First A. Author1, Second B. Author2 and Third C. Author2
        Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,
           T6G 2P5; 2Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 6000 C&E Trail, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, T4L 1W1.

Abstract – This paper describes how to prepare a                  including graphics, figures, diagrams, graphs and
short paper for publication in the 2012 58th ICoMST               references.
proceedings. Use this template if you are using
Microsoft Word 6.0 or later or use it as a guide if               II.      MATERIALS AND METHODS
your version of Word is older than 6.0. The paper is
to be in Times New Roman 12 pt and the abstract is
to be in bold. The abstract should not be more than
                                                                  In Materials and Methods, explain how the study
200 words and should contain no references. All                   was performed and the data was analyzed. The
symbols and abbreviations in the paper should be                  paper must be submitted in English and the title of
defined. The abstract summarizes the major aspects                the paper should be no more than 20 words or 132
of the complete paper beginning with the purpose of               characters including spaces. All information
the study or the hypotheses investigated, the                     regarding the paper (title, authors, affiliations)
experimental design and methods used and the most                 should be entered in the appropriate fields during
important findings. Include key results or trends                 electronic submission of the paper for submission
and then summarize the conclusions and                            to be successful. Ensure that graphics, figures, and
implications of the paper.
                                                                  diagrams that are embedded in your Word
Key Words – about three key words or phrases in
                                                                  document are good quality and easily viewed on
alphabetical order and separated by commas. Use                   your printer or monitor as quality will not be
words not included in the title.                                  improved after submission.

I.      INTRODUCTION                                              III.     RESULTS AND DISCUSSION

In the introduction the reason for the study, the                 Results are presented in this section and the
background of the research area and the                           importance of the work relative to the area of
objective(s) and/or hypothesis (hypotheses) of the                research is discussed. If presenting results or other
investigation is presented. This is a template for                data in table format, insert tables (alphanumerical
Microsoft Word version 6.0 or later. Download                     data, no graphical data) as close as possible to
and save this template. Do not change formatting                  where they are referenced in the body of the text,
of this document as the parameters are set to                     positioning them either at the top or at the bottom
accommodate publication as proceedings. When                      of the text column. Tables should be enumerated
printing, make sure that you have selected US                     using Arabic numbers (for example, Table 1,
letter size (8.5 by 11 inches or 21.6 mm by 27.9                  Table 2) in the order to which they are referenced.
cm). Use italics for emphasis and do not underline.               Use a font size of 10 regular for the table caption,
For referencing citations indirectly within the text,             and font 9 regular for the remainder of the table
use numbers in brackets [1]. For citing references                caption and table legend. Table captions and table
directly, use the first author’s last name without                legend should be placed above the table. Leave
initials followed by the reference number in                      one 11 point font blank line before and one 5 point
brackets. If there is more than one author, then the              font after the captions. An example of the
name of the first author is to be followed by et al.              appropriate format for tables is given in Table 1.
and then the reference number in brackets. All
papers are to be no more than 4 pages long                        If using figures to graphically present data, they
                                                                  should be positioned as close as possible to where
                                                                  they are referenced in the body of the text and

       58th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 12-17th August 2012, Montreal, Canada
positioned preferentially at the top or the bottom               IV.       CONCLUSION
of the text column. Figures should be enumerated
using Arabic numbers (for example Fig. 1, Fig. 2)                The most important implications of the results of
and in the order in which they are referred in the               the study are summarized in this section and
body of the text.                                                potential applications of the results identified. Do
                                                                 not use the conclusion as a summary of the
              Table 1 Font sizes and styles                      discussion or as a replication of the abstract.
Item                              Font Size      Font Style
Title                            14           Bold               ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
Author                           12           Regular
Authors’ info                    9            Regular            Assistance of funding bodies, mentors or technical
Abstract                         10           Bold
                                                                 support is usually recognized in this section. Avoid
                                                                 passive expressions like “One of us (F. A. A.) would
Keywords                         10           Bold
                                                                 like to thank…”. Rather, use the active voice and write
Body text                        11           Regular
                                                                 “F. A. Author thanks…”. A font size of 10 point will
Chapter heading                  11           Regular-All caps   be used in this section.
Subchapter heading               11           Italic
Table caption, 1st letter        10           Regular
Table legend                     10           Regular            REFERENCES
Column titles                    9            Regular
Table data                       9            Regular            References should be arranged numerically by order of
Figure caption                   10           Regular            appearance.
Figure legend                    10           Regular
Acknowledgment                   10           Regular            References should be presented in the following format:
References                       10           Regular
Use font 10 regular for Figure caption and place                 1.    Hayes, J. E., Stepanyan, V., Allen, P., O’Grady, M.
the figure legend beneath the figure. Leave one                        N., Brien, N. M. & Kerry, J. P. (2009). The effect
                                                                       of lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf
blank line before (5 point) and one after (15
                                                                       extract on lipid oxidation and oxymyoglobin
point) the captions. Please keep in mind the                           oxidation in bovine and porcine muscle model
distinction between tables and figures: tables                         systems. Meat Science 83: 201-208.
only contain alphanumerical characters and no
graphical elements. Do not use characters                        Book:
smaller than 8 points within figures. Figures will               2.    Swatland, H. J. (2000). Meat cuts and muscle
be reproduced in color in the electronic versions                      foods. Nottingham: Nottingham University Press.
of the Proceedings, but when choosing graph
colors, keep in mind that they might be printed                  Proceedings:
in black and white color. Figure 1 is intended to                3.    Muguruma, M., Tsuruoka, K., Fujino, H.,
illustrate the positioning of a figure and shows                       Kawahara, S., Yamauchi, K., Matsumura, S. &
the logo of ICoMST 2012.                                               Soeda, T. (1999). Gel strength enhancement of
                                                                       sausages     by     treating    with     microbial
                                                                       transglutaminase. In Proceedings 45th International
                                                                       Congress of Meat Science and Technology (pp.
                                                                       138-139), 1-6 August 1999, Yokohama, Japan.

                                                                 Book Chapter:
                                                                 4.    Faustman, C. & K.-W. Wang. (2000). Potential
                                                                       mechanisms by which Vitamin E improves
              Figure 1. ICoMST 2012 logo
                                                                       oxidative stability of myoglobin. In E. Decker, C.
                                                                       Faustman, & C. J. Lopez-Bote, Antioxidants in
                                                                       muscle foods (pp 135-152). New York: John
                                                                       Wiley & Sons, Inc.

        58th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 12-17th August 2012, Montreal, Canada
Web References:
The full URL address should be given along with any
other information known such as author names, date of
publication, reference to a source publication, etc. Web
references can be listed separately after the reference
list under a different heading or included in the
reference list.

       58th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 12-17th August 2012, Montreal, Canada

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