Year 9 SATs 2008 by AT74O7


									   GCSE English Paper 1

Section A – Reading Non Fiction Texts
         Paper 1 Section A
• 1 hour - 15 minutes reading time + 45
  minutes answering questions
• Insert provided; two texts based on a
  common theme
• Question 1 focuses on facts and opinions
• Question 2 focuses on presentational
         Top Tips: Reading
• Read the questions before you read the
  texts – this way you know what you are
  asked to comment on and can highlight
  relevant sections/quotations to use in
  your answer as you read
• After reading and highlighting both texts,
  at the top of each text identify the PALL:
  Purpose, Audience, Language, Layout,
  this will help you write focussed answers
           PALL – Example:
• Purpose – to promote
  product (advert)
• Audience – young women
• Language – informal and
• Layout – magazine article;
  image, font and colour
  used for effect
  Top Tips: Reading Newspapers
                                   Types of words used?
How are the headlines written?
                                   Length of sentences?
How is the article broken up?
                                   Sensational or emotive
              Bias                       Tone
              Balanced or biased         Informative?
Occupation?                              Shocking?
              Does it make you feel
Interests?    anger or sympathy for      Humorous?
              a particular person of     Angry?
         Presentational Devices
•   Image           •   Position of elements
•   Colour          •   Italics
•   Font            •   Bold type
•   Caption         •   Logos
•   Headlines       •   Slogans
•   Columns         •   Highlighted quotes
•   Bullet points   •   Repetition
•   Diagrams        •   Alliteration
       Presentational Devices
• Question 2 will require you to have an
  understanding of the effect of ‘presentational
  devices’ but may phrase the question differently:

‘Comment on the methods used…’
‘How effective is the layout and use of images…’
‘What methods are used to interest the reader…’
‘Describe how presentational devices are used…’


(All text of the


        Top Tips: Answers
• Read the question again carefully to be
  sure you understand what is being asked
• Always use brief, integrated quotations
  to support your comments
• Beware of opinions presented as facts!
• Look at the number of marks for each
  question; you have 1 ½ minutes per mark,
  so for an 8 mark question you should be
  writing for 12 minutes.
 Top Tips: Answering the Question
• Compare – give examples of the similarities and
  differences between two texts
• How effective – comment on whether the text is
  successful in appealing to its target audience,
  use supporting examples
• What methods are used – identify techniques
  used by the author and give examples
  (repetition etc)
• Use of language – focus on specific words and
  phrases, using integrated quotations, and
  explain what effect these have on the reader
             And Finally…
• Don’t judge yourself against what others
  are doing in the exam; if you are still
  reading while they are writing, the chances
  are they have rushed through the articles
  and haven’t read them properly!
Write about the ways presentational devices are
used in this item (8 marks)
•Font – sans serif
•Font - serif
        Odeon Magazine Q:
• (p11) Describe the methods used in the
  article to promote the film ‘Priceless’.
  Include comments on language and
  presentational devices in your answer.
                                     (8 marks)
   Section A: 2005 Question 1
1. Read Item 1, Why No One Walks.
(a) What surprises Bryson about the way
    Americans live?                 (3 marks)
(b) What methods does Bryson use to
    entertain the reader?           (4 marks)
(c) Read Item 2, Nissan advert. Compare
    the views about cars in Item 1 with the
    views about cars in Item 2.     (6 marks)
   Section A: 2005 Question 2

2. Look again at Item 2.
(a) How does the use of language in the
    advert make the car seem desirable?
                                     (8 marks)
(b) How effective are the pictures in helping
    to support the claims made for the car in
    the written text?                (6 marks)
Illness prompts burger caution


Which headline makes the problem sound worse
                 and why?
  Reading Skills: Newspapers

• Tabloid journalists often use sensational
  or emotive language to make a story
  sound more dramatic or to get the reader
  to sympathise with a ‘victim’.
       Our Little Saviour
• Read the article and highlight all the
  words/phrases you can find that are
  sensational or emotional; include
  examples from the copy, headline,
  subheading and captions).
• Be prepared to explain your choices!
    Sensational Language
               ‘Scorns his injuries’ – makes
Thomas, 10,    Thomas sound like a brave hero.
               Also implies how desperate the
scorns his     situation was if Thomas was
injuries to    prepared to ignore his own pain
rescue his     to save others.

family from    ‘Rescue’ – a daring and dramatic
               action; suggests heroism.
horror smash
               ‘Horror smash’ – the graphic
               description makes the car crash
               sound frightening and terrible.
             Exam Question

    How does the writer use sensational
    language and presentational devices
    to make the story sound dramatic?
                               (7 marks)

Underline all quotations from the copy in red
Underline all correct presentational device
terms in green

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