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									                             Expression of Interest (EoI)
 Empanelling NGOs as Field Implementing Agencies for the Promotion and Nurturing
     of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and SHG Federations in Saran District of Bihar

I.         Background:

APMAS is a national level technical support organization to support and strengthen
SHG movement in India over past 10 years. In Bihar, APMAS has started its activities in
the year 2008 with the support of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT) and having its state
office in Patna.

APMAS, in collaboration with NABARD – Patna Regional Office, plans to promote
and nurture 4,000 SHGs and their Federations with rural women in four Blocks -
Sonepur, Dhigwara, Parsa and Garkha in Saran District in three years.

NGOs herewith are invited to send their Expression of Interest (EoI), if your
organization meets the minimum eligibility criteria to be a partner to implement the
project to promote SHGs, Village Organizations (VO) and Block Level Federations
(BLFs). Interested organizations are requested to submit their EoI in the prescribed
format with all the required documents in both hard and soft (CD) copies enclosed
in an envelope specifying “Empanelling for the Promotion and Nurturing of SHGs and
SHG Federations in …..……. Block of Saran District” including the cover letter
addressing to “ The Director, APMAS, PATNA- Bihar”.

II.        Indicative Scope of Work:

The indicative scope of work in a block for the selected NGOs would be as follows:
      1.  Organize community meetings and mobilize community to create awareness
      2.  Participate in the Baseline Survey and Livelihood Mapping in allotted block
      3.  Recruitment of the Program Staff
      4.  Organize and facilitate training program for the staff and stakeholders on
          SHG, SHG Federations with focus on microfinance and Livelihoods
      5. Formation of the 1,000 SHGs in a block following a saturation approach
      6. Ensure effective collaborative relationships with all the Block Officials,
          including the Block Development Officer, and also the Bank Officials working
          in the block
      7. Effective coordination and liaison with AGM of NABARD and LDM of the
      8. Opening of SHG Bank Accounts
      9. Training of all SHG members on group dynamics, group management and
          financial literacy
      10. Ensure best practices in SHGs such as regular meetings, proper book keeping
          in meetings, elections, planning, taking up social issues, auditing, interest paid
          by SHGs on members’ savings, self financing etc
      11. Monitoring of SHG performance through MIS and internal auditing
      12. Ensure that all the eligible SHGs have a bank loan as per their requirement
      13. Formation and facilitation of 40-50 VOs and Block level Federation (BLF)
      14. Livelihood promotion based on the outcome of the livelihoods mapping
      15. Material procurement and distribution

       16. Execution of the work, record keeping, documentation as per the
           requirement of the project
       17. Quality assurance of the work within the time period
       18. Coordination with the District, Block and PRI governing functionaries
       19. Process documentation and regular reporting to APMAS as per the
       20. Finalization of the audit and Utilization Certificate submission quarterly and
           annually and
       21. Maintaining MIS at all levels

III.      Minimum Eligibility Criteria for NGOs to submit their EOIs (NGOs that do not
          satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria, both technical and financial, should not
          send EOI):

       A. Technical
       1. The organization should be a registered legal entity (non-political and
          secular) as per applicable laws in India evidence by an appropriate
          registration certificate, working in the State of Bihar or Jharkhand.
       2. The organization should not have been blacklisted by any government
          agencies in India (Submit an affidavit signed by the authorized legal
       3. Organization should have five years of working experience in the
          implementation of the large social mobilization and Livelihoods projects with
          specialization in SHGs.
       4. The organization should have the experience of the formation of the SHG,
          SHG Federation and development of sustainable community based
       5. The organization should have proven experience in the formation, saving &
          credit linkages of a minimum of 200 SHGs in rural area in the past five years.
       6. The organization should have its presence in Saran district or willing to work in
          the district (Enclose Self Declaration Letter stating that the organization willing
          to partner with APMAS and to work in the district).
       7. The organization should have 5-10 professional staff working on SHGs, Social
          Mobilization, institution building and livelihoods promotion.
       8. Past experience of designing and conducting training programs.

       B. Financial
       1. The organization should have audited reports and financial statements of the
          last three years i.e. 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.
       2. The organization should have an average annual turnover of Rs.10-15 Lakhs
          during the last three years.

IV.        Mandatory List of documents to be attached along with the enclosed format:
       1. Covering Letter addressed to the Director- APMAS.
       2. Profile of the Board of Directors (Gender, years of professional experience,
          name of the organization he/she associating).
       3. Memorandum of Association & Article.
       4. An affidavit stating that organization not block listed by any government
          agencies signed by the authorized legal representative.
       5. Self Declaration on willing to work with APMAS in parternership mode.

      6. List of the office bearer, staff (Male and Female), qualification, experience
          and assigned functions.
      7. Latest organogram of the agency.
      8. A short write up of the organization system and process (HR and Financial).
      9. Annual report for the past 3 years, including the audited financial statements.
      10. A brief write up on the projects implemented over the past 5 years and
          Example: Details of number of SHG formed no. of the SHGs opened account
          in Bank and no.of SHG credit Linkage etc.
      11. Details of the ongoing projects and any project reports available.

V.       Other Relevant Information:

Following are the different phases to be followed in the empanelment of NGOs

Phase I      The applications are invited through Expression of interest (EoI) for the
             Empanelment of NGOs
Phase II     EoIs received from NGOs will be short-listed as per the eligibility criteria
             specified in this document.
Phase III    Invite Short listed NGOs for presentation of their technical and financial
             proposal for further short listing
Phase IV     Field visits to final short listed NGOs and finalized one NGO per block
Phase V      Partnership MoU will be signed.

VI.      EoI Submission Requirements:

Interested NGOs are requested to submit their EoI in the prescribed format with all
the mandatory list of documents with one hard copy and one soft copy in CD form,
to the following Address with envelope duly sealed and labeled as “EoI to promoting
and nurturing SHGs and SHG Federation in ……………. Block of Saran District”

Address for Submission:

The Director,
APMAS – Bihar
H.No: 1/20, 2nd Floor, Vivekanand Path
North S.K.Puri, Patna – 800013
Ph: 0612-2570855

                                 Empanelment Form
                           (To be filled by the Organization)

    Format for NGOs to submit EOIs for Promotion and Nurture of the SHGs and SHG
                           Federations in Saran district, Bihar

               Section 1: Compliance with Minimum eligibility Criteria

                                                   Fulfilled the    Details of the
                      Criteria                  minimum eligible     Supporting
                                                criteria (Yes/No)    document
1     The agency should be the registered
      legal entity (non – political and
2     The agency should not have been
      blacklisted by any government
      agency in India
3     The organization should have the
      audited financial statement ( three
4     The organization should have 5 years
      of experience in Social Mobilization
      and livelihood projects in
      specialization of SHGs
5     The organization should have
      experience in livelihood promotion
6     The organization have savings and
      credit linkage of at least 200 SHGs
7     The organization have minimum
      annual turnover of the Rs. 15 lakhs (in
      last three years)
8     Organization is working in / Willing to
      work in Saran District

               Section 2: Organization Profile & Experience in SHG Promotion
 1.     Agency Basic Information

1.1      Name of the Organization             :
1.2      Address                              :

1.3      Office Number                        :
1.4       Name of the Chief Functionary       :

1.5       Designation                         :
1.6      Mobile number                        :
1.7      Email Id:                            :
1.8      Operational       area   of   the    :
         organization        (Name     the
         Districts/ State)
1.9      Working in Saran District, If Yes:   :
         Name the block
1.10     Organization is blacklisted by       :
         any   government    /     donor
         agency (Yes/No)
1.11     Organization have governing          :
         Body, If Yes, number of time the
         governing body meeting is held
         in last year with attendance

 2. Legal status

  2.1      Organization is registered as          :
           Society/Trust/ Section 25
           Company Act/ Other Specify
  2.2      Date of Registration                   :
  2.3      Section 12(A)                          :
  2.4      Tax Deduction Account No.              :
  2.5      Permanent Account No. (PAN)            :

  2.6      Section 80 G                           :
  2.7      FCRA No.                               :

 3. Resource Mobilization

 3.1    Please provide the details of the donor agencies (including Government)
        along with the funds received during the last three years

S. No      Name of the Donor Agencies            2008-2009    2009-2010      2010-2011

 3.2    Organization has any Corpus / reserve Fund, If yes: Please Specify the
        amount………… as on dated…….

 3.3    Does the organization have any experience/ collaboration with any
        alliance/financial Institution/bank, Please do provide information

 4. Objective and Achievement

4.1      Introduction of the Organization :

4.2      Vision and Mission of the Organization :

4.3      Core Activities of the Organization :

4.4      Award Received, Specify Source - Year – activity:

 5. Program Implementation experience: (Please give cumulative figures of the last 5

S.     Particular                          Work Carried    Operational   Outcomes/No.
No.                                            Out           Area
5.1    SHGs formed
5.2    Opened Bank Account
5.3    Credit Linkage
5.4    Village Organization / Cluster
5.5    Block Level Federation
5.6    Grants to the Federation
5.7    Training module on SHG &
       Livelihood if yes (attach
       training module)
5.8    Sectoral work: livelihood
5.9    Developed any linkage for
       Livelihood promotion
5.10   Entrepreneurship Promotion
5.11   Innovation in the rural SHG
       and Livelihood
5.12   Demand generated for
5.13   Other

 6. Staff: (Provide List)

No     Particulars                                        Male    Female     Total
6.1    Total No. of Organizational Staff
6.2    No. of staff engaged with SHGs and SHG
          a. Gross root level
          b. Middle and senior level
6.3    No. of staff engaged in Livelihoods
          a. Gross root level
          b. Middle and Senior level

 7. Organization experience in Capacity Building (last five years):

S.No.                 Particular                 # Training     # Person   Target
                                                 organized       trained   Group
7.1     Organized training of trainers on
        SHG for Staff
7.2     Organized training of trainers on
        Livelihood for Staff
7.3     Organized trainings for the SHGs
        and Federations
7.4     Organized training for the
7.5     Other Trainings :Specify:

 8. Document Required

S.No.                                Documents                             Yes/No
  1     Covering Letter
  2     Legal Documents :Registartion certificate, (PAN, FCRA, TAN,
  3     Affidavit of the agency should not have been blacklisted by any
        government agencies in India
  4     Memorandum of Association
  5     Self Declaration on willing to work with APMAS in partnership
  6     Profile of the Board of Directors (Gender, years of professional
        experience, name of the organization he/she associating
  7     List of the organization Staff
  8     Organogram (Management Structure)
  9     Short write up of the organization & process (HR& finance)
 10     List of the training provided
 11     Annual report (last three years)
 12     Audited Financial statement – Provide copies Audit report,
        audited Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure, receipts and
        payment statements for last three years
 13     Details of ongoing Project report and project reports available
        (related to the subject)
            - Example: No of SHGs formed/ Bank Linked / Branch ( list
               to be provided)
 14     Evaluation reports if any


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