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					UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 04/23/12                        02 REG. SESS.         02 RS BR 2927

       A RESOLUTION adjourning the House of Representatives in loving memory and

honor of William G. Minardi.

       With deepest respect and admiration, we pay homage and tribute to William G.

Minardi, and we pause in silent reverence for his soul.

       WHEREAS, William G. Minardi traversed these earthly bounds on September 11,

2001, a victim of the terrorist attack on New York City, and at the time of his tragic and

premature passing, he was an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald, and worked in the World

Trade Center; and
       WHEREAS, William G. Minardi was the loving son of Elizabeth Minardi and the

late William J. Minardi; he was the devoted husband of Stephanie Minardi, and the

adored father of a loving daughter, Christine Minardi, and two loving sons, William M.

and Robert P. Minardi, and he was the loving son-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Matthew

Higgins, Sr.; he was the loving brother of James and Dolores Minardi, Joanne and Rick

Pitino, Mary and the late Donald J. Vogt, and the loving brother-in-law of Anne Farrell,

and Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Higgins, Jr.; and he was also the caring uncle of Matthew,

Luke, and Martin Minardi, and Michael, Christopher, Richard, Ryan, and Jacqueline

Pitino; and Devon, William, and Patrick Vogt, Grace Higgins, and the late Daniel M.

Pitino; and

       WHEREAS, William G. Minardi was not only a faithful and dedicated family man,

he also was a faithful and dedicated friend, keeping in constant touch with his many

friends from high school and college, and those on Wall Street; he coached his son's

basketball team, and he was an avid follower of his good friend and brother-in-law, Rick

Pitino, while coaching the University of Kentucky "Wildcats," and later, the University of

Louisville "Cardinals"; and

       WHEREAS, the premature and tragic passing of William G. Minardi has left a void
that cannot be filled, and he is mourned across the length and breadth of the


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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 04/23/12                         02 REG. SESS.         02 RS BR 2927


Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the

Commonwealth of Kentucky:
       Section 1. The House of Representatives does hereby express its profound sense of

sorrow upon the passing of William G. Minardi, and extends to his family and many

friends its most heartfelt sympathy.

       Section 2.   When the House of Representatives adjourns this day, it does so in

loving memory and honor of William G. Minardi.
       Section 3. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is hereby directed to transmit

a copy of this Resolution to Representative Ruth Ann Palumbo for presentation to the

family of William G. Minardi.

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