pending and
     performance is satisfactory. The executives who have already
     been given the designation of ASSISTANT General Manager
     shall continue to have the same.

v)   MANAGER(E-3) [RS.13000-18250] TO SENIOR MANAGER(E-
     4) [RS.14500- 18700] - 100% PROMOTION

     Manager (E-3) with 3 years regular service in the grade will be
     eligible for promotion to Sr. Manager(E-4) grade, subject to
     DPC recommendations based on the prescribed benchmark
     of GOOD.
vi)   ASSISTANT       MANAGER       (E-2)    [RS.10750-16750]     TO
      MANAGER(E-3) [RS.13000- 18250] - 75% PROMOTION

      ASSISTANT Manager (E-2) with 3 years regular service in the
      grade will be eligible for promotion to Manager(E-3) grade
      subject to DPC recommendation based on the
      prescribed bench-mark of GOOD.

      AND ‘D’ POSTS)

i)    SR. SUPDT.(NE-9)–(RS.8000-16340) TO SR. SUPDT.(SG)–

      Sr. Supdt. (NE-9) and equivalent, not interested in their
      promotion or not eligible for promotion to the Executive posts,
      will be eligible for placement in NE-10 scale on completion of
      six years regular service in NE-9 grade subject to the condition
      that no disciplinary case is pending and the performance is

ii)   SUPERINTENDENT (NE-8) [RS. 7200-14460] TO SENIOR
      SUPERINTENDENT (NE-9) [RS.8000-16340] - CLUSTER
       Supdt(NE-8) with 4 years regular service in the grade will be
       placed in the scale of NE-9 within the total number of posts
       sanctioned for NE-8 and NE-9 subject to the condition that no
       disciplinary    case   is   pending   and     the   performance   is

       The posts in the cluster can be operated at the higher level
       within the total number of anctioned posts inNE-8 and NE-9.
       Employees in position as on 31.7.2001 having the channel of
       promotion from NE-6 to NE-8/NE-9 will be considered for
       promotion to NE-9 posts directly on ompletion of 8 years
       regular service subject to irrevocable written undertaking that
       they will follow this channel of promotion.The new incumbents
       appointed in NE-6 scale on or after 01.08.2001 will follow the
       normal promotion channel i.e. from NE-6 to NE-7 onwards.

iii)   SUPERVISOR              (NE-7)            [RS.6500-12860]         TO
       SUPERINTENDENT (NE-8) [RS.7200-14460]

       Supervisor (NE-7) with 4 years regular service in the grade will
       be eligible for promotion to NE-8 grade against the existing
       strength as may be re-appropriated subject to fitness,
       written test and suitability.

iv)    SENIOR          ASSISTANT        (NE-6)      [RS.6300-12060]      TO
       SUPERVISOR (NE-7) [RS.6500- 12860] - CLUSTER POSTS
     Sr. ENGG. (NE-6) with 3 years regular service in the grade will
     be placed in the scale of NE-7 within the total number of posts
     sanctioned for NE-6 and NE-7 subject to the condition that no
     disciplinary     case   is   pending    and   the     performance     is

     (NE-6) [RS.6300- 12060]

a)   Criteria   for    Promotion     to     NE-6   Scale     in    applicable
     disciplines/posts :

     ENGG.(NE-5) with 4 years regular service in the grade will be
     considered for        promotion to NE-6       scale     in    applicable
     disciplines/posts subject to availability of a vacancy and
     prescribed       selection    process/trade      test        and   DPC

b)   Criteria for appointment to NE-6 scale against vacancies to be
     filled by DR in applicable disciplines/posts :

     The departmental candidates possessing the qualification
     prescribed for DR will be given opportunity for appointment to
     NE-6 scale against vacancies to be filled by DR subject to
     qualifying written/trade test and the prescribed selection
       process, before resorting to filling up of DR vacancies from

vii)   SENIOR ATTENDANT(NE-3) [RS.5300-9110] TO JUNIOR
       ASSISTANT (NE-4) [RS.5500-10060]

a)     Criteria   for   Promotion      to   NE-4   scale      in   applicable
       disciplines/posts :

       Senior Attendant (NE-3) possessing the qualifications and
       experience prescribed for DR posts in NE-4 will be considered
       for promotion to NE-4 scale in applicable disciplines/posts
       subject to availability of a vacancy and prescribed selection
       process/trade test and DPC norms on completion of three years
       regular service in the grade.

b)     Criteria for appointment to NE-4 scale against 20% vacancies
       to be filled by DR in applicable disciplines/posts :
       The qualified Group ‘D’ employees in NE-3 scale possessing
       the qualification prescribed will be given opportunity for
       appointment to NE-4 scale against 20% vacancies to be filled
       by DR subject to qualifying written/trade test and the prescribed
       selection process before resorting to filling up of these DR
       vacancies from outside on completion of three years regular
       service in the grade.
viii)   ATTENDANT         (NE-2)     [RS.4900-8020]      TO     SENIOR
        ATTENDANT (NE-3) [RS.5300-9110] – CLUSTER POSTS

        The total vacancies in this cadre will be determined on basis of
        existing posts in NE-1, NE-2 & NE-3. 40% posts of NE-2 and
        NE-3 level will be operated at NE-3 level. The candidates will
        be considered for placement against these posts on completion
        of 4 years regular service in NE-2 grade and passing the trade
        test. This will be further subject to the condition that no
        disciplinary   case   is   pending   and   the   performance   is
        satisfactory. The candidates not falling under 40% posts will be
        placed in NE-3 grade irrespective of vacancies on completion of
        8 years regular service in NE-2 grade.


      For the purpose of determining the number of officers to be
      considered for promotion against selection posts, the zone of
      consideration will be as follows:

      NO.OF             NORMAL ZONE              ZONE              FOR
      VACANCIES                               CONSIDERATION
                                                FOR SC/ST
      1                        5                    5
      2                        8                   10
      3                        10                  15
      4                       12                   20

      5 and above       Twice the No. of      5 Times the No. of
                        Vacancies             + 4 Vacancies


      The crucial date for determining the eligibility for promotion
      would be 30th June of the current year and 31st December of
      the preceding year for the DPC to be held between Ist
      July to 31st December and between Ist January to 30th June

      Where for reasons beyond control, the DPC could not be held
      in a year(s), even though the vacancies arise during that year
      (or years), the first DPC that meets thereafter should follow the
      following procedures :

a)    Determine the actual number of regular vacancies that arose in
      each of the previous year(s) immediately preceding and the
      actual number of regular vacancies proposed to be filled in the
      current year separately.
b)    Consider in respect of each of the years those officers only
      who would be within the field of choice with reference to the
      vacancies of each starting with the earliest year onwards.
c)    Prepare a ‘Select List’ by placing the select list of the earlier
      year above the one for the next year and so on.


      The select panel as recommended by the Departmental
      Promotion Committee before implementation will have approval
      of the Competent BSES and will be in force for one year subject
      to its being extended for a further period not exceeding 6
      months for reasons to be recorded in writing by the competent

        Reservation for SC/ST as provided by the Presidential
        Directives from time to time will be strictly followed in the matter
        of promotions, by the notified Appointing BSES.


        The following will be the criteria for filling up ex-cadre posts: -
(i)     The ex-cadre posts in the BSES viz BSES Director etc. will
        normally be filled by lateral movement of executives in the
        identical scale of pay through a process of selection/interview.
(ii)    Placement of executives to ex-cadre posts from next below
        cadre will only be resorted to if suitable candidates in the
        identical pay scale are not available. In such cases it will be
        ensured that the candidates considered for promotion against
        higher post are otherwise senior enough to be promoted in their
        own cadre. When the officer reverts to his parent department
        on completion of his tenure in the ex-cadre post, it shall be
        ensured that appointment to ex-cadre post does not result in
        greater benefit than what the officer would have earned had he
        remained within the department.
(iii)   Management       may    introduce    appropriate     incentives       for
        placement of officers in excadre posts where executives are
        placed from a discipline to multi discipline cadre viz. BSES
        Director etc. so as to suitably attract executives for lateral
      movement. This incentive will not be available to the executives
      covered under (ii) above.


      In respect of probation and confirmation, the employees will be
      governed as per Rule 10 of BSES (General Conditions of
      Service and Remuneration of Employees) Regulations, 2003.


30.1.1 An employee's seniority in first appointment to a post will be in
      accordance with the order of merit in the select list drawn up by
      the Selection Committee. However, if a candidate joins more
      than 180 days after the date of offer, his seniority will count
      from the date of joining irrespective of his position in the select


30.2.1For staff upto the scale of Rs.9000-300-18000 and below,
      seniority will be purpose, seniority lists of employees will be
      maintained at the Regions/Corporate Hqrs. / Region/Corporate
      Hqrs. /Metro International BSES-wise. For this International
30.2.2 All posts in the grade of Rs.8600-14600 at E-1 level and above
     will be treated as Centralized Cadres for purposes of promotion
     and hence the seniority lists will be maintained at the Corporate



31.1 When an employee is promoted from one post to a higher post
      in the service of the
      BSES, his pay in such post shall be fixed at the higher stage
      after allowing him one
      increment in the lower grade and fixation at the appropriate
      stage in the next higher grade,
      as provided in Para-11.2.1 of these Regulations. He will also be
      entitled to the option
      highlighted in Para-11.2.2 of these Regulations.

32.   PAY    IN    THE        CASE   OF   DEPUTATIONISTS       FROM

      The deputationists/ absorptionists will be governed by the terms
      of deputation/ absorption as the case may be.


33.   SAVING :

      Nothing contained in these procedures & Regulations shall
      effect the application of any other law, rule or regulation for the
      time being in force. Nothing contained in these procedures and
      Regulations shall invalidate any order made or action taken by
      the BSES or any of its officers in accordance with the
      procedures followed before the commencement of these
      procedures and Regulations.


      If any doubt arises relating to the correct interpretation of these
      procedures and Regulations, the decision of the competent
      BSES thereon, shall be final and binding.


      Where the BSES is of the opinion that it is necessary or
      expedient to do so, it may by order for reasons to be recorded
      in writing, and in consultation with the CHAIRPERSON relax
      any of the provisions of these Regulations with respect to any
      class or category of persons or posts.
36.   REPEAL:

      All existing rules of promotion and recruitment to various posts
      in the International and National Divisions of the BSES shall
      automatically stand repealed with effect from the date these
      Regulations are notified provided that such repeal shall not
      affect anything done or action taken under the rules, before
      such repeal.
     Annexure - 1A


     (Scale of Pay Rs.8600-250-14600)

S. No. Discipline Qualification Maximum Age : 27 years

     Assistanting degree in Electronics/ Telecommunication / Radio
     Engg/Electrical with specialization in Electronics OR equivalent
1    Air      Traffic    Control       Assistanting       degree      in
     electronics/telecommunications/ Electrical with
     Specialization in Electronics OR equivalent
2    Communication
3     Civil Degree in Civil Engg. OR equivalent
4     Electrical Degree in Electrical Engg. OR equivalent
5     Equipment/Technical          Degree          in       Assistanting
     (Electrical/Mechanical/Automobile) OR equivalent
     Degree       in    Assistanting     with       specialization    in
     Computers/Computer Engg./ Electronics/ IT or            equivalent/
     MCA or equivalent. "B" level qualification of DOEACC/
     Electrical with specialization in Electronics. 6 Information
7    Architecture Degree in Architecture OR equivalent
8     BSES operation Graduate in science with MBA OR equivalent.
     LMV licence essential
9    Personnel Graduate with MBA (HRD) or MA with Personnel
     Mgmt. OR equivalent
10   Law Graduate in Law
11   Public Relations Graduate with Degree/ PG Diploma in
     Journalism/PR OR equivalent PG in Econ/Stat/Maths with PG
     Diploma in Computer Applications OR equivalent 12 Economic
13   Finance CA/ICWA, MBA FINANCE OR equivalent
     Graduate       in     Commerce/Econ/Stat.         with         MBA
     (Marketing/Finance) Degree in Law desirable OR equivalent
14   Commercial     Graduate   with   PG     Diploma   in     Personnel
     Management/HRM +100 wpm shorthand+40 wpm typing.
     Knowledge of computer.
15   Personal   ASSISTANT      PG     Degree   or   equiv.     in   Bus.
     Admn./MBA or Degree in Engg/Arch/Law OR equivalent
     Annexure I-B

     INDUCTIONS AT NE-1 Rs.4400-6920

     S.No Designation Deptt Qualifications
     Maximum Age: 27years
     8th preferably 10th pass, should have good Physique

1    JR. ATTENDANT (Civil)/Beldar CIVIL
     8th preferably 10th pass, should know the gardening

2    JR. ATTENDANT (Horticulture)/Mali CIVIL
     8th preferably 10th pass, knowledge of related trade

     8th preferably 10th pass, should have good

4    JR. ATTENDANT (Electrical)/Wireman ELECT
     8th preferably 10th pass

5    JR.ATTENDANT(House Keeping) HK
     8th preferably 10th pass

     8th preferably 10th pass, knowledge of related trade

7    JR. ATTENDANT (Caneman) MM
     8th preferably 10th pass

8    JR. ATTENDANT (Store) MM
     8th preferably 10th pass, preferably ITI, knowledge
     Of related trade

9    JR. ATTENDANT (Workshop) MT
     8th preferably 10th pass, knowledge of related trade

     8th preferably 10th pass, should have good
11   JR. ATTENDANT (Security) OPS
     8th preferably 10th pass
12   JR. ATTENDANT (Office) PERS

     INDUCTIONS AT NE-4 Rs.5500-10060

     S.No Designation Deptt Qualifications with 2 years relevant
     experience in the concerned discipline
     Maximum Age 30 years 10th pass + ITI

1    JR.ENGG.(Cartography) ATM
     10th pass, ITI Fitter/Motor Mechanic

2    JR.ENGG.(Fork Lift) CARGO
     10th pass, ITI in Civil D’manship

3    JR.ENGG.(Drawing-Civil) CIVIL
     10th pass with ITI Trade Certificate

4    JR.ENGG.(Carpentry) CIVIL
     10th pass, experience in soil testing laboratory

5    JR.ENGG.(Laboratory) CIVIL
     10th pass with ITI in relevant trade

6    JR. ENGG.(Masonry) CIVIL
      10th pass, ITI in related trade

7     JR. ENGG.(Plumber) CIVIL
      10th pass, ITI in Elect & Mechanic D’manship

8     JR.ENGG.(Drawing-Electrical) ELECT

9     JR.ENGG.(Lift Operator-cum-Mechanic)
      ELECT 10th pass, ITI in related trade
      10th pass, ITI Air Condition / Refrigeration

      10th pass, ITI in Wireman trade

11    JR. ENGG.(Aerobridge) ELECT 10th pass, ITI in related


 :-   IDA scales in respect of employees of BSES were revised with
      effect from1.1.97.
 :-   These scales are valid up to 31.12.2006. The perquisites
      admissible for both executives and non-executives have also
      been notified from time to time.
 :-   In this chapter a gist of the different types of allowances
      admissible has been provided for easy reference.

I.0 Executives

Level     Name of Post                  Scale of Pay (Rs.)

E-9       Executive Director                 23750-600-28550
E-8       General Manager                    20500-500-26500
E-7       Addl. General Manager              18500-450-23900
E-6       Deputy General Manager             17500-400-22300
E-5       Asst. General Manager              16000-400-20800
E-4       Senior Manager                     14500-350-18700
E-3       Manager                            13000-350-18250
E-2       ASSISTANT Manager                  10750-300-16750
E-1       Junior Executive                    8600-250-14600

I.1       Non-Executives

Level Name of Post Scale of Pay (Rs.)

NE-10     Sr. Superintendent (SG)       9000-300-18000
NE-9       Sr. Superintendent           8000-260-11120-290-16340
NE-8      Superintendent                7200-230-9960-250-14460
NE-7      Supervisor                    6500-200-8900-220-12860
NE-6      Senior ASSISTANT                   6300-180-8460-200-
NE-5         ASSISTANT                           5800-160-7720-180-
NE-4         Jr. ASSISTANT                 5500-140-7180-160-10060
NE-3         Senior Attendant              5300-115-6680-135-9110
NE-2         Attendant                     4900-95-6040-110-8020
NE-1         Jr. Attendant                 4400-75-5300-90-6920


       Executives and Non-executives are eligible for various types of
       allowances and a brief of the same is as under:

1.0    Dearness Allowance:

1.1    Executive and Non-Executives are eligible for Dearness
       allowance on quarterly basis as on 1st January, 1st April, 1st
       July and 1st October of every year. The Dearness Allowances
       is payable for the increase in AICPI, above quarterly index
       average of 1708. The D.A. payable with effect from 1.7.2003 is
       @ 41.8%, 44% w.e.f. 1.10.2003; and 44.9% w.e.f. 1.1.2004.

2.0    House Rent Allowance (HRA):

2.1     Executives and Non-Executives are eligible for House Rent
       Allowance, as per classification of cities as applicable to Central
       Government Employees. An illustrative list of Classification of
       Cities for purpose of payment of HRA for easy reference. The
        classification of cities and corresponding rates (%) of HRA are
        as under:

        S.No. Classification of Cities          % Rates of HRA

        1.   A1 Cities                          30% of the Basic Pay
        2.   A, B1 & B2 Cities                   15% of the Basic Pay
        3.   C Cities                           7.5% of the Basic Pay
        4.   Unclassified Cities                5% of the Basic Pay

1.      Where the above HRA rates are lower than earlier rates as per
        new classification of the cities, employees would be allowed to
        draw the earlier rates of HRA on the revised basic pay as per
        O.M. dated 22.1.01 of DPE.
2.      HRA is not admissible to such employees who are provided
        residential accommodation by the BSES.
3.      HRA is admissible during leave of all kinds including Study
        Leave and suspension, up to 180 days. Beyond this period,
        HRA can be claimed by furnishing the prescribed certificate.

3.0     Company Leased Residential Accommodation:

3.1     All executives who are not provided accommodation by the
        BSES are eligible for subsidized Company Leased Residential
        Accommodation. Leased accommodation is also extended to
        non-executives who are holding key
        Operational category such as Aerodrome ASSISTANT,
        Communication     ASSISTANT,       Technical     ASSISTANT,
        Electronics ASSISTANT and Senior Fire Foremen.

3.2. Eligibility

3.2.1 The rental limits for leasing accommodation will be as under for
        executives and non-executives:


S.No.        Class of City % of          Basic Pay Remarks

1.           A                           50%

2.           B                           40%

3.           B2                          30%

4.           C                           20%

% of basic pay or “Mean” of the minimum and maximum of scale of
pay, whichever is more is admissible.

        S.No.        Class of City   % of Basic Pay:

        1.           A               50%
        2            B               40%
        3.           B2              30%
        4.           C               20%

4.0     City Compensation Allowance (CCA):

4.1     Executives and Non-Executives are eligible for CCA as per
        classification of cities as applicable to the Central Government
        employees. The rates are as under:

S.No.           Basic Pay A1 Cities A Cities    B1 Cities B2 Cities

1.      Below        Rs. 90     Rs. 65           Rs. 45     Rs. 25
        Rs. 4,000

2.      Rs. 4,001    Rs. 125    Rs. 95     Rs. 65      Rs. 35
        To 5,250

3.      Rs. 5,251 Rs. 200       Rs. 150    Rs. 100     Rs. 65
        To 6,499
4.      Rs. 6,500    Rs. 300    Rs. 240     Rs. 180      Rs. 120
        And above

Note:         CCA is admissible during leave of all kinds including
              Study Leave and suspension, up to 180 days. Beyond
              this period, CCA can be claimed by furnishing the
              prescribed certificate.

7.0     Education Allowance:

7.1     Executives and Non-Executives are eligible for an Education
        Allowance of Rs.350/- p.m. For this purpose the employee need
        not submit any undertaking/certificate.

8.0     Conveyance Re-imbursement

        Executives & Non-Executives are eligible for re-imbursement of
        fuel expenses at the following rates on self-certification basis:
10.0 Entertainment Allowance:

10.1 Executives are eligible for entertainment allowance on self
       certification as per the rates quoted below:

S.No. Pay range of executive                   Amount per month

1.       Rs.14500-18700; Rs.16000-20800                  Rs.250/-

2.       Rs.17500-22300; Rs.18500-23900                  Rs.350/-

3.       Rs.20500-26500                                   Rs.500/-

4.       Rs.23750-28550                                   Rs.750/-

11.0 Furnishing Allowance

11.1        Executive Directors and General Mangers are eligible for
            Furnishing Allowance at following rates:

            Soft furnishing allowance -           Rs.10.000/- --
            Once in three years.
            (Like carpet, curtain etc.,)

            Hard furnishing allowance -               Rs.15,000/- --
            Once in service period.
           (Like sofa set, writing table etc.)

11.2 This allowance is payable on production of vouchers.

2.0        Soft Furnishing Allowance

12.1       Executives,    other   than    Executive   Directors/General
           Managers are eligible for soft furnishing allowance at the
           following rates once in three years, on production of
           necessary certificates:

S.No.       Pay Scale of Executive                    Amount payable

1.        Those between scales of Rs.10750-             Rs.5000/-
          16750; and Rs.16000-20800

2.       Those in scales of Rs.17500-22300;            Rs.6000/-
          and Rs.18500-23900

13.0       Telephone Expenses Re-imbursement

13.1       Executives are eligible for re-imbursement for the
           telephone at their residence as under:
S.No.            Pay range                           Amount
1.        Rs.10750-16750; and Rs.13000-18250          Rs.250/- p.m.
2.        Rs.14500-18700; and Rs.16000-20800          Rs.350/- p.m.

14.0       Re-imbursement of HRD Expenses:

14.1       In order to update their knowledge and skills, the
           employees    are    encouraged     to   read    professional
           magazines, journals and also become members of
           professional institutions. To defray the expenses towards
           purchase     of    professional    magazines,      journals,
           newspapers, internet registration etc. the employees are
           extended the facility of reimbursement in the following

           For purpose of payment of proficiency allowance, the
           executives are classified into three categories as under:

Cat.I - B pay range of Rs.10, 750 –15,999 and above including JET

Cat.II - Basic pay range of Rs.16, 000 – 20,499 and above: and

Cat.III - Basic pay range of Rs.20, 500 – 28,550 and above.
18.0 Rating Allowance:

18.1 Aerodrome Discipline

18.2 ASSISTANT Managers, Managers, Sr. Managers and Dy.
     General Managers of aerodrome discipline are eligible for rating
     allowance as under:

S.NO.   TYPE OF FIELD                  AMOUNT IN RS. (P.M.)

1.      GROUP CONTROL (SMC)                     Rs 1000/-
2.      AERODROME CONTROL (TUI)                  Rs 2000/-
3.      AREA CONTROL CENTER (ACC)               Rs 2000/-
4.      ASR/MSSR (Radar)                        Rs 3000/-
5.      ARSR/MSSR (Radar)                       Rs 2000/-



21.0 Instructor Allowance

21.1 50% of the basic pay to those posts in NIAMAR/IAM and
     engaged in CDU and imparting class room lecture not less than
     10 hrs per week. (Pre-revised scale of pay)

22.0 OJT instructor Allowance

22.1 OJT instructor allowance is payable at the rate of 25% of the
     basic pay. (Pre-revised scale)

23.0 CATC Allowance

23.1 ATCOs posted as instructor in CATC will be paid 50% of the
     basic pay (pre-revised) as instructor allowance in addition to
     100% of the rating allowance during the validity of the rating.

25.0 Cash Compensation on National Holidays

25.1 Non-executives and executives who are deployed on roster
     duty, on National Holiday are eligible for Cash Compensation at
     the rate of 1.5 times of their basic pay + DA, on the date of duty
26.0 Out of Pocket Allowance –
         For attending office on holidays / “off days”

26.1 Executives who are required to attend office on holidays/”Off
       days” are eligible for ‘Out of Pocket Expenses’, up to a
       maximum of five days in a month, subject to the condition that
       they obtain prior permission of the competent BSES
       and work for not less than 4 hours, on that day as under:

       Executives up to the level of Managers - Rs.250/- per day
       Senior Managers and above                    - Rs.300/- per day

27.0         Allowances to employees posted to North Eastern
             Region/Andaman & Nicobar Islands/Kashmir Valley

27.1.0       Special (Duty) Allowance to executives and non-

28.3.0       Double HRA Benefits

28.3.1       The executives and non-executives having All-India
             transfer liability and posted to NER or to Port-Blair and
             Agatti are eligible for the benefit of double HRA, subject to
             the condition that they are keeping their families in rented
             house or in their own house at the last station of posting.
28.3.2    Such employees will be entitled to draw HRA admissible
          to them at the previous station of posting as also the new
          place of posting subject to the following conditions:

     :-   Hired private accommodation or owned house at the last
          station of posting is put to bonafide use of the members of
          his/her family.

     :-   In case an employee before his transfer is in occupation
          of departmental accommodation, he is to apply for
          allotment of accommodation to one category below his
          entitlement. He is not entitled for any HRA in lieu thereof.

28.4.0    Additional HRA to employees posted to Kashmir Valley.

28.4.1    HRA as for Class “A” city is applicable to employees on
          posting to Kashmir Valley who opt to move their families
          to a selected place of their choice in India. Such
          employees will also be eligible for drawing the normal
          HRA at their place of posting provided Departmental
          arrangement is not made for his/her stay.

C)   BSES (Leave) Regulations

“In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with
clause (b) of subsection(2) and sub-section (4) of Section 42 of
the BSESs BSES of India Act,1994 (No. 55 of 1994), the BSESs
BSES of India with the previous approval of the Central Govt.
hereby makes the following Regulations.”

(1)   Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
(2)   When the exigencies of service so require, level of any kind
      may be Refused or revoked by the BSES competent to grant it,
      but it shall not be open to that BSES to alter the kind of leave
      due and applied for by the employee except at the written
      request of the employee.


      An employee’s claim to leave is regulated by the regulations in
      force at the time the leave is applied for and granted.


(1)   At the request of the employee, competent BSES may, at its
      discretion, convert retrospectively leave of one kind taken
      earlier into leave of different kind which was due and admissible
      to him at the time the leave was granted if the employee’s
      request is received within 30 (thirty) days of his joining duty on
      the expiry of the relevant spell of leaved availed by him.
(2)   Any amount of leave salary paid in excess shall be recovered
      or any arrears shall be paid after adjustment.

      Unless the Competent BSES, in view of the exceptional
      circumstances of the case otherwise determines, no employee
      shall be granted leave of any kind for a continuous period
      exceeding 5 (five) years.


      An employee while on leave, shall not take up any service or
      employment elsewhere including the setting up of a private
      professional practice such as accountant, consultant or legal or
      medical practitioner without obtaining the previous sanction of
      the competent BSES.

(1)   Regular Leave

(a)   Except as otherwise provided in these regulations, any kind of
      leave under these regulations may be granted in combination
      with or in continuation of any other kind of leave except casual
(b)   Prefixing or suffixing of holidays to leave shall be allowed
      except in cases where for administrative reasons; permission
      for prefixing or suffixing of holidays to leave is specially

(c)   Intervening   Holidays   including   Sundays     and   Saturdays,
      wherever applicable falling within the spell of any kind of leave
      shall be counted as leave.

(2)   Casual Leave

(a)   Casual leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave
      under these regulations except special casual leave and
      restricted holiday and compensatory leave. It should not be
      combined with both special casual leave and regular leave
      taken together.

(b)   An employee can be permitted to combine half a day’s casual
      leave with any other kind of leave if his absence on the next
      working day was due to sickness or other compelling grounds
      only if he has no further casual leave at his credit and he was
      allowed to avail half a day casual leave in the afternoon.

(3)   Restricted Holiday – Restricted Holiday can be prefixed or
      suffixed to any kind of leave or casual leave.
(4)   Compensatory Leave – A Compensatory leave granted in lieu
      of duty performed by an employee on Sunday or a holiday for a
      full day may be treated as holiday for the purpose of prefixing or
      suffixing of leave.

(5)   Holidays – Holidays can be pre-fixed or suffixed to any kind of
      leave and to be treated as duty for the purpose of drawal of pay
      and allowances.

(6)   Special Casual Leave – The Special Casual Leave can be
      combined with Sundays, restricted holidays and other holidays
      but not with any other kind of leave.


      (1)    Earned Leave

            (a) Calculation of Earned Leave

      (i)    Advance credit in two installments
            The leave account of an employee shall be credited with
            30 (thirty) days earned leave in a calendar year. This shall
            be credited in advance in two installments of 15 (fifteen)
            days each of the first day of January and the first day of
            July of every calendar year.
(ii)   Maximum accumulation The earned leave at the credit of
       an employee at the close of a half year shall be carried
       forward to next half year, subject to the condition
       that the earned leave so carried forward plus the credit for
       the half year shall not exceed 300 (three hundred) days.

(b)    At the initial appointment:-

The credit for the half year in which an employee is appointed
will be credited at the rate of 2 ½ (Two and half) days for each
completed calendar month of service which he is likely to
render in half year in which he is appointed.

(c)    Application for Earned Leave:-

An application for earned leave or extension shall be made in
the prescribed for (FORM NO. 1)

(d)    At the retirement or resignation:-

The credit for the half year in which an employee is due to retire
or resigns from the service shall be allowed
Leave at the rate of 2 ½ (two and a half) days per completed
calendar month up to the date of retirement or resignation. If in
the case of an employee who resigns or retires from the
service, the leave already availed of is more than the credit so
      due to him necessary adjustment shall be made in respect of
      leave salary overdrawn, if any.
(e)   On removal or dismissal or death:-

      The credit for the half-year in which an employee is removed or
      dismissed or died will be allowed at the rate of 2 ½ (two and a
      half) days per completed calendar month up to the end of the
      calendar month preceding the calendar month in which he/she
      is removed or dismissed or died.

(f)   Adjustment of Extraordinary leave:-

      If any employee has taken extraordinary leave in a half year,
      the credit allowed shall be reduced by 1/10th (one-tenth) of the
      extraordinary leave availed of during the previous half year
      subject to a maximum of 15 (fifteen) days.

      (2) Half Pay Leave

(a)   Calculation of Half Pay Leave

(i)   Advance credit in two installments:- The leave account of an
      employee shall be credited with 20 (twenty) days Half-Pay
      Leave in a calendar year. This shall be credited advance in two
      installments of 10 (ten) days each, on First day of January and
      First day of July of every calendar year.
 (b)    Maintenance of Half-Pay Leave account:- The balance should
        be worked out at the end of each half-year by debiting-
(i)     HPL taken
(ii)    Twice the amount of Commuted Leave taken
(iii)   Leave-not-due taken
(f)     Application for Half Pay Leave:- An application for half-pay
        leave or extension shall be made in the prescribed form

(3)     Commuted Leave

(a)     Conditions for Grant of Commuted Leave : Commuted leave
        not exceeding half the amount of half pay leave due may be
        granted on production of medical certificate from an authorized
        medical officer subject to the following conditions:
(i)     At the request of the employee:- Commuted leave may be
        granted at the request of an employee even when earned leave
        is due to him;

b)      In the case of retirement / resignation:-

When an employee who has been granted commuted leave, resigns
from service at his own requestor permitted to retire voluntarily
without returning to duty, the commuted leave shall be treated as
half-pay-leave and the difference between the salary in respect
commuted leave and half pay leave shall be recovered.Provided that
no such recovery shall be made if the retirement is by reason of ill
health incapacitating the employee for further service or in the event
of death.

(c)    Without production of Medical Certificate:-

(i)    Half pay leave up to a maximum of 180 days may be allowed to
       be commuted during the entire service (without production of
       medical certificate) where such leave is utilized for an approved
       course of study certified to be in the public interest by the
       competent BSES.

(4)    Extra-Ordinary Leave (EOL):

(a)    Conditions for grant of Extra-Ordinary Leave :- Extra Ordinary
       Leave (EOL) may be granted to an employee in the following
       special circumstances, namely:
(i)    When no other leave is admissible.
(ii)   When other leave is admissible, but the employee applies in
       writing for he grant of extra ordinary leave.
(b)    Maximum Extra-Ordinary Leave admissible on any one
(i)    Unless the competent BSES, in view of exceptional or
       extreme compassionate circumstances otherwise determines,
       no employee shall be granted Extra-Ordinary Leave on any one
       occasion in excess of 12 (twelve) months but not in excess of
       three months without medical certificate and 6 (six) months with
       medical certification in respect of temporary employees.
       Provided that the limit aforesaid may be raised to 18 (eighteen)
       months on production of a medical certificate in case, where the
       employee is undergoing treatment for cancer or for mental
       illness in an institution recognized by the BSES or is
       undergoing treatment in a sanatorium, institution or under a
       specialist, recognized by the BSES, for pulmonary
       tuberculosis or pleurisy of tubercular origin, or tuberculosis of
       any part of the body or leprosy.

(ii)   For 24 (twenty four) months, where the leave is required for the
       purpose of prosecuting studies certified to be in the public
       interest provided the employee concerned has completed 3
       (three) years continuous service on the date of expiry of leave
       of the kind due and admissible including 3 (three) months
       extraordinary leave under clause (a). Where the employee is
       granted EOL in relaxation of provision contained in clause (b)
       shall be required to execute a Bond in the prescribed form
       undertaking to refund to BSES the actual amount of
       incurred by the BSES during such leave plus that incurred by
       other agency with interest thereon in the event of his not
       returning to duty on the expiry of such leave or quitting the
       service before a period of 3 (three) years after return to duty.
       The bond shall be supported by sureties from two permanent
       employees having a status comparable to or higher than that of
       the employee concerned.
(iii)   Employees belonging to Scheduled Cast or Scheduled Tribe
        may, for the purpose of attending the Pre-Examination Training
        course at the Centres notified by the Government from time to
        time, be granted extraordinary leave by the competent BSES
        in relaxation of sub-clause (ii).

(6)     Maternity Leave

(a)     For Pregnancy: A female employee with less than two surviving
        children may be granted Maternity Leave to 135 (One hundred
        thirty five) days twice in service period including for Medical
        Termination of Pregnancy or Abortion. In order to avail this
        leave, the employee should complete one-year regular service
        in BSESs BSES of India. The leave will be granted on
        submission or production of Medical Certificate from Authorized
        Medical Officer or Hospital or Nursing Home.
(b)     Threatened abortion: Maternity leave is not admissible for
        threatened abortion.
(c)     Leave not to be debited: Maternity leave shall not be debited to
        the leave account. A female employee may be granted leave of
        the kind due and admissible (including leave not due and
        commuted leave not exceeding 60 days) without production of
        medical certificate for a period up to one year or till such time
        the child is one year old, whichever is earlier. However this
        facility will not be admissible in case she is already having two
        surviving children.
(d)    For child adoption:- Maternity leave is not admissible.
(e)    Combination with other kind of leave:
(i)    Maternity Leave may be combined with leave of any other kind.
(ii)   Leave of the kind due and admissible including commuted
       leave for a period not exceeding 60 (sixty) days if applied for
       may be granted in continuation of maternity leave (except on
       account of leave for miscarriage or abortion).

 (10) Encashment of Leave

       Application for encashment of Leave shall be submitted by the
       employees. The payment made under encashment of Leave
       shall not be counted as pay for any purpose including
       contribution towards provident fund.

 (1)   The cash equivalent under this clause will be as follows:
       Basic + DA
       Cash Equivalent = --------------- x No. of EL to be encased.

 (2)   Encashment of unutilized Half-Pay Leave : In the following
       circumstances, an employee will be entitled for encashment of
       unutilized half pay leave due and admissible at credit on the
       last day of his service, subject to a maximum of 240 (two
       hundred and forty) days of half pay leave.

(a)    Leaving the service of BSES on attaining the age of
(b)   Death while in service.

(c)   Cessation of service including resignation other than on
      grounds of disciplinary action, on attaining age of 50 (fifty) yrs.
      provided the employee has put in a minimum of 20 (twenty)
      years of service in Govt./PSE including a minimum service of 1
      (one) year in BSES.
(d)   Calculation of Encashment of Half Pay Leave
      Half of Basic Pay + DA
      Cash Equivalent = ------------------------------ x No. of HPL to be
      encased (Max 240)


      When an employee moves from one Public Sector Enterprise to
      another public sector enterprise with the consent of both the
      employers, the employee shall be granted the facility to carry
      forward his earned leave and half pay leave.


      Special Casual leave may be granted to the employees in
      following circumstances:
(1)     Union activities:- (a) Special Casual Leave of maximum 20
        days in a calendar year may be granted to the members of
        Central Executive Committee of the Recognized Union.

        The above said leave may be allowed only on the
        recommendation of the General Secretary of the Recognized

(3)     Sports Events

(i)     Special casual leave shall be granted up to a maximum of 30
        days in a calendar year for:
 (a)    Participating in sports events of national / international
        importance; Coaching / administration of teams participating in
        sporting events of national / international importance;
(b)     Attending coaching and training camps under Rajkumari Amrit
        Kaur Coaching Scheme or similar all India coaching or training
 (ii)   Participating in mountaineering trekking expeditions approved
        by the Indian mountaineering Foundation or organized by Youth
        Hostels Association of India.

(iii)   Special Casual Leave shall also be granted to employees for a
        period not exceeding 10 days in any calendar year for
        participating in inter Region tournament and sporting events
        held in any place in India.


(For Earned Leave, Half-Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, Leave Not
due, Extra-Ordinary Leave, Maternity Leave)

1. Name : _____________________________________________
2.Designation: ___________________________________________
3.Employee No. : _________________________________________
4.Department/Section: _____________________________________
5.Type of Leave : _________________________________________
6. Period of Leave ________________________________________
7. Saturdays, Sundays & :Holiday, if any, proposed
   to be prefixed/suffixed (with dates)________________________
8. Permission to leave the station : Yes/NO
9. Reason for leave: ______________________________________
During leave period _______________________________________
Date: __________ _____________________

(Signature of Applicant)
Leave Recommended/ Leave approved/
Not Recommended Not approved
(If not recommended (If not approved.
State reason in brief) state reason in brief)

(Section Head) (Section Head)

Name:______________                        Name: ________
Date :_______________                      Date : __________
(For Earned Leave, Half-Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, Leave Not
due, Extra-Ordinary Leave, Maternity Leave)

Sub: Joining Report

I hereby report for duty today after availing ___________________
day      of      ___________________           (type      of   leave)
from________________ to ______________.
Medical Certificate and Fitness Certificate are also enclosed.

1. Name : _____________________________________________
2. Designation : _________________________________
3. Department/Section : __________________________
4. Employee No. : ___________________________________
5. No. of Encls. : _________________________________
   Date : __________ _______________________

(Signature of Applicant)

Forwarded to Personnel Department

Name of Officer _____________________
Date : ________________
Designation _____________________

Department _____________________
[Refer Regulations 11(7) (b)]
Sub: Report of Injury sustained by an employee due to accident.

(To be filled up immediately after the accident by the Officer

Name          _____________________________             Designation
Employee No. ____ ____________________ ________________
Department/Section                Section________________________
Date & Time of Accident : :______________________
Detail of Accident (including the place of accident)
_________                   ______________________                _
__________________________________ ___
________________ __________ ______________ ____
Cause of Accident
___________________               ______________________________
____________________ ______
____________________ _______________________________
Action taken by the Department including preventive action :

Signature ___________________________

Name of Officer

Signature of Head of Deptt. Reporting

Department __________________________

Date : ___________Date : _________________________________

     With a view to assess the performance of Employees of BSES,
     Performance Appraisal Report forms have been evolved and
     they are obtained every year. The Performance Appraisal
     System not only helps in career growth of employees but
     also in taking care of their training needs, skill development and
     over all development of personality.

     For various levels of officers five types of Performance
     Appraisal Reports have been evolved as under:

1.   Form (PA)-4 -     Executive Director/Equivalent
                       (Below the Board Members)

2.   Form (PA)-3 -     Officers of the level of Sr. Manager to
                         General Manager

3.   Form (PA)-2 -     Officers of the level of Sr. Superintendent
                          to Manager

4.   Form (PA)-1 -     Employees of the level of Jr. ASSISTANT
                       Sr. ASSISTANT

5.   Form (PA)-1 -     Group ‘D’

1.   Adverse remarks in the PAR:

     There may be some instances where it has become necessary
     to comment adversely on the officer reported upon. While the
     Reporting Officer should ensure that the officer has been given
     necessary advice, guidance and assistance to correct his faults
     and deficiencies and that adverse entries should refer only to
     defects which have persisted despite the Reporting/Reviewing
     Officer’s efforts.
     Relevant copies of written warning/reprimand/displeasure
     issued to the officer by way of counseling (where in the
     opinion of the Reporting Officer, the officer reported upon
     has not improved despite counseling) should invariably be
     attached to the PAR.
     PARs which are graded “FAIR” or “INADEQUATE” and not
     supported by documents should be returned to the
     originator for clarification and necessary action.

2.   Grading “OUTSTANDING”:

     One    should        not   be   graded   “OUTSTANDING”    unless
     exceptional qualities and performance has been noticed in
     him/her. Grounds for giving such a grading, should be
     clearly brought out in the PAR.
3.      Remarks by the Reviewing Officer:

        The Reviewing Officer while completing his portion on the PAR
        form should be specific in his remarks, as to whether he fully
        agrees with the reporting officer and where he does not agree
        with some or all the remarks of the reporting officer, he should
        substantiate his remarks with reasons and record
        His own assessment of the officer reported upon.


2.      Definitions

(i)     Normal Transfer Season:

        For both inter regions and intra regions, Normal Transfer
        Season would be April-May, each year.

(ii)    Inter Regional Transfer:
        Transfers from one region to another region.

(iii)   Intra Regional Transfer:
        Transfers from one station to another station within the region.

(iv)    Home-Town:
        The permanent home town as accepted by the BSES and
        entered in service book of the employee.
(v)   Length of stay at the station/in the region:
      Transfer will be in accordance with the seniority in stay at the
      region/station as applicable. Length of stay means period
      continuously spent at the station in the region under BSES in a
      post which has the liability of service anywhere in India. To
      illustrate, person A may be in Delhi (Northern) Region for the
      last six years – four years as Sr. Superintendent (ATC) and two
      years as ENGG. Manager (ATC), his length of stay in Delhi
      (Northern) Region is six years. Similarly shall be the case in
      respect of his stay at the same station. However, in the case of
      Group D posts, length of stay shall be computed only from the
      Date of promotion to Group C posts.

5.    Transfer on promotion
      As a general policy non-executive on promotion to the level of
      executive and Senior Manager on promotion as DGM shall be
      transferred.   Cases    where    retention     of   such   promoted
      executives are required, such retention shall be on the specific
      recommendation of the Member concerned and with the
      approval of the Chairman. [This clause shall not apply to
      personal staff namely Stenographers and Private Secretary].
      Such transfers shall be effected as per normal transfer policy.
6. Transfer to Home Town

(i)     Persons who are within 5 years of reaching the age of
        superannuation shall be posted as far as possible in or nearer
        to their home town, provided a request is received from the
        concerned official for posting to home town/opted station. The
        cut off date for determining 5 year period will be taken as 31st
(ii)    In the event of transfer consequent to promotion, the above
        provision shall not apply.
(iii)   When a person is due to retire within 5 years and could not be
        accommodated nearer to the home town, he may be exempted
        from transfer during the last 5 years of service before

7.      Transfer to Tenure Stations

(i)     The following procedure shall be adopted while making
        postings to tenure stations.

Category I : Who have not served any tenure station:

Step – 1      Draw up a list of officials in the cadre who have not done
              a turn of posting in any unpopular/tenure station.
Step – 2      Arrange them in order of their length of continuous stay at
              non tenure stations irrespective of the regions.
Step – 3      Transfers to tenure station should be made from the list
           so prepared in the order they are arranged. After effecting
           transfers as mentioned above, if there are more transfers
           to be made to tenure stations, the following procedure
           shall be adopted :

Category II : Who have already done one tenure station term:

Step – 1    Draw up a list of officials in the respective cadres who
           have done one or more than one turn at tenure stations.
Step – 2   Arrange them in order of their dates of relief from the
           tenure station of last posting.
Step – 3   Postings to tenure station will be made from out of the
           Category II list in the order arranged after exhausting
           category I list.

(ii)       Normally no choice will be given in regard to posting to
           tenure stations.
           To the extent of available vacancies, the request of an
           individual will be
           kept in regard to posting to tenure station. [This is
           covered vide para 4
(iii)      Officials posted at tenure stations may at their option
           choose to remainlonger than the stipulated stay. In that
           case the additional stay of the officials will be counted as
           stay at non-tenure station. Although his transfer from
           tenure station will be governed by the rules for transfer
       from tenure stations; but while preparing the priority list
       for posting to tenure station next time, the additional stay
       will be counted as a stay at non-tenure station.
(iv)   In the event of two or more officials volunteering transfer
       to the same tenure station, consideration shall be given to
       the fact whether any of the volunteers had already been
       to that tenure station earlier. Preference shall be given to
       those who had not done a turn at the station to which
       option is made or who had the least stay at that
(v)    In the event of an official not reporting for duty within
       30/60 days at tenure station of one year/two year duration
       from the date of relief by RED/Station Incharge
       concerned, he will have to serve for one more
       Academic year at the tenure station in addition to the
       stipulated period of stay. The same provision shall apply if
       a person avails more than 60 days leave other than
       casual leave of any kind at tenure station. However,
       official who does not avail full joining time after strike off
       from the original date indicated in the original transfer
       order and report at the tenure station early, he may be
       allowed to exceed the leave period to the extent of
       unavailed joining time.

1.      Objective
        To encourage employee to improve their knowledge and
        professional competence        by pursuing      advanced     studies
        relevant to their functions in the Organisation, employees shall
        be   given    increment(s)    when    they    acquiring   additional
        qualifications relevant to their area of responsibility during their
        services in the Organisation at their own cost and time.

2.      Eligibility

(i)     This Scheme shall cover all employees of the Organisation
        below the Board level except where specifically excluded.
(ii)    Qualification should be pursued and acquiring during service in
(iii)   The discipline of his/her course of study should obviously relate
        to his/her area of functioning. However, employees who are in
        the common channel for consideration to the higher post are
        eligible for increment(s) if the qualification acquired is relevant
        to the functions covered by the higher post, but not an essential
        requirement of eligibility.
 (v)    Diploma courses and courses below two years duration but not
        less than one academic year would be eligible for one
(vi)    Only the course of two years or more of study leading to a
        degree shall be sanctioned two increments except LL.B. LL.B
        course shall carry only one increment.
(vii) Group ‘D’ employees shall also be entitled to Rs.200/- as
        additional cash incentive
        Any Graduate degree in any discipline will entitle any Group ‘D’
        employee for two increments.


1)      System of medicines

        The employees and their family members may get treatment
        under any of the under mentioned systems of medicines:-

(i)     Allopathy system of medicine;

(ii)    Homeopathy system of medicine;

(iii)   Ayurvedic system of medicine; and

(iv)    Unani system of medicine.

2.      Medicines

        When medicines are prescribed by the Medical Attendant or
        Medical Practitioner or Authorized Medical Officer, the same
      will be reimbursed only if the medicines are admissible under
      the Government list of admissible medicines.

3.    Procedure for medical treatment

(1)   Medical treatment shall normally be taken by the employee or a
      member of his or her family at the nearest empanelled Nursing
      Homes or Hospitals as per the limits or entitlements and other
      conditions as specified by the BSES from time to time.
(2)   An employee may avail the credit facility extended to the
      selected empanelled Nursing Homes or Hospitals for getting
      treatment of self and his or her family members.
(3)   An employee may avail the consultation of the doctor or
      specialists Sitting in the Private Out Patient Department of the
      Institutional Hospitals of the empanelled hospital for getting
      treatment of self and His or her family members.


      BSES (LTC) Regulations, 2003

In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (b) of sub-section (2)
and subsection (4) of Section 42 of the BSESs BSES of India Act,
1994 (No. 55 of 1994) and in supersession of the International
BSESs BSES of India (Leave Travel Concession) Regulations, 1982,
except as respect things done or omitted to be done before such
supersession, the BSESs BSES of India, with the approval of the
Central Government, hereby makes following regulations.

6.    Types of Leave Travel Concession

(1)   The leave travel concession to home town shall be admissible
      irrespective of the distance between the headquarters of the
      employee and his home town, once in a block of two calendar
      years, i.e. 2002-03, 2004-05 commencing from the year 2002-

(2)   The leave travel concession to any place in India shall be
      admissible irrespective of the distance of the place of visit from
      the headquarters of the employee, once in a block of four
      calendar years i.e. 2002-05, 2006-09;

7.    Counting of Leave Travel Concession against Particular

      An employee and members of his family availing of leave travel
      concession may travel in different groups at different times
      during a block of two or four years, as the case may be and the
      leave travel concession so availed of shall be counted against
      the block of two years or four years within which the
     outward journey commenced, even if the return journey was
     performed after the expiry of the block of two years or four

9.   Place to be visited by an Employee and members of his
     family under leave travel concession to any place in India

     An employee and each member of his family may visit different
     places of their choice during a block of four years. It shall not be
     necessary for members of family of an employee to visit the
     same place as that visited by the employee himself at any time
     earlier during the same block.


     In exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-section (1), read
     with clause (c) of Sub-section (2) of Section 42 of the BSESs
     BSES of India Act, 1994 (55 of 1994), the BSESs BSES of
     India, with the approval of the Central Government thereby
     makes following regulations.

3.   Admissibility for the House Building Advance
     Subject to the provisions hereinafter provided, House Building
     Advance may be granted individually to any of the eligible
     employees of the BSES at any place in India for the purpose of
(a)   acquisition of land or plots and construction of dwelling house
      thereon; or
(b)   construction of dwelling houses on land or plots already owned
      or leased; or
(c)   purchase of ready built houses or flats on ownership basis from
      Delhi Development BSES or other Government Agency or
      Agency authorized by the BSES in this behalf;
(d)   purchase of ready built houses or flats through Registered
      Group Housing Societies;
(e)   enlarging a house already owned by an employee society in his
      own name;


      Employees of BSES are eligible for various types of
      recoverable advances as under:
1.    Interest free advances

(a)   Festival Advance
(b)   Advance to tide over an emergency or hardship

2.    Interest bearing
      Towards Conveyance
(a)   Moped
(b)   Scooter/Motor Cycle
(c)   Car
(d)   Personal Computer


      With a view to offer appropriate incentive to the employees of
      BSESs BSES of India and enable them to give their best for
      enhancing efficiency and quality of services offered by the
      BSES, Productivity Linked Incentive Scheme was introduced.

1.0   Salient features

1.1   Coverage:

      The Scheme shall cover all Employees (Executives & Non-
      Executives).   Apprentices,   Consultants/Advisors    and   the
      employees engaged on contract basis, contract labour (other
      than those covered under the Supreme Court judgment) will not
      come within the purview of the scheme.
      The Chief Executive and other full time Members of BSES are
      also eligible as per the instructions contained in Department of
      Public Enterprises Office Memorandum dated 19.7.1995 on the

1.2   Effective date of implementation: This scheme is effective from
      1.4.1996 and is extended from time to time.

       With a view to promote belongingness, team spirit and
       discipline, BSESs BSES of India employees are issued with
       common uniforms. The details of pattern, eligibility, etc. are as

1.     Pattern

       Male employees
i)     Polycotton Shirting cloth in Grey Shade
ii)    Poly viscose Pant cloth in Navy Blue Shade
iii)   Polywool Suit cloth in Bluish Grey Shade
iv)    Polywool Overcoat in Navy Blue Shade in all Winter Stations
       and to few
       selected categories in designates Summer/Winter Stations to
       be notified.



1.1    Under the BSES (Retired Employees) Medical Benefit Scheme,
       the following are covered:
(a)   Executives and Non-Executives who retired on attaining the
      superannuation age or those who Prematurely/Voluntarily retire
      after rendering a minimum of 10 years continuous service in
      BSES/other      Public    Sector       Undertaking,   Central/State
      Government organisations;
(b)   Executives/Non-Executives who have become permanently
      disabled while in service of the BSES and retired prematurely
      on medical grounds;
(c)   Board level appointees who have completed a minimum of one
      year of service as a Board Member/Chairman or has attained a
      minimum age of 55 years and do not opt for the medical facility
      in any other organisation, on leaving BSES.


2.1   The Scheme is purely ‘Voluntary’ in nature and eligible
      employees who pay the required lump-sum contribution as
      under are eligible for the benefits:

      Grade of Appointment Lump-sum contribution
      on the date of Retirement
      Group ‘D’ Rs.1000/-
      Group ‘C’ Rs.1350/-
      Group ‘B’ and above Rs.1750/-
      DGM and above Rs.2000/-
      EDs and above Rs.2500/-

      The employees of BSES (NAD) are covered under Group
      Savings Linked
      Insurance     Scheme    administered by the     Life Insurance
      Corporation of India.

1.0   Salient features

1.1   Eligibility
      The scheme is compulsory to all regular employees of BSESs
      BSES of
      India (NAD) who are aged not less than 18 years and not more
      than 60 years.
      No Member shall withdraw from the Scheme while he is still an
      employee satisfying the conditions of eligibility. New employees
      are admitted
      to the savings scheme, only from the annual renewal date i.e.
      1st January and
      however, insurance cover is provided to them from the date of
1.2   Monthly contribution
      The employees should make monthly contribution through
      salary as per
      following rates:
      Group Contribution
      A Rs.120
      B Rs.75
      C Rs.50
      D Rs.25
      The functioning of the GSLI Scheme has been decentralized
      w.e.f. 1.7.1992
      and the payment in respect of the employees will be made by
      the respective
      Regions/RC & DU and CHQ.

1.3   Utilization of Contribution
      The contribution made by employees is utilized towards
      Insurance coverage
      and savings as under:
      Group Amount adjusted
      against Insurance (Rs.)
      Amount adjusted
      Against savings (Rs.)
      A 42 78.00
      B 26.25 48.75
      C 17.50 32.50
      D 8.75 16.25
1.4   Benefits
      In the unfortunate event of death of an employee, the benefit
      payable under
      this scheme will be as under:
      Group A Rs.1,20,000
      Group B Rs.75,000
      Group C Rs.50,000
      Group D Rs.25,000
      In addition the accumulated savings amount with interest
      standing to the
      credit of the deceased will also be paid to the person nominated
      by the
      On cessation of service and on retirement, the entire
      accumulated amount
      with interest standing to the credit of the employee in his
      savings account with
      interest will be refunded through LIC.


1.    General

(1)   Every employee shall at all times
(a)   Maintain absolute integrity;
(b)   Maintain devotion to duty;
(c)   Conform to/abide by these and other rules of the BSES and
      Shall observe, comply with the obeyance of lawful orders and
      Directions which may from time to time, be given to him/her in
      The course of his official duties by an person or persons under
      Whose jurisdiction, superintendence or control he/she is placed
(d)   Do noting which is unbecoming of him/her as an employee of
      the BSES.
(2)   Every employee holding a supervisory post shall take all
      possible steps to ensure the integrity and devotion to duty of all
      employees for the time being under his control and supervision.
(3)   Every employee shall, at all times, conduct himself soberly and
      temperately while on official premises and also in public show
      proper respect and civility to all concerned and shall use his
      utmost endeavour to promote the interest of the BSES and to
      maintain and promote the good reputation thereof.
(4)   No employee shall, in the performance of his official duties or in
      the exercise of powers, conferred on him, act otherwise than
      his best judgment except when he is acting under the direction
      of his official superior and shall, where he is acting under such
      direction, obtain the direction in writing, whenever applicable
      and where it is not applicable to obtain the directions in writing,
      he shall obtain in writing confirmation of the direction as soon
      as thereafter as possible.
5.      Misconduct
        Without prejudice to the generality of the term “misconduct”, the
        following acts of omission and commission shall be treated as
        misconduct for the purposes of these regulations, namely:-
(i)     Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the business or
        property of the BSES or property of another person within the
(ii)    Taking or giving bribes or any illegal gratification or any
        remuneration to which he is legally not entitled;
(iii)   Possession of pecuniary resources or property disproportionate
        to the known sources of income by the employee or on his
        behalf by another person, which the employee cannot
        satisfactorily account for;
(iv)    Furnishing false information regarding name, date of birth, age,
        father’s name, ability, qualification, or any other matter in
        relation to the employment at the time of appointment or during
        the course of employment;
(v)     Acting in any manner prejudicial to the interests of the BSES;
(vi)    Willful insubordination or disobedience of any lawful and
        reasonable order of his superior;
(vii) Absence without leave or over-staying the sanctioned leave for
        more than four consecutive days, without sufficient grounds or
        satisfactory explanation;
(viii) Habitual late coming or irregular attendance;
(ix)   Neglect of work or negligence in the performance of duty
       including malingering or slowing down of work;
(x)    Causing damage to any property of the BSES;
(xi)   Interference or tempering with any safety device installed in or
       about the premises of the BSES;
(xii) Drunkenness or riotous or disorderly or indecent behaviour in
       the premises of the BSES or outside such premises where such
       behaviour is related to or connected with employment;
(xiii) Gambling within the premises of the BSES;
(xiv) Smoking within the premises of the BSES where it is prohibited;
(xv) Collection, without the permission of the competent BSES, of
       any money within the premises of the BSES except that
       sanctioned by any law or rules of the BSES for the time being in
(xvi) Sleeping while on duty;
Explanation –
       For the purpose of these regulations, “Sexual
       Harassment” includes such unwelcome sexually determined
       Behaviors whether directly or otherwise, as:

       a)       Physical contact and advances;
       b)       Demand or request for sexual favors;
       c)       Sexually colored remarks;
       d)       Showing any pornography; or
       e)       Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal
                conduct of a sexual nature.
6.     Gifts

(1)    Save as otherwise provided in these regulations, no employee
       shall accept or permit any member of his family or any other
       person acting on his behalf to accept any gift.

7.     Dowry – No employee shall

(1)    Give or take or abet the giving or taking of dowry; or
(2)    Demand directly or indirectly from the parent or guardian of a
       bride or bridegroom, as the case may be, any dowry.

       IN A A I

1.     Short title and application

(i)    These Regulations may be called the National BSESs BSES
       (Allotment of Residential Accommodation) Regulations, 1987.
(ii)   These Regulations shall apply to the allotment of residential
       quarters belonging to the BSES and such other quarters as are
       placed at the disposal of the BSES for allotment to officers and
       Members of the staff of the National BSESs BSES.
5.   Entitlement of Accommodation
     Save as otherwise provided in these rules, an officer shall be
     eligible for allotment of a residence of the type shown in the
     table below:-

     Basic Pay (Rs)              Type of Accommodation

     4400-5499                   TYPE I

     5500-7499                   TYPE II

     7500-14499                  TYPE III

     14500-17499                 TYPE IV

     17500-23749                 TYPE V

     23750 & ABOVE               TYPE VI

In BRPL area, considering upcoming Commonwealth
Games 2010, DDA Master Plan 2021,Construction of Malls
etc annual load growth is expected to be 1.5% more than
above analysis. (i.e.7 %).
But with the extensive drive of AT & C loss reduction, Energy
Conservation, Demand Side Management etc., the growth
rate will have a downward pressure, forcing the demand to
go down by about 1.0 to 1.5 %.Summarizing, an annual
growth rate of 6.3% for planning, the Sub-Transmission and
DistributionNetwork would be a good & reasonable estimate.

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