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					                         National Coalition on Mental Health and Aging
                      2005 White Conference on Aging Listening Session
                           January 24, 2005 // 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
                       American Psychological Association Headquarters

                                      ATTENDANCE LIST

       Name                            Affiliation                            Email Address

1. Tonya Allen           CD Publications               

2. Norman Anderson       American Psychological Association

3. Sara C. Aravanis      National Center on Elder Abuse

4. Rachel Audi           American Psychiatric Association

5. Kristen Barry         University of Michigan        

6. Robert Bernstein      Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

7. Toby Biswas           Office of Representative Patrick        not listed

8. Robert Blancato       WHCoA Policy Committee & President      not listed
                         Matz, Blancato and Associates

9. Adam Broddell         Senate HELP Committee         

10. Maria Castillo       American Psychiatric Association

11. Karen Chen           American Psychological Association

12. Peggy Clark          Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

13. Nancy Coleman        American Bar Association      

14. Debra Cotter         American Psychological Association

15. Kristin Day          Department of Veterans Affairs

16. Deborah DiGilio      American Psychological Association –
                         Office on Aging

17. Diane Elmore         Office of Senator Hillary Rodham-

18. Nancy Falk           Office of Senator Jeff Bingham & John
                         Heinz Senate Fellow on Aging

       Name                             Affiliation                             Email Address

19. Theodora Fine        Office of Disability -- HHS     

20. Sanford Finkel       American Association of Geriatric
                         Psychiatry & Council for Jewish Elderly

21. James K. Finley      National Association of Social Workers

22. Sima Fishman         Older Women’s League            

23. Jon Fuller           Department of Veteran Affairs   

24. Lauren Fuller        Senate HELP Committee           

25. Ellen Garrrison      American Psychological Association

26. Margaret Gatz        American Psychological Association &
                         University of Southern California

27. Ingrid Goldstrom     Center for Mental Health Services,

28. Mike Hall            American Psychological Association &
                         Madison Associates
                         Chair, WHCoA Policy Committee &
29. The Honorable                                                  Not listed
                         President, Dorcas R. Hardy and
    Dorcas Hardy

                         American Psychological Association
30. Gina Hijjawi                                         

31. Gail Hunt            WHCoA Policy Committee & National
                         Alliance for Caregiving

32. Anne Marie Hermann   Northern Virginia Regional Strategic      Not listed
                         Planning Project
                         American Geriatrics Society &
33. Ira Katz                                             
                         University of Pennsylvania &
                         Philadelphia VA Medical Center
                         Baylor University
34. Tracey Kelley                                        
                         National Council on the Aging
35. Diana Lawry          Center for Planning and Policy  
                         Development, Administration on Aging
36. Susan Levkoff        Positive Aging Resource Center
37. Willard Mays         National Association of State Mental
                         Health Program Directors

38. Jacki McKinney       Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law      Not listed

       Name                               Affiliation                         Email Address

39. Alixe McNeill         The National Council on the Aging

40. Julie Meashey         National Citizens Coalition for Nursing
                          Home Reform
                          White House Coalition on Aging
41. M. Valerie Mills                                      
                          Substance Abuse & SAMHSA
42. Kathleen Murphy                   

43. MariahBurton Nelson   Speaking of Sports              

44. Jan Newsome           Senior Corps, Corporation for National
                          and Community Service
                          Older Adult Consumer Mental Health
45. Linda Powell                                          
46. David Powers          Psychologists in Long-Term Care 
                          American Psychological Association

47. Naseen Rashid         Office on Disability, Department of
                          Health and Human Services

48. Brian Rasmussen       American Association of Marriage and
                          Family Therapy

49. Stephanie Reed        American Association of Geriatric

50. Jerry Reed            Suicide Prevention Action Network

51. Mildred Reynolds      National Depression and Bipolar 
                          Support Alliance

52. Todd Ringelstein      New Hampshire Mental Health and 
                          Aging Consumer Advisory Council &
                          Coalition on Substance Abuse, Mental
                          Health and Aging

53. Jennifer Robinson     Older Adults Work Group, Northern
                          Virginia Strategic Planning Project

54. Anita Rosen           American Society on Aging &     
                          Council for Social Work Education

55. Tess Scannell         Senior Corps, Corporation for National
                          and Community Service

56. Marian Scheinholtz    American Occupational Therapy   

       Name                            Affiliation                        Email Address

57. Kathleen Sheehan     National Association of Psychiatric
                         Health Systems

58. Zachary Stambor      Monitor on Psychology, American
                         Psychological Association

59. Melissa Stamps       American Association of Marriage and
                         Family Therapy

60. Moya Thompson        WHCoA                         

61. Sara Thompson        National Mental Health Association

62. Stephanie Townsend   National Association of Mental Health
                         Planning and Advisory Councils
63. William Van Stone    Department of Veteran Affairs

64. Jose Vito            Office on Senator Gordon Smith

65. Paul Wohlford        Substance Abuse and Mental Health
                         Services Administration

66. Laurie Young         Older Women’s League          


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