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Democrat vs Republican by huangyuarong


									 Issue                  Democratic Party                             Republican Party
                                                         Social security should be privatized (not to
Social      Social security should remain a government
                                                         be confused with private savings accounts,
Security   sponsored insurance plan for retirees.
                                                         but rather, private investments).
            Encourage businesses to keep jobs here and
                                                         Pro small business. Supports giving small
           not outsource them overseas. Supports unions
Jobs                                                    businesses tax incentives so that more
           and advocates for the rights of low income
                                                        jobs can be created.
         Increase taxes to cut deficit. Believes large    Supports free market competition and
Economy deficit negatively affects government services   entrepreneurship, corporate deregulation
        and that low deficits stimulate the economy.     and cutting entitlement spending.
                           Democratic Party                        Republican Party
                              Donkey                                  Elephant
                                                           Believe in a proactive military and
                  Believe in a limited missile defense.   defense. Supports building weapons
                 Oppose nuclear buildup in the U.S.       and technology that serve to protect
Security/Defense Believe that peace is achieved           our nation. Believe that peace is
                 through worldwide relationship           achieved through strong defense.
                 building.                                Increase defense and research
                   Oppose tort reform and oppose           Supports tort reform and limiting
                  limiting liability of doctors and/or    victims compensation, especially for
                  businesses.                             frivolous lawsuits.
                                                           Supports tax cuts, low interest rates
                   Generally supports raising taxes on
                                                          and the repeal of the death tax
Tax Reform        the wealthy, lowering taxes for the
                                                          penalty in effort to stimulate the
                  middle class.
                   Support illegal alien's ability and
                                                           Generally supports closed or tight
                  right to become citizens and giving
Immigration                                               borders and tracking system for
                  them more protections under the
                                                          foreign travelers.
                        Democratic Party                       Republican Party
                           Donkey                                 Elephant
                 Strict adherence between the
                                                       Religion strongly associated with
                separation between church and
Faith                                                 Republican party. Advocate free
                state. Promote secular issues and a
                                                      exercise of religion.
                more secular nation.
                                                       Promote school choice/vouchers and
                 Oppose vouchers. Increase NCLB
                                                      homeschooling. Supports voluntary
                federal funding. Enact new taxes to
Education                                             student supported prayer in school.
                decrease class size and hire new
                                                      Opposes gender and race quotes in
                Generally pro-choice owning the        Generally pro-life with emphasis on
                mantra, "Safe, legal, rare."          promoting alternatives to abortion.
                 Wish to find environmentally friendly
                energy sources and solutions.          Oppose Kyoto treaty. Support tax
                Oppose increased drilling, especially incentives for energy production.
                in the U.S.
                                                       Keep healthcare private. Would like
                 Supports more federally funded       to impose caps on malpractice suits.
                healthcare programs.                  Supports reformed medicare to give
                                                      seniors more choices.
                         Democratic Party                       Republican Party-GOP
                            Donkey                                    Elephant
                 Strongly supports worldwide
                                                        Spread Democracy. Supports UN reform.
                 coalitions and multi-national
                                                       Wants to stop WMD proliferation countries.
Foreign Policy   programs. Supports aid for
                                                       Believe that nations who support terrorist
                 disadvantaged countries. Supports
                                                       are just as bad as the terrorist themselves.
                 the UN.
                                                        Generally support soft money
                Favor more regulation with
 Campaign                                              contributions from individuals but supports
               spending limits on individuals and
Finance Reform                                         limiting it from corporations. Also supports
                                                       full disclosure.
                  Generally puts the interest of the    Supports privatizing federal land. Believe
                 environment over business. Wants      in cap and trade market based air pollution
                 to maintain federal land under        reductions and that the market should
                 government control.                   regulate itself.
Guns             Strict gun control.                   Limited gun control.
                  Generally supports gay marriage
                                                       Oppose gay marriage. Supports
                 although Democrats remain largely
Gay Rights                                             constitutional amendment to ban gay
                 divided on the issue, as some only
                 support civil unions.

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