Incident Report Form - Download as PDF

					                        Workplace Incident/Injury Report


Report Completed By:

        Name                               Title

Department                            Phone No.

                                Employee Information
Full Name                                  Employee ID     Sex

                                                                 Male ☐   Female ☐
Street Address                                             Apt No.

City                                       State           Zip

Job Description/Title                      Hire Date       Birthdate

Supervisors Name                           Department
                                                         Incident/Accident Description
Date of occurrence                                            Address, Place & Location of Occurrence

Time Employee started work                                    Time of event (if known)                               Case Number:

Were there any witnesses to the incident?                     If yes, Provide names:

                                   Yes ☐            No ☐
What was the employee doing immediately before the event happened?
Describe activity, and any tools or materials that were used.

Was protective equipment available to the employee?                           Was protective equipment was protective equipment being used be the
                                                                              employee at the time of the incident?
                                                  Yes ☐            No ☐                                                       Yes ☐         No ☐
Please describe what happened?
Describe how the incident or injury took place (e.g. “Boxes were knocked down onto worker”).

What was the injury/illness?
Describe body part(s) affected, and how they are affected. (e.g. “Cut on upper left arm” or “Dislocated left shoulder”).

What specific object, item or person specifically harmed the employee?
(e.g. “Box cutter” Meat Slicer”)
                                                     Description of Medical Assistance
Did the injured employee see a doctor or go to the hospital?            If yes, Was the employer’s portion of worker’s comp. form filled?

                                                Yes ☐           No ☐                                                         Yes ☐           No ☐
Date of Treatment:                                                      Name of attending doctor:

Facility or hospital name (if applicable)                               Facility or hospital phone number (if applicable)

Facility or hospital address (if applicable)

Was employee treated in an emergency room?         Was employee stay overnight?                     Is employee still receiving treatment/care?

             Yes ☐            No ☐                             Yes ☐        No ☐                    Yes ☐           No ☐

Comments and/or additional information

I certify the information I have provided on this form is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.
Furthermore, I understand the information I have provided may be audited by the company or any of its
representatives. I understand that falsifying the document may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and
including termination of employment. In addition, I may be in violation of federal and/or state law and may be
subject to prosecution.

Employee’s Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

I have reviewed this report and acknowledge its receipt.

Supervisor’s Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

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