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Implementation Services RFP v0.6 by huangyuarong


									The World Bank Group                                                 1818 H Street N.W.              (202) 473-1118
INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION                                Washington, D.C. 20433          Cable Address: INDEVAS
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION                                    U.S.A.                          Fax: (202) 522-2088

                              REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                         RFP NO. XX

                        The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“the Bank”) invites Proposals
      from Offerors interested in providing implementation services for PeopleSoft re-implementation and upgrade
      as outlined in this document. Proposals must be received by the World Bank/IFC at the address specified on
      or before, January 13, 2011.

                       The Solicitation Documents hereunder include:

                                Annex A           Instructions to Offerors
                                Annex B           Statement of Work
                                Annex C           Mandatory Criteria
                                Annex D           Requirements Matrix
                                Annex E           Price Schedule
                                Annex F           Technical Operating Environment
                                Annex G           Detailed list of Business Processes in Scope
                                Annex H           Proposed Contract Matrix
                                Annex I           Vendor Registration
                                Annex J           Certificate of Offeror’s Eligibility and Authority to Sign Proposal
                                Annex K           Resume Format
                                Annex L           Reference Format
                                Annex M           Notice of Intent to Bid

                       Interested Offerors may obtain further information by contacting:

                                The World Bank
                                Isa Adams, Contracts Officer
                                Corporate Procurement Unit, Room I3-307
                                1850 I Street, NW
                                Washington, DC 20433 (USA)
                                Tel.: (202) 473-5834 Facsimile: (202) 522-2088


                                                                            Therese Ballard
                                                                            Chief, Corporate Procurement Unit

                                                 ANNEX A

                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                    RFP NO. XX

                                    INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS


1.1     The World Bank invites qualified firms to submit technical and financial proposals to provide services
associated with the World Bank’s requirement for Implementation Services for PeopleSoft Re-implementation
at its Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

1.2    A description of the Services required is described in the Statement of Work (Annex B).

1. 3   The cost of preparing a proposal, attendance at any pre-proposal conference, meetings or oral
presentations shall be borne by the Offerors, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the solicitation
process. Proposals must offer Services for the total requirement; proposals offering only part of the
Equipment or Services will be rejected.

1.4     Offerors may submit requests for clarification to this RFP by sending an email to the Contracts Officer
identified in Section 1.8 below. Clarification requests must be received by the date and time stipulated in
Section 2.0, Proposed Schedule. Responses will be provided to all Offerors via email.

1.5     The Bank may, whether at its own initiative, or in response to a clarification requested by an invited
firm, modify the solicitation documents by addendum. The Bank may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for
submission of proposals or cancel the requirement in part or in whole.

1.6     A proposal may be withdrawn after submission provided that written notice of withdrawal is received
by the Bank prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of proposals.

1.7     All proposals shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 90 calendar days after the
date specified for receipt of proposals.

1.8     Effective with the release of this solicitation, all communications must be directed only to the
Contracts Officer, Isa Adams at (202) 473-5834 or by email at Offerors must not
communicate with any other staff member of the World Bank Group regarding this RFP.


2.1        The following schedule reflects the expected completion dates but may be modified by the Bank at
its sole discretion:

            Issue Request for Proposal                            December 3, 2010
            Requests for Clarification Due                        December 15, 2010
            Proposal Due Date                                     January 13, 2011 by 5pm EST
            Oral Presentations                                    February 7 and 8, 2011
            Expected Contract Start Date (on or before)           February 18, 2011


3.1      Technical and Financial Proposals must be submitted simultaneously but in separate sealed
envelopes by the date and time stipulated in Section 2.0, Proposed Schedule. Both inner envelopes shall
indicate the name and address of the Offeror. The first inner envelope shall contain the Offeror’s technical
proposal with copies duly marked “original” and “copy”. The second inner envelope shall include the
Financial Proposal duly identified as such. If the envelopes are not sealed and marked as instructed, the Bank
will assume no responsibility for the misplacement or premature opening of the proposals submitted.

       (i)       Technical Proposals must be submitted in one original, clearly marked as such, with six
                 (6) additional copies and an electronic copy on a CD in MS Word for Windows 2003 or
                 higher format. Technical Proposals (both original and copies) must be sealed in a specially
                 marked envelope/package labeled “RFP XX – TECHNICAL PROPOSALS”
        (ii)     Financial Proposals must be submitted in one (1) original only on the form prescribed in
                 Annex E and an electronic copy on a CD in MS Excel for Windows 2003 or higher format.
                 Financial Proposals must be sealed separately in a specially marked envelope labeled “RFP
                 NO. XX - FINANCIAL PROPOSAL – DO NOT OPEN”.
        (iii)    All proposals shall be addressed as follows for mailing or hand delivery:
                         Isa Adams, Contracts Officer
                         C/O World Bank, Mail Stop Number I 3-307
                         Corporate Procurement Unit
                         Dulles Commerce Center, Building 100
                         23760 Pebble Run Drive
                         Sterling, VA 20166

        (iv)     Proposals mailed or hand delivered to any address other than the one provided above will not
                 be considered for evaluation.
        (v)      Offeror shall use recycled paper for all printed and photocopied documents related to the
                 submission of this proposal and fulfillment of this contract and shall, whenever
                 practicable, use both sides of the paper.

3.2      Proposals must be received by the date and time stipulated in Section 2.0, Proposed Schedule.
Offerors are responsible for ensuring that the Corporate Procurement Unit has received their proposal by
the due date and time. Offerors should note that deliveries by overnight services (DHL, Federal Express,
etc.) are required to go through the World Bank Group’s central mail center and will delay receipt of the
proposal by approximately one (1) business day. All US Mail deliveries are being delayed at least three (3)
weeks for decontamination. It is therefore suggested that Offerors allow time for this delay or hand deliver
their proposal to the Corporate Procurement Unit. Proposals received by the Corporate Procurement Unit
after the due date and time may be rejected.

3.3     The “Certificate of Offeror’s Eligibility and Authority to Sign Proposal” attached hereto as Annex J
must be executed by a representative of each Offeror who is duly authorized to execute contracts and bind the
Offeror. Signature on the Certificate represents that the Offeror has read this RFP, understands it and agrees to
be bound by its terms and conditions. The Offeror’s proposal with any subsequent modifications and counter-
proposals, if applicable, shall become an integral part of any resulting contract.


4.1     The Mandatory Criteria and Evaluation Criteria are designed to assure that, to the degree possible
in the initial phase of the RFP procurement process, only those Offerors with sufficient experience, the
financial strength and stability, the demonstrable technical knowledge, the evident ability to satisfy the

Bank’s requirements and superior customer references for supplying the services envisioned in this RFP
will qualify for further consideration. The World Bank reserves the right to verify any information
contained in Offeror’s response or to request additional information after the proposal is received.
Incomplete or inadequate responses, lack of response or misrepresentation in responding to any questions
will affect your evaluation.

4.2     Offerors will receive a Pass/Fail rating in the Mandatory Criteria section. In order to be
considered for Phase I, Offerors must meet all the mandatory criteria described in Annex C.

4.3    Offeror’s proposal must be organized to follow the format of this RFP. Each Offeror must respond
to every stated request or requirement and indicate that Offeror understands and confirms acceptance of
the World Bank’s stated requirements. The Offeror should identify any substantive assumption made in
preparing its proposal. The deferral of a response to a question or issue to the contract negotiation stage is
not acceptable. Any item not specifically addressed in the Offeror’s proposal will be deemed as accepted
by the Offeror. The terms “Offeror” and “Contractor” refer to those companies that submit a proposal
pursuant to this RFP.

4.4     Where the Offeror is presented with a requirement or asked to use a specific approach, the Offeror
must not only state its acceptance, but also describe, where appropriate, how it intends to comply. Failure
to provide an answer to an item will be considered an acceptance of the item. Where a descriptive
response is requested, failure to provide the same will be viewed as non-responsive.

4.5     The Proposed Contracts Matrix, Annex H, contains Non-Negotiable and Mandatory terms and
conditions for Offeror’s review and acceptance. The Bank will not entertain proposed changes to the Non-
Negotiable Articles.


5.1       PHASE I - TECHNICAL PROPOSAL (40 points)

5.1.1 Only Offerors meeting the mandatory criteria will advance to the technical evaluation in which a
maximum possible 40 points may be determined. An evaluation committee appointed by the Bank will carry
out the technical evaluation applying the evaluation criteria and point’s ratings as listed below.

            Methodology                                                                     15 points
            Project staffing                                                                15 points
            Profile and experience                                                          10 points
             TOTAL FOR PHASE I                                                               40 points

5.2       PHASE II- ORAL PRESENTATIONS (30 points)

5.2.1 Only the top three ranked Offerors from Phase I will advance to Phase II. Offerors must also meet
a minimum 30 points from Phase I of the technical evaluation in order to advance to Phase II, Oral
Presentation and References in which a maximum of 30 points may be awarded. The evaluation committee
will carry out the Oral Presentation and references in accordance with the point’s ratings listed below:

            Understanding of the Implementation Services by the proposed                    20 points
             implementation team, relevant project experience and skills related to the
             requirements specified in Annex B, Statement of Work
            Reference validation                                                            10 points
             TOTAL FOR PHASE I                                                               30 points

5.2.2 Oral Presentation Ground Rules. Each Offeror will be allowed 90 minutes to make their oral
         Presentation will begin approximately 3 weeks after receipt of proposals. The Bank will
            determine the date and time for each Offerors’ oral presentation. The Contracts Officer will
            notify Offerors of the scheduled date and time, as well as the agenda for their presentation
            within 2 weeks of the receipt of proposals. At its sole discretion, the Bank reserves the right to
            reschedule any Offeror’s presentation. Offerors must confirm their availability on that date
            should they be invited.
         The presentation must be made by one or more of the personnel whom the Offeror will
            employ to manage or supervise contract performance. The proposed Senior Executive must be
            present and must, at a minimum, answer questions directed to him/her during the question and
            answer session. Offerors may not use other employees or consultants to make the oral
            presentation. The members of the team that will perform the services for the Bank must be
            present (or connect through video or audio conferencing). All team members attending the
            meeting should be prepared to answer detailed technical questions from the Bank.
          During the presentation, interaction between the evaluation team and the Offeror will be
             limited. The World Bank Group’s Contracts Officer will chair the meeting and ensure
             compliance with the ground rules. The Bank will not inform Offerors of their strengths,
             deficiencies or weaknesses during the presentation and the Bank will not engage in
             bargaining during the presentations. The presentation does not constitute discussions with

5.2.3 In order to advance beyond Phase II of the evaluation process to Phase III (Financial Evaluation),
a proposal must have achieved a minimum of cumulative score of 50 points (Phase I plus Phase II).

5.3   FINANCIAL PROPOSAL (30 points)

5.3.1 Financial proposals will be evaluated following completion of the technical evaluation and oral
presentations. The Offeror with the lowest evaluated cost will be awarded 30 points. Financial proposals from
other Offerors will receive pro-rated points based on the relationship of the Offeror’s prices to that of the
lowest evaluated cost.

5.3.2 The Bank reserves the right to conduct Best and Final Offer (BAFO) if in the Bank’s exclusive
determination such procedure is appropriate. However, the Bank’s right to do a BAFO as herein reserved
should not be interpreted to allow Offeror to introduce changes or request negotiation of items not
specifically addressed by the Bank in the BAFO. Offerors are forewarned that they must make their best
offer at the time of their Proposal.


6.1     You are expected to examine all terms and instructions included in the solicitation documents. Failure
to provide all requested information will be at Offeror’s own risk and may result in rejection of Offeror’s

6.2     Offeror’s proposal shall include all of the following labeled Appendices:

        Appendix A         Certificate of Offeror’s Eligibility and Authority to Sign Proposal
        Appendix B         Completed Mandatory Requirements Matrix
        Appendix C         Completed Requirements Matrix
        Appendix D         Completed Price Schedule (SEALED IN A SEPARATE ENVELOPE)
        Appendix E         Completed Proposed Contract Matrix

        Appendix F         Completed Vendor Registration
        Appendix G         Audited Financial Statement for the last 2 fiscal years

7.      AWARD

7.1     Award will be made to the highest evaluated Offeror following negotiation of an acceptable contract.
The award will be in effect only after acceptance by the selected Offeror of the terms and conditions and the
updated Statement of Work. The Contract will reflect the name of the Firm whose financials were provided
in response to this RFP. Upon completion of negotiations, the Bank will promptly notify the unsuccessful

7.2     The selected Offeror is expected to commence providing services as of the date and time stipulated in
Section 2.0, Proposed Schedule.

                                                                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

                                                                        ANNEX B

                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                       RFP NO. XX

                                                      STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW)

1.     Background ........................................................................................................................................... 3
     1.1. HR Systems Renewal program ..................................................................................................... 3
     1.2.       HR Systems environment.............................................................................................................. 4
     1.3.       Project objectives .......................................................................................................................... 4
     1.4.       Guiding principles ......................................................................................................................... 4
2.     Project management .............................................................................................................................. 5
     2.2. Program team structure ................................................................................................................. 6
     2.3.       Schedule ........................................................................................................................................ 6
3.     Scope of Work ...................................................................................................................................... 3
     3.1. Processes in scope ......................................................................................................................... 3
        3.1.1.         Personnel Administration...................................................................................................... 3
        3.1.2.         Payroll, Tax and Staff Receivables ....................................................................................... 4
        3.1.3.         Compensation and benefits administration ........................................................................... 6
        3.1.4.         Employee self-service and Manager self-service .................................................................. 7
        3.1.5.         Pension .................................................................................................................................. 7
        3.1.6.         Workflow .............................................................................................................................. 7
        3.1.7.         Overall challenges and opportunities .................................................................................... 8
        3.1.8.         Out of scope processes .......................................................................................................... 8
     3.2.       Expected deliverables by project step ........................................................................................... 8
        3.2.1.         Project initiation and project management ............................................................................ 8
        3.2.2.         Fit/gap analysis and solution design ..................................................................................... 9
        3.2.3.         Development ....................................................................................................................... 11
        3.2.4.         Testing................................................................................................................................. 11
        3.2.5.         Training ............................................................................................................................... 12
        3.2.6.         Deployment ......................................................................................................................... 12
        3.2.7.         Post-implementation support .............................................................................................. 12
        3.2.8.         Out of scope deliverables .................................................................................................... 13
     3.3.       Staffing requirements .................................................................................................................. 14
        Functional Consultants/....................................................................................................................... 14
        Business Analysts ............................................................................................................................... 14

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                                                                    Page 1 of __
                                                                                                                                       Annex xx
                                                                                                                                      RFP xx-xxx

     Technical Consultants/Developers ...................................................................................................... 14
4.   Project Assumptions ........................................................................................................................... 15

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                                                         Page 2 of __
                                                                                                    Annex xx
                                                                                                   RFP xx-xxx

1. Background

The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the
world. Our mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results and to help
people help themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building
capacity and forging partnerships in the public and private sectors.

The World Bank Group (WBG) is made up of two unique development institutions owned by 187
member countries: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the
International Development Association (IDA). Their work is complemented by that of the International
Finance Corporation (IFC), Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the International
Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

The World Bank Group is headquartered in Washington, D.C. We have more than 15,000 employees in
more than 100 offices worldwide.

1.1.     HR Systems Renewal program

HR Systems Renewal is a critical pre-requisite in enabling a fundamental shift in the Bank’s business
model towards one with streamlined policies and processes, permitting greater flexibility in staffing,
human resource management, improved delivery of services to staff, managers and country offices in a
changing global business environment, and delivering this within a significantly smaller budget envelope.

The HR Systems Renewal Program/Project consists of renewing the Human Resources Management
Systems (HRMS) and its applications (payroll, benefits, compensation, recruitment, performance
management etc.) and bringing these systems to a current level of industry-standard functionality and
compatibility. More specifically, the core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) PeopleSoft database at the
heart of the HRMS is now several generations behind and so loaded with customizations that (a) the
WBG has effectively cut itself off from current state-of-the-art HR applications in the market and (b)
continuing with the current platform poses an operational risk to the organization due to serious issues
about market support and longer-term sustainability.

The strategic objective of HR Systems Renewal is to leverage technology for (a) improved operational
efficiency and (b) greater organizational effectiveness. Operational efficiency is gained through
maximizing the use of user-centric, automated lean processes which are less costly, less prone to error,
deliver efficient HR services to the line functions, and save time spent by the organization carrying out
administrative procedures; where savings are realized, they will be banked or reinvested in more value-
adding HR services. Increased organizational effectiveness is achieved through (i) enabling significant
upgrades of crucial value-adding solutions (e.g., recruitment, workforce planning, career development,
learning, etc.) along with associated policies and processes in direct support of the line, (ii) leveraging a
fully integrated and highly flexible data model to enable better analytics and decision-support tools for
management, and (iii) automating standardized processes to redirect HR staff resources away from
transactions and toward more strategic contributions such as staff planning, skills inventory, etc.

Key Business Drivers
    The WBG desires operational flexibility and nimbleness in a fast-changing global business
      environment. The WBG requires a simplified policy and process framework to efficiently deliver
      HR services to the line. The pressure for backline efficiency continues unabated, so that more
      resources can be deployed for Operations.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                      Page 3 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

          Line managers and HR Staff need reliable, easy-to-use decision-support information and tools at
           their fingertips.
          The WBG needs to compete more effectively in a global war for talent.
          The WBG faces operational risks by continuing with an aging, heavily customized HR systems
           platform of patch-work solutions.

1.2.       HR Systems environment

The current HR systems landscape at the WBG is comprised of about 40 different applications. These
systems have been added at the rate of two or more per year in the last 10 years, some of which are
outdated and at the end of their life cycles. When the ERP software was procured in 1997 (PeopleSoft
Version 5.0), it did not meet the WBG’s complex business and policy needs and was therefore customized
significantly over the years. A recent study estimated the level of customization at approximately 80%,
with the WBG’s implementation diverging more and more from the ERP “vanilla” standard. Due to the
complexity of our policies and processes and the ad hoc nature of customization efforts, systems-related
errors still occur, especially in programs that have been modified innumerable times (such as all modules
related to Benefits on Extended Assignments).

Under these circumstances, the upgrade path to current versions of both ERP and functional software
becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to manage, and the total cost of ownership increases
significantly over the system’s life cycle. This scenario has proved true for the Bank: the upgrade path of
the Bank’s HRMS from 1997 to the present has been limited to maintaining the most basic vendor
support while not allowing for the adoption of new market-standard functionalities for strategic HR

1.3.       Project objectives

The World Bank Group (WBG) is undertaking an HR Systems Renewal Program centered on the
reimplementation of PeopleSoft 9.1 Human Resource Management System (HRMS) from a heavily
customized PeopleSoft 8.0 basis. This reimplementation will provide a more robust, automated, and
globally scalable HR system to maintain and develop our 15,000+ employees.

The Group aims to fully leverage functionality and features in PeopleSoft 9.1 in Core (Position
Management, Workforce Administration, Profile Management, Benefits Administration, Compensation,
and Payroll), Pension, Tax, Staff Receivables, Recruitment and likely ePerformance.

In addition to the HR Systems Renewal program objectives identified above, we have defined specific
project objectives which are listed below:
     Complete the project on time and within budget
     Implement the most upgrade-compatible system and minimize total cost of ownership
     Optimize standard delivered functionalities, improve business processes and enable self-service
     Implement a reliable, secure, and scalable technical infrastructure

1.4.       Guiding principles

Our guiding principles will allow us to achieve our project objectives:

       a) PeopleSoft HCM functionality should be the default option; consider other solutions if:

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 4 of __
                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

          Extensive customizations are required or functionality diverges from WBG requirements by
           more than 20% or
          If the cost makes the solution economically unviable

    b) WBG business processes should be rationalized to align with PeopleSoft-delivered transactions
       and functionality
        Sanctioned Rules or Policies will be accounted for through rules as required
        Business processes should be aligned with delivered PeopleSoft functionality

    c) Harmonize and standardize business processes across the WBG organization to maximize
       efficiency and to improve the efficacy of automated solutions
        Review overall administrative burden (end user and back office)

    d) If PeopleSoft functionality does not satisfy WBG business requirements, select applications or
       solutions that integrate tightly with PeopleSoft HCM and support it as the system of record:
        Use robust, well-defined decision criteria to determine when to deploy custom functionality
           instead of PeopleSoft-delivered processes

2. Project management

2.1. Approach to implementation

The project will be “fast-tracked” with the project team empowered to make the decisions necessary to
meet project goals. We will implement PeopleSoft software with minimal customizations/ modifications
relying on the flexibility and configurability of the software along with re-engineering of business
processes. To ensure that the project stays “on track,” this project will use proven methodology and
processes, and best project practices.

WBG is partnering with external consultants in a collaborative approach that will combine the external
consultants’ implementation methodology and expertise in PeopleSoft with the knowledge and expertise
of key WBG technical and functional staff.

By identifying key stakeholders in all functional areas and involving them in the analysis and design of
software and business processes that will affect their respective areas, we will be able to develop a system
and revise our processes in ways that meet our business needs.

Accelerate decision making
Key stakeholders who collaborate on analysis and design work in areas of the system in which they have
a common interest will be empowered to make decisions about routine transactions and processes, so that
decisions do not get bogged down in layers of bureaucracy and only those issues involving multiple
service areas, potential changes to policy, or other complexities, will need to be elevated to the Executive
Steering Group.

Knowledge Transfer
Core teams at WBG will be paired with consultants, so that key technical and functional personnel from
WBG will be learning the PeopleSoft 9.1 system and operating procedures as they go. This knowledge
transfer will be supplemented by formal PeopleSoft training, so that by the end of the project these WBG
personnel can assume a lead role in training their co-workers and operating the system without the aid of

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                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

2.2.     Program team structure

                                     Executive Steering

                                     HR Renewal Program

                             WBG                        IMT Project
                        Business Units                Implementation

                       Business Process               Implementation
                           Owners                         Partner            WBG Staff
                                                                             External vendor

High-level roles and responsibilities for the program teams are described below:

Executive Steering Group                                      WBG Business Units
   • Project oversight                                          • Decision regarding: business rules,
   • Issue resolution                                              validations and value lists,
   • Decisions on policy and procedure                             configurations, customizations,
       changes                                                     procedure and policy changes
                                                                • System testing and sign-off
HR Renewal Program Management
   • Accountability for Project                               IMT Project Implementation Team
      Implementation                                            • Project plan and execution
   • Project Oversight                                          • Resource allocation
   • Issue Resolution or Escalation                             • Responsible for delivery on time, on
   • Business Units Liaison and Guidance                            budget
   • Technical Units Liaison and Guidance                       • Technical team management
                                                                • Solution architecture
Advisory team                                                   • Fit/Gap Coordination
   • External vendor reviewing key decisions                    • Technical Design
       and providing quality assurance and                      • Development
       advice                                                   • Testing
                                                                • Delivery

2.3.     Schedule

The project will be executed in three phases:
   Phase I: Implementation of PeopleSoft 9.1 HRMS Core (Person module, Personnel Administration,
     Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Pension, Tax, Staff Receivables). This is the main phase of the
     project and is expected to last 18 months.
   Phase II: Implementation of Competencies and ePerformance
   Phase III: Implementation of Recruitment

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                                                                                                Annex xx
                                                                                               RFP xx-xxx

Only phase I processes are included in the scope of this RFP with a possibility of an extension to Phases
II and III at a later stage.

The Implementation schedule for Phase 1 is noted below:

FY11 Q2 (Oct/Dec 2010)              FY11 Q3 (Jan/Mar 2011)               FY13 Q2 (Oct/Dec 2012)
  Issue and award the Advisory      Award the Implementation            Complete Implementation of
   Services RFP                       Services RFP                         PeopleSoft Core – Phase I
  Issue the Implementation          Start Implementation of Phase       Plan implementation of Phases
   Services RFP                       I - PeopleSoft Core                  II (Competencies,
  Conduct Preparatory Work                                                ePerformance) and III

2.4. Project team WBG staffing

The World Bank Group will contribute the following skills to the PeopleSoft Re-implementation project:

Skill                  Quantity                 Contributions and Responsibilities
Project Manager        1 FTE                    o The Project Manager for the World Bank Group will
                                                   share the responsibilities of managing the project
                                                   with the vendor project manager. Responsibilities are
                                                   outlined in section 3.2.1
Technical Subject      5 FTEs                   o Provide expertise on the current implementation in
Matter Experts         5 part-time staff           the areas of: Personnel Administration, Benefits,
(SMEs)                                             Compensation, Payroll, Staff Receivables, Pension,
                                                   Tax, HR Self Service and Security.
                                                o Work alongside with the implementation partner on
                                                   PeopleSoft 9.1 fit/gap activities, requirements,
                                                   assessment of customizations, configuration,
                                                   development, data conversion, interfaces
                                                   development, testing and deployment.
Business Subject       Staffed as necessary     o Provide expertise on HRS policies and processes.
Matter Experts         during the project       o Articulate requirements.
(SMEs)                 cycle, but available     o User Acceptance and Sign-off.
                       during the entire        o Business SMEs will be available in the areas of:
                       project duration.        o Personnel Administration, Benefits, Compensation,
                       Estimated as 2 FTEs         Payroll, Staff Receivables, Pension, Tax, HR Self
                       per module.                 Service and Security.
Database               1 FTE                    o Set up and manage the PeopleSoft 9.1 S environment
Administrator                                      (application server, web server etc.)
                                                o Apply requirements from the Office of Information
                                                   Security (OIS)
                                                o Set up the environment for bolt-on applications.
Infrastructure         1 FTE                    o Scope and size the hardware and software
Administrations                                    installation. Deliver all infrastructure services
                                                   required by the project.
Financial              As needed                o World Bank staff will be responsible for funds
Management                                         release and allocation to the project, from either
                                                   capital of administrative funds.
                                                o Provide monitoring reports (planned vs. actual, burn

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                  Page 2 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

Skill                  Quantity                  Contributions and Responsibilities
                                                    rate, etc.) to the project managers.

3. Scope of Work

3.1.    Processes in scope

The purpose of this portion of the document is to clearly state the modules and functions that are in scope
for PeopleSoft 9.1 implementation project. The detailed listing of all processes within the scope for Phase
1 is given in Annex G.

Implementation of the following PS 9.1 modules is in scope for this Phase 1:
     Person Module
     Personnel administration
     Compensation and benefits administration
     Payroll
     Employee and manager self-service
     Pension, taxes and staff receivables (WBG bolt-on module)

< The sections below together with Annex G (detailed list of processes in scope) needs to be reviewed,
completed and validated by BPOs >

3.1.1. Personnel Administration

< Needs work >

This module will contain Employee, POI (Person of Interest), Jobs and Position needed to support all
other functions in PS 9.1, from payroll to employee and manager self-services. The data will be used to
manage data for employees (both full and part time) and their families/dependents, and consultants and
temporary workers.

WBG maintains and tracks certain family and dependent information through additional fields and logic.
These details are required to appropriately manage and correctly calculate most entitlements and benefits.
Several additional data elements for management of household data listed in Annex X must be
maintained. Spouse and dependent child employment, salary and Visa data are examples of data that must
be captured to support benefits and entitlements. All employee-related data is logged with date of
entry/edit and can be tracked via a detailed audit report. Short and long term consultants and temporary
worker data need to be maintained in PS.

A special initial entry check process (against name, date of birth, gender, etc.) is required to support an
existing custom function at World Bank that checks for previous staff records for the staff member being
appointed in the system. The staff member data will also be fed to a security system that controls access
points at the World Bank. Many validations will be performed automatically by the standard PS
processes. For example, when a form-of-address is entered for a person (i.e., ‘Mr.’), the system will return
a warning or error message if the user enters a gender of ‘female’ for the same person. A complete review
of existing validations should be performed during the Design phase of PS implementation, so that the
amount of development time required for these validations can be determined. Some other required
validations may not be standard in PS. An approach to addressing these validations requirement would
need to be developed.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 3 of __
                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

Staff members are assigned to networks and sectors, which groups according to competencies and Sector
boards that are responsible for staff professional development. PS would need to capture this information.
Staff members also use this information to update their professional affiliations via the web. Pay, benefits
and entitlements are dependent upon the employee appointment type, location (HQ or country office) and
local/international recruitment status of the job. Appointment types, along with salary grade and pay
groups, drive the majority of the business decisions in the system for entitlement and benefit eligibility.
All existing and legacy appointment types will be required to manage these distinctions and linked to
employees in the PS. Expatriate status is also used in eligibility determinations, and so will also be
captured in PS. Actions and action reasons will be used to record significant employee activity.

Monitoring of key dates will be performed via reminders that can be automatically created with reminder
dates when actions or data updates are performed. Data to support pension and pensioner requirements is
also considered part of the Person Model. This includes key dates, pensionable remuneration, pensionable
service years, data for past pension credit, etc. Actions and reasons that allow pensioners to return to work
as consultants will also be supported, with possible validations for specific employee groups and
subgroups (appointments) that are allowed for this type of scenario. Membership information for the Staff
Association will also be required and tracked.

3.1.2. Payroll, Tax and Staff Receivables

Currently, the World Bank’s Payroll is run in PeopleSoft. Based on the information stored in Job Action
maintained in PS-HR, Payroll processes semi-monthly salaries and benefit payments to staff of the World
Bank Group at Headquarter and Country Offices with the exception of short-term consultants. Payroll
handles the processing, monitoring and disbursement of salaries and benefits, and all other incidental
payments due to staff. It also initiates accounting entries to support the disbursements and maintains
current and historical payroll files of the staff members.

The process is based on key dates devised by Payroll Unit, with inputs received from the following
Business Units:
    PeopleSoft HR Personnel- Staff Job Action
    PeopleSoft Benefits (via PS-SRS) - Dependency Allowance, Home Leave, Education Grant,
       Education Travel, Mobility Allowance
    PeopleSoft Benefits -- Insurance Coverage (Health and Life), Post Allowance (Assignment
       Allowance, Family Assistance, Hazard Pay, etc…) Rental Allowance and Termination Benefits.
    Time Recording System (TRS) -- overtime, regular overtime, standby and emergency duty pay
        PS Parking -- Parking charges
        Staff Association – staff association dues
        PS-Tax (Tax Allowance Module)
        PS SRS -- Loans, Staff Receivables
        SAP Accounts Payable (via PS-SRS) -- training reimbursements, staff hospitality, staff activities,
         staff representation, collection of excessive advances for Country Office staff, and other
         miscellaneous reimbursements and collections
        Fitness Center – fitness center dues
        HR Kiosk -- Community Connection (eGive), Direct Deposit

Some deductions such as: FICA, Garnishment and Bretton Woods, are managed by Payroll staff as a one-
time set up in the General Deductions. Other one-time deductions, such as Child Care Services are
directly entered by the Payroll staff. For Country Office staff members the medical reimbursement input
is received from GMC (La Garantie Medicale et Chirurgicale - new MBP claim processing agency
effective 7/1/2005).

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                    Page 4 of __
                                                                                                   Annex xx
                                                                                                  RFP xx-xxx

The payroll cycle begins with the creation of pay sheets for all active staff. The main source of this
information is Human Resources. Payroll is on real-time update with HR, except during payroll closings
when HR updates are temporarily suspended. Payroll receives staff actions for appointments, salary
increases, terminations, leave without pay, return to pay status, conversion of appointment types, etc. For
new appointments, pay sheets are automatically created each time a pay calc is run. A separate process
also creates pay sheets for staff on leave without pay and those on external service without pay.
A retroactive calculation process calculates any amounts due to/from staff, as a result of an action
processed with an effective date prior to the current pay period. Retro Calc calculates retroactively for all
relevant earnings and deduction.

Before closing of the pay cycle, PS-SRS (a module processing Staff Receivable transactions such as staff
loans or benefit overpayment collections) sends a batch to Payroll which includes Benefit payments, SAP
Accounts Payable Miscellaneous payments and deductions, loan and receivable. Usually on a quarterly
basis, PS-Tax (a module calculating the gross up of the net salaries) sends the information on payments to
be effected to Bank staff whose income is taxable (e.g., US staff).

The Payroll Unit reviews and analyzes data that come in from the business unit feeds. Since the business
units are responsible for ensuring that proper payment and deduction amounts are sent through the
interface, Payroll’s function has been redefined to be more analytical and control-oriented. This is
achieved through a work list function that lists any changes to bi-monthly earnings by staff member (e.g.,
a difference in salary from one pay-period to the next will be included in the work list for review),
exception reporting and monitoring of patterns.

At various stages in the process, reports are generated and reviewed by Payroll staff. They identify
transactions that deviate from the norm; correct or reject those that fail edit tests; review amounts that are
above set thresholds; and at the same time, document any course of action taken. After the data has been
reviewed, the payroll team performs the closing tasks. Paystubs are created for viewing on the web.
Hardcopies are printed for those without access to the website.

Security has been set up to allow for several levels of authorization and approvals. While payroll analysts
have the security access necessary to execute the earlier processes, responsibility for Pay Confirm and
approval of disbursements are normally assigned to the Payroll manager. In the absence of the payroll
manager, the analysts will counter-check and approve on behalf of the manager.

The disbursement function creates payment instructions to Treasury Operation for deposits to BFSFCU,
ACH, and Wells Fargo for 401K deductions, Bank of America (for Chennai direct deposit), and other
payments for Headquarters staff through Request for Payment. For payments due to Country Office staff,
invoices are generated in SAP-Accounts Payable. Each office is then notified through their field
administrator of the completion of payroll, and that payment execution is now available in the SAP
system. Actual disbursements to the Country Office staff are carried out individually by the field
administrator in the payment mode most suitable to the local banking system. The Payment of Salary for
Chennai office staff is done through direct deposit through local bank.

Once it is confirmed that payroll processes have been completed by the Chennai Payroll team, the
accounting programs are run in PS at HQ to create accounting transactions. This process generates a file
which is transferred through an interface to SAP to be posted into the Bank’s accounting system.

The PS-Tax and PS-SRS modules will be migrated to the new environment without any additional
changes and will adapt to PeopleSoft standard table changes.

Key Facts:

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 5 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

        WB payroll is run semi monthly on the 15th and 30th or 31st of each month.
        For staff in the Country Offices (CO) the payroll is closed 5 days prior to pay date while for
         Headquarter(HQ) staff, 3 days before pay date
        On October 31, 2010, payroll processed 10,378 payments for HQ staff and 5,302 payments for
         CO for Country Office staff.
        The Country Office payroll is paid in 93 currencies (based on 10/31/10 payroll records) in 125
        The Headquarters payroll is paid in 5 currencies

3.1.3. Compensation and benefits administration

< Needs work >

Salary structures will be configured based on appointment type and location. The pay grades are specific
to Open/Term and Regular Staff appointments, to Extended Term consultants, to External Term
Temporary, to Short Term consultants, and to Short Term temporary. Each pay structure will have a
specific single currency assigned, based on the combination of appointment, location, and pay grade.
Each pay structure will also have a defined minimum, maximum, and market reference amount. Salary
grades can be review and updated as required. An annual salary increase plan will be configured to affect
all eligible employees; based on pre-defined increase criteria, the basic pay increase will be automatically
created in the PS system and included in payroll processing. Eligibility requirements can be configured to
support World Bank criteria such as probationary status, leave status, HQ staff, etc. The increase history
will be captured and available for viewing by manager and employee as authorized. Additional
compensation plans can be defined for promotional increases, and performance and spot awards. Any
payments managed and initiated by managers should be part of the compensation administration module
definition. HRSSC managed or initiated payments can also be entered and processed through payroll as
scheduled. For example, an increase due to end of probationary period: the staff member’s manager could
initiate this payment through Manager’s Self Service.; alternatively, HRSSC could be requested to
process this payment.

Performance awards and spot awards will also be configured in the PS system and administered by
managers as appropriate via standard Manager’s Self Service processes. Some employees are paid
according to a previous grade, for periods from 24 to 36 months, depending on the reason for the lower
assignment change.

Key benefit categories are Benefits on appointment, Dependency allowance, Ending employment
benefits, Expatriate Benefits (Education, Home leave, Mobility Premium), Financial Assistance/Loans,
Insurance (Accidental death Dismemberment, Disability, Life, Long term care, Medical, etc). Entry of
baseline benefits information at time of hire should be supported in PS. All required communication
documents, forms and workflow between the Benefits department and staff should be supported,
including insurance plan changes, medical reimbursement form, loan request form, eligibility for home
leave, and annual benefits open enrolment.

Benefits deductions will be made automatically from payroll during each payroll cycle. Employee
contribution will be configured as a factor of the salary range. World Bank requires that the new system
supports processing of country office dependency information, medical insurance information and loan
info. (This is the current HR BEN function at World Bank). Reporting of Life Events through self-service

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 6 of __
                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

needs to be supported as it has impact on benefits eligibility and calculations. There are around 14 life
events that are reported.

HR Reminders are key component of the Benefits Administration function at the WBG. These reminders
are linked to events and key dates for these events, e.g. 90/60/30 days prior to term contact completion,
confirmation of emergency contact and dependants, etc.

3.1.4. Employee self-service and Manager self-service

< Needs work >

These modules are in scope and must be included in initial project planning and design. These functions
impact a large majority of the business processes at World Bank. Staff members will use the Employee
Self-Service component to create, display, and change their own data. The personal profile of each
employee, as well as household member data, will be accessible to that employee, with options to update
and/or view all personal data that World Bank determines to be appropriate. Job-related data will also be
part of the employee profile; this data will generally be view only and updated from employee master data
and actions within the back-end application.

Life event changes, on-line benefit statements, requests for service and other additional views and forms
will be accessible via ESS. Payroll statements, loan information, and pension data will also be available
for viewing and updates as appropriate. Functions to allow employees to calculate anticipated pension
payments and insurance payments will also be available. An ending employment (termination benefit)
calculator function will be developed for use by employees and HR personnel for simulating pay and
entitlement information based on employee termination conditions.

Employment verification and other personal, pay, insurance, tax and status verification requests can be
initiated by the employee via ESS. Tax equivalency (estimate) information will be available, as well as
additional tax-related data and services such as Safety Net requests, gross salary estimates, forms,
instructions, and W-2 statements. An on-line employee resume, or CV, is a key functional component for
staff members at the World Bank. This function will be designed within the Employee Self Service
module and will allow employee update for appropriate areas of the CV. Other data on the CV will be
automatically displayed from master data elements within the employee job history.

Manager’s Self-Services will support the required employee management processes at World Bank,
including action processing, salary reviews, reporting of all staff mapped to the Manager-Staff to
Manager mapping.

3.1.5. Pension

< Awaiting process description from the business >

3.1.6. Workflow

< Needs work >

Standard workflow processes need to be implemented to support the business processes. Different
business processes may have different workflows. For example, Workflow for HR Actions may be
different from the one for Performance Management. Currently, there is PS workflow in place at World
Bank; it supports custom utilities such as: sending emails, tracking approval requests, maintaining
substitute approvers during absences, maintaining additional approvers, forwarding work items, email

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                    Page 7 of __
                                                                                                     Annex xx
                                                                                                    RFP xx-xxx

notifications of workflow milestones, email notifications of overdue work items, reports of organizational
hierarchy, approver roles and approval audit log, loading of employee information from PeopleSoft. It is
recommended that the existing workflow processes be reviewed in the design phase to determine whether
any can be transitioned into PS position hierarchy.

3.1.7. Overall challenges and opportunities

< Needs work >

An assessment of our current state has identified areas of focus for improvement with the re-
implementation. This list is not all-inclusive, but is indicative of the type of business process
reengineering the Bank intends to achieve.
     Challenge 1
     Challenge 2
     …

3.1.8. Out of scope processes

Among the functional areas/ modules listed above, we have identified HR/ payroll processes that are out
of the scope of this RFP:
      Phase 2 and 3 processes (competencies, performance and recruitment)
      Custom reporting and analytics
      Time and leave management

3.2.     Expected deliverables by project step

The list of deliverables in this section is not exhaustive. The Offeror should provide an extended list of
required deliverables as part of their methodology description.

3.2.1. Project initiation and project management

At the outset of the project the following project management activities will be conducted: establish the
project scope and schedule; define activities, resources, roles and responsibilities; devise the testing plan,
risks and risk mitigation strategies, and processes for escalation, issue management, and change control;
define the project communications plan, including monitoring and control mechanisms to be utilized.

Project initiation deliverables include:
    Software Project Management Plan including:
            o Master project plan detailing all project activities, task durations, dependencies and
                resource allocation, team structure, and inter-group coordination plan.
            o Testing plan.
            o Risk management and monitoring plan.
            o Issue, change control and escalation processes, and monitoring plan.
            o Project communication plan including progress reports.

Throughout the project the project manager will monitor and track all plans established during the project
initiation. All activities described in the Software Project Management Plan will be periodically updated,
tracked and reported:

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                       Page 8 of __
                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

    a) Project Planning and Oversight: update and track the master project plan including all project
       activities, task durations, dependencies and resource allocation; monitor activities against the
       plan, report on deliverables and milestones completed and delayed; provide strategies for
       realigning delayed tasks; provide inter-group coordination (for example with the Infrastructure
       Team, the Office of Information Security, etc).

    b) Communications: prepare weekly progress reports for the program management team. Tasks to
       be monitored include schedule of tasks, budget utilization, risks and mitigation strategies, list of
       key decisions, issues pending resolution (technical and business decision). Participate in meetings
       with the Program Management team and the Executive Steering Group when necessary.

    c)    Metrics: report on the metrics defined by the Program Management team (schedule plan vs.
         actual, budget plan vs. actual, number of customizations eliminated, number of process
         simplifications, number of defects, etc.)

    d) Risk Management: implement risk mitigation plans, track and manage risks.

    e) Issue resolution: maintain an issues list with due dates, dependencies and responsibilities.

    f) Escalation: escalate issues that cannot be resolved between the team members and a functional
       module lead and maintain an escalation log with due dates and responsibilities.

    g) Methodology: ensure that the project follows the CMM methodology adopted by the World Bank
       by scheduling periodic reviews with the ISG Quality team and conforming to all key controls.

    h) Project Closure: identify lessons learned, best practices, process improvements, re-usable
       components, successful risk mitigation and handling actions; conduct project closure meeting;
       prepare project closure documentation.

Project management deliverables include:
    Updated project plan
    Weekly progress reports
    Report on metrics, risks, issues, and escalations
    Project closure meeting and documentation

3.2.2. Fit/gap analysis and solution design

The selected Vendor shall provide at least one PeopleSoft 9.1 functional specialists for each PeopleSoft
module being implemented. The World Bank Group will provide at least one functional specialist
knowledgeable of the current PeopleSoft implementation for each PeopleSoft module being implemented.
The Vendor and the World Bank Group functional specialists, alongside with the business subject matter
experts, will constitute fit/gap teams working under the leadership of the project managers. The result of
the fit/gap analysis provides a complete blueprint for the PeopleSoft 9.1 technical implementation.

Fit/gap activities can occur in parallel for different modules. In addition, the technical development of
certain modules can start before all fit/gap activities conclude.

The fit/gap activities include:

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                    Page 9 of __
                                                                                                Annex xx
                                                                                               RFP xx-xxx

    a) Manage Fit/Gap Activities: prepare the schedule for each component and estimate the resource
       requirements from the functional and business teams; ensure the quality of the deliverables;
       adhere to schedule and budget; communicate progress, issues and risks.

    b) Analysis: review the current process and the current PeopleSoft implementation, and evaluate the
       fit to PeopleSoft 9.1 delivered functionality; recommend options for implementing the processed
       using out of the box functionality; propose ways to streamline processes and policies in order to
       take advantage of PeopleSoft 9.1 delivered functionality; propose best practices; identify new
       PeopleSoft 9.1 functionality that could be beneficial to the processes; identify gaps between the
       current processes and PeopleSoft delivered functionality; recommend implementation options,
       cost and effort for identified gaps and required customizations; escalate all customizations to the
       Project Management. Customizations will be evaluated and approved/rejected by the Program
       Management Team and the Executive Steering Group.

    c) Business Requirements: document PeopleSoft requirements and obtain business concurrence and
       sign-off. Requirements will be provided for all configuration and customization activities. Hand
       over requirements to the technical teams ensuring full understanding before implementation.

    d) Reporting Requirements: document all reporting requirements for each module. Certain reports
       will be delivered in PeopleSoft, while others, mainly analytics, will be delivered by the WBG
       Business Intelligence team. Hand over requirements, including data extraction rules and field
       definitions, to the technical teams ensuring full understanding before implementation.

    e) Self-Service Requirements: identify and document self-service requirements for each module;
       determine which self-service activities can be delivered by PeopleSoft 9.1 and which ones need to
       be customized; escalate all customizations to the Project Management. Customizations will be
       evaluated and approved/rejected by the Program Management Team and the Executive Steering

    f) Interface Requirements: document the requirements for interfaces with other systems; propose a
       web services approach whenever possible, avoiding point-to-point interfaces. Provide extraction
       rules and data definitions. Hand over requirements to the technical teams ensuring full
       understanding before implementation.

    g) Data Conversion Requirements: prepare data conversion requirements including specifications of
       all extraction and load programs needed; provide field mappings and extraction rules.

    h) Security Requirements: outline the security requirements for all objects (conversion and interface
       programs, reports, screens, etc.)

Fit/gap analysis and solution design deliverables include:
     Schedule and resource plan
     Activity tracking and monitoring reports (budget, schedule, issues and risks)
     Fit/gap sessions minutes, decisions and action items
     Requirements documentation on:
           o Configurations
           o Custom development

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 10 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

                o   Data Conversion
                o   Interfaces
                o   Reports
                o   Security

3.2.3. Development

    a) Manage Development Activities: prepare the schedule for each component and estimate the
       resource requirements; ensure the quality of the deliverables; adhere to schedule and budget;
       communicate progress, issues and risks. Development activities include PeopleSoft configuration,
       development of: customizations, self-service transactions, interfaces, data extraction for
       reporting, data conversion and data load programs.

    b) Analysis and Design: Evaluate and clarify requirements delivered by the Fit/Gap team to ensure
       full understanding. Prepare high and low level design for all development activities
       (configuration, customization, self-service transactions, interfaces, data extraction and data

    c) Technical Development: Develop the code to implement all development documentation. Ensure
       version control and documentation. Execute the unit tests for all components.

    d) Testing: prepare, execute and document unit test cases.

Development deliverables include:
    Schedule and Resource Plan
    Activity tracking and monitoring reports (budget, schedule, issues and risks)
    High and low level designs
    PeopleSoft configurations
    Code for customizations, interfaces, data extractions and data conversion
    Self-service transactions
    Unit test plan and documentation on unit test execution
    Tested and documented system components

3.2.4. Testing

The selected Vendor shall provide testing expertise for the project. The World Bank Group will provide a
team of business subject matter experts to conduct acceptance and integration testing.

Testing activities include:

    a) Manage Testing Activities: prepare the schedule for each component and estimate the resource
       requirements; ensure the quality of the deliverables; adhere to schedule and budget; communicate
       progress, issues and risks. Testing activities include PeopleSoft preparing test plans for
       integration testing, load testing, user acceptance testing, post-production testing; ensure unit
       testing is carried out as part of the development effort; coordinate user acceptance testing.

    b) Test Plans: prepare test plans for integration testing, load testing, and user acceptance testing.
       Prepare and obtain business sign-off on all test plans.
    c) Test Execution: coordinate with all stakeholders on test execution; ensure that all test plans are
       executed and documented.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                  Page 11 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

Testing deliverables include:
    Schedule and Resource Plan
    Activity tracking and monitoring reports (budget, schedule, issues and risks)
    Test plans, peer reviews and sign-offs
    Test scripts and results
    Successful test approvals

3.2.5. Training

The selected Vendor shall provide training expertise for the project. The World Bank Group will adopt a
train-the-trainer approach. Vendor will be required to train the WBG trainer and to prepare training
materials for the project.

    a) Manage Training Activities: prepare the schedule for each component and estimate the resource
       requirements; ensure the quality of the deliverables; adhere to schedule and budget; communicate
       progress, issues and risks. Training activities include preparation of training materials and
       delivery of training to WBG trainers.

    b) Training plans: prepare end-user training plans taking into account the geographic distribution of
       WBG staff and the different stakeholders utilizing the system

    c) Prepare training materials: training materials can include on-line content, eLearning, etc.

    d) Deliver training to WBG trainers.

Training deliverables include:
    Schedule and Resource Plan
    Activity tracking and monitoring reports (budget, schedule, issues and risks)
    Training plans
    Training materials
    Training delivery to WBG trainers

3.2.6. Deployment

    a) Deployment Plan: prepare the deployment plan, taking into account the geographic distribution of
       staff. Prepare options and best practices.

    b) Go-live: obtain sign-off to o-live, ensure all components are functional after system cut-over,
       execute and document post-production testing

Deployment deliverables include:
    Go-live checklist
    Production system
    Post-Implementation Testing and Documentation

3.2.7. Post-implementation support

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 12 of __
                                                                                                Annex xx
                                                                                               RFP xx-xxx

The World Bank Group would like a reduced number of Vendor staff to remain engaged in the project
after the go-live, during a period of 6 months. Post-implementation activities include:

    a) Complete knowledge transfer.

    b) Defect Correction/Bug Fixing: track all reported defects found after go-live, prioritizing the
       implementation, with the business; correct defects found during the post-implementation period;
       report on defects to the project management team.

Post-implementation support deliverables include:
    Knowledge transfer documentation
    Defect tracking and defect correction

3.2.8. Out of scope deliverables

Among the project deliverables, we have identified deliverables that are out of the scope of this RFP and
will be either delivered by the WBG or one of its partners:
     Change management and communications
     End user training

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 13 of __
                                                                                                    Annex xx
                                                                                                   RFP xx-xxx

3.3.      Staffing requirements

The selected Firm will be required to provide qualified consultants in the categories outlined in this
section. The list of categories is not exhaustive and the vendor will have the responsibility to provide
appropriate resources to deliver deliverables in scope.

Skill                                Scope
Project Manager                      The selected Vendor shall provide one project manager for
                                     the duration of the project to conduct project initiation and
                                     project management activities described in section 3.2.1. The
                                     project manager will also conduct deployment activities as
                                     described in section 3.2.6 and will coordinate the Post-
                                     implementation support as described in section 3.2.7. The
                                     Vendor project manager will work alongside with a World
                                     Bank project manager, equally accountable for the project
Functional Consultants/              The selected Vendor shall provide at least one functional
Business Analysts                    consultant/business analyst per PeopleSoft component to be
                                     implemented (Person Module, Personnel Administration,
                                     Benefits, Compensation and Payroll).
                                     In this role, the consultants will conduct the fit/gap activities
                                     described in section 3.2.2 and should be very knowledgeable
                                     of PeopleSoft 9.1. These consultants should also have
                                     expertise in business process redesign and industry best
                                     practices. Not all functional consultants/business analysts
                                     need to be dedicated during the entire project.
Technical                            The selected Vendor shall provide at least two technical
Consultants/Developers               consultants/developers per PeopleSoft component to be
                                     implemented (Person Module, Personnel Administration,
                                     Benefits, Compensation and Payroll). In this role, the
                                     consultants will conduct the development activities as
                                     described in section 3.2.3 and should be very knowledgeable
                                     of PeopleSoft 9.1 and industry best practices. Not all
                                     functional consultants/business analysts need to be dedicated
                                     during the entire project.
Testers                              The selector Vendor shall provide at least two testers who
                                     would be available during the entire project and would join
                                     as soon as the technical development starts. Testers will be
                                     responsible for the activities described in section 3.2.4.
Trainers                             The selector Vendor shall provide at least two trainers who
                                     would need to join the project a few months prior to
                                     deployment to conduct the activities highlighted in section

Vendors must make candidates available for selection interviews by a panel of staff from the World Bank
Group. The interviews will be conducted as part of the selection process. All of the proposed consultants
must be available to start working as needed.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 14 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

4. Project Assumptions

a) Project Funding: The World Bank Group is responsible for the Business Case preparation as well as
   funding requests to the appropriate governance body.

b) Infrastructure: The World Bank Group will be responsible for infrastructure services including
   hardware and software procurement, acquisition, configuration and installation. Additional license,
   software, hardware costs should not be included in this proposal.

c) Analytics Reporting: The World Bank Group Business Intelligence team will develop all analytics
   reports. Data extraction programs will be provided by the vendor.

d) Employee Self-Service Portal: The World Bank Group Web team will develop the employee self-
   service portal. Self-service transactions, which will surface through the portal, will be developed by
   the vendor.

e) Version: WBG will implement Version 9.1 of the PeopleSoft software and Version 11g of the Oracle
   database product.

f) Methodology: Implementation Partner will follow its recommended methodology tailored to WBG to
   implement PeopleSoft.

g) Knowledge Transfer: It is the intention of WBG to emphasize knowledge transfer during the
   implementation. Implementation Partner will provide all assistance in this regard.

h) Issue escalation: All process decisions and project issues requiring resolution will be resolved by the
   implementation team whenever possible. Issues and decisions not resolved by the implementation
   team will be escalated to the Program Management team. Issues and decisions not resolved by the
   Program Management team will be escalated to the Executive Steering Committee.

i)   Workflow: One of the major goals of the project is to eliminate paper and improve processes.
     System integration and workflow will be utilized to achieve that goal. Implementation Partner will
     provide support to enable specific workflows.

j)   Help Desk: WBG will manage the help desk function. The Implementation Partner will train Tier 1
     and 2 staff (3-4 staff) for Systems Help Desk.

k) Change Management, Communication and Stakeholder Management: These activities will be
   provided by the advisory services partner and the WBG.

l)   End User Training: WBG will be responsible for end user training. Implementation Partner will
     provide online documentation of end user training material/curriculum in consultation with WBG and
     training of the WBG trainers.

m) Work Area: WBG will provide a work area for the entire project team including desktop equipment.

n) Bolt-on solutions: Bolt-on solutions (Pension, Tax and Staff Receivables) will be upgrade with
   minimal changes. However, interfaces will need to be re-built by the implementation team.

o) Configuration is required only in the English language.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 15 of __
                                                                                                     Annex xx
                                                                                                    RFP xx-xxx

                                                     ANNEX C

                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                       RFP NO. XX

                                            MANDATORY CRITERIA

     Offerors will receive a Pass/Fail rating on this section. In order to be considered for Phase I, Offerors
     must meet all the mandatory criteria described below. All questions should be answered on this form or
     an exact duplicate thereof. The World Bank reserves the right to verify any information contained in
     Offeror’s response or to request additional information after the proposal is received. Incomplete or
     inadequate responses, lack of response or misrepresentation in responding to any questions will affect
     your evaluation.

    MANDATORY CRITERIA                                                        OFFEROR’S RESPONSE
1.1 1. Offeror must have proven experience of PeopleSoft 9.1 re-              Yes/No
    implementation and upgrade projects, with clients in similar scope
    and size of the work specified in this RFP. It must be supported by       Attach
    including a minimum of three customer references that demonstrate
    experience to meet the criteria specified above. References must be in
    the format as provided in Annex J.
    2. Confirm Offeror has been in business for at least five (5) years.      Yes/No
    Provide location and date which your company was registered or            Attach
    3. Offeror must have the financial capability to successfully complete    Yes/No
    the Contract. Provide a copy of Audited Financial Statements or           Attach
    Annual Reports for the report prior 2 fiscal/accounting years. Offeror
    must provide a copy of the Dun & Bradstreet report, if available.
    4. Offeror must agree to all the non-negotiable clauses in the Contract   Yes/No
    Matrix, Exhibit E.
    5. Isa, we will need a clause to eliminate little shops.                  Yes/No

     RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 16 of __
                                                                                                    Annex xx
                                                                                                   RFP xx-xxx

                                                 ANNEX D

                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                   RFP NO. XX

                                       REQUIREMENTS MATRIX

Offeror’s proposal must be organized to follow the format of this RFP. Each Offeror must respond to
every stated request or requirement and indicate that Offeror confirms acceptance of and understands the
World Bank Group’s stated requirements. The Offeror should identify any substantive assumption made
in preparing its proposal. The deferral of a response to a question or issue to the contract negotiation
stage is not acceptable. Any item not specifically addressed in the Offeror’s proposal will be deemed as
accepted by the Offeror. The terms “Offeror” and “Contractor” refer to those companies that submit a
proposal pursuant to this RFP.

Where the Offeror is presented with a requirement or asked to use a specific approach, the Offeror must
not only state its acceptance, but also describe, where appropriate, how it intends to comply. Failure to
provide an answer to an item will be considered an acceptance of the item. Where a descriptive response
is requested, failure to provide the same will be viewed as non-responsive. Where a statement of non-
compliance is provided, the Offeror must indicate its reasons and explain its proposed alternative, if
applicable, and the advantages and disadvantages to the World Bank Group of such proposal.

 Section    Questions

 Q1         METHODOLOGY (15 points)
 Q1.1       Describe the implementation methodology to be used for this project. Provide details
            regarding the key activities and milestones by phase, including project deliverables. Describe
            the processes to be employed around key design decisions, project deliverables and milestone
 Q1.2       Provide an overall project timeline, including an estimated duration for each phase identified
 Q1.3       Project Initiation
            Describe your proposed process for project initiation activities as described in section 3.2.1.
            Project initiation includes a project kick-off with all key stakeholders, the setup of the project
            management office, the validation of the project charter and project plan and the delivery of a
            clear set of pre-work activities that need to be performed by the World Bank Group in
            preparation for the solution design.
 Q1.4       Project management
            Describe your proposed process for project management activities as described in section
            Describe the approach to monitor and track project status as to schedule and budget, progress
            towards the goals defined for this project and achieving the projects tactical and strategic
            objectives through the deliverables. Describe the proposed approach to providing project
            management. This response should speak to the following responsibilities:
                Management of project decisions
                Scope and risk management
                Regular implementation status meetings
                Submission of routine project status reports
                Project staffing for third-party consultant-supplied staff

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 17 of __
                                                                                                 Annex xx
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

 Section    Questions
                Work plan development and management in conjunction with WBG personnel
                Coordination of communication between the WBG and third-party consultant
                Relationship to and communication with Oracle
                Orientation/collaboration of WBG and third-party consultant personnel on unique
                 aspects of the engagement
            Describe documentation requirements and standards that will support a quality assurance
            process. Provide a summary of the measures taken during development, deployment and
            production support to assure quality. Describe the process for knowledge transfer to the WBG
            throughout the project.
 Q1.5       Fit/gap analysis and solution design
            Describe your proposed process for conducting the fit/gap activities as described in section
 Q1.6       Development
            Describe your proposed process for conducting the fit/gap activities as described in section
            3.2.3. Also describe your development methodology and standards and how development
            activity will be integrated with the process design. Describe the development tools and
            enablers you plan to use on this project. Describe the data conversion approach, including
            timing and tools involved in conversion. Describe the approach for conversion of high-
            volume tables.
 Q1.7       Testing
            Describe your proposed process for conducting testing activities as described in section 3.2.4.
            Describe your recommended testing methodology, approach, tools/enablers and deliverables
            in order to test that the WBG’s 9.1 installation of PeopleSoft meets business requirements.
            Describe the tools you would deploy for performing testing (unit, integration and
            performance). This includes the testing of Country Office connectivity.
 Q1.8       Training
            Describe your proposed process for conducting training activities as described in section
             Training approach/plan: Describe the approach to train the trainers and what training
              methods should be deployed.
             Training Content Development: Describe the process for developing training materials, and
              identify the tools to be used. Describe your approach for utilizing business process
              documentation and role mapping.
             Training Delivery: Describe your training delivery approach, indicating whether it will be
              instructor lead, computer-based or some combination thereof.
             End User Readiness: Describe how readiness is defined and measured, including what
              constitutes the end user community being ready for the new processes/system.
             Transition Approach: Describe the process for knowledge transfer to the WBG throughout
              the project.
 Q1.9       Deployment
            Describe your proposed process for conducting deployment activities as described in section
             Rollout-Activities: Describe options for the rollout strategy including pros and cons.
                Describe approaches your organization has commonly deployed for managing the
                cutover process. Describe the common criteria for assessing go-live readiness, including
                when this assessment will be performed.
             Contingency Planning: Describe the approach for developing contingency plans. Discuss
                common challenges/decisions considered in executing a Contingency Plan. For example,
                describe the mitigation process for issues such as infrastructure failure, lack of end-user

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                  Page 18 of __
                                                                                                    Annex xx
                                                                                                   RFP xx-xxx

 Section    Questions
                preparedness or data conversion reconciliation issues.
 Q1.10      Post-implementation support
            Describe your proposed process for conducting deployment activities as described in section
            3.2.7. Describe the post implementation support proposed for this effort.

 Q2         PROJECT STAFFING (15 points)
 Q2.1       Staffing
            Provide the Offeror’s staffing model necessary to complete the work, in conjunction with the
            Bank’s proposed team, by defining the Offeror’s resource roles and reflecting estimated
            hours for each resource role organized by phase, work activity and associated timeline.
            Describe how the project will be managed by the Bank and the Offeror team. The standard
            work week for Bank employees is 40 hours. Any assumptions regarding WBG resources
            required to support the work effort should be noted.
 Q2.2       Functional consultants
            Describe the activities to be performed by the Functional team. Describe how Functional
            team activities will be shared between the Offeror and the Bank. Describe deliverables to be
            produced by the Functional team, indicating who has primary responsibility for the
 Q2.3       Technical Consultants
            Describe the activities to be performed by the Technical team. Describe how Technical team
            activities will be shared between the Offeror and the Bank. Describe deliverables to be
            produced by the technical team, indicating who has primary responsibility for each
 Q2.3       Testers <COMPLETE>
 Q2.4       Trainers <COMPLETE>
 Q2.5       Resource Descriptions/Resumes
            For each member of your team assigned to this engagement, please provide the following
            information: name, position, office location, total years in market, total years with your
            company, years in current position, qualifications and relevant work experience (including
            list of PeopleSoft modules implemented). Please provide the same information for staff who
            may be joining this project as replacement/ alternate.
 Q2.6       Resource management
            How do you notify WBG of changes to the teams? How will you minimize turnover on the
            teams? How do you monitor the performance of team members assigned to the project to
            ensure quality delivery?

 Q3         PROFILE AND EXPERIENCE (10 points)
 Q3.1       Describe at least three PeopleSoft HCM 9.x re-implementation and upgrade projects
            supported by your implementation team. Describe the project, scope, size, timeline and your
            role. Please include specific references to clients whose operations are of similar size as
            WBG, especially any other International Financial Institutions for which your company has
            provided similar services in the last five years.
 Q3.2       Indicate the number of PeopleSoft HCM projects that your team has completed and the
            number of PeopleSoft HCM projects currently in process. Please precise the number of v9.0
            or lower upgrades/ implementations and the number of v9.1 upgrades/ implementation.
 Q3.3       Please provide a listing and / or description of any alliances or strategic relationships that you
            may have with technology companies applicable to the objectives and deliverables of this
 Q3.4       What are the most compelling attributes of your company that differentiate you from your

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 19 of __
                                                                                                  Annex xx
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

 Section    Questions
 Q3.5       Describe your previous experience working with WBG, if any.


Offeror’s participating in the Oral Presentations will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Q4              ORAL PRESENTATION (20 Points)
Q4.1            Quality of the overall content, organization and delivery of the presentation including
                adequacy of the presentation relative topics covered and ability to deliver a clear and
                compelling message.
Q4.2            Team members’ responsiveness to audience’s questions and contribution to the
Q4.3            Ability to demonstrate that the team members selected for this project have the adequate
                communication, technical and advisory skills.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 20 of __
                                                                                                 Annex F
                                                                                               RFP xx-xxx

                                                 ANNEX E

                      REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                 RFP NO. XX

                                           PRICE SCHEDULE

(a)      This Price Schedule Form must be completed in its entirety.

(b)      The entire Price Proposal must be place in a separate envelope pre-addressed and marked

(c)      The Financial Proposal envelope is herewith submitted in accordance with the instructions given in
         the Request for Proposal.

(d)      The completed Price Schedule Form constitutes Offeror’s Financial Proposal and fully responds to
         Request for Proposal No XX. I commit my Offeror to be bound by this Financial Proposal for
         carrying out the range of services as specified in the solicitation package.

In compliance with this RFP the undersigned, propose to furnish all labor, materials and equipment in
order to provide goods and services as stipulated in the RFP. This shall be done at the price set in this
Schedule and in accordance with the Contract terms in this RFP.

______________________________________            __________________________________
      (Signature)                                               (Name)

______________________________________            __________________________________
     (Name of Offeror)

______________________________________            __________________________________
       (Address)                                                (Date)

______________________________________            __________________________________
              (Telephone No.)                              (Fax No.)

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 1 of 2
                                                                                                   Annex F
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

    A. Mandatory Work

The Offeror shall complete the matrix below by providing fixed prices for the services to be provided under
this RFP.

   No.    Description of Services                   Assumptions       Effort            Est.      Fixed
                                                                      (category of      No.       Price
                                                                      staff and         Hrs       ($)
          Project initiation

          Solution design

          Fit/gap analysis and solution design

          Data conversion and migration




RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 2 of 2
                                                                                                   Annex F
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

          Post-implementation support

          Project management


 The above fixed price includes all costs to complete this project (e.g. project management, weekly meetings,
reports, travel to Bank’s HQ in Washington, D.C., lodging and per diem, supplies/consumables, phone/fax,
other miscellaneous expenses.) The Bank will not reimburse any other costs beyond this fixed price.

    B. Unplanned Work

The Offeror shall complete the matrix below by providing proposed hourly and daily rates by category of
staff as specified in the table below and under this RFP.

   Category Staff                                                                Daily / Hourly Rate
   Category of Staff (functional consultant, technical consultant, functional/
   technical lead, project manager, etc.)

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                     Page 3 of 2
                                                                                              Annex F
                                                                                            RFP xx-xxx

                                            ANNEX F

                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                   RFP NO. XX

                             TECHNICAL OPERATING ENVIRONMENT

PeopleSoft Application and architecture

 Category                                         Current Configuration
 Database Platform
 Operating System for Database and Application
 Web Servers and Load Balancing
 PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Servers
 PeopleSoft HR Application Release
 PeopleTools Release
 PeopleSoft Applications (modules)
 Application Maintenance
 Database Size
 Concurrent Usage
 Other PeopleSoft Environments

< Add current architecture overview map >

HR/ Payroll inbound and outbound interfaces

Interfaces        Type       Format Freq.        Description
Accounting                                       Export from PeopleSoft payroll payment entries to be
Entries                                          posted into Bank's accounting system, i.e. SAP.
ACH Files                                        Export from PeopleSoft of payroll payments:
                                                 ACH file to Wachovia for those staff who do banking
                                                 with the Banks in US.
                                                 ACH file to Credit Unit for those staff who do banking
                                                 with the Bank/Fund Credit Union.
                                                 ACH file to Bank of America for those staff work in
                                                 Chennai, India. Money is released through RFP
AETNA                                            Eligibility information export to Bank's health
                                                 insurance provider for HQ staff.
Airfares                                         Import of airfares from American Express for Benefits
                                                 related travel.
Annual                                           Export to IMF list of all active Bank staff for
Meetings                                         attendance/planning purposes for Bank/Fund Annual
System                                           Meetings.
Benefit                                          Home Leave, Education, Dependency Allowance bi-
Payments                                         monthly process to Payroll

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                Page 4 of 2
                                                                                        Annex F
                                                                                      RFP xx-xxx

Interfaces      Type       Format Freq.   Description
BW/Dashboard                              Export of aggregate staff information into SAP's
                                          Business Warehouse module for subsequent analysis,
                                          reporting, etc.
CDIR                                      Export of directory information from PeopleSoft to the
                                          Bank's online staff directory containing name, phone
                                          number, room number, unit, etc.
CO Insurance                              Import from 3rd party administrator into PeopleSoft
Payments                                  payroll system insurance reimbursement payments for
                                          country office staff.
CO Salary                                 Import from the UN of salary scales for country office
Scales                                    staff.
CO SRI                                    Import into PeopleSoft from Bank's annual salary
                                          review exercise/system individual pay adjustments,
                                          e.g. salary increases.
CO Insurance                              Import from 3rd party administrator into PeopleSoft
Payments                                  payroll system insurance reimbursement payments for
                                          country office staff.
CRS                                       Realtime Link into PeopleSoft from home-group Lotus
                                          Notes application (Conflict Resolution System) used to
                                          track complaints and grievances.
Emergency                                 Export to 3rd party vendor contact information of all
Contact                                   active Bank staff for use during an emergency.
Education                                 Education ceiling table is loaded from text file every
Ceiling                                   year.
eGive                                     Export from in-house-developed ongoing pledge
                                          amounts staff made during Bank's annual charity drive.
Emails                                    Unix SMTP interface from PeopleSoft to Bank's email
                                          system, i.e. Lotus Notes.
Emergency                                 A view created to provide certain emergency contact
Tracking                                  information.
ETC/ETT                                   Import from SAP into PeopleSoft current employment
Requests                                  information on Extended-Term Consultants and
                                          Extended-Term Temps, i.e. contingent workforce
                                          employed directly by the Bank on a one or two year
GMC                                       Eligibility information export to Bank's health
                                          insurance provider for CO staff.
HERMES                                    Export to GSD list of all active Bank staff for incident
                                          (e.g. accidents in Bank's garages, etc) tracking
HR CUBES                                  Cubes in the Business Warehouse containing aggregate
                                          staff data. It contains monthly snapshot data and allows
                                          HR analysts to perform analysis and manipulate the
                                          data in excel.
HR One-Time                               Feed to payroll for one time payments like Relocation,
Payments                                  Spot awards, etc.
HrActions                                 Realtime link into PeopleSoft from home-grown
                                          manager's self-service Web site, i.e. for managers to

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                          Page 5 of 2
                                                                                         Annex F
                                                                                       RFP xx-xxx

Interfaces      Type       Format Freq.   Description
                                          initiate and approve personnel actions such as
                                          transfers, promotions, etc.
HrKiosk                                   Realtime link into PeopleSoft from home-grown staff
                                          self-service Web site, i.e... for staff to view current
                                          benefits and report life events.
HrQuery                                   Daily snapshots of demographic and employment data
                                          from PeopleSoft into home-grown query and reporting
HSD                                       Export from PeopleSoft of staff and dependent
                                          information for subsequent loading into 3rd party
                                          medical system used by the Health Services
ICBS                                      For chargeback purposes export from PeopleSoft of
                                          basic staff information to Bank's central IT
                                          requirement/services billing system. Training module
                                          does but only in a limited way. Since LC/TMS (see
                                          next) replaces the majority of Training module, the
                                          chargeback is mainly done there. PS-Training does the
                                          chargeback only for hourly training (e.g. language, or
                                          IMF participants). The IMF chargeback goes through
                                          ICBS, SAP, then reaches the hands in AR (Account
                                          Receivables) in Chennai. Currently Hetal Doshi in
                                          ACTBC handles this billing.
ID System                                 Export to Bank's physical access control system list of
                                          all folks (staff members, consultant/temps, retirees,
                                          etc) entitled to a picture ID card.
IFC                                       From PeopleSoft a number of exports to IFC for
                                          subsequent loading into their own systems. These
                                          exports typically include demographic and
                                          employment history and directory information.
LARS                                      Import from in-house-developed Lotus Notes/WEB
                                          application leave (annual, sick, admin, holiday, etc)
Learning                                  PeopleSoft imports from LC/TMS daily (every
Catalog                                   calendar day, not just weekday) at 4am. The data
                                          includes both attendance and accreditation (currently
                                          TLAP only, used by SAP to enable Trust Funds
Mail Center                               Export of basic directory information from PeopleSoft
                                          into Bank's mail system to assist in the routing of mail.
MetroChek                                 Import from METRO list of Bank staff entitled to
                                          commuting stipend.
Mobility                                  Quarterly feed to Payroll for Mobility Payments
MOC Table                                 Import of Bank's Organizational Chart from Bank's
                                          CDS (Common Data Store) into PeopleSoft's
                                          department table.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                           Page 6 of 2
                                                                                        Annex F
                                                                                      RFP xx-xxx

Interfaces       Type       Format Freq.   Description
OPE                                        Import from in-house-developed Lotus Notes
                                           application performance appraisal data.
Overtime                                   Import from SAP into PeopleSoft payroll system
Payments                                   approved overtime payments for processing during the
                                           normal payroll cycle.
PeoplePages                                Export of education, job history, etc information into
                                           Bank's online curriculum vitae (résumé) system.
Pharmacy                                   Eligibility information export to company handling the
                                           Bank's prescription drug program.
Privileges &                               Annual Report (e.g. names and nationalities) to the
Immunities                                 Bank's Board of all staff members having worked at
Rpt                                        the Bank during the year.
Provisioning                               Export from PeopleSoft to ISG's (i.e. the Bank's) on-
System                                     boarding/off-boarding system, e.g. disabling Windows
                                           account when someone terminates from the Bank.
RFPs                                       Export from PeopleSoft into SAP Request for Payment
                                           (RFPs) for payroll payments to those staff members
                                           outside of the US banking system, i.e. Country Offices.
SAP                                        Export into SAP list of staff members authorized to
Approvers                                  commit funds on behalf of the Bank, e.g. managers
                                           authorized to approve travel and overtime requests,
                                           office moves, IT expenditures, etc.
SRI                                        Import into PeopleSoft from Bank's annual salary
                                           review exercise/system individual pay adjustments,
                                           e.g. salary increases.
SRS                                        Import from SAP of overpayments/underpayments
                                           made to staff, e.g. travel advances, education
Staff Planning                             Link into PeopleSoft from HR's staff planning system.
STC/STT                                    Import from SAP into PeopleSoft payments made to
Payments                                   Short-Tem Consultants and Short-Term Temps for
                                           income verification purposes.
STC/STT                                    Import from SAP into PeopleSoft current employment
Requests                                   information on Short-Term Consultants and Short-
                                           Term Temps, i.e. contingent workforce temporarily
                                           employed directly by the Bank.
UPI Data from                              Feed into PeopleSoft from vendor (comes in as a text
Telesec                                    file)
UPI Feed                                   Export of new/recently updated basic demographic
                                           into SAP for subsequent use, e.g. staff travel, etc.
VanBreda                                   Eligibility information export to Bank's health
                                           insurance provider for HQ staff outside US.
Visitor System                             Realtime Link into PeopleSoft from the system
                                           authorizing access to the Bank's premises for those
                                           without a formal relationship with the Bank, i.e.
Vovici                                     A view created to provide certain HR data to this

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                          Page 7 of 2
                                                                                                 Annex F
                                                                                               RFP xx-xxx

Interfaces         Type       Format Freq.         Description
                                                   Survey tool used by Sana
Diner's Club                                       Program to interface with external vendor - Diner's
Fitness                                            Interface program built for Fitness Center -- streamline
                                                   payroll deduction after staff enrolls in the Fitness
MyJobWorld                                         Views to HR core data. Access to MJW data for Offer
                                                   and PAF processing.
Ready on Day                                       Interface to expected new hires to allow advance
1                                                  provisioning.
Staff Locator                                      Feed of staff basic non confidential data to CDS
Retiree                                             Retiree Address Interface File - Process - Generate
Address File                                       Interface File to the Vendor

Customizations and bolt-on modules

The current PeopleSoft instance has been customized to meet business requirements and to accommodate
business process. The tables below provide a summary of customizations by module and bolt-on
applications in use. The customizations and bolt-on applications included in these tables are subject to
further review and may or may not be carried forward with the PeopleSoft re-implementation. Business
process fit gap sessions are necessary to determine which customizations and bolt-on modules will be

ID    Description
      Organization Hierarchy
1     Current Department Table has additional fields: DEPTDIV MOC, DEPTDIV ALPHA, DESCR65,
2     MOC Manager - maintain managers per OUI/DEPTID
3     Staff Manager Mapping - this is used in HRActions, HR Reminders and SRM (Staff Record
      Management system) to map staff to a manager.
      Workforce Data Management
4     Person Data - OFAC Checking - detect OFAC hits to alert HR and block the UPIs from being hired/
      paid. This process is initiated when HR is creating a new person/UPI. It is also triggered on a
      regular basis to check existing UPIs (staff and dependents). The system allows the user to clear the
      hits to remove the block.
5     Person Data- Request of a new UPI - process to notify the requestor and the approver.
6     Person Data - EMPLID/UPI Expirations - Process to (1) remove UPI from Directory and (2) correct
      data due to duplicates.
7     Person Data - Edits to avoid data entry errors such as: Future date marital status not allowed,
      Validation of DOB, Validation of date of death against current date, Nationality of US requires SSN
      on record, Recompute retirement date when DOB is corrected
8     Person Data - Track Ethics data
9     Person Data - Visa Alert - alert visa when staff convert to US citizen. This impacts visa and some
10    Person Data - an emplid for Firms? To Keep track of Firms (need to review the background of this
11    Person Data - additional fields: Nationality, Disability Flag, Salary under ceiling,
      DEPTDIV_MOC_W, BIRTH Country , PID (state department id), EXPIRED FLAG, VALID UPI

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 8 of 2
                                                                                                Annex F
                                                                                              RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
      (for expired UPI), Staff No (old system), Consultant ID (old system)
12    Job - Actions that trigger other processes like Return from Leave updates Custom Leave Table for
      LARS use.
13    Job - backend process to update Job Interface action table to support batch processing for benefits,
      payroll, and others.
14    Job - PAF Generation - Process to view, print and email PAFs
15    Job - Termination Workflow - detect termination to alert various client groups and setup workflow
      for SRS and Payroll.
16    Job - Mass reorganization when there is a OUI Change
17    Job - WBFN Alerts - Process - Generate Alerts to the World Bank Family Network to allow them to
      contact staff and their family.
18    Job - Action and Action Reason Edits - Added edits for action/action reasons to comply with
      policies procedures such as: ETC/ETT appt duration up to 2 years, Appointment end date is required
      for TERM appointments, Extension rules for ETT/ETCs , JPOs and JPAs, Fields edits per
      appointment type, Reappointments, Promotions, Reduced Work Schedule and Disability, Probation,
      Compensation field edits
19    Job - additional fields: Work Location, Intl Hire Flag, ROGRAM NAME, Appointment Type,
      Withdrawal BAL AMT, DEPTID1, DEPTID2, DEPTID3
20    Employment - additional fields: YP FLAG, YP SEL DT, CONFIRMED, MAND RETIRE DT, ANT
21    Payments on hire: relocation, shipment, Removal Grant.
22    Country Table - changed country code from 3 to 2 char.
23    Country Table - added additional fields: COUNTRY_CHRIS_W, CNTRY_ABBR_NAME_W,
24    Currency Table - additional fields: SCALE FACTOR, MAX SAL AMT, CCY REAL NAME, UPD
25    Passport Table - additional fields like passport name and updated fields used for State Department
26    Salary Scale Table - table structure to allow easier editing
27    Salary Scale Table - additional fields: MIN INCREASE PCT, STEP FLAG, PERCENTCHG, FOM
28    JobCodes - additional fields: JOB SUBFAMILY, JOB SCOPE, GENERIC FLAG, BENCHMARK

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                  Page 9 of 2
                                                                                                  Annex F
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
29    Job Action table - added fields: FUTURE EFFDT FLAG, PAF FLAG, PAF DESCR
30    HR Actions - manager and staff self services:
      Manager Initiated Actions: Title Changes, Confirmation, APPT Conversion: TERM to OPEN,
      Developmental Assignment Actions, Extend Appt, Extend Probation, Extend Retirement, Leave w/o
      Pay Actions, Promotions, Extend Telecommuting, Reassignment Actions, Termination Actions,
      External Service Actions, Short Term Assignment Actions,,
      Staff Initiated Actions: Resignation, Telecommuting, Leave w/o Pay, Reduced Work Schedule,
      Return to HQ, Return from External Service
31    Network/Sector mapping
32    IFC LoB mapping
33    Education - tracking and maintaining staff education records.
34    Annual Salary Review Increase - processes to administer the annual pay increase for HQ and CO
35    Awards - processes to administer different awards payments.
36    Addresses - maintain different addresses like home and emergency contact. There are additional
      types of addresses for Pension, Tax, and Insurance that require different edits and validations.
37    Offer module - track and process offers and generation of letter of intent.
      Compensation Management
38    Dependency Allowance (Tax Equivalency) - enrollment to track staff dependents. Processes to
      calculate payments based on dependents and Job related information. Special handling for B/B . It
      requires manual handling for B/Fund couples to ensure staff are getting their benefits from one
38    Home Leave Travel - system to handle home leave payments based on home leave eligibility, staff
      dependents, and job related data. The system handles self services and allows exception handling.
      Special rules to handle Eds home leave benefits. It handles self service and allows for manual
      override and retro adjustments.
38    Education Benefits - system to process payment to staff for the education of their dependents. It
      handles self service and allows for manual override and retro adjustments.
38    Extended Assignment Benefits - process to enroll and manage staff on OAB.
38    Mobility Premium - manage enrollment and payment for mobility premium.
38    Other Allowance - ?
38    Termination Benefits - track and process payments for terminated staff: Annual Leave, Separation
      Grant, Resettlement Grant, Indemnity Payment, Expiration Payment, Shipment
38    Ending Employment - special tracking and handling of ending employment cases due to reasons like
      mutual agreement and redundancy. The system handles payments and restrictions for rehire.
38    Early Out - program to support staff who opts to leave the Bank prior to mandatory retirement.
38    Restoration of Termination Grant - support collection and repayment of termination grant
38    Household Data - maintain staff household data.
38    Insurance - Disability - Capture Information for Disability to track staff on short term and long term
38    Insurance - MIP Address - Capture Medical Insurance Plan Address
38    Insurance - Country Special Medical Insurance - Capture Country Special Insurance Enrollees
38    Insurance - Medicare - Capture Medicare D for Retiree
38    Insurance - Benefit Memos - Notification to staff based on changes in their insurance elections.
38    Insurance - Retiree MIP - Customized process for Retiree MIP/Deductions/Surviving Spouse
38    Insurance - Life and Accident Insurances - Double charge Life Insurance and Accident when staff

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 10 of 2
                                                                                                   Annex F
                                                                                                 RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
      terminated during the first 15 days of the month. Since the Insurance covers the staff until the end
      of the month, the staff has to pay for the 2 cycles.
38    Life Insurance for Dependents - Since the premium is defined in US dollars, and automatically
      incorporated into the paysheets by PS/Payroll, modify the amounts in the paysheet when the staff is
      NOT in USD. Amounts are converted using each country exchange rate.
38    Insurance - Medical Insurance - Create a sliding-scale table with staff and Bank contribution, by
      currency, medical plan, coverage type and salary range. The basic data is in USD. Convert the
      premium in USD to other currencies for MIP outside US.
      Calculate Medical Insurance for each staff enrolled in the Medical plan, recalculating the amount
      when there is change in salary or coverage, or staff takes leave with insurance continuation, or there
      is change in rate.
      Record months when medical insurance is free of charge and create "refund" for each staff during
      those months so no money is collected.
      Force retro to ignore those free months when a retro action includes recalculation of medical
38    Insurance - Birthday for Life Insurance purpose - Changed to push birth date to be first day of next
      month , which is when the age is considered for Life Insurance changes.
38    Insurance - additional fields to support enrollment and deductions in the enrollment record:
      and in the participants record: Dependent UPI, CONTINUE BEGN DT, CONTINUE END DT
38    Visa - maintain visa data for staff and dependents.
38    Driver's License - enable HR to maintain and track requests for Driver's licenses
38    Domestic - G5 orientation and tracking of code of conduct.
38    Visa - Allow staff to maintain their G4 visa stamps to get reminders to start the renewal process.
38    Emergency Contact - reminders to staff with their current data.
38    HR Reminders - reminder system to managers and staff on upcoming HR actions/events.
38    Life Events - these processes allow HR to enter and maintain household date for staff. These
      processes would update household as well as Person data, insurance, and visa where it applies.
      Current available Life Events: Marriage, Divorce, B/B couple Marriage, B/B couple Divorce,
      Domestic Partner (DP) Joins Household (HH), DP Leaves HH, Birth of a child, Adoption, Child
      joins HH, DP joins HH, Other joins HH, Child leaves HH (marriage), Child leaves HH, DP leaves
      HH (marriage), DP leaves HH, Other leaves HH, Death of Spouse, Death of a child, Death of DP,
      Death of DP Child, Death of other HH members
38    Verification Letters: Visa, Mortgage, Employment, Insurance
38    MIP Open Season - annual process to allow staff to change insurance program.
38    Dependency/Household Confirmation - annual process for staff to confirm their current dependents
      and household members.
      Workforce Development

39    Training (language training)
40    Employee Status - Added employee status "E" (External Service with Pay), "S" (Special Leave) to
      force the system to create paysheet for staff in those statuses. Changed Suspended status from "N"
      to "S". This allows for recurring deductions to continue.
41    Country Code - Changed country code from 'USA' to 'US'.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                    Page 11 of 2
                                                                                                     Annex F
                                                                                                   RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
42    Number of decimal places - Changed the rounding of decimal places according to the currency of
      the paygroup.
43    Smoker flag - Force the smoker flag to be "N" for all employees (used for the Medical rate) and
      remove code that reads this flag from a PS table.
44    Retro for missing payments - Create "empty" paysheets for staff newly hired or returning from leave
      who missed their first pay check. Without these fake paysheets, PS delivered retro will not calculate
      payment for the missing cycle.
45    Beyond panel-based PS Security - Allow Business Manager to set security rules for each member of
      the Payroll team, defining: who can run on-cycles or off-cycles, who can close payroll, who can look
      at staff members pay stubs in the Web, who can release payment authorizations to Cashiers, etc.
46    Pension Contribution - Calculate the pension contribution for each staff when there is a change in
      salary or staff takes leave with continuation.
      Calculate the Bank share of each staff, based on the Pension Contribution in the paysheet. This
      ensures that the Bank participation is properly accounted in SAP.
47    Scale-down process - Fix Year-To-Date balances when there is a currency scale-down during the
      calendar year.
48    Job - Freeze PAFs - Do not allow PAF processing during the time payroll is closing the cycle (about
      30 minutes). When a PAF is changed or added, Payroll is automatically affected.
49    Job - Create a snapshot of everybody's last PAF at the moment of Payroll closing, to ensure that we
      can trace each person's situation in case of error or doubt.
50    Job - Changes in PAF to trigger retro calculation - Create retro requests for staff who have a PAF
      change affecting earnings (salary, rws, leave, etc.), as well as in any of the recurring deductions
      (medical, pension) and recurring earnings (allowances). If the change is back in time, the trigger
      will generate a retro request.
51    Job - Execute retro adjustments for deductions - PS only delivers retro calculation for EARNINGS.
      We had to write our own retro program for deductions.
      Load Retro Deductions into paysheets
52    Job - Special handling for Leave without pay, External Service without pay - Force PS to create
      paysheets for staff who are on leave without pay but have Medical/Pension continuation.
      Generate pre-payments for staff in this category, to record in accounting the amounts the staff owe
      to the Bank. These pre-payments offset the deductions in the paysheet such that the net pay for each
      staff is zero.
      After payroll closes, send the deductions to the Staff Receivables System to be accumulated and
      collected when staff returns from leave.
      Close earnings and deductions of staff who go on leave or external service without pay.
53    Job - End of Contract - If the staff has an end of contract happening during a pay cycle, and the
      person is still active, remove the paysheet so no salary is paid to that staff. End of contract is a date
      introduced by the WB, not recognized by PS (which only deals with termination date).
54    Job - Reset payroll recalculate flag - Triggers payroll to recalculate the current paysheet when Job
      record salary related fields are changed.
55    Control Reports (about 60)
56    401 K enrollment, interface between external vendors and PS payroll.
57    EDs, ED advisors allowances (settlement grant, termination grant and installation grant) processing
      and interfacing with payroll.
58    Direct Deposit - Staff can update direct deposit selection online. Payroll uses this information to
      send the payment directly.
59    Nightly Shift Allowance (for India). Program allows HR to enter/update staff who works nightly
      shift in India. Proration is conducted where applicable.
60    Special MBP programs for Argentina, etc. This program is built for Country Office HR so they can

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                      Page 12 of 2
                                                                                                  Annex F
                                                                                                RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
      administer staff's MBP enrollment and deductions.
61    Payroll worklist. Divide the # of staff whose payments need to be reviewed in a pay cycle into
      groups and assign them to different CTR staff to review and approve.
62    Batch Data - system to allow to send earning/deduction transactions to payroll (pay sheets). A
      process to reconcile what was sent to batch and what was actually processed in Payroll.
63    Payment proration program. If staff works only portion of a week during the pay cycle, certain
      payments are prorated according to the percentage of the period.
64    Program to create pay stub which can be viewed through HR Kiosk.
65    Program to create payments of each pay cycle for Tax System to use.
66    Program to create invoices and send to SAP-Account Payable for Country Staff (other than Chennai
      India staff).
67    Program to accept payments made outside of PeopleSoft (i.e., SAP) and send accounting to SAP in
      one file.
      Tax administration
68    Active staff tax allowance - module to maintain and process tax related data and payment for active
69    Retiree tax allowance - module to maintain and process tax related data and payment for retirees.
      Staff Loans &Receivables
70    Support HR and CTR in managing staff loans and receivables
      Pension Administration
71    Pension administration (to request from pension)
72    Single Sign on - integration with Passkey
73    Non Disclosure Agreement for HR users
74    Scope Manager - enabling the clients to manage their users' access.
75    Apply row level and field level security for access to data.
76    SRM Security - staff record management system - process to manage access to staff record.
77    Access Control to track changes to user profiles
78    Workflow view - limit view to only those the user has pending actions. This is due to performance
      and usability.
79    Process Monitor - enable production support team to have access to log files for failed processes.
80    Failed Batch Processes - notify Risk/Compliance team, notify production support team, and create
      system modification request to track the follow up action.
81    HRKiosk Security - allow HR to access staff records in HRKiosk. The same rules in PeopleSoft
      applies in HRKiosk in terms of who has access. It allows to limit the access at the HRKiosk page
      Other Bank's specific requirements
82    Directory - maintain directory related data and feed to other systems.
83    BCS - Business Continuity System - allows GSD business continuity team to maintain special
84    Staff Association - maintain enrollment and payments.
85    Parking - maintain enrollment and payments.
86    Coaching - maintain coaches and coaches.
87    SMR - system modification request - manage system changes.
88    PPC - Past Pension Credit - manage staff and payments related to past pension credit.
      The system allows staff for an annual election to prepay where it applies based on their earnings and
      max allowed contributions.
89    Community Connection Campaign (eGive). Staff makes pledge online; programs to check

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                   Page 13 of 2
                                                                                              Annex F
                                                                                            RFP xx-xxx

ID    Description
      processing and payroll deduction processing

PeopleTools customizations summary

Object Type                         # custom Added                     # modification to existing
                                                                       PeopleSoft object
PeopleCode Programs
Translate Values
Process Definitions
Message Catalog Entries
Application Engine

Volume Information

 Data                                Volume or Description
 Population                          999 active employees
                                     999 consultants
                                     999 inactive etc…
 Personal Data table                 999 rows in PS_PERSONAL_DATA
 Job Data table                      999 rows in PS_JOB

Future PeopleSoft application and architecture

 Category                                           Current Configuration
 Database Platform
 Operating System for Database and Application
 Web Servers and Load Balancing
 PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Servers
 PeopleSoft HR Application Release
 PeopleTools Release
 PeopleSoft Applications (modules)
 Application Maintenance
 Database Size
 Concurrent Usage
 Other PeopleSoft Environments

< Add planned architecture overview map >

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                               Page 14 of 2
                                                                      Annex F
                                                                    RFP xx-xxx

                                             ANNEX G

                       REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                  RFP NO. XX


Detailed list of Business Processes

< Khuram to provide list validated by the BPOs >

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                       Page 15 of 2
                                                                                Annex F
                                                                              RFP xx-xxx

                                            ANNEX H

                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                        RFP NO. XX

                                      CONTRACT MATRIX

                          Matrix will be provided as a separate attachment.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                 Page 16 of 2
                                                                                               Annex G
                                                                                             RFP xx-xxx

                                               ANNEX I

                             REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                        RFP NO. XX

                                     VENDOR REGISTRATION

        As part of the Proposal it will be necessary that the Offeror go to the World Bank Group Vendor
Registration Web Site fill out the application and
provide the World Bank Group provided application number.

                       World Bank Group Vendor Application Number ________

        If your firm is an approved World Bank Group Vendor, please provide your Vendor ID number
____________. If it has been more than two years since the award of your Vendor ID number, please go
to the Web site and up-date your firm’s information.

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 1 of 1
                                                                                                         Annex H
                                                                                                       RFP xx-xxx

                                                     ANNEX J

                                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                           RFP NO. XX


                       Offeror Eligibility Confirmation and Information                             Offeror’s Response
1. What year was your firm/organization established?
2. In what province/state/country is your firm/organization established?
3. Has your firm/organization ever filed or petitioned for bankruptcy? (If YES, explain            Yes _____; No ______
     in detail the reasons why, filing date, and current status.)
4. Have you ever been terminated for non-performance on a contract? If YES, describe               Yes _____; No ______
     in detail.
5. Have you ever been suspended or debarred by any government, a UN agency or other
     international organization? If YES, provide details, including date of reinstatement, if
6. It is the Bank Group’s policy to require that Offerors and their sub-contractors observe        Confirm
     the highest standard of ethics during the selection and execution of contracts. In this       Yes _____; No ______
     context, any action taken by an Offeror or a sub-contractor to influence the selection
     process or contract execution for undue advantage is improper.
 In pursuance of this policy, the Bank Group:
(a) defines, for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below as follows:
       (i) “corrupt practice” is the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting, directly or
               indirectly, of anything of value to influence improperly the actions of another
       (ii) “fraudulent practice” is any act or omission, including misrepresentation, that
               knowingly or recklessly misleads, or attempts to mislead, a party to obtain
               financial or other benefit or to avoid an obligation;
       (iii) “collusive practices” is an arrangement between two or more parties designed
               to achieve an improper purpose, including to influence improperly the actions
               of another party;
       (iv) “coercive practices” is impairing or harming, or threatening to impair or
               harm, directly or indirectly, any party or the property of the party to influence
               improperly the actions of a party;
       (v)      “obstructive practice” is
              (aa) deliberately destroying, falsifying, altering or concealing of evidence
                      material to the investigation or making false statements to investigators
                      in order to materially impede a Bank investigation into allegations of a
                      corrupt, fraudulent, coercive, or collusive practice; and/or threatening,
                      harassing, or intimidating any party to prevent it from disclosing its
                      knowledge of matters relevant to the investigation or from pursuing the
                      investigation; or
              (bb) acts intended to materially impede the exercise of the Bank Group’s
                      inspection and audit rights.
     Confirm that Offeror and its sub-contractors have not engaged in any corrupt,
     fraudulent, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices in competing for this

   RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                        Page 1 of 1
                                                                                                    Annex H
                                                                                                  RFP xx-xxx

7.   Officials not to benefit: Confirm that no official of the World Bank Group or its        Confirm
     Member Governments has received or will be offered by Offeror or its sub-                Yes _____; No ______
     contractors, any direct or indirect benefit arising from this solicitation or any
     resulting contracts.
8. Confirm that Offeror is not engaged in any activity that would put it, if selected for     Confirm
    this assignment, in a conflict of interest with the Bank/IFC or any member of the         Yes _____; No ______
    World Bank Group.
9. Confirm that Offeror and your sub-contractors have not been associated, or had been        Confirm
    involved in any way, directly or indirectly, with the preparation of the design,          Yes _____; No ______
    specifications and / or other documents used as a part of this solicitation.
10. Bank Group policy restricts companies from bidding on or receiving Bank Group             Confirm
    contracts if a Bank Group staff member or their immediate family are an owner,            Yes _____; No ______
    officer, partner or board member or in which the staff member or their immediate
    family has a financial interest. Confirm that no Bank Group staff member or their
    immediate family are an owner, officer, partner or board member or have a financial
    interest in either Offeror or its sub-contractors.

     I, ________________________________________________, certify that I am __________________________
     of _________________________________________; that by signing this Proposal for and on behalf of
     ___________________________________ I am certifying that all information contained herein is accurate and
     truthful and that the signing of this Proposal is within the scope of my powers.

     _________________________________________________                               (Seal)

     (Printed Name and Title)


     Provide the name and contact information for the primary contact from your company for this solicitation:

     Telephone Number:
     Fax Number:

     RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                 Page 2 of 1
                                                                                                      Annex I
                                                                                                    RFP xx-xxx

                                           ANNEX K
                                REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                        RFP NO. XX

                            FORMAT OF RESUME FOR PROPOSED STAFF

Name of Staff     ___________________________________________________

Title             ___________________________________________________

Years with Firm_____________________/Nationality____________________

Education/Qualifications: (Summarize college/university and other specialized education of staff
member, giving names of schools, dates attended and degrees-professional qualifications obtained.

Employment Record/Experience

(Starting with present position, list in reverse order, every employment held. List all positions held by
staff member since graduation, giving dates, names of employing organization, title of position held
and location of employment. For experience in last five years, detail the type of activities performed,
degree of responsibilities, location of assignments and any other information or professional
experience considered pertinent for this assignment.


Provide names and addresses for two (2) references.

I, the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio-date is accurate.

________________________________________                                    ___________________
Signature of Staff Member or Firm Representative                            Date (Day/Month/Year)

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                                        Page 1 of 1
                                                                                          Annex J
                                                                                        RFP xx-xxx

                                              ANNEX L

                                 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                        RFP NO. XX

                                       REFERENCE FORMAT

Reference 1

Name of            Names of       Phone No.    Email       Period of       Description of
Organization/      Points of                   Address     Performance     Services and their
Address            Contact                                                 relevance to the
                   (Provide 2)                                             requirements under
                                                                           this RFP

Project location of where        Contract Value:           Reasons for termination if
services were performed:                                          applicable:
Provide level of effort (include Team Composition and any proposed contractors).

RFP-Bank-1/06                                                                            Page 1 of 1
                                                                                  Annex J
                                                                                RFP xx-xxx
                                               ANNEX M

                              REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) FOR
                                     RFP NO. XX

                                     NOTICE OF INTENT TO BID

                                      DUE ON _____________, 2010

                                   (return to

     A. Submission of this form with signature will confirm your intent

                                            _________ to bid

                                           ________ not to bid

B.      Do you want to be contacted for future Requests for Proposals?
                   ____Yes ____No

C.      If you respond with a “no bid”, please write a brief reason(s) below.

Vendor Name:___________________________________

Contact Person:__________________________________


Email Address:___________________________________




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