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					                                ARMY ROTC
                            SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY

Stalwart Battalion


References: FM 7-8

Task Organization: Stalwart Battalion Cadets, MS IV staff, and cadre

1. Situation:

       A. Enemy Forces:
              (1) Weather: Preparation for cold temps. and precipitation
              (2) Terrain: Parking lot, and surrounding wood line of south
                  campus training area
       B. Friendly Forces: SU Army ROTC cadets and cadre
       C. Attachments/Detachments: None

2. Mission: Stalwart BN conducts STX lanes training on 9NOV06 at Skytop
training area IOT familiarize the MS I’s, provide MSII’s with defensive operations
training, and to prepare the MS III’s for LDAC and future Army Operations.

3. Execution:
       Intent: The intent of this lab is for the MS III’s to gain valuable experience
and confidence at leading STX lanes and to familiarize the MS I’s with STX
Lanes. MSII’s will become familiar with defensive operations vis-a-vis STX lanes
so they are more comfortable in leading them when they are MS III’s.

       A. Concept of the Operation: Movement to skytop training area will be
          provided by GSA vans as well as POV’s. Upon assembling cadets
          and equipment at skytop training area, the CSM will conduct first
          formation and accountability. Each SQD will then draw rubber ducks.
          Personal camouflage should occur during any down-time. Each squad
          will then follow their assigned lane guide to their respective AA; MS II’s
          will follow the respective OPFOR to the end of the lane. In the AA, the
          lane guide will assign a squad leader and two team leaders to conduct
          the STX lane. The lane guide will brief the squad leader a Platoon
          OPORD and the STX clock will begin for the Blue Forces, offensive
          operations. The same process will occur for the Red Forces, the
          defensive operations. After completing the lane and conducting a 15-
          minute AAR, cadets will move back to the parking lot and turn in
          weapons. Upon completion of training, the CSM will hold final
          formation, put out announcements, weekend safety brief and dismiss
          the BN.
      B. Tasks to Maneuver Units:
            (1) COC ensure all cadets get up to skytop AS QUICKLY AS
            (2) S-3 shop responsible for setting up the 3 lanes w/ lane guides,
                and ensuring that safety book is present at lab with current and
                signed risk assessment
            (3) S-4 shop is responsible for ensuring a 5 gallon water jug is
                present in each AA, and ensuring enough cammo sticks, rubber
                ducks, and a CLS bag are present at skytop training area.
            (4) There will be a meeting after this week’s lab to review details.

  Squad         Cadre (tentative)        Cadet evaluator            OPFOR
    1             CPT Moore               Bird (Ambush)           Carner Team
     2              CPT Gurri              Groh (Recon)          Wichman Team
     3            MSG Martinez          Flagg (KO Bunker)         Lawler Team
***See Annex B
      C. Coordinating Instructions:
                19OCT- Lane Set-Up Post Lab.
                7NOV-FRAGO issued @ C&S
                9NOV- 1415- SP from Archbold
                         1415-1430-Movement to Skytop
                         1430-1445-First Formation, Accountability, and
                                      Weapons draw (camo up)
                         1455-1505-Movement to AAs
                         1505-1510- Brief OPORDs
                         1510-1605-Conduct STX lane
                         1615-1630-Weapons turn-in, accountability, final
                               formation, weekend safety brief and
      Alternate weather plan: MS III’s: STX lanes class in the Women’s Building Gym
                              MS I’s and II’s: Battle drills/special teams review

4. Service and Support:
      A. General:
            (1) Uniform and Equipment: Worn/Carried-BDU’s, LCE, Kevlar
                   In Ruck-SEE PACKING LIST
                   MS III’s-FM 7-8, TACSOP
      B. Material and Services:
            (1) Supply: Class I: water points provided by S-4
            (2) Transportation: GSA vehicles and POV’s
      C. Medical Support
            (1) Initial aid will be provided by CLS and cadre on
            (1) Further medical assistance provided by local ambulances
                 available via cell phone

            (2) Command and Signal:
         A. Command: Succession of command: BC, XO, S3, CSM.
         B. Signal:
                 (1) Public safety: 711 from campus phone/ 443-2224 from off
                 (2) Police and Fire: 911
                 (3) SU ambulance: 443-4299

      Annex A: Packing List SOP


                      BDU’s
                      LCE
                      Kevlar
             IN RUCK: Equivalent of 35LBS
                      Wet weather bag
                      Sleeping Bag
                      Field Jacket w/liner
                      Black gloves w/inserts
                      Black Watch Cap
                      Wet Weather Gear (poncho or top/bottom)
                      BDU set (1)
                      Brown Tee (2)
                      Black issue socks (2 pr)
                      Boots (1 pr-substitute heavy shoes if not issued)
                      Long johns/poly pro/sniffle gear

Annex B: Lane Guides

Note: There will be both Cadre and Cadet Evaluators for the Offensive Ops, Blue
Force; that is to say the normal evaluated STX lanes. We are trying to
incorporate Defensive Ops for MSII’s. Those MSIV’s under a MS II team will read
an abbreviated OPORD with a Task and Purpose to the Red Force, Defensive
Ops Team and will supervise. MSG Martinez will do his best to evaluate each
team with the help of the MS IV listed to supervise. The MS II who has been
noted as Team Leader will serve as such.

Note: All OPORD’s for both Red/Blue Forces will be sent electronically by the
next training meeting, 24OCT, following approval by MSG Martinez.


Carner Team- Brauderick, Carner, Curran, Emm

Lawler Team- Green, Hartford, Hope, Lawler

Wichman Team- Rolfe, Singer, Wichman, Add-ons

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