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					                                              MGMT 3274-001 - MEMO TOPICS
Date     Topic                               October - November - December, 2011                                        Student name
Mon.     11.1 Embargoes are typically applied to achieve political goals. Describe an embargo in the last
Oct.3    20 years that helped achieve political change.                                                               Josh Grindstaff
         11.2 Name a country that uses currency controls to limit imports. How does this work?                        Jonathan Peters
         11.3 Why does Russia not belong to the WTO? How does this affect its trading partners?                       Spencer Terry
       11.4 Dumping seems to have become more common in recent years. Who's doing it & why?                           Patrick Cobbs
Wed. 14.1 What foreign car manufacturers have foreign direct investments (FDIs) in North America?
Oct.19 Why FDI? Issues in those FDIs?                                                                                 David Knight
       14.2 Discuss reasons for using FDI in China.                                                                   Brittany Blevins
         14.3 Is South Korea better than China for FDI?                                                               Hyun Kim
         14.4 Is Vietnam a good country for FDI? Why?                                                                 Seth Girouard
Mon. 15.1 What's so special about the 'BRICS' countries?                                                              Monika Markley
       15.2 Why was Walmart so anxious to make a direct investment in Africa?                                         Stephanie Brooks
         15.3 Why would anyone make an FDI in Turkey?                                                                 Fatima Yevloyeva
Wed. 17.1 What trade barriers affect the bottled water market in the US?                                              Scott Lieberman
       17.2 Why does GAFTA not work well?                                                                             Alex McDermott
         17.3 Is the African Union a success? Why?                                                                    Maurice McInnis
Mon. 18.1 Why does Switzerland not belong to the European Union (EU)?                                                 Jenna Hill
       18.2 Why are there so many non-British citizens working in the UK? Where do these people come
       from, and why?                                                                                                 Stephanie Walker
Mon. 22.1 What is How does it work?                                                                         Tunny Xongly
       22.2 What is OANDA? Who uses its services? What do you think is OANDA's most commonly
       used service?                                                                                                  Linda Kuai
Wed. 23.1 International financial markets frequently use the currency units: $, ¥ and pesos. Name at
Nov.16 least 6 countries that use each unit.
       23.2 Which members of the EU do not use the €? Why?                                                            Aidibeth Amparo
         23.3 How does economic instability in the 'PIGS' countries affect the value of the €? Why?                   Ashley Leighton
         23.4 Why does China seem to have two currencies (renminbi & yuan)?                                           Trinh Nguyen
Mon. 25.1 Using the Economist magazine's 'Big Mac Index', find prices of McDonald's Big Mac sandwiches in 5
Nov.28 countries on different continents. Compare these indexed prices with currency values in those countries. Why
       might these be different?                                                                        Wil Woodard
Wed. 26.1 How did the earthquake and tsunami that occurred early this year in Japan affect the value of
Nov.30 the Japanese ¥?                                                                                  John Lin
       26.2 The San Andreas fault will one day cause a massive earthquake in California. What kind of
       global economic fallout would you anticipate?                                                    Justin Balser
       26.3 In the last year, the US$ has weakened. What is the effect on imports and exports?          Will Haskett
       26.4 Why has the Swiss franc gained value this year? Who gains? Who loses?                       Taylor Ferguson
Mon.     27.1 Describe a specific retail franchise from outside the US that has been successful in the US
Dec.5    market.                                                                                                      Joe Miranda
         27.2 Starbucks has a presence in over 40 countries, but doesn't franchise its coffee shops. Why?             Katherine Weir
         27.3 Describe a multinational company (MNC) that runs a successful joint venture (JV) with a
         local company in India. Why did this MNC choose a JV? Why is it successful?
         27.4 Fiat Auto Group, the Italian car manufacturer, would like to make inroads into the North
         American market. What's their plan?                                                                          James Cashwell

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