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					                                         Saginaw Valley Pistol League
                                     Winter Gallery Season Match Schedule
                                     Team Identification Letters and Day of Home Matches
A. Bridgeport – Mon (Lyle McGregor 989-746-0723)         E. Riverside One – Tue (Tom Greenia W: 989-868-9790)
B. Flushing – Tue (Carl Larson 810-653-8724) F. Saginaw Field & Stream – Away (Jim Mercer 989-799-4797
                                                                   or Dave Lantz 989-792-8099)
C. Linwood – Mon (Herb Matthes 989-684-3109)             G. Saginaw Police – Away (Mike Brooks 989-793-2403)
D. Midland – Wed (Spencer Korson 989-600-0644 or         H. Riverside Two – Tue (Ernie LeMay 989-686-1849)
   Ron Keller 989-835-7125)

             (F and G will be traveling teams only. They will provide targets, score sheets and donuts second half.)

First Half                                                               Second Half

Match Date             Day       Teams                                   Match     Date      Day       Teams

1            9/6       Tue       C at E, G at B                          1         1/2       Mon       E at C, H at A
             9/7       Wed       F at D                                            1/3       Tue       G at B
             9/13      Tue       A at H                                            1/4       Wed       F at D

2            9/19      Mon       H at C, D at A                          2         1/10      Tue       C at H
             9/20      Tue       G at E, F at B                                    1/17      Tue       G at E, F at B
                                                                                   1/18      Wed       A at D

3            9/27      Tue       G at H                                  3         1/24      Tue       F at E
             10/4      Tue       F at E, A at B                                    1/30      Mon       D at C, B at A
             10/5      Wed       C at D                                            1/31      Tue       G at H

4            10/12     Wed       G at D                                  4         2/6       Mon       E at A
             10/17     Mon       B at C, E at A                                    2/7       Tue       C at B, F at H
             10/18     Tue       F at H                                            2/8       Wed       G at D

5            10/24     Mon       G at C, F at A                          5         2/20      Mon       G at C, F at A
             10/25     Tue       E at H                                            2/21      Tue       D at B, H at E
             10/26     Wed       B at D

6            11/1      Tue       B at E                                  6         2/27      Mon       G at A, F at C
             11/7      Mon       F at C, G at A                                    2/28      Tue       D at H
             11/8      Tue       D at H                                            3/6       Tue       B at E

7            12/5      Mon       C at A                                  7         3/12      Mon       A at C
             12/6      Tue       H at B, F vs G at E                               3/13      Tue       H at B, F vs G at E
             12/7      Wed       E at D                                            3/14      Wed       E at D

CAPTAIN’S MEETING                February 13, 2012, Monday, Duncan’s at 6:30 pm—subs and soda provided.
SHOOT-OFF                        March 27, 2012 (Tuesday) at a neutral range.
BANQUET                          April 19, 2011 (Saturday at Bridgeport, 5pm, 6pm Dinner) (Easter is April ? , 2012)

The original copy of the match score sheet is due by the Saturday of each match week. Please mail or deliver to the League Secretary
A.S.A.P. Marilyn Garrison, 1257 W. Curtis Rd, Sanford, MI 48657. 1-989-689-389-1. e-mail…
SHOOT AHEAD – This may be done at your own range with your captain’s approval. You may also shoot ahead at Duncan’s—pay
range fee. You may shoot ahead with other teams as always, provided there is space on the line.

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